Bobby Jindal’s Plan To Keep Louisiana Poor Is Just Like The Taliban Plan For Afghanistan

22714I made the comment the other night on my Facebook profile that there should be a law that required all potential legislation introduced in any level government to be reviewed to see if it was potentially unconstitutional before proceeding. If found to be a statute that would inevitably end up in the court systems and had a high probability of being struck down, then the lawmakers who voted for it would have to sign a document holding them financially liable for the legal costs of defending the legislation they endorsed. I also suggested that these politicians should face some sort of public humiliation, my preference being a swift kick to the groin like something out of the movie “Idiocracy.”

Over the last few weeks, we have seen a flurry of “religious liberty” legislation introduced across the country, especially in some of the most conservative states like Alabama, Mississippi and Arizona. The lawmakers who allowed these clearly unconstitutional bills to escape committee alive, and anyone who voted in favor of them, deserve the treatment I mentioned above.

So why are we seeing this sudden outburst of proposed laws that don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of standing up in federal court even if they were passed and signed? Simple – it’s a midterm election and Republicans are still dealing with the fallout of allowing the government to shut down last fall. Even members of their own party thought they went too far and now they have to change the subject. They have to dangle a shiny new distraction in front of the voters to make them forget that the GOP was responsible for the first shutdown in nearly two decades and while corporate profits are booming, wages remain mostly stagnant and too many Americans are not seeing that mythical trickle down they’ve been waiting for since the years of Reagan.

What better way to accomplish that than demonize gay people and remind all good Americans white heterosexual Protestants that the Republican Party is still looking out for their best interests? Push creationism back into public school curriculum, introduce “it’s OK to say Merry Christmas” bills, and give speeches whine incessantly about how Christians everywhere in the United States are under attack.

Or, if your name is Bobby Jindal, schlep your way up to Monroe, LA to firmly plant your lips on the camouflaged backside of Phil Robertson.

Gov. Bobby Jindal travels Thursday to Duck Commander Headquarters in Monroe to present the Inaugural Governor’s Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence to Duck Commander and the Robertson Family.

Jindal’s appearance at 117 King’s Ln. in West Monroe at 4:15 p.m. follows a Dec. 19, 2013, press release from the governor’s office, in which Jindal made an emphatic defense of the Robertson family patriarch. (Source)

That’s right, make up a new award, spend taxpayer money to travel from Baton Rouge to Monroe, and hand it to the man at the center of dumbest controversy in the era of scripted, “reality” TV. Why? Because nobody else is more of an example to the religious right at this point in time as someone who is being “persecuted by the liberal media” than Phil Robertson. Bobby Jindal is the same governor who turned down Medicaid expansion because he stated Louisiana can’t afford it, yet will spend taxpayer dollars to defend the state’s unconstitutional ban on same-sex marriage despite the fact that every single other state’s ban has been overturned in federal court.

Louisiana has a huge oil and natural gas industry, and the tourism industry rakes in about $5.2 billion annually. Yet, we have one of the worst records in the country when it comes to education and health. If Bobby Jindal and other conservative governors actually wanted their states to thrive, they would do so. You see, politicians like Bobby Jindal and others on the far right are not interested in making their states a better place for those who live there. What they are interested in maintaining is the status quo, and they’ll waste as many taxpayer dollars as they need to do so in catering to the religious right with pointless awards to homophobic duck call makers. They don’t want more money in the pockets of the average citizen because it means less dependence on employers who want to pay workers as little as possible. Also, with more education comes greater realization that the policies of the Party of Stupid are only beneficial to conservative politicians and the 1% who own them, and nobody else.

It’s only a matter of time before Louisiana and other states controlled by the unholy marriage of religious zealots and corporate interests are dragged kicking and screaming persecution into the 21st century. Like the Taliban and other religious extremists in the Middle East, hard right politicians want to keep their states poor, uneducated and desperate. Just like the Taliban are trying to prevent Afghanistan from joining the post-Stone Age world, governors like Bobby Jindal are trying to prevent the inevitable march of progress because they know that with prosperity and education comes the end of the Republican grip on the South. Their methods may be different from the Taliban, but their strategy is the same. Convince people that Allah or Jesus is being mocked and you’ll have millions of useful idiots ready to vote for you or blow themselves up in the name of God. It’s a simple but effective strategy – and unfortunately, it works.


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