The Bowe Bergdahl Exchange Has Perfectly Proven Just How Pathetic Conservatives Are

bowe-bergdahl-1I get that the exchange of five members of the Taliban for POW Bowe Bergdahl is a controversial topic.  Not only did we negotiate with terrorists (Obama can say he didn’t but that’s complete nonsense) but as this story develops it seems as if Bergdahl was captured because he deserted his post, and it’s even possible that he might have aided the enemy.

Though if he did, as it stands now, we have no idea if he was tortured in order to extract any information he might have revealed.

And of course there are signs that he had some strong anti-American sentiment after being sent over to Afghanistan.

Well guess what?  Many Vietnam veterans had anti-American sentiment over why they were being drafted against their will and sent to go die in a war they disagreed with.

I’m not saying that excuses his alleged desertion – he was not drafted into war.  But to act as if Bergdahl would be the first soldier who disagreed with what we were doing once they got over there, resulting in voicing their displeasure with the United States, is absurd.

I’ve met several veterans who don’t have the love for their country they once did after seeing the things they saw us doing while they were sent to war.

I’m not defending Bergdahl – there’s still a lot about this entire situation we don’t know. If he broke laws, rules and regulations, he’ll now have to answer for those.

But the way in which conservatives have verbally defecated all over this story has been absolutely embarrassing.  From several Fox News hosts pointlessly mocking Bergdahl’s father’s beard (a beard he grew to show support for his son), to Sarah Palin publicly trashing him based off of nothing more than assumptions, conservatives have reached a whole new level of disgusting.

They don’t even seem to take into account the personal hell his family has probably endured these last five years.  Oh, no.  Let’s just make fun of the beard his father grew in support of his son because “it makes him look like a member of the Taliban.”

Seriously, are we in middle school?

Conservatives have been in an uproar over the fact that President Obama made a deal with terrorists to save an Americans life.  What do they think we should have done, just let him die?

Why?  Because there are allegations that he abandoned his post?  Are those allegations proven yet?  No.  And if he did in fact illegally leave his post, resulting in his capture, then he’ll face the consequences for those actions.

I know, we should have used military force to secure his capture.  I can guarantee you had President Obama used military force to try to get Bergdahl back (especially if he had been killed in the process of that rescue) these same conservatives bashing him now would have really been losing their minds.

And spare me this conservative uproar about “we don’t negotiate with terrorists.”  Conservative hero Ronald Reagan sold illegal arms to Iran to secure the release of hostages.

Oh, and then we have massive hypocrite John McCain who only a few months back voiced support for getting Bergdahl back by whatever means possible, but is now backtracking and saying President Obama made a bad call.

Republicans (and one Democrat) have been so hypocritical about this entire issue, that some have been caught deleting Tweets of support for Bergdahl after his release.

But what would a story like this be without Republicans calling for President Obama’s impeachment.  That’s pretty much the “go to” phrase for Republicans.  They’ve used it so much that if President Obama actually did something worthy of impeachment (he has not) nobody would probably listen to them.

So the question remains, did President Obama do the right thing?   No matter which answer you give, I think you’d be partially right.  Negotiating with terrorists does set a dangerous precedent (though we’ve done it before).  But is it right for us to simply let a captured American soldier die?  And if you think we should have found a way to free Bergdahl, should we have done so with military force – risking even more lives?

Let’s not fool ourselves.  This uproar over Bergdahl has really nothing to do with how he was released and everything to do with conservatives using anything they can to attack President Obama.  But the way they’ve tried to make this into a political circus has been embarrassing.

The bottom line is, Bergdahl has been released and President Obama didn’t break any laws in obtaining that release.  If Bergdahl broke laws which resulted in his capture, especially if soldiers died trying to find him after he disappeared, he’ll now have to answer for his crimes.

But the truth of the matter is that no matter what Obama had decided to do in regards to Bowe Bergdahl, Republicans would have just said he should have done the opposite.  Conservatives say they wanted him back home alive, but they know that any way we would have gone about trying to accomplish just that would have been risky.

Outside of a flawless military extraction where Bergdahl lived and no other American troops died (something that was probably highly unlikely), anything would have triggered some kind of pathetic conservative uproar over what President Obama decided to do.

And once again conservatives have proven that no matter the circumstance, there’s no depths to which they won’t sink to embarrass themselves attacking any decision the president makes.

Even if that means mocking a beard grown by the father of an American POW in a show of support for his son.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • strayaway

    “The bottom line is, Bergdahl has been released and President Obama didn’t break any laws in obtaining that release.”

    Wrong. There was a legal requirement that the executive branch informs the legislative branch on prisoner exchange deals for a 30-day review period which was ignored. The first explanation was that “”Can you imagine if we would have waited or taken the chance of leaks over a thirty day period? That would have seriously imperiled us ever getting him out” -Hagel

    Next, Sen Feinstein said that the Obama administration was really sorry for the oversight which contradicted what Hagel said. Since then, the administration has come up with a couple of more excuses for violating the rule of law.”

    ““I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone,” -President Obama

    • soldout_in_sf

      The legislative branch was informed in 2011 when this exchange was first proposed, but someone spilled the beans and the Taliban pulled out of the negotiations.

      Considering the conservative habit of revealing top secret info, I think the President did the right thing.

      • strayaway

        So then you are for executive fiat rather than constitutional governance and the rule of law. Would you support an enabling act to make Obama’s actions legal?

      • soldout_in_sf

        I believe that in certain particular circumstances, where a POW’s life is possibly at risk, that a president is allowed to make a decision that saves the soldier’s life, when “going through the channels” will defeat the purpose.

