Bobby Jindal’s Obsession With The Robertson Family Is Downright Creepy

Bobby Jindal Willie Robertson Duck DynastyI’m a firm believer in not making stupid people famous, but when you’re dealing with a political party that plays to the lowest common denominator, it’s impossible to avoid talking about people like Louisiana’s own Bobby Jindal. Governor Jindal, who has done everything except officially announce he’s running for a Fox News contributor spot the Republican nomination in 2016, was in Baton Rouge performing his duties as governor Iowa once again to pander to the religious right.

This time, he was there for a prayer breakfast during which he railed as usual about how Christians were being persecuted and how “religious freedom” laws were needed to allow discrimination against members of the LGBT community, because I’m sure that Jesus said that the second greatest commandment of them all was to make sure never to cater pizzas for a gay wedding. Oh wait, that was “you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” I’m sure Jindal and company will get right on that. Not.

Moving right along here, Bobby Jindal was in Iowa again and he wasted no time trying to suck up to the religious right, and the few remaining people who still watch Duck Dynasty.

From the Des Moines Register:

Friday’s prayer event took place at a downtown Cedar Rapids hotel, where Jindal received second billing to fellow Louisianan Willie Robertson, star of the reality TV show “Duck Dynasty.”

Jindal called his friend Robertson “an icon, a cultural figure and a hero of many.” Robertson, during his address, spoke fondly of Jindal, too.

“If you had told me I was going to be going around with the governor to Iowa, where we were going to speak together and my name would be in bigger font than his, I’d say, ‘No way. There’s no way that’s going to happen,’ ” said Robertson, sporting his signature beard and American flag bandanna headband. (Source)

Bobby Jindal also replied when asked if he would consider Willie Robertson as a running mate in 2016 that he thought Willie would be a great choice as his vice president. Can you imagine that? Jindal/Robertson 2016 doesn’t have the same comedic potential of a Ted Cruz/Sarah Palin 2016 pairing or the sheer shitshow of a Michele Bachmann/Louie Gohmert ticket, but it would be close.

Would Willie Robertson actually take the job? I highly doubt it, but that’s not really the point here. Bobby Jindal, the governor of one of the most conservative and religious states in the country, got second billing to Willie Robertson, the star of a fading reality show that most people don’t even care about anymore. That hasn’t stopped him from planting his lips firmly on the collective backside of the Robertson clan every chance he’s received, and it’s common knowledge here in Louisiana.

Jindal has made no secret of his admiration for Robertson and the rest of the “Duck Dynasty” clan.

His header photo on Twitter, for example, features a gathering of the Jindal and Robertson clans.

And Jindal has often used his social media channels to draw attention to the Robertsons.

Jindal recorded a cameo on season six of “Duck Dynasty,” and refused to criticize patriarch Phil Robertson over a series of inflammatory comments against homosexuals, including his belief that HIV is God’s punishment for “immorality.” (Source)

Bobby Jindal just doesn’t know when to give up.

In fact, here’s a picture from a little while back where he took a break from his rarely-performed governor duties to schlep up to West Monroe and present the folks at Duck Commander with an entrepreneurial award that he made up, just so he could give it to them.

Photograph: Bobby Jindal/Twitter

Photograph: Bobby Jindal/Twitter

Remember the creepy kid in middle school that nobody liked who would make weird presents for you and give them to you in the most awkward and embarrassing situations? Bobby Jindal is the political version of that kid, and I’m pretty sure that he would wear Phil’s underwear on his head while riding an Iowa hog through a session of the Louisiana Legislature if he thought it meant that it would get a couple more voters to give him the approval he so desperately needs. The pained looks on the faces of the Robertson clan says what Iowa must being saying now, “Bobby, please just go away.” Let’s also not forget the time he took that painful Christmas card photo with his poor family wearing camouflage, complete with a camo golf cart.

My friend Lamar White, Jr wrote an article titled “Barry and Bobby” back in December where he called Governor Jindal “a fraud, a creature and a creation of the worst kind of self-aggrandizing, nihilistic politics.” I think we can add “can’t buy a clue” to that description. It’s almost going to be sad to watch his heart break when the majority of the Robertsons end up endorsing Mike Huckabee instead. You heard it here first.


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