Breaking Down Gun Nuts: 10 Ways to Determine if Someone is Too Mentally Ill to Own Guns

open-carryUsually when I engage in debates with people, I’ll try to be respectful and considerate toward opposing viewpoints.

But when it comes to gun nuts, I’ve hit a point to where I can’t think of these people as anything other than batshit crazy and utterly ridiculous.

Everything with these people is guns.  You see it with these open carry lunatics where they apparently feel the need to carry some kind of firearm with them 24 hours a day.  Not only that, they want it strapped to them in full display of the public.  Because nothing says “I’m sane” quite like believing that you need an AR-15 strapped to your back while you order a burger at a local fast food restaurant.

It’s just absurd.

But these open carry clowns honestly aren’t about self defense and “the Second Amendment” – it’s about inadequacy and “looking tough.”  That’s why they stage events to show off their guns.  It’s not about being out somewhere that you feel you might need protection.  It’s all about telling the public, “F*ck you, I’m carrying this big gun wherever I want!”

The way I look at it, although I’m not licensed as a medical practitioner, I just don’t see these people as mentally stable.  If they really believe that life is so terrifying that they need a semi-automatic weapon with them wherever they go – that’s mental illness as far as I’m concerned.  If you believe that strapping a rifle to your back to shop at your local Walmart is a “necessity,” you’re nuts.

So I thought I’d make a list of 10 signs that I believe prove that someone is too mentally ill to own guns.  Again, this isn’t meant to be viewed as any sort of “official” guide to mental illness and I am not a doctor.  This is just my own personal opinion on the matter, so keep that in mind.

1) They believe that guns should be openly displayed in public – everywhere.

2) They hoard guns in anticipation of a possible overthrow of our federal government.

3) Even the slightest mention of a new gun regulation sends them into a paranoid rant about gun confiscation, bringing about references to Nazi Germany.

4) They honestly believe that the federal government can be overthrown.

5) Their answer to any kind of dispute between the government and a citizen is to show up in armed groups because they don’t like how a court ruled on a particular issue.

6) They’ve frequently rush out to buy guns an ammo in anticipation of some form of government ban on weapons that never – ever happens.

7) They honestly believe that easy access to guns has nothing to do with gun violence.

8) They believe that anytime they feel threatened, shooting anything that they feel threatened by is the first answer.

9) They own nearly a full wardrobe of shirts or hats depicting gun manufacturers or NRA logos.

10) They believe that it should be easier to buy a gun than cast a vote.

I could honestly keep going, but I’ll stop there.  If you have any other suggestions feel free to let me know on Twitter.  I’m sure I’ll get plenty of messages from gun nuts proving how “sane” they are.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Seapetal

    You forgot one very tell tale sign of a gun nut…they support the Tea Party !!!

    • I love to hear about the King

      Which means you support…the British Crown or anything that resembles ruling over free men and women? Got it. Thank you. Now please kill yourself to make this country a better place.

      • Lmaris

        You don’t seem capable of differentiating between a single tax protest which included many who wished to remain a British colony, but a fairly taxed one, and a wackadoo racist seditionist wing of the GOP funded by the Koch Brothers. The 18th Century “tea party” had nothing to do with gun rights, just taxes.

      • lindylou

        You are discussing reality with someone who has a different reality altogether.

  • surfjac

    When your right to live exceeds their right to keep and bear a weapon.

    • Tom Jeknins

      Your rights end when they infringe on the rights of another this is a fundamental principle of liberty and our Constitution. Why not say your “right to live” includes free food, free healthcare, stripping everyone from owning any type of weapon, knives, clubs, guns, etc. because they MIGHT kill you? Further your right to live should include your right have a house for free too? Their is no free lunch. Everything you get for free was taken away
      from an actual hard working individual and given to you. Is that right?
      Listen, if someone takes away your right to live we punish the person that infringed on your rights aka the murderer. We don’t punish people that had nothing to do with it. Thats what this “right to live” stuff is perpetuating. We want to blame the NRA the politicians, everyone except the actual murderer. Is it any wonder we have childeren who bear no responsibility for their actions, its never their fault always someone else.

      • Kimberly B Stone

        He didn’t say anything about getting free stuff. He’s talking about not being murdered by a gun worshipping evil sonofabitch. The fact that I had to explain that to you says that you are, in fact, a gun worshipping evil sonofoabitch.

      • Billy DaMota

        This is exactly the kind of guy about whom this article was written. #11 should read: Automatically assumes anyone trying to engage in a reasonable discussion about guns is a “gun grabber”, a “freeloader”, or a freedom hating socialist.

      • mike46

        Why do you assume that anyone that wants to own a gun wants to murder you? The anti gun nuts are just as bad as the gun nuts.

      • Raz Lemons

        Not exactly Einstein , Nobody has ever been shot by an anti-gunner. Of course a gun nuts IQ never increases.

      • mike46

        But then again, we are a country because the ‘gun nuts’ were able to beat the Brits.

      • CharlieSelf

        If anyone thinks today’s gun lovers can challenge the government with any chance of winning, they need to check out some of the demonstrations given by services with infantrymen and women. Ain’t no hope whatsoever, especially from a bunch of pot-bellied fools with little or no idea of military discipline.

      • lindylou

        No they were not gun nuts, just lose that notion, nukebrain. The militia expected the members to secure their weapons in an armory. Know that word? A R M O R Y. Frontiers men had guns mostly to provide food.

      • Charles Vincent

        “Not exactly Einstein , Nobody has ever been shot by an anti-gunner.”
        This is patently false. The kid that shot up the high school in Co just last year was not only a lefty progressive he was also anti gun and he shot a girl who later died and had IED’s as well as the fire arm he used. Just saying…

      • Angelhellfire

        Which also wasn’t his gun! SO much for gun control laws!

