Bobby Jindal’s Latest Attack On Donald Trump Greeted With A Resounding “Meh”

bobby-jindal1Attacking Donald Trump is Bobby Jindal’s “Hail Mary” attempt at finally getting a chance at being invited to the main Republican debates, instead of being relegated to the kid’s table. His previous attacks on Planned Parenthood have done little other than draw the wrath of the Justice Department, so a public squabble with the current GOP frontrunner was apparently the brilliant idea of his campaign staff.

I imagine Timmy Teepell or someone else close to the governor assumed that bad press is better than no press at all, and had Bobby Jindal jump headfirst into the political wood chipper. His attacks on Donald Trump began last week as he went after the billionaire frontrunner in a speech designed to provoke a response that would get his struggling campaign some press.

“Donald Trump is not a serious candidate. He’s a narcissist, he’s an egomaniac. The only thing he believes in is himself,” Jindal said. “Everybody knows this is true.”

Jindal on Thursday also suggested that Trump has no room to judge the appearance of GOP rival Carly Fiorina after Trump was quoted in Rolling Stone magazine this week commenting on the businesswoman’s face.

“I think it’s pretty outrageous for him to be attacking anybody’s appearance when it looks like he’s got a squirrel sitting on his head,” Jindal told CBS News.

“I think he should stop attacking other people’s appearances,” Jindal added. (Source)

Trump eventually responded, but he declined to engage Louisiana’s two-term governor in a political battle that would only benefit Jindal. Instead, he stated that he only responded to people who were above 1% in the polls, a pretty humiliating shot at Jindal’s campaign which was unofficially launched the day he was re-elected governor in 2011.

Undaunted, Bobby Jindal continued to escalate the one-sided feud with Trump, and scored the opportunity he hoped for by appearing on a few political talk shows – as well as releasing an ad comparing Trump to Charlie Sheen. That brief moment in the media spotlight was short-lived, and Governor Jindal had fallen back on social media to carry on his attacks.

Now Jindal’s Twitter account and official Facebook page have posted a campaign video mocking Donald Trump for not being able to name a Bible verse. This was clearly a maneuver to try to erode support for Trump among evangelical conservatives, and judging by the response on his Facebook page and Twitter, nobody is buying it.

You see, the most-liked comments on that Facebook post (posted by Bobby Jindal’s official page) are the ones that are mocking him. That is how unpopular his campaign is not only in his own state (which he would lose to Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical match up), but with Republican voters as well. Once a rising political star within the GOP who warned them not to be the “stupid party,” Piyush “Bobby” Jindal has joined the ranks of Republican has-beens who are trying to extend their political shelf life by any means necessary.

Jindal claims that his attacks on Donald Trump are working, but the only people who are buying his story are the “yes men” he has surrounded himself with from the very beginning. Bobby Jindal may be a serious presidential candidate, but only in his inner circle of immediate family and paid staffers.


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