A Breakdown of Some of the Asinine Conspiracy Theories Conservatives Have Used Against Obama

president-obama-11Most of us know that conservatives are professional conspiracy theorists.  In the past I’ve joked that they must really believe President Obama is the most powerful president in United States history considering the amount of conspiracies they’ve alleged he’s successfully perpetrated.

But conspiracy theorists always make me laugh because they believe all of these asinine things, yet none of them ever come to fruition.  Not one time do these people ask themselves, “Maybe the people I trust have been lying to me?”

I’m still waiting for President Obama to make this massive push to confiscate everyone’s guns.  After all, isn’t that what the NRA has said he’s planned to do since he was elected?  Well, as we all know, that hasn’t happened (and it won’t).  But I’ll tell you what has happened.  Every single time the NRA and their conservative puppets start pushing these conspiracies about guns, gun and ammo sales skyrocket.  But I’m sure there’s absolutely no link between massive gun manufacturers’ support of the NRA and their irrational fear mongering about gun confiscation that always leads to a spike in gun and ammo sales.

What about those microchip mandates in the Affordable Care Act?  Anyone been microchipped yet?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Didn’t think so.

Speaking of the Affordable Care Act, when do those “death panels” start forming?  Anyone have any families members serving as “Dr. Death” on President Obama’s death panels?

I’m still waiting for that massive wave of socialism, too.  Or communism.  Or fascism.  Apparently conservatives think all three of these terms are interchangeable even though they’re different ideologies.

Then there’s always the jobs report released every month.  If it’s positive, it’s because President Obama altered the numbers.  If it’s bad, it proves Obama’s economic policies don’t work.  I’ve never quite figured out how a set of numbers, from the same source, can represent two completely conflicting things depending on if the numbers are good or bad.

Speaking of the economy, when will “Obamacare” kill jobs?  We’re now what, over 4 years of consecutive private sector job growth?  That means out of Obama’s five-plus-years in the White House, 80% of it we’ve had private sector job growth.  And then there’s that little side note about stocks setting multiple record highs.

And don’t give me the nonsense of, “Well the jobs created have been low paying and underemployment is rampant!”  If that’s your argument, considering the rich are doing great and corporations are recording massive profits, then you’re essentially admitting trickle-down economics doesn’t work.

By the way, when will that wealth start to “trickle down”?  The wealthy have been doing great for over thirty years now, yet the poor and middle class continue to fall further and further behind.

Then there’s always Benghazi.  The never-ending conspiracy theories that have been reduced down to (because they’ve all been debunked) the “talking points” used the weekend following the attack.  Republicans have managed to turn a tragedy in Benghazi into a punchline for a joke where no matter what’s going on in your life, just blame Benghazi.  After all, there doesn’t seem to be an issue that’s gone on in this country recently where the conservative media hasn’t somehow tied it in with Benghazi.

Then there’s always the usual Obama’s not actually an American; he’s really a Muslim; he’s working with the Muslim Brotherhood; he’s training his own private army; he’s altered the Affordable Care Act numbers; he’s controlling the media – honestly I’ve forgotten more of these conservative conspiracy theories than I can remember.  The list seems endless.

But over and over again conservatives churn out more and more of these asinine conspiracies and I just have one question to ask them, “When will even one actually come true?”

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    An unsurmountable list of course. Here is another addition: “Obama murdered the crew and passengers of the ill-fated Malaysian airplane”.

  • surfjac

    The sun went down last night in the west, Obama’s fault.

    • It’s Monday AND I’m tired. Obama’s fault

      • Stephen Barlow

        That’s a sure fire reality.

      • 666threesixes666

        im hung over and just got a job… THANKS OBAMA

  • Carla Porter

    I woke up with a painful sinus headache! Obama’s fault.

  • saml67

    My allergies were REALLY bad overnight, thanks Obama!

