An Emotional Reaction to the Boston Marathon Bombing


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If you follow my Facebook page, Right Off A Cliff, this is a bit of an extension of a post we had on there just after the 2 explosions that occurred at the Boston Marathon.

When you first hear news like this, there really aren’t words to describe the rush of emotions.  It’s a mesh of sadness, anger, hopelessness, frustration and an overwhelming sense of just how quickly everything in life can change in an instant.

But then I got online.  Then I watched the news.  Then I really got pissed off.

I saw Fox News try and do their best to push the notion that this had to be an attack from some Muslim terrorist group.  They claimed suspects were possibly in custody, and yup you guessed it—they were all rumored to be Muslim.

Then I read comments from people who oppose gun regulations saying that if they were there with a gun, they could have prevented this.

Listen and listen real good…

This has nothing to do with race, religion, sex, gender, eye color, hair color and it damn sure has nothing to do with the gun debate.

More guns wouldn’t have done anything to prevent this, nor did guns have anything to do with this.  What happened today doesn’t suddenly become different if the perpetrator turns out to be Muslim anymore than it would if it turns out to be a Christian.

Anyone who’s trying to alter what happened today to push their own personal agenda is pathetic—period.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  This isn’t about Republican or Democrat.  This isn’t about Muslim or Christian.  This is about sick individuals who had an intent to murder innocent people.

This act was planned by monsters—pure and simple.  Disgusting, pathetic, horrific beings that I don’t even consider human.

People died today.  An 8 year old died today.  You know what 8 year old children should worry about?  Getting in trouble at school.  When can they watch cartoons.  How much they get to play with their friends.  If their parents will find out what they just did that they shouldn’t have been doing.  An 8 year old should not have to worry about being murdered by an explosion while they were watching a marathon with their parents.

And the part that horrifies me the most was that so far it’s only 3 people who’ve died.  What happened today certainly could have killed more people than it has thus far.

And yes, I understand there are tragedies that happen all over the world.  You only show your pathetic pettiness when you try and minimize one tragedy by pointing out there are others.  We’re humans and a lot of the time the world is a damn ugly place.  We can’t encompass ourselves with every tragic thing that occurs throughout the world because we would never want to get out of bed—yes, the world can be just that damn depressing.

So if you want to make this a witch hunt against Muslims, I’ll remind you that Ted Kaczynski (the unabomber), Timothy McVeigh (OKC bomber), the Columbine shooters, the Colorado shooter and Newtown shooter—none of them were Muslim.   Horrific acts by sick people don’t define a religion anymore than these men define white males, some of which were raised Christian.

If you want to make this about the gun debate—you’re hopeless and sad.  This has nothing to do with guns.  If you think more guns would have prevented this from happening, you’re too damn stupid to own guns—hell you’re just stupid, period.

When something like this happens it should be a time where we’re just Americans.  We’re not Democrats or Republicans.  We’re not Christians or Muslims.  We’re not black or white.  We’re Americans.

And it shouldn’t take horrific tragedies such as these for us to act that way.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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