Breaking Down the Honesty Ratings of Clinton, Sanders and Trump Compared to President Obama

For months I’ve been saying that if Donald Trump becomes our next president, he will have done so by being one of the most dishonest candidates in United States history. When I say that almost nothing he says is actually true, I’m not using hyperbole — nearly everything he says really is a lie.

So every few months I like to head over to Politifact to check out their scorecards of various candidates – especially Trump’s.

Though this time I thought I’d do something a little different by comparing the GOP’s presidential nominee’s Politifact rating with those of President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. You know, just to show folks how sad it really is that Trump, despite being a pathological liar, has managed to become the face of the Republican party.

The way I do this is I take Politifact’s six categories (True/Mostly True/Half True/Mostly False/False/Pants on Fire) and place them into two categories of “honest” and “dishonest.” The way I calculate each score is by considering the comments ranked as True/Mostly True to be “honest” while taking the statements rated as Mostly False/False/Pants on Fire and calling those “dishonest.” I don’t count “Half True” because these statements are often extremely subjective and could go either way, which is why the two numbers listed for each person below won’t add up to 100 percent.

Let’s begin.

*Numbers as of May 27th 

President Obama (580 statements):

  • Honest: 48%
  • Dishonest: 26%

Hillary Clinton (201 statements):

  • Honest: 50%
  • Dishonest: 30%

Bernie Sanders (99 statements):

  • Honest: 50%
  • Dishonest: 30%

Donald Trump (145 statements):

  • Honest: 8%
  • Dishonest: 77%

Before moving on, let me point out the numbers for two other Republicans just to prove that Politifact isn’t “liberally biased” against Trump.

Jeb Bush (79 statements):

  • Honest: 48%
  • Dishonest: 31%

John Kasich (64 statements):

  • Honest: 53%
  • Dishonest: 32%

So what do these numbers tell us?

First, no politician is extremely honest – none of them. When around half is your “high point” for truthful statements among these politicians, that’s not all that great. Also I found it a little interesting that Clinton and Sanders have the exact same rating for both categories considering so many claim she’s “dishonest and untrustworthy,” while many seem to believe that Sanders is almost always honest. Both candidates still did just about as well as our current president.

Even Bush and Kasich scored fairly decent when compared to the three Democrats – though both men did horribly as GOP presidential candidates this year.

Then we have one Donald J. Trump who’s been honest a grand total of 8 percent of the timeJust in case you don’t feel like doing the math, that comes out to only 9 of the 145 statements Politifact has looked into being rated as “True” or “Mostly True” – 9 out of 145.

That’s absolutely astonishing.

Meanwhile, not only has Trump won the GOP presidential nomination, but he did so in dominant fashion. It proves once again that, to most Republican voters, things like telling the truth or being factual don’t matter one bit.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Brian

    Honesty ratings from the single most biased “fact checking” site in the world. It seems all liberals can do is preach atbthe choir.

    • GenerallyConfused

      Facts are liberally biased. Sorry, not sorry.

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    • anillinoisgal

      Ah yes.. More liberals tell the truth, and you can’t handle the truth. It’s quite easy to check if something is true , unless you’re programmed by Faux!!

  • Ed Lindhorn

    this is so fuckin funny that I pissed my pants!!!!!! Hillary is truthful??? OMG what lies!!!!

    • Mike Morrison

      Oh, the irony. The author points out factual information and backsbitnuobwithba sources that itself has sources. Then the author is called a “liar.” FFS, Trump supporters like Ed Kind horn couldn’t analyze fact from fiction if their lives depended on it.

  • Hara Maderich

    OK, here’s the clinical assessment of Trump…Sociopaths usually appear charming on the surface, but they intentionally target people they can easily manipulate. They frequently exhibit passive-aggressive tendencies such as referring to themselves as the victim (they are never at fault for any issue or problem, but almost always blame others). They often employ self-pity. And they usually have an obsession to maintain control — which often coincides with hypercriticality and extreme secrecy, even the tendency to live a double life.

    Sociopaths approach potential targets in methodical phases. There is assessment, manipulation, and abandonment. Gaslighting is a common modus operandi. Gaslighting is “the systematic attempt by one person to erode another’s reality.” It is, as the authors describe, “a form of psychological abuse in which false information is presented in such a way as to make the target doubt his or her own memory and perception.”