        It’s similar to the fact that I, as a pilot, can deviate from certain rules in an emergency to the extent necessary to preserve safety.

      • Jim Trebowski

        *gasp*! You must be a…a….liberal!

      • gian keys flat mom

        we love white trash Christian republicans

      • Jim Trebowski


      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        hey james!!! hope I can entertain ya whilst I eviscerate the regressive crybabies in the tea party

      • strayaway

        What are those “particular circumstances”? Are they defined by the law or by whatever the ruler feels like on a particular day? Your pilot analogy should also include something about letting five terrorists loose to kill Americans and how that “preserves safety”. There is no reason the President couldn’t both obey the law and work toward springing Bergdahl. If, in your opinion and the President’s, Congress is such a threat to efficient governance, maybe Obama should dismiss Congress.

      • Megan Anhorn

        They aren’t “loose” They’re stuck in a 3rd country with no exit visas for a minimum of a year a process that was communicated to the idiots who instigated the “30 day warning” rule simply to prevent the actual closing of a compound that the US has no business operating in the first place.

      • strayaway

        They were stuck in a jail. Now they seem to be roaming about in Qatar. Life is good. One whole year? That’s not bad for Taliban commanders who have already promised to get back to killing Americans. Maybe Snowden too can spend a year in Quatar and then be free to go home. If not, it suggests that Obama considers Snowden is a bigger threat than five Taliban commanders dedicated to terrorist acts against Americans. Just an idea.

        I’m ok with Obama seeking the release of a US soldier and negotiating with the Taliban. Obama should follow the law though. He also made a bad trade. If any professional sports team ever made such a bad trade, its top management would be looking for new jobs.

      • Megan Anhorn

        Isn’t that why he gets to use the fancy “commander in chief” title. 😉

      • Megan Anhorn

        Oh please, President Obama has issued fewer executive orders than his predecessor did. Former President Bush issued a total of 287 EO (After FP Bush’s 5th year, he was at 196,) so far President Obama has issued a total of 180; for 5.5 years.

        Even if the President continues his 33.4/year EO average, he will still only have issued 267 total. Of course the idiots in the Republican party are trying to make sure that as many policy processes as possible have to go through as EO’s rather than through normal government procedures because they don’t recognize that they have an actual Republican in office, in spite of the party he ran under.

      • strayaway

        Actually, the issue in this conversation isn’t executive orders or George Bush. It is that the President was required by law to give Congress a 30 days heads up. He disregarded that law.

    • Truman Sager

      Barack did the right thing! We don’t leave soldiers on the battlefield, and we assume he is innocent until proven guilty. (The right wing has thrown this American rule out the window.) If Barack had to put his finger in the GOPs eye, that is fine too. They are such hypocrites. This will backfire on them. Their ol “support the troops slogan,” that they like to use, just went out the window also! Hey Army and Marines, how does it feel to have the right wing turn on you? Wake up!

    • gian keys flat mom

      and if Reagan had done this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, U would be again suckling regressive BS media
      bottom line? repubs are slowly withering as a party– and I and many many americans love it
      PRAISEB white trash jeeeeeeeesus

  • MLR

    Conservatives make me sick to my stomach. As far as I’m concerned they’ve lost all credibility and I don’t know why the media gives them a platform to bitch on. Everything Obama does is wrong, even if it was their idea in the first place or even if they were also on board with the plan at one time. Take John McCain and all those idiots that tweeted about getting Bergdahl home and then three days later they all deleted their tweets. I mean really! Who the f##ck do they think they are fooling?? Apparently only the idiots that believe everything these right-wing nut bags say no matter how irrational it is. Their hypocrisy is so blatant we’re the laughing stock of the world. They keep saying Obama has made a fool of us but they have no f##cking idea that it’s actually them that have made us the laughing stock of the world. Seriously, the guy is a POW and he’s an American. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Does he not deserve to be heard in court? And since when do outsource our justice to the taliban?? If this soldier is guilty then let’s try him in court, not in the court of public opinion. And to attack his parents is downright disgusting. I never thought Americans would turn on other Americans like this. The conservative nut bags are destroying this country and our values that made us great in the first place!

    • Truman Sager

      Good Americans don’t turn on each other! Bowe will get his fair courts martial. The right wing is terribly wrong and need to be called out on it et every opportunity.

  • rossbro

    First, get the Soldiers home ! Then worry about everything else.

  • gian keys flat mom

    vote republican,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so they continue to disrespect ( and not vote for funding) of our great veterans.

  • kenneth

    If Pres Obama went through congress, 1) they would leak it of course. & 2) GOP would of denied his request, just because it’s Pres Obama, they can’t help themselves. Just for a week, Pres Obama should, do everything they want “drill baby drill”, say climate change is a myth, give guns to everyone, watch how fast they would change their minds on all of those things. BTW, if Pres Obama was POTUS on 9/10/01 they would’ve blamed him for the attack & would’ve tried impeaching him so fast

  • Matthew Reece

    “if President Obama actually did something worthy of impeachment (he has not)”
    So murdering over 100 children and over 1000 adult civilians with drone strikes is not impeachment-worthy?

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      they are scumbags in other countries who have NOT risen up– as many countries have ( including USA) — to REVOLT and drive away the ones who are being destroyed for attacking us. ALL is fair in love and war
      anarchy anyone?

    • Megan Anhorn

      They didn’t impeach Former President Bush for lying through his teeth to start the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong, I abhor the fact that drones are being used at all, but it gets really tiresome that everything that was AOK under FP Bush is evil incarnate now that President Obama is in office.

      • Matthew Reece

        They should have impeached Bush as well. (Dennis Kucinich tried, but he was regarded as a joker for doing so.)