Boehner Walks Away When Asked What He Would Say to the 800k Employees Impacted by Shutdown

boehner-shutdownIn a disgusting display of absolute cowardly behavior, House Speaker John Boehner walked away from reporters after being asked what he would say to the 800,000 federal employees that will be impacted by the government shutdown.

Boehner spoke for 73 seconds and took only two questions following the government shutdown, in a bizarre glassy-eyed display of a man who looked thoroughly defeated by the tea party extreme.

Boehner said:

“The House has made its position known very clearly. We believe we should fund government, and we think there ought to be basic fairness for all Americans under Obamacare.  The Senate has continued to reject our offers, but under the Constitution, there’s a way to resolve this problem and that is to go to conference and talk through your differences.  And I would hope that the Senate would accept our offer to go to conference and discuss this so that we can resolve this for the American people.”

This call for conference is a joke on a couple of levels.  First, Democrats tried to get Republicans to go to conference back in April—they simply refused.  Second, Republicans want to go to conference to continue to discuss the one thing President Obama and Democrats have said for years is not negotiable.  So what the hell is the point?

You can’t blame someone for no longer wanting to debate an issue with you that you’ve clearly said you won’t support under any circumstance.

He also went on to say, “The House has voted to keep the government open, but we also want basic fairness under Obamacare.”

Let me just say this.  When you’re a politician who wants to be taken seriously, calling a federal law by its right-wing given name instead of the law’s actual name is just childish.

Also, there’s no debate about “fairness under Obamacare.”  It’s the law of the land—get over it.  The debate for this bill was years ago before it became law.  It’s no longer “up for debate.”  That’s what these knuckle-dragging Republicans just don’t seem to get.  They’re wanting to continue to debate the Affordable Care Act as if it’s some bill that still needs to be passed—it’s already been passed!

It’s the law.  End of story.  Period.  

Boehner was also asked what he would say to the 800,000 federal employees who would be impacted by this shutdown, to which he avoided the question and walked away from the microphones.  Nothing quite like a public servant refusing to answer what he would say to 800,000 Americans he supposedly “serves.”

But the fact of the matter is, he doesn’t have an answer for them.  This is by far one of the most asinine events I’ve seen in our government in my lifetime.  A government shutdown to avoid implementation of a law (which, by the way, went live the moment the government shutdown, so this shutdown did not stop Obamacare) which has absolutely no chance at being defunded or delayed.

So then what the hell is the point?  There isn’t one.  Outside of these Republicans posturing for their future political campaigns, this shutdown is absolutely pointless.  The law was already passed by Congress, signed by the president and upheld by the Supreme Court.  You can debate possible improvements to the law, but that’s not what Republicans have done.  They haven’t offered a single alternative or improvement to the Affordable Care Act.  And now they think they have the right to shut down the government just to soothe their humiliating public temper tantrum?  Give me a break.

This is by far one of the most pathetic displays of “governing” I’ve ever seen.  Republicans trying to blame Democrats and President Obama for the shutdown (even when many of their fellow Republicans have called this shutdown pointless and stupid) to try to defund a law which stands absolutely no chance at being defunded or delayed.

It’s finally official, Republicans have become the “American Taliban” and have simply lost their minds.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • mikeatle

    Boehner is a fracking coward. Someone at the press conference should have called him out on his cowardly behavior.

    • He’s the most irrelevant House Speaker I can remember.

    • Admiral Adama

      He’s in the fracking ship!!!!!

    • Legendoom

      It’s spelled ‘frakking’. But all the same, sir, you’ve earned a hug.

      • mikeatle

        Oops. Sorry about that. Frakking it is.

  • William Adams

    allen clifton, they just continue to lie. must have something to do with the fact 75-80% of premiums profit must go back into care, and not their pockets.

  • Did he start to cry or did he go have himself a drink someplace?

    • dylan


      • Pipercat


      • Don’t worry John. All you need is a good cry and a belt of bourbon. Just you wait and see…tomorrow when you wake up…you’ll still be the most ineffective Speaker in history.

      • Pipercat

        Bourbon, balderdash! He’s a wino RINO!

      • Maybe a little bit of chardonnay then Mr. Pansy-Pants Speaker.

