Boehner Gets Embarrassed by Reporter’s Question, Blatantly Lies About Obstruction of Immigration Reform

boehner-very-sadI think it’s safe to say that House Speaker John Boehner is as disliked by many far right conservatives as he is by most liberals.  I honestly believe he’ll go down as probably the worst Speaker of the House of Representatives in United States history.  Not only has he presided over one of the least productive congresses in our history, he’s often failed to even maintain control of his own party.

And even if someone disagrees with everything I just said, there’s at least one thing which is 100 percent indisputable – he’s the reason why we haven’t passed immigration reform.

That’s not a partisan statement, that’s just fact.

Over a year ago the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill which John Boehner refused to even let come up for a vote in the House.  The general feeling was that if he allowed the bill to come up for a vote, it would pass, President Obama would sign it and it would become law.

Seems pretty much like how our government is supposed to work, right?  Apparently not if you’re a House Republican.

Well, a reporter confronted Boehner on his blatant obstruction of a comprehensive immigration reform bill and Boehner did what he does best – lie.  Boehner insisted that he “doesn’t trust” President Obama to properly enact immigration reform because of some of the issues “Obamacare” has experienced, which prompted the reporter to ask a few follow-up questions.

“Since when does Obamacare have anything to do with immigration reform?” Jorge Ramos asked.

Boehner sarcastically responded, “Me? Blocking?  The issue of immigration reform is an issue I’ve talked about for 18 months.”

“The Senate passed it a year ago, and you haven’t moved on that,” Ramos continued.

“I just gave you an answer,” Boehner said. “There’s nobody more interested in fixing this problem than I am.”

“You can do it, and you really haven’t done it,” Ramos persisted.

Boehner then essentially cut off the back and forth by saying, “I appreciate your opinion, thank you.”

This is not a matter of opinion.  Last year the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill that Boehner refuses to let the House vote on.  That’s not an “opinion” – that’s an indisputable fact.

And if he wants to play the pathetic “I don’t trust Obama to enact it properly” card, Democrats have countered that by saying if he would let the House vote on the bill they’ll set it up where it won’t be implemented until after President Obama’s second term is over.

So that eliminates the lame excuse of not voting on this bill because they don’t trust President Obama.

The bottom line is, Boehner won’t let the House vote on this bill because it will pass and that will tick off the ultra conservatives within his own party.  If he does that, he might not be House Speaker much longer.

Boehner pathetically tried to blame “Obamacare” for his blatant obstruction of our government passing comprehensive immigration reform, even though the two aren’t remotely related.

When it comes down to immigration reform, and Boehner’s obstruction, it’s all about him appeasing the ultra conservatives in the House who hold just enough power to vote him out as speaker.

It’s not about passing a law which impacts the lives of millions of human beings, it’s about saving his own ass.

Watch the exchange below:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Mrs_oatmeal

    And the disgusting politics that don’t do anything but block ideas that will move our country along. He plays on the fact that most Americans don’t know how government works, but they can tell you all about the Kardashians! Pathetic!

  • strayaway

    “there’s at least one thing which is 100 percent indisputable – he’s the reason why we haven’t passed immigration reform.”

    Wrong. President Reagan passed immigration reform and held up his end of the bargain. He made almost all illegal aliens in the County citizens in exchange for the Democrats promise to protect the border and otherwise make illegal aliens a thing of the past. So immigration reform was passed but we are just waiting for Democrats to hold up their end of the bargain.

    What is now being offered is what the oligarchs want; a supply of cheap labor at all levels and what Democrats want; an expanded class of needy dependent people.

    • mike

      Do you honestly believe that “Democrats want an expanded class of needy dependent people.”?

      • strayaway

        Yes. As evidence, we already have high unemployment rates among unskilled Americans. There is no way our economy needs more unskilled uneducated people to compete for entry level jobs while Americans receive extended unemployment. There is no way Americans can demand higher wages as long as employers have the option of shipping jobs abroad or bringing in cheaper labor. That is basic Law of Supply and Demand. Those who can’t afford life’s necessities are drawn to whomever makes them the biggest promises. “An expanded class of needy dependent people” = votes.

      • figured out

        If that last statement where true than how do explain that some of the poorest, most dependent people are in red states and overwhelmingly vote republican.

      • gian keys flat mom

        to quote ”saint reagan”…………….
        ” there u go again,,,,,,,,,,,,”
        ———————- annoying a regressive with facts

      • Edward Krebbs

        Gian, might want to look at the context of the debate where Reagan said “there you go again……”

        It was a deflection from an area where Reagan was uncomfortable and caught in a fabrication.

