Boehner Has Accomplished Nothing, but He’s Managed to Obsess Over President Obama – Just Look At This

suspicious-boehner-obamaWhile I know it’s natural for Republicans and Democrats to oppose one another, what I saw when I went over to House Speaker John Boehner’s Twitter account was—well, pathetic.

He’s presided over the most unproductive Congress in United States history, and will probably go down as one of the worst Speakers of the House ever, but he has managed to find plenty of time to do one thing—obsessively “tweet” anything and everything negative about President Obama.

I scrolled back through the last five days of his tweets and essentially every single one of them was an attack on the President, “Obamacare” or both.

But you know what was missing?  A plan.  Much like Newt Gingrich recently said at the RNC summer meetings, it’s easy for Republicans to simply oppose everything, but eventually they have to stand for something.

And if you head over and look at John Boehner’s Twitter account, it’s clear he stands for absolutely nothing.  Well, nothing besides a seemingly obsessive fixation on the President, especially when it comes to “Obamacare.”

Take a look for yourself:

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It’s just sad, isn’t it?

I get that as one of the leaders of the Republican party, and the Speaker of the House, it’s a big part of his job to oppose most anything and everything President Obama or Democrats support.  But I just find it ironic that a man who often accuses President Obama of “dividing Americans” has an entire Twitter account essentially fixated on nothing but negativity and partisan attacks.

Without hardly a single mention of what his party has to offer.  Well, if you scroll through there long enough you do find quite a few tweets about the Keystone XL pipeline.  You know, that project Republicans claim will create tens of thousands of jobs, yet most experts say it’s more like a couple thousand—many of which are temporary jobs.

And then when the pipeline opens?  As many as twenty jobs will be permanent.

Or if you ask TransCanada, maybe a few hundred.  It’s definitely not the “tens of thousands” of jobs Boehner and Republicans have been lying to the American people about these last couple of years.

Which is another ironic tidbit about Republicans.  They like to bash the President about jobs, while offering nothing in the way of a real “jobs bill,” even though we’ve created nearly 7 million jobs in the last 3+ years.  Yet one project which might create a couple thousand temporary jobs, they’re hell bent on getting that passed and accuse Obama of “killing jobs” by not approving the pipeline.

Oh, that’s right, because that project benefits big oil.  You know, a group Republicans will always fight for.

This was just something I thought most people wouldn’t pay attention to, but might find interesting.  A leading Republican who has a seemingly unhealthy obsession with negativity and misinformation in attacking President Obama and bashing “Obamacare.”

Then again, that’s been the Republican party’s platform since 2008.  So I guess Boehner’s sad, Obama-obsessive Twitter account full of lies shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone at all.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Quinn Stilletto

    John Boehner is a bigot and caters to bigots. He and his contemporaries are not about to let some black guy from Chicago force democracy down their throats. They want all minorities including the president to remain irrelevant to the national agenda.

  • Aloanstar

    I guess he isn’t just sleeping and doing nothing….he is tweeting a lot of BS. How old is this guy?? He is a joke.

  • ricklee228

    Boehner (or as I prefer to call him, Boner head) and his GOP counterparts are just a bunch of cry babies that have accomplished nothing in the past to benefit the country as a whole, as a matter of fact they have done just the opposite and are attempting to tear our nation apart with all there idleness. They have successfully stood in the way of any attempt to move our nation forward but is pushing the nation in reverse.

  • chris1

    Don’t forget he owns stock in the Keystone Pipeline…! conflict of interest????

  • Sisu Nichols

    I was informed that government can’t create jobs. I said that’s kind of a funny statement considering that’s what many ran on their campaign platform. You could hear the crickets chirping…. I follow Boehner, usually so I can make snarky comments about his negative posts… Gotta love the little, crybaby orange man…

    • Pamela Hunter

      Boner is an alcoholic that is why his face is like that. If that is not an alcoholic face….

  • Norm

    Boehner and the Republicans can not deal with the idea that black guy from Chicago is making life better for everyone especially after 8 years of total incompetence and corruption of George W. Bush.

  • Something you missed about Keystone XL. He is an investor in companies that would do the construction. That’s why he harps on about Keystone XL so much.

    • Pamela Hunter

      That is what I have said before the few jobs created will go to their family and friends. Who are they fooling?

    • Pamela Hunter

      You know we see the hypocrisy… why is no one else at the Capital standing up and calling out Boner on his investments… his corruption… where are the balls in that place. Elizabeth can not be the only one with balls. I just think it can all be blamed on shear laziness and that they really do not want to work. Like I said all drug addicts and alcoholics.

  • swinedance

    How can Boehner and the rest of these Republican thugs do this with a straight face? I wish I were still considered paranoid when I said we have more to fear from fascists trying to take over our country than we ever had to worry about communists taking over. That ship has passed. These black shirts are doing it with impunity now and it is only going to get worse.

    Look no Steve King, Steve Stockman, Ted Cruz, Louis Gohmert, Michelle Bachmann, Alan Keyes, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, etc, etc. My hands are getting tired, but this is a real threat.

  • dave g

    “I get that as one of the leaders of the Republican party, and the Speaker of the House, it’s a big part of his job to oppose most anything and everything President Obama or Democrats support.”

    Totally disagree. He’s there to find ways to make the country a better place, and to further the interests of his constituents. Everyone seems to forget Congress is supposed to be there to get things done, not to play juvenile partisan games.

  • Mainah

    and now they take a five week vacation after voting 20 times to repeal Law upheld by the SCOTUS, while people are being furloughed because they wouldn’t take the grand bargain, only to work for 9 days in Sept. and threatening our credit rating on money we already spent by shutting down the government. (those of you who keep saying ‘gubmint’ please note the correct word) Did they not study American Government in High School. I know i had to. Or is it that fake tanning causes brain damage which would really explain Jersey Shore to me.

    • Pamela Hunter

      If they are not drunk they are doing drugs. Lazy sons of bitches. What a life… then they retire with full pay. Who are the idiots?

  • Pamela Hunter

    Boner is an Alcoholic. If that is not an alcoholic face i have never seen one. And with all the Politicians now coming forward admitting to doing drugs. I think we need to have an anti drug and alcohol Laws concerning our Politicians. We would never allow that in any other business. Other government employees are subject to a random pee test. We should require that of the Capital also. We should start one day and pee test every last one and fire those that fail. Maybe then they would get some ‘work’ done on our behalf. Now they party on our trillions.

  • Pamela Hunter