      • Pipercat

        … and a pack of Winston reds!

      • Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…

      • Pipercat

        Ah, the signature song of the Capitol group, John and the Barstoolers!

      • They can’t be any worse as singers than they are as legislators.

      • KilljoyBob

        Boehner sang bass!

        Lindsey sang tenor!

      • Pipercat


      • Tea for two, and two for tea,
        They have screwed the G-O-P

      • DSunshine

        John and the Barstoolers. <3

      • Dale Conyers


      • Boner a true drinker!Vodka and tomato juice for breakfast. Gin and vermouth martinis for lunch. Smoothies on the green. Bottle of scotch in the golf bag. Cocktails before dinner. Wine with dinner. After dinner cordials. Cigars and coniac by the fire. Bourbon and poker till 3am. Repeat,

    • Karen Schumacher Smith

      I’m guessing both !!!!

  • Realist12

    Boehner is a cowardly alcoholic. His integrity is questionable. Are you actually surprised that he would walk away when confronted for true answers?!? Boehner, you need to go on a lengthy retreat and look into your self/soul. You may not like what you see. Fix it, and then come back to Congress. And then….be the leader you have the potential to be.

    • Lodis

      No, do not come back to that Congress. Go home to your wife and to the golf course. Your’re absolutely no good at this job.

  • Dena Trupiano

    I think I must’ve missed a lot here. What has the GOP offered towards the ACA as far as better ideas? All I’ve seen is concessions and filibustering idiots. In 1993 a Republican introduced a health care bill and it fell flat. Bonehead works for the american people, not for his own agendas, so more people should confront the GOP and ask them why they’re doing this. It’s not like their benefits will stop!

    • Bob

      The ACA was a Republican idea from the Heritage Foundation and Governor Mitt Romney. What has changed behind the scenes that they reject their own ideas from ten years ago? That is the real question.

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        What changed? You’re kidding, right? What changed is that a black man won not one, but two elections, and is our first bi-racial president. They can’t stand a “black man in the White House,” never mind that he is half white. For all their protestations that “race is no longer an issue,” their base continues to prove that is a fallacy. Look at some of the threads on any left wing site. The language from the right wing trolls is beyond disgusting. I hated GWB, but only AFTER he proved himself worthless as a leader of our country. I never believed that he WANTED to destroy America, which is what the right claims on a daily basis of President Obama.

      • strayaway

        The Tenth Amendment reserves to states the rights and power to implement their respective health care systems among other things. That power has not been delegated to the federal government although the Constitution could be amended to do so. The Supreme Court ignored the 10th Amendment as usual and decided Obamacare was a tax although it claimed it wasn’t a tax, and since the federal government is allowed to charge tariffs and issue an income tax, it is able to have a health care tax. Ok, it was a strange ruling but the Supreme Court gets the last word and corporations are people too.

      • William Carr

        The Supreme Court ignored the Tenth Amendment because only idiots believe the “spin” that the Tenth Amendment invalidates the Federal Government.

        That myth was started when the Republicans realized they were losing power, and decided to “nullify” the Federal Government and try dominating the State governments instead.

      • strayaway

        The 10th Amendment is simple enough for a high school student to understand. It is, however, difficult for some people to comprehend because it flies in the face of convention and what our 9th grade civics teachers taught us. The 10th does not invalidate the federal government. Each branch of government is empowered with list of functions and duties. Powers not delegated to the federal government, nor prohibited by the Constitution to individual states, belong to the people and the individual states. That shouldn’t be any more complicated to understand than, for instance, freedom of speech or the abolition of slavery as found in other amendments.

      • Adrian


        A: Taxes are authorized in the Constitution;


        B: The ACA is a tax;
        C: The ACA is authorized under the Constitution.

        If ‘A’ and ‘B’ are both true, then ‘C’ MUST be true. It’s logic. ‘A’ is true because it’s in the Constitution; ‘B’ is true because the Supreme Court held so; therefore, ‘C’ is true according to logic. There is no way around this.

      • strayaway

        Correction: The Supreme Court authorized the societally unaffordable ACA as being Constitutional while ignoring the 10th Amendment.