      • gian keys flat mom

        agreed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yet don’t U love having such a “conservative” saints’ words turned upon a (regressive) conservative here online?

      • strayaway

        Blue states have a greater spread between the rich and poor. The 1% have increased their share of our nation’s economic wealth since Obama has been President even relative to Bush’s presidency. There are of course historical and geographical reasons as well. The south was the poorest region even when it voted strait Democratic too. Rural states tend to be more Republican. The big money gravitates to the corporations and 1% who tend to live in urban areas not found in places like South Dakota. Those are some reasons. Conversely, most of the worst central cities e.g. Detroit, Gary, Camden, Youngstown, Flint have a long record of voting for democrats but that hasn’t seemed have helped. Half the folks in Detroit are behind in paying their water bills yet they are demanding that Michigan, which has a lower median family income than Detroit, subsidize Detroit water bills. How does one explain such behavior?

      • terribletwos

        How does one explain why corporations and golf courses in the Detroit area don’t pay their water bills?

      • strayaway


      • RayandFannie Esparza

        Somehow Business is not blamed for the unemployed of the country.. Who was it that cut Jobs , Hours, Benefits , etc. for the last 6 years all because of the recession and which has being making record profits for the last 5 years and that is why more people are not hired…PRESIDENT OBAMA CANNOT CREATE ANY JOBS unless he hires more Federal workers or expands all contracted out jobs..The last 5 Presidents did this on their tours but Obama is not allowed to do this by the GOP….Was true 6 months ago and still is…

      • strayaway

        I largely agree with you about businesses except that businesses also have a hand in preselecting our candidates so we are left to vote for two candidates owing some loyalty to the same banks, insurance companies, etc.. The federal government could best help create jobs for Americans by replacing middle class income taxes with tariffs to the extent possible and severely punishing employers of illegal aliens. Both acts would create a shortage of workers and a demand for US made products. US workers could then demand a larger share of the national economic pie based on supply demand `101. Otherwise, like you say, President Obama cannot create (many) jobs because he can only take spending money out of someone else’s pocket to do so although that person might be an unborn child who will have to pay the interest on Obama’s legacy of debt.

      • RayandFannie Esparza

        The top rate for Business is 35% yet it is paid at 24%.The top rate for taxpayers is 39 % yet most Millionaires and Billionaires pay at 15% or lower..Mitt was paying 9% even as he was running for President..Maybe Mitt paid 0 % in the years before he ran but we will never know…Gov’t contracts for roads,planes and all thing in between go to the the private sector which does create jobs in the private sector and for other items they need.. Maybe if Business and large money makers do pay their fair share and pay their employee a living wage , the Gov’t won’t have to help keep them alive with food stamps,help for the rent,medical help, etc…

      • strayaway

        So what’s you point? Obama didn’t put any bankers in jail. The 1%’s fortunes are increasing at a faster rate under Obama than under Bush. Obama’s second largest campaign contributor in 2008 was Goldman Sachs. Bad as Reagan and Bush were, Obama has added $7.9T to the federal debt. Bush added $5T in 8 years for comparison. Our kids will have to pay down actual dollar amounts, not percentages.

      • RayandFannie Esparza

        Every debt can be compared to a percentage of the GDP and I am sure the GDP is larger then when Ronnie or ” W” were Presidents..And Obama has had to pay for a lot more food stamps, unemployment pay,then both of them..

      • strayaway

        Sure, every debt can be compared in percentages. If president A doubles the debt from $5T to $10T, taxpayers owe $5T. If president B raised the debt from $10T to $18T, taxpayers owe $8T. Using percentages helps us understand that President B raised taxes 60% more than President A. If President B did his dirty deed in 7 years and president A did his in 8 years we could also determine that President B is running up the debt at a rate 83% faster than did president A.

      • Johnny Teel

        If you don’t then I have a bridge for sale.

      • RayandFannie Esparza

        Is it cheap or free.

    • gian keys flat mom

      are u a member of the musical group ”spin doctors”?

      • Tappy Mcwidestance

        You can’t say it’s the President’s responsibility only when Obama is President while giving Amnesty King Reagan a pass.

    • Don Gugliuzza

      If I’m not mistaken, the Constitution declares that the President is charged with upholding all laws. The only part of the 1986 law that Reagan upheld was the amnesty provision. He ignored the rest of it.