  • Jimmy Reynolds

    To head off a predictable “tu quoque” response, yes, there are left-wing conspiracy theories. The difference is that they have not been mainstreamed by one of the two major political parties in this country. In contrast to Palin’s death panels and the GOP Congress’s endless claims of nefarious conspiracy over Benghazi, we have not seen Joe Biden claim that Bush used earthquake machines against Iraq, nor did 1972 Dem candidate George McGovern accuse Nixon of faking the Moon landings. Paranoid conspiracy theories as a factor in national politics are exclusively a product of the right.

    • RavenWolf_LDR

      The only reason the “left wing” theories aren’t known by any of you is because they leak them through the underground and independent news medias in hopes that we, Anonymous, won’t find out and expose the truth. Do the research. The “left wing” is no different from the “right wing.” They are all corrupt and are playing you all like blind idiots and this only proves that.
      Half of all supposed “right wing” conspiracies come from the “left wing” and vice versa. Both sides have the exact same goals and those are as followed: 1) Keep the citizens divided; 2) Make a boat load of money off special interest lobbyists, corporations, and tax payers. EVERY Single politician has their OWN money making side business along with taking OUR hard earned money; 3) Switch views to keep the citizen confused; 4) Keep the elite in their position and paying as little as possible with HUGE amounts of tax breaks for the elite ONLY; 5) Lie, lie, lie, lie just to get what they want from a blind, sleeping public.
      Both sides of American politicians are corrupt and treasonous traitors to our nation and her people. The government MUST be abolished and remade to the original format of limited government that OUR nation’s forefathers intended. The American Spring is upon us! May 16th is approaching quickly! Awaken to the lies from all politicians and the president!! Join the American Spring protests in Washington DC on May 16th!

      • tariq

        A lot of what you said is true regarding both parties working towards the same goals, but the difference between the two parties is that the Democrats are willing to establish a level playing field designed to allow everyone the opportunity to succeed and the pursuit of happiness. The republicans on the other hand wants to maintain the racist policies that America has enacted since its inception policies that guarantees success and happiness for white Americans only. Where everyone else has major obstacles placed in their paths such as poor education systems in their communities, higher than average unemployment, school to prison pipeline, liquor stores on every corner and drug infested communities just to name a few. So the answer is no, no one except white Americans are going to so called “awaken” with you and your “American Spring protest” group to protest against their own interest.

  • Jim Bean

    Six of the glaring conspiracy theories the author has forgotten are the IRS/Teaparty, Fast n Furious, Dead Vets for good VA numbers and bonuses, IRS/Teaparty/Bosserman, Solyndra, and Bonuses for IRS Employees who haven’t been paying their own income tax.

    • RavenWolf_LDR

      That is because all of those theories have been proven to have been written by government paid liberal authors to look like they came from the conservatives. Once again proving that ALL politicians LIE!

  • John

    My scalp is itchy. Thanks, Obama.

    • tariq

      My train got delayed in the tunnel and I was late for work. Thanks Obama.

  • RavenWolf_LDR

    Obviously, no one has paid any heed to the leaked government documents that prove a lot of these “conspiracy theories” as true attempts or successes. It’s already been proven that Obama approved the NSA’s spying on EVERY single American citizen and world political leader including our own politicians on both sides of politics. He only denied it and started to “investigate” after Edward Snowden leaked that documents that provided his signature. Obama has done that behind Congress and Senate’s back. Also, there are documents that prove that Obama has broken several Amendments that prevent him from making appointments of office to people without the Congressional consent and approval. Obama secretly passed the NDAA that approves the “indefinite detention” of American citizens without trial. There are documents and emails that show Obama administration was pushing for a suspension of our 1st Amendment rights. There are documents and emails that have been leaked that prove that Obama believes only the military, law enforcement, and the elite should be the only ones with any form of firearms. The man that Obama tried to put into the position of head of the DoD wants to take our Constitution and replace it with British laws because he believes the British have put the “lower class” in their proper place. Mind you all that Britain has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Many of these supposed “conspiracy theories” have truths and proof if you do your research. There is a reason Obama has the worst approval rating out of ANY president in US history. Even Nixon had a better approval rating at his impeachment than Obama has had during this last reign. The man will tell ANY lie just to keep dumb, blind, deaf puppies like this (and any agreeing with this author) eating from the palm of his hand. You have all traded your freedom for supposed “security” and your Constitutional Rights and Duties for the ability not to think for lazy arse yourselves and have become the ULTIMATE TRAITORS to our nation.
    Now, I will state that I’m neither a Repubican nor a Demorat. I’m a Patriot. I’m a humanitarian. I’m a freedom fighter. I’m a truth teller. I’m a Hacktivist. I believe our entire government MUST be abolished as is our Constitutional Right and Duty. Niether Repubican nor Demorat are healthy for our nation anymore and have ALL become corrupt, greedy, and self-serving corporation puppets paid big money by lobbyist.
    It is time to follow our Constitutional Rights and Duties and abolish the government by ANY means necessary as stated in the Constitution. All of those in government are PROFESSIONAL liars and traitors to the nation and her people. Wake Up, you blind sleepers!!! The time for the American Spring is upon us. Wake up and join us on May 16th in Washington DC to make it known that NONE of them will abuse the people any more!!