        I did write that “the Supreme Court gets the last word”. It has also, in the past, condoned slavery, involuntary servitude (the draft), and stated that corporations are people. Please try to understand the difference between what the Court rules and what the Constitution says. Judges are appointed by politicians with political venues. If the Court chooses to ignore the 10th Amendment there is really nothing to do about that until better judges are appointed. The beauty of the Constitution, the 10th Amendment in this case, is that it is still there waiting to be activated.

        The tax ruling is a truly amazing bit of Court reasoning. It took a constitutional amendment to make the income tax burden on the middle class legal. No such amendment was required from this set of judges to make the Obamacare tax constitutional. Now, it seems, any time government wants to shake citizens down for loose change, it can call such efforts ‘taxes’ to make them constitutional.

      • Adrian

        The Supreme Court’s role is NOT to determine whether we can afford a certain piece of legislation, whether it’s prudent to enact it, or anything like that. Those tasks are for the political branches, the Congress and the President, to determine. If Congress made the top marginal income tax rate 99%, that might be unwise, but the Supreme Court wouldn’t rule on whether such a tax was wise, sustainable, or anything else like that. They would only rule on whether it was permissible (which it is, in case you’re wondering).

        And they didn’t ignore the 10th Amendment. If this is allowed as a tax, then it is a power that the federal government has, thus not infringing upon the 10th in the first place. You may recall that the 10th starts out,”The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution. . .” Collecting taxes IS a power delegated to the US by the Constitution. The 10th is completely irrelevant within this context. Saying they ignored the 10th implies that it was relevant to the decision, which means as much as saying they ignored the 2nd when considering this law. Neither was implicated by this law, so both amendments got the consideration they deserved: nothing.

      • strayaway

        I didn’t suggest, or mean to suggest anything in your first paragraph.

        Import taxes were the source of most of the federal government’s revenue until the passage of the 16th Amendment. The 16th Amendment allowed the federal government to impose an income tax on the middle class thus removing some of the tax burden from importers. I must have missed the place in the Constitution that allows penalties imposed on people who don’t buy specified commercial products and call it a tax. Maybe its because that power, that type of taxation, is not enumerated in the Constitution.

        Liberals and many Republicans have long justified anything they wanted to do by interpreting the “general welfare” and the commerce clauses. Those clauses had the magical ability to justify most anything. Now, if you are correct, governments can also seize whatever they wants by calling mandatory purchases a tax and ignoring or not cross checking their kleptocratic greed with the 10th Amendment.

      • Adrian

        Check your history. For many years, the income tax was only imposed on the wealthiest individuals. It was only when funding WWII became extremely expensive that they extended the income tax to the middle class, and then never looked back.

        Regardless, the tax penalty imposed by the ACA isn’t an income tax in the first place. It’s applied uniformly throughout the country to all individuals failing to carry acceptable health insurance, so it’s authorized not under the 16th Amendment as an income tax, but under Art. I, sec. 8, clause 1: “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises [. . .] but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;” This means that as long as uninsured Texans are charged the same amount uninsured Ohioans are charged, it’s kosher. And they are.

        And the difference between a tax and a tax penalty is thus: Historically, a tax was intended to raise revenue, whereas a tax penalty was intended to change behavior (e.g., do x instead of y and avoid the tax penalty, which, in this case amounts to x = buy health insurances, y = don’t buy health insurance). As for how a tax penalty became a tax, that’s rather simple. Assume that the tax imposed under the ACA were $100, just for demonstration purposes. If they had charged EVERYONE $100 in ACA tax, that would clearly fall within the definition of a tax (as opposed to a tax penalty). But, if they wanted to only tax those without insurance, they had two ways to go about it: tax everyone, and then give a credit in the same amount to anyone who buys insurance, canceling them both out; or only tax those without insurance, and exempt those with it. The former would be a tax, and the latter would be a tax penalty, under the classic definitions. However, the end result is the same: only those without insurance pay the tax of $100. Since they are the same in substance, if not in form, they were held to be the same, which makes perfect sense, and explains how what was correctly labeled a tax penalty came to be considered a tax. Along with that, since taxing everyone would clearly have been constitutional, and taxing everyone and then giving a credit/refund to those who have insurance would also have been constitutional, it seems stupid to say that just being more direct about it and only taxing those without insurance is somehow unconstitutional. It’s six of one, and half a dozen of the other.