      • terribletwos

        I’ll try you exactly why he ignored the rest of it. It fined corporations for hiring illegals.

    • Taymie

      That is not exactly how it happened. the bill that passed was designed to do both- provide amnesty AND increase border security. The bill Reagan signed however was made unsuccessful because the strict sanctions on businesses hiring illegal aliens was removed- AT REPUBLICAN DEMAND before it came to Reagan. Republicans did not want businesses fined for using cheap labor. These sanctions EXIST in this new bill Boner is refusing to send. it really was a good try on your part though.

      • strayaway

        The part about Republican qualms about not being able to hire cheap labor is correct. That was in the article I provided. So, are you advocating that before we even consider more immigration reforms that we revisit the unfinished business from 1986? If so, I would support you. If you are instead trying to just pass off the failure of the 1986 bill as being an exclusively Republican problem, you are wrong. While some establishment Republicans do want the cheap labor, the opposition to millions of foreign workers comes almost exclusively from more grass roots conservatives then and now. Democrats are almost entirely lined up behind something amounting to more open borders and more foreign labor to compete with US workers.

  • Sandy Greer

    I think the problem is Republicans look at undocumented immigrants as future Democrat votes.

    That, and Xenophobia.

    • Glen Saunders

      You have your head up an orifice it doesn’t belong in. Best you go read the bill then come back and comment. If you believe fining American Employers for hiring Americans is OK then you need to return to the third world trash dump you originated from…..

      • raypc800

        Really under bill S.744, Sec. 3101, Sec.274A, Deals with employment issues care to designate which section of this bill includes “Being fined for hiring American Employers for hiring Americans” .I see fines for hiring illegal aliens but nothing in the bill that says what you claim.
        Please provide the area of the bill S.744 that you found this in,
        Thank You

      • Taymie

        I think you are confusing “undocumented workers” and “American Citizens” See, this bill DOES allow for fining companies that hire illegal aliens, but it does not mention any penalty for hiring citizens. Obviously you think “undocumented” means “legal citizen”

        Hope that cleared you right up there.

      • raypc800

        Then clear this one up for me please. There have been laws on the books for numerous years against hiring undocumented workers. Yet companies hire them every day and the GOP cuts funding for inspectors to check out companies. Why not fully fund for inspectors and enforce the laws that are on the books already? Only thing I can thing of is GREED and PAYOFFS to the GOP so companies can have cheap labor.

        Ps. on your above post of yours. It would appear that you are confused about my post for I clearly stated what the bill said. There is no mention of penalties against Companies for hiring any American Citizens, document citizens.
        (( I was responding to Glen Sanders who tried to claim that the bill supports fining companies for hiring American Citizens.))) No where in the bill doe it mention this.

      • Taymie

        Sorry, I must have hit the wrong button. I was also trying to reply to Glen Sanders.

      • usorthem3

        Says the person who has been paid by the government he HATES his whole military career. Typical sycophant of the GOP bubble mentality.

      • terribletwos

        I have not read that in this bill. Either you misread it or you are a snake-oil salesman.

      • Rick Flash

        If you believe fining American Employers for hiring Americans is anywhere in any of this legislation, you are a successful brainwash case of Fox news and a puppet of the billionaires. How does it feel?

  • Edward Krebbs


    Of course the shame is that the Faux News crowd will take what Boehner said as being true and broadcast it throughout their echo chamber.

    Slightly OT: But as the Faux News crowd swallows Faux hook, line and sinker, why do they now seem to remember the interview of Bill O’Reilley to Karl Rove where O’Reilley pointed out that the VA problem was passed from Bush to Obama ??

  • Thomas Major

    Two things are true. Boehner is the worst Speaker of our time, if not the
    worst of all time. And, Boehner is the sole reason the America people
    do not have a up or down vote on the Senate passed immigration bill.
    Using the word Blocking is being polite, more like racism and

  • Wayne Heddinger

    Contact John Boehner and have him move the extended
    unemployment bill forward.If the tax break bill moves forward then attach the
    unemployment bill Senate passed last month. 3-4Million lost benefits, 75,000
    added weekly and 200,000 war veterans. These benefits need to be extended
    without delay.

    John Boehner:Phone: (202) 225-0600(#1 to leave a message #2
    to speak with his assistant)


    • Mark

      The bill died, dude. You are too late. One can’t move forward a bill that’s dead. The House reconvened May 28th…you should have tried this message prior to that if you knew the House came back May 28th….do you know how Congress works??

