Boohoo! Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity are Angry that Liberals Associate Them with Republicans

hannity-beckI’ll be honest with you — and I say this simply as an observer and not a liberal — the Republican party is an absolute mess.  Outside of trying to sabotage our government to prove that it doesn’t work, protecting tax rates for the rich, opposing same-sex marriage and attacking abortion rights, all they seem to do is argue amongst each other about who’s really a “true conservative.”

Apparently the new thing among conservatives is to distinguish themselves from the Republican party, as if being a conservative and being a Republican are now two totally different things.  Like I said, the entire party is a mess.

I think most people even remotely familiar with politics would associate Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck with the Republican party, being that the Republican party has always aligned itself with conservatives.

But, I guess not anymore?  Not if you go by what Beck and Hannity said recently.  Hannity bashed “the left” for constantly associating them with the Republican party no matter how often they “call out” the GOP.

Beck followed up Hannity’s claim that he’s attacked the GOP by saying:

“You’ll never get credit for that.  The left will never look at people like you and me and say we’re anything but Republicans.”

Well, maybe we would if these “true conservatives” were brave enough to form their own “ultra conservative” party and run their own candidates.  That’s the thing about these far-right conservatives usually associated with the tea party.  They’ll gladly slam established Republicans, or try to bash the GOP, but they don’t have the courage to run as their own party — because they know it would split the Republican vote and they’d never win any elections.

So, while people like Beck and Hannity can whine about “the left” always lumping them in with the Republican party, it’s their cowardly behavior that’s causing liberals like myself to do that.  They might enjoy bashing the GOP, but they’re sure not brave enough to branch off and run as an ultra conservative third party because they want the name recognition and funding that comes with being part of the Republican party.

And never mind that Fox News (which Hannity currently works for and Beck would love to still work for) has been a cheerleader for the Republican party for years.

But I’ll make a deal with both of these guys: When these so-called “real conservatives” stop aligning themselves with the Republican party they seem to suddenly hate, then we’ll stop associating them with it.

Until then, they really need to stop whining.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • estfar

    They are just shameful and ugly.

  • Mainah

    If they call another republican a RINO, wouldn’t that make them a form of Republican? How can you tell someone they aren’t a real republican if you aren’t one? It’s like me, an independent, telling someone your not a democrat because you aren’t in the middle enough by their logic. Odd.

  • Why5ks

    They are not criticizing the Republican Party, they are threatening individual members of the party to get them to be more conservative. They know they have a forum with which to embarrass individuals and threaten to primary them if they don’t lock step with the TeaBaggers.

  • Jerry Wilson

    Sounds like No True Scotsman whining.

  • That’s better than what I usually call them; they should be careful what they wish for.

  • charleo1

    The T-Party has been a hijack operation from the get go. I mean, why start
    your own political Party, when you can take over the apparatus, seat your
    butt in Congress, and muck up the entire U.S. Government? But then, why start your own Country, when we have a perfectly marvelous one, already
    up and running? The problem is, the old guard Republican Party has for years, been a gutless bunch of lazy shills, feathering their own nests, by selling off the Country piece by piece to the big money corporate interests that have repaid them with their unwavering support. However, after Bush, and getting beat by Obama, they were ripe for the taking. Enter the T-Party. Hey, there’s a whole lot of real good stuff way over here in the far Right outback. A place a few of us have been talking about for years. It’s real freedom! Like the Founders intended! No big Federal Government. No Federal credit. Cash, and carry, only. No IRS, or regulations, no EPA. And best of all, the States run most everything! Want religion with your laws? Pass it in your State, and you got it! No activist Judges, ruling down from Washington. Want illegals rounded up, and abortion outlawed? Get rid of the Federal Government. No Socialists, or Commies, or unions, and, collectivists, or welfare allowed. You eat, you work, no exceptions! We’re 50 States, and we’ll run ’em all 50 different ways if we want to! Freedom, freedom, freedom!!! Does that sound like the United States, or a cluster Fu*K? If you’re a true T-Party member, you hope it’s the later, and you’ll find power in the chaos.

  • openlyblack

    Two of the Holy Trinity – the third is Limbaugh – of Political Huckster Prostitutes … Palin is is a class (there’s a word I never thought I’d use in a sentence with her name in it) by herself …

  • Michael Slattery

    Right Wing Wackos keep pushing the GOP further right while the electorate stays the same, somewhere near the middle. They just seem Hell-bent on political suicide.

  • Charles Almon

    What the Tea Party considers ‘conservative’ is ‘extremist’ to sane people.
    Their idols (Cruz this week) will never have NATIONAL appeal –
    and these dolts don’t seem to care.

  • Wayne Rizor

    Call them what they really want to be called……fascists!

  • betsy44

    The Republican Party encompasses conservatives and Tea Partiers, so there all a wing of the Republican Party. The Republican Party of old is gone, this new party is just a clown show and gets worse everyday. Such haters, I have never seen the likes of, and they hide behind religion.

  • Kelly Clayton

    That is the most hilarious headline I have ever read. Akin to the Casablanca reference my husband and I always use, “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”;)

  • Mo Reno

    These guys are paid to bash the left at every opportunity, but somehow, they worry that the left mischaracterizes their position?

    How does this make a lick of sense?

  • deanrd

    The GOP is the party that started NASA and built the interstate highway system. Just like the way the morphed into this extreme blend of racism and ignorance, they will once again morph. But it will take time. There will always be a party of “pro business” and anti poor. Keep things the same. And so on. Remember, the GOP was the party of science. Now, scientists have fled and only a mere 6% admit to being Republican.

    • cook4668

      Except you forget that Tea Baggers are better at Science than liberals…Check the Harvard study

  • buricco

    If it walks like a duck…