        The distinction between taxes and penalties was important because revenue bills have to originate in the House, but bills which impose penalties do not. I don’t know whether or how that has changed in light of the ACA decision.

        And, to be clear, they aren’t calling the mandatory purchase of insurance a tax, they’re calling the tax penalty imposed for NOT purchasing insurance a tax.

      • Karen Schumacher Smith

        A democratic President,a black one at that,that’s what changed!! They decided the first time he was elected that they would do any and everything to fight any of his ideas!!! Bunch of gutless,ball-less cretins !!!!!!

    • DSunshine

      Actually, Bonehead SHOULD be working for the American people but he isn’t. He’s working for big pharma and others that are lining his deep ‘GIVE ME, GIVE ME” pockets.

  • Matt Pantages

    as if we needed any more proof.. DerSchpeaker is a pussy.

    • Kat Hudson

      While I think he’s lost his balls, can we PLEASE stop using the word “pussy” to describe men? Pussies are a lot tougher than you men make them out to be. Not only do they take a pounding; they push out some very large babies. I’m more in favor of infantilizing people than gender-izing people. Women are strong. So is our anatomy!

      • Artos

        to be fair he is kinda taking a pounding by the media and is pushing some BIG bullshit out of his mouth

      • Dawn

        THANK YOU!!! The joke could and would’ve been funny if not for that remark. Of all the words in the english language, WHY is that one so frequently used to describe weakness? SMH

      • Kimberlee Bell Gasper

        Thank you for this!

  • Crash7

    Boehner is breaking bad. He has no plan other than what he might do in the next minute. He’s reacting and not leading or controlling. And the sad part is that it is fine with him because by some miracle he’s still Speaker despite his gross incompetence. He has no clue why he’s still in charge. but from his perspective he’s playing with House money.

  • jerry burke

    All of this is agreed. It is not one of Clifton’s most carefully written or well thought out prose works, however.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      It got the point across.

  • Janeane

    I try to come up with some funny jokes about Boehner to lighten my mood, but not many include the phrase “rancid toxic assh*le oozing a yeasty pus.”

    • Danalexa

      How Pythonesque.

      • Pipercat

        Actually, that would be, “an excrement spewing pillock oozing a vile yellow, yeasty substance with the consistency of warm Roquefort cheese!”

      • lestye

        Hey…you shouldn’t disrespect Roquefort like that.

      • Pipercat

        Alright then, Venezuelan beaver cheese!

    • William Carr

      Santorum ?

  • Julius Roberts

    So basically, when asked what he should say to the 800k unemployed, he walked off? Yea he just said fu^& you.

  • strayaway

    From the article “When you’re a politician who wants to be taken seriously, calling a federal law by its right-wing given name instead of the law’s actual name is just childish.

    “Call it Obamacare – that’s OK, because I do care” -President Obama

    • Rick

      An inaccurate comparison being that he was responding to the satirical name. Try again.

      • strayaway

        Ok, the Washington Post describes President Obama as “embracing” the term Obamacare. David Axelrod called it Obamacare in a letter to supporters. White House senior adviser David Plouff says that by the end of the decade Republicans will regret calling it Obamacare. I thought that the President’s comment was more significant than those of his supporters though. It isn’t unusual for a derogatory term to be adopted by groups it was first meant to insult.

      • Rick

        Correct. “Embracing” as in the name was presented to him and rather than fight it, which we both know would’ve only added more fuel to the faux fire. He adopted the same grade school technique used in naming of the federal law. He took it on as to neutralize it’s power. The name began with Republicans as an insult which was childish. Instead of being childish back Obama adopted the name given to it by the children. Normally that would be considered the adult thing to do. I understand where you were coming from, but it’s an inaccurate comparison being that a comparison was what you were aiming at based on the preceding quote followed by a POTUS quote marking the same behavior previously outlined above but used in a much different light without regard to the context in which it was used. You did give the full quote though allowing for these points to be formed and for that I applaud your forthrightness without snipping clips too severely.