      • Wayne Heddinger

        WRONG !…the bill is not dead…it just means that if they vote and pass it there would only be benefits up until June. The bill doesn’t expire only the time in the bill has expired. They can (doubt they will) vote and pass it…it would only mean a lump sum up until now. I know full well how congress works. Go look it up…..

        In a related report by The Inquisitr, the original unemployment extension bill would have extended benefits until June 1, 2014. But since that date has passed even if a vote occurs on June 9, when congress reconvenes, the 2014 unemployment extension bill would only pay a lump sum of retroactive unemployment benefits through December 29, 2013. Because of this obvious problem some Republicans and Democrats are working together to create a new unemployment extension bill they hope will meet the demands of John Boehner.

  • manswife

    Do you know what John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi have in common? Neither are needed in our lives!

    • Don Gugliuzza

      At least the House did it’s job when Pelosi was Speaker. The same can’t be said about Boehner.

  • ibutcherii

    I Love it when They reveal Themselves.

  • mabera19

    Boehner you know Obama is a Fraud. You ALL know it, and you all should be arrested and charged with Treason………………..

    • Greg Van Ho

      Mabera, you are a pathetic person. You should be committed to a hospital for people who are delusional

      • mabera19

        You are a jerk!!

    • Taymie

      “A fraud”

  • Don Gugliuzza

    If they passed it, that would be one less pseudo fault they could hang on Obama. They can’t run out of things to blame Obama for otherwise people would notice that these idiots don’t do anything except obstruct our President and country, and fund raise.

  • carlenefrazierwendel

    He did just what Reid does to the bills the Republicans send to the Senate.. Reid has thrown away most of the bills the House has passed and sent to the House.. What is happening is both sides are being vengeful of the others due to Obama not working with them…

    • terribletwos

      Not true. These bills that you are talking about have “pork” and deregulation attached to them.

    • Michelle Marie Sharma

      All I can say is, this is your brain on Fox News. Do you even know what was in those bills that were passed by the house? Do you even care?

    • Taymie

      yeah, but those were passed straight across party lines- and included a LOT of things that no Dem would vote for.

      THIS bill will pass across party lines.

      I know it is a subtle difference, but if you think about it you will see why it matters. Reid isn’t voting on something that can’t pass a Dem controlled Senate. Boner is refusing to pass on a bill that he KNOWS will pass even with his own party. Just think on that.

    • Rob Bailey

      Uh-huh. Bills GUARANTEED to have no chance that were simply passed (read wasted taxpayer dollars) to gin up the right wing base.

  • terribletwos

    Doesn’t the Speaker of the House get a bigger paycheck than other members of the House? If he lost his position, he wouldn’t be able to buy his present quantity of booze.

    • LateNightLarry

      Or his tanning booth hours every day…

  • Doy Bowers

    Reich Wingers want Illegals because they want “CHEAP LABOR”!!! That’s why El’ President’s Jorge W. stood at the border and promised them Jobs & Amnesty if they would just sneak into our country. Illegals work cheap. And no matter what FUX NewZZZ and their Puppet Masters tell you Illegal Aliens DON’T VOTE for anybody!!!

  • Gerico

    Allen clifton…a nobody reporter progressive.Progressive meaning they just had an idea and thought on issues well categorized debated and reclviewed by learned people already..only to have the progressive suggest that just because they had the idea that it wad new…. scary to think a man in the dfw area seeing millions if illegals taking over our country would wrute thus unless mom dad oe wife are illegal on our medicaid food stamps etc that this writet needs

  • The Reader

    The part of the equation that people seem to forget (or want to) is that when workers are paid more, they spend more and the economy grows. Decent paying jobs mean less food stamps and other support program pay-outs. Pride in oneself builds pride in other things like our country for instance. The whiners are so busy blaming everyone else for their current status, they fall into the “sky is falling” mode. It’s like depression – when it gets bad, the depressed person loses any motivation to change.

  • Detected_as_spam

    Gee look at me, I’m a corrupt politician and I can afford my own ‘expensive’ insurance! Too bad for you little people.

  • barefoot bob

    Not only is Boehner the worst Speaker ever, he is a terrible person, interested only in his agenda, which he keeps to himself. The man has never had an original idea. It is shameful the way he has obstructed the President, and the agenda of most Americans. He is the Grand Dragon of The Cult of Ignorance !