    • Arachne646

      Bush started the NSA spying, and signed the “Patriot” Act in the first place, which took away all Americans’ effective privacy, although it is certainly true that President Obama has not resisted the national security agencies (at least not completely), in agreeing to their needs for more tools to use against Americans themselves.

      You seem very credulous of anything that claims to be a leak from the federal government. I’m sure that if it cast the President in a good light, you’d require more proof that it really were an authentic “document or email” showing actual evidence of unbelievable circumstances.

      • RavenWolf_LDR

        Bush may have started with the “Patriot” Act, but the original purpose of the NSA which was also started during Bush’s time was to investigate any one “SUSPECTED” as a terrorist as per the Patriot Act. That all changed under Obama’s presidency during his first term as has been proven so far from leaked by governmental officials or from hackers. You must also look at all of Obama’s famous lies and how he has blamed ALL of HIS OWN mistakes on previous presidents. His biggest lie cost BILLIONS of Americans their health insurance who now risk their private information on a government website that has been proven in a Congressional investigation to have faulty security measures. Obamacare also violates the Constitution by enacting a taxation without representation upon EVERYONE without health insurance which now persecutes ALL homeless and ALL people’s whose beliefs forbid modern medical care such as the Amish and the Church of Christian Science.

        Now of course, the Repubicans are not without blame as well. They push for more and more military funding and the push for the militarizing of civilian law enforcement. They also egged and convinced Obama that the NDAA is a good thing to have with the “indefinite detention of American Citizens” clause in it. While some Demorats sat back, watched, and egged him on.

        What it all comes down to is one thing. BOTH PARTIES are to BLAME for what has happened to a fair country. BOTH PARTIES have destroyed our nation, stepped all over the Constitution, devastated our economy by BAILING OUT & NOT IMPRISONING the bankers and motor companies who caused the collapse, cheated our veterans out of their benefits, cheated our future generations out of their Social Security Benefits by giving raises out of it or funding other project out of it, and have successfully embarrassed a entire nation by making our nation look like an asshat by going into war after war like we’re the world super cops.

        As for leaked documents and Obama, I don’t care if paints that asshat leader in a good or bad light. I research ALL documents including tracing them back to their source. I’m not an Internet Security expert for nothing. Which also makes me the perfect person to trace and confirm the authenticity of documents that were gained through hacking. Did I mention that I am a hacktivist? Or that I am an OWS supporter and protestor? How about mentioning that I am neither for DemoRATs or RePUBICans? I’m a Patriot who believes that the entire governmental system is broke and should be abolished as is the duty of the American people. Thomas Jefferson had warned against a 2 party system saying that it would lead to the down fall of the United States and her people. Why not open your tiny, closed minds to look at something from someone’s point of view that is neither liberal nor conservative, but a humanitarian. Choosing sides is what has destroyed our nation, made our citizens weak of free will, and ruined hope for a free nation for our children. If you choose a side, then you are part of the problem.