    • DSunshine

      I love that the President took what they tried to use as a negative and embraced it, making it his own. When you own it, you control it and when you control it, it can’t hurt you any longer. He’s the Man because he’s so darned smart!

  • I’ll bet Boehner is wishing he could give Nancy Pelosi her gavel back ;o)

  • Pat

    I don’t understand why the Republicans who disagree with what is happening are not saying a word. They aren’t ALL Tea Party puppets, or are they? They seem to be acting like they are unable to speak. They should tell Boehner to get sober, grow some balls and tell the Tea Party tyrants to STFU! 800,000 government workers are out of work, indefinitely, without pay, because you guys cannot handle that the ACA is a law. Worst of all, you get to collect your paychecks while you once again, sit on your ass and do nothing. There are no words for how completely and utterly disgusted I am. Call your Congressman, people, I did, and let him/her know that you want this “shutdown” to end NOW!

    • Lodis

      You hit the nail on the head, Pat. Best one so far.

      • Pat

        Thank you, Lodis!

    • William Carr

      The Republican Party is a CULT.

      Cult members don’t question their Glorious Leader. That would weaken the cult by discouraging new members.

    • Incognito

      because no one wants the aca! it was forced on us and we’re not going to take it! tell obama to shove his ‘legacy’ where the sun don’t shine.. I’m glad Boehner and Cruz stood up to fight.. keep the whole damn thing shut down.. and as I said before 800,000 NON ESSENTIAL employees sent home.. if they are non essential, they why are we paying them to start with???

      • Suzie

        Oh, I would bet you wouldn’t be so cavalier about your job if YOU were one of the 800,000 workers being furloughed! How would you like it if you were living with the uncertainty of “when and if” you would get paid? Until you walked in their shoes you couldn’t possibly know what it is like! The ACA was already made into a law, and the GOP needs to get over it and move on. Their approval rating is so disgustingly low for a lot of good reasons. I hope every one of them is voted out in the next elections.

      • wolfhounds27

        Incognito, once again you prove just how flipping stupid you are. Try to think back to 2008. Obama won because of the promise of affordable health care you dipshit.
        You really need to your head out of Rupert Murdoch’s ass

      • strayaway

        Obama won because Republicans ran such a lame opponent. The majority of voting Americans participating in the Republican/Democratic paradigm chose the brighter and more sane candidate. Obamacare was one issue but so was McCain singing “bomb, bomb Iran” to the tune of “Barbara Ann” while Senator Obama portrayed himself as a peace candidate.

      • “Obama won because Republicans ran such a lame opponent.”

        A lame opponent that was one of the originators of the ACA, btw.

        this whole thing is just bizarre.

      • strayaway

        Yeah, A lot of Republicans stayed home and didn’t vote. It’s hard to say if it was because Romneycare was identified as being the same as Obamacare. Romney did point out that Romneycare was consistent with the 10th Amendment while Obamacare wasn’t. That was a fine point many Republicans didn’t care about.

        Beyond that, Romney didn’t seem to stand for anything except privilege. For example, he was for abortion before he was against it. His major campaign contributor during the primaries was Goldman Sachs which was also Obama’s second largest contributor in 2008. Goldman Sachs successfully pre-selected our candidates so it couldn’t lose. Romney came across as another Wall Street manager.

      • DSunshine

        Seriously, are you that stupid? Non- essential? Okay – not life and death essential but these people are needed to allow things in our country. Too bad you don’t have a home purchase hanging because the FHA is closed. Or that you are depending on your Social Security benefits THAT ARE EARNED AND PAID FOR because that department is closed. Too bad if hundreds of Americans are poisoned by food not inspected, or streams filled with waste while the Government officials are not looking. This could go on as the list is endless. Do you have a clue what our government workers do for us every day? Why don’t you get your head out of your “where the sun don’t shine” and think a little about this before you flap your trap and show the entire world what a fool you are?

      • IncognitoisStupid


      • lobo214

        The real NON ESSENTIAL employees are the teahadist terrorists and chicken shit GOPee party members too scared to stand up to the extremists but still collecting a salary while conspiring against and sabotaging the American people.

      • Kingminnie

        Ya know, I can’t count how many times I’ve read one of you baggers using the term NON ESSENTIAL employees. I’m guessing you all heard this term while watching the same station. I also guess that if YOU needed the services of one of these NON ESSENTIAL employees or departments, you would be screaming the loudest.

      • Corey krantz

        NONSENSE! You may not want the ACA, but I do!
        It’s the law, It’s constitutional, You lose!

      • swampdaddy

        You and the people that believe like you are why America can’t get anything done, good or bad. Everyone in America is equal and should be treated that way. It is not your right to say who should be equal or not

    • brownp51

      I have called, written letters, responded to FB announcements, etc. My Congressman is so “dug in” that I am not sure he even pays attention. The love fest and attaboys he is receiving on his social media site are feeding his ego. I’ve been called stupid, ignorant, uninformed and unpatriotic. I’m going to keep writing getting verbally abused and taking additional blood pressure medication.

    • Pup Ruff

      Because they’re scared to death of the Tea Party. Every GOP moderate who actually disagreed with them was challenged in the primary by a Tea Bagger who, in GOP leaning districts, went on to win the election. That’s how we got 27 of them in this Congress. The threat of the TB is keeping them silent. Because they are so vocal and vote in lockstep, a very small minority has managed to paralyze the entire national political process.
      And this isn’t the first time this kind of tactic was done for something other than budget. Last time was in the 1850s. Just before the Civil War. I don’t know how we can move on with this kind of political situation. There can’t be any kind of compromise with them.

    • liz

      Ditto, Pat. Right on the target. We are all disgusted.

  • roberthuntercnmi

    You’re a joke Boehner. You lead a party of traitors to this country.

  • Nakita Lynn Sanders

    Some republicans and democrats who disagree with this shutdown are refusing to receive their pay while the shutdown is in progress and until those 800,000 can get paid again or donating their pay to charities or to the military families. John Boehner obviously isn’t one of those. Disgusts me he is the Speaker let alone someone representing my home state.

  • smythers

    Well, let’s let Obama exempt the gov’t and big business from this train wreck for a year and force the American people to take this crap, that is what is on the table at this point, and that’s why your precious federal Gov’t is closed, thank Harry Reed, The American people are now lab rats to the gov’t. If you like the D.M.V, ,you’re gonna love Gov’t health care .

    • Keith Matthews

      NO, thank coward Boehner! He said nothing about 800,000 Americans he put out of work for his and his Tea partys stupid antics!

    • mags

      Its not Government Health Care read the darn bill will you,

  • Danalexa

    What I find disturbing is how the public does not understand the gravity of what has happened. Yes, folks are out of work & that is awful; however, this is no less than an attempt to subvert the legislative process. The issue is not unwillingness to compromise. If we pass law the Dems do not like, a sitting Dem House cannot pull this stunt either. We have ways of reversing laws we do not like-elections & the legislative process where you introduce a bill that is to your liking and see it through.

  • Donna Rega

    What a collasal disgrace…

  • Lynn Landry

    He’s still mad that he has to pay taxes on his tanning bed sessions.

  • Derek Pryor

    Spineless, sniveling coward…

  • Das Maschine

    What do you say to 800,000 NON ESSENTIAL workers making 20.00 to 30.00 dollars an hour plus benefits on the backs of the American taxpayer?
    You Say to the American taxpayer, I’m saving you 24,000,000.00 twenty four million dollars an hour in NON ESSENTIAL labor! YOUR WELCOME! That’s what you say!

    • Das Maschine

      That’s almost one billion a week (for the government funded public school impaired)

  • Jeff Lybarger

    F*ck all Republicans… they act as if it’s 1813, not 2013… they f*cking don’t get it!!!

  • Houston Rainbow Herald

    P O S

  • David Sullivan

    I lean conservative on defense and fiscal matters but think that both parties are acting childish in this situation. I am ashamed of our “government via blackmail” status that we have found ourselves. I don’t agree that a law should be attacked by holding up USG funding (talking to the reds). HOWEVER, I see that the general consensus is that “it’s the law, get over, move on.” Since when do we not have the right to challenge and change laws (talking to the blues)?
    When it comes to changing any decisions about marijuana or same sex marriages, a large portion of the blues would not agree to, “it is the way it is, just get over it.”
    I wholeheartedly believe that both sides have lost touch with America and what we need. I wholeheartedly agree that the media on both sides is sensationalist journalism who are trying to provide angry americans a list of things to be angry about. Stop listening to the media and stop siding with a person or group of people. Side with an idea. Have your own opinion about what this country should be and then take steps to make it so.