      • mre2000

        There aren’t “billions” of americans you jack wagon. Geezus. You should see someone about this little anger issue.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
        Forget it, he’s rolling.

      • tariq

        Nobody cares anything about you and/or your legion, really.

      • November 4, 1952 was the date that the NSA was formed. you are making me facepalm myself into a coma. you are either completely stupid or a retarded troll, I just can’t tell.
        Oh being a script kiddie doesn’t make you “anonymous” be careful who you try to betray yourself as.

    • Frank Pratt

      Uh, the NDAA has been passed every year for about thirty years I believe. It wasn’t until a few years ago when the GOP slipped in the Indefinite Detention CLAUSE into the bill. For a short time, Obama threatened a veto, but in the end, the GOP had him in a corner. The NDAA, among other things,pays our soldiers, pays for our hardware,software,so forth. Obama was damned either way with the clause. If he vetoed, our military & especially our soldiers would get screwed by the delay, & sure as the sun comes up in the east, the RWNJ would have dragged it out & put everything on Obama. So he passed it, & still got shit as a first prize. By the way, has any citizen within the 50 states just vanished via indefinite detention since the clause was put in? No? Okay then.

    • mre2000

      So the approval rating you;re referring to is based on “at this point of their Presidency” and many of your facts are hogwash. Nixon certainly was lower at this point, and he was at 22% when he left office. “Obama has the worst approval rating out of ANY president in US history” is absolute fiction. When I see stuff like that I don’t bother with the rest of your argument because you’ve proven you have a bias that prevents you from looking at facts and data objectively.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Another conspiracy nut job. Britain’s crime rate is half of the US’s.

    • tariq

      Why is it that everyone,and I mean everyone who has extreme republican views always claim that they are not republicans. If you have republican views and you want to “Take your country back” then you just might be a republican, regardless how hard you try to hide it.

    • you I’ve been watching too many Alex Jones stories. 90% of what you just said is echoed from that lunatic.
      abolish all government? Pursue anarchy? Anarchy can never work because someone always wants to be the Leader! you are as confusing as can be, considering you say you want to abolish government according to the constitution? so, this puts you in the crazy bin.

  • Ummmm.. yeah

    So… Just to talk to a point that RavenWolf brought up. The NSA ‘spying’ on our citizens and the approval for the behavior is a GW Bush relic. Bush started it in secrecy. Obama learned about it when he got into office. He chose not to stop the program for whatever reason. That does not mean he approved the program or started it. He probably decided that it wasn’t worth the time to stop it.

    And for the record – I don’t agree with the program in any sense. But please check your calendar before you make blanket statements.

    • No one of Importance

      Way to ignore the importance of the issue by falling back on childish “You did it, no you did it!” arguments. The fact of the matter is the constitution is being run under the rug and no one in any part of the government is doing anything about it. They are therefore all complicit. The NSA’s activities are plainly outright unconstitutional, the “right” of the government to detain citizens indefinitely without explanation literally takes a dump on the constitution, as does passing these things largely hidden from the press.

      You should not be concerned with who did it, you should be furiously outraged at the fact that it has been allowed to happen and continues to exist at all. You government has literally stated that the country does not matter in it’s eyes, that the documents pertaining to the proper governance of the people are irrelevant, that freedom can be removed without recourse or explanation.

      “A republic,” replied the Doctor, “if you can keep it.”

      • RavenWolf_LDR

        Thank you, N.O.o.I. You have taken the words right out of my mouth. That is what I was trying to get through to them, but of course I get attacked as being a conservative when I’m neither. I’m a humanitarian and a patriot. These atrocities you have mentioned can be reversed if people start waking up, getting mad, and remembering their Constitutional duties.

  • Michael McGee

    These are easy pickinkings, how about Obama is in the Muslim Brotherhood

  • Michael McGee

    Seems to be some evidence for that one.

  • Vivian Sue House Hughes

    I heard Obama say good morning and then it was a terrible morning. I’m going to sue that guy!