    • strayaway

      On Tuesday night, Republicans offered to fund parks, the District if Columbia, and vet groups. House Democrats voted this down.

      Nancy Pelosi said” the piecemeal strategy would allow Republicans to pick and choose which parts of the government to fund, which she compared to a slow release of hostages. “They took hostages by shutting down the government,” Pelosi said. “Now they’re releasing one hostage at a time.”” -The Hill

      What is fascinating is the admission by Nancy Pelosi that she views the Democratic strategy as keeping hostages. She insists on keeping all hostages until President Obama gets everything he wants.

  • Annoyed

    I would never have the presidents back. He is the worst thing that has happened to us. About this Obamacare.. it is a good thing for some. I however am being FORCED to pay for my care because here in WA State the site went down and took my info as me working and making over $40 Grand a year and they will not fix this on the application nor will the work with me on this. I make only 400 a month on unemployment but do they care? NOPE! so they can just stand in line waiting for their fine they will oppose on me. Let the Gov shut down as they are.. One day Obama will need something.

  • madmax80

    This is a sad day in America. These people are willing to make the American people suffer, in order to try to embarrass one man. They pushed for Health care for the American people on many occasions, now that we got one and their name isn’t on the top of the list, they want to through it in the trash. All because it has Obama’s name on it. This is truly sad to shut the government down in order to trash the health care bill, and when so many Americans need health care.

  • Wesley Maynard

    Since when are liberals and this government interested in upholding laws? How many times have you heard about this administration suing individual states for upholding federal immigration laws because Obama doesn’t think it’s very nice? How many times have you heard about there not being a decent enough fence on our boarders our immigration police not being allowed to do their job? How many times have you heard the Obama administration tell the immigration police to just allow illegals to cross the boarders unimpeded? How many times have you heard of illegals getting american jobs? how many times have you heard of illegals getting welfare? How many times have you heard of illegals voting? How many times have you heard of illegals not being required to show ID before they vote because it’s somehow racist?

    All of these things are also laws that have been put in place and yet democrats, liberals and the Obama administration think they can debate this law as if it’s not already established. They think they can sidestep this law because of how the law makes them feel.

    So why, suddenly, are liberals so interested in adhering rigidly to the “laws of the land”?

  • mcquestion5000

    Is there video evidence of this?

  • Incognito

    800,000 non essential employees sent home.. if they are non essential, why the hell are we paying them to start with????????????

  • Random

    The Patriot Act is an act of law. Are we supposed to just “get over it” and accept it?

  • discgolfdc

    Wouldn’t the law of “seditious conspiracy” apply in this case?
    18 USC 2384?

  • Corey krantz

    If they’re reelected, we deserve ’em

  • katherine norton malek

    Government workers affected by the shutdown while these do-nothing TP pandering obstructionists still get paid. What government do they draw their paychecks from? There’s irony for ya.

  • oldndragon

    What are the republican ideas for heath care reform?
    They have none and want none!
    Over the years, Our political system have sold out the country to the huge medical and pharm industries and are protecting them and not the Ameican people!! CAN YOU SEE NOW WHATS HAPPENED TO THE USA? Its not for “WE THE PEOPLE” any longer its: “We the corperations”. They dont give a shit about the people any longer. Remember that.

  • John Oliver Mason

    THIS is how our government works? Boehner Boner is trying to appease the maniacs in his party, he won’t discipline them, he’s afraid he’s lose his seat at the head of the chamber and his opportunities to play golf with the President.

  • Jackie Eagle

    You know he needed another shot of bourbon to answer that question.

  • greatconsumptor

    John Boehner = toilet erection

  • Karl

    There must not be a black republican in congress, as the term “knuckle dragging” would start a racial discussion and divert this entire topic of the shutdown. I find the use of this term offensive to all Americans!