      • Charles Vincent

        He bought the shot gun after Colorado’s stricter gun laws were in effect the girl he killed died because he shot her in the head. And the only reason there was only 1 casualty is because he was confronted by a good guy with a gun and offed himself.

      • Lmaris

        Show your work, sweetie. Just because the ammofetishist repeat nonsense doesn’t make it true. But if it was true, one vs hundreds makes things equivalent? And by using the armaments you endorse, he proves the gun-regulators argument.

      • Charles Vincent

        Are you illiterate Lmaris? The work is here you just need to read through he replies and find it. Stop being lazy and do your own leg work.

      • Lmaris

        So requesting the 2nd Amendment be enforced in its entirety (gun regulations are covered in the “well regulated militia” conditional clause) by petitioning our government is equivalent to threatening violent overthrow of the government, intimidation of private citizens and business by wielding high powered weapons? Yet help. You gun does not make you more manly, nor compensate for your inner terror.

      • Chris

        If gun owners were as hostile and violent as the gun control/grabber crowd would like everyone to believe, there would be no more gun control/grabber crowd. The majority of gun owners never do anything illegal with their legally owned firearms. It is the criminal element who do the majority of damage with guns, and by their very nature of being criminals, they do not follow any laws.

        Let us take a quick peek at the bastions of gun control and the results on there fair cities crime rates. Chicago? One of the highest violent crime rates in the US, also has some of the most restrictive gun control environments around. California? Right up there with Chicago for gun ownership restrictions, and yet almost every major city in California has extremely high violent crime rates in comparison to most of the rest of the US.

        And yet, it is also very interesting that the states that have the least restrictive gun control laws seem to have much lower crime rates then these bastions of gun control.

      • Alexander Imamethhed

        Huh? That made absoutely no sense at all.

      • surfjac

        You really don’t get it so while I could use animal noises but maybe you can find someone to help you with the words…All the folks who want some more gun control want is to reduce the number of deaths from gun violence. We can’t end them, we’re too uncivilized for that so let’s stop playing this nonsensical zero-sum game. We are trying to not see more children die at schools, more women die in homes, more children wounded in shootings. SEE what I’m getting at. 45000 people are wounded or killed every year; that number is unacceptable to me. I would think it would be unacceptable to you if it was one of your family members killed by an accident in the house or an incident on the street. Of course, my observations are that most who side with nra leadership (not the nra membership, there’s a difference in opinion there) couldn’t care less how many people, children, die as they don’t seem to have any interest in reducing the number of deaths by enacting measures that have support throughout the nation including a majority of nra members.. I have to wonder, are they ghouls? There are ways to do this but they’ll never get done IF NOBODY TRIES. Good christ on a cracker, you’d think I’m asking America to give up football or nascar.

      • Charles Vincent

        Hmmm where to start with your completely fake and un factual post filled with ad hominem and debunked numbers, straw men etcetera…

      • surfjac

        A completely useless rebuttal…why is it I get so many nonsensical, useless rebuttals from the right?

      • Charles Vincent

        You have no facts for people to rebut. That’s why.

      • Tom Jeknins

        45000 can you please tell me your source, because you are including well over 30k suicides in that, cherry picking much? Are you telling me if we ban guns we will dry up our suicide rate? Japan has strict gun control and more suicides than the USA. So please pick a better statistic. Your appeal to emotion is noted, but do we really want laws based on how we feel? There are between 1500 and 6000 defensive uses of guns PER DAY in this country can we counter balance that against the occasional mass shooting? Don’t believe me ask Obama’s commissioned study by the CDC which said the same thing (they dont like to talk about it much though since it shows a valid case for CCW…) Certainly I care about people killed by any means not just guns (your appeal to ban guns ‘for the children is noted’) I just know from living in rural America, that when you call the police they may never come, and even in big cities they are 8-30 minutes away. Thats great they will be their in time to collect the body and take statements. I chose to defend myself and take responsibility for my own right to live rather than place blind faith in someon else.

      • surfjac

        You’ll change your mind when it’s your child…or not. Why not have that chat with your son or daughter. “Look here lil Tom, if you get shot, by someone with an illegal weapon or someone who shouldn’t have one, I don’t care.”
        Go ahead, keep projecting your desires; one day they come and bite you in the ass.

      • adcbeast

        D#CKBAG … You are a complete IDIOT and that is being kind …

        Before you attempt to use the pea inside your head

        JD + PhD Georgetown .. Ret. USMC .. I work for the US Senate

        in 2014 .. there a too many drunk .. drugged .. mental patients for civilians to have guns .. it’s a recipe for disaster .. over and over and over .. for something .. a MILITIA .. that is no longer needed in 2014 .. and hasn’t been needed for 90 years

      • Free People don’t have Masters

        This mother fucker is one of these kids who thinks they are “doing the right thing and sacrificing for YOU ALL!” When really he loves killing and controling people after giving his freedom up to be a fucking pawn. He’s the type of sumbitch who thinks he desrves a fucking parade when he comes home from basic. He’s the type of bitch that will raid an American’s home because “Civilians shouldn’t have guns.” What the fuck did this guy fight for? Or what does he think he is in for? A fucking pay check. The minute those jarheads stop paying his ass…he’s wearing Molon Labe shirts and protesting about why he can’t get his prescription refilled. While his son…who does jack shit and may never join the army…get free fucking college. While we work our asses off they shoot guns and kill & enslave Rhode Island sized nations based on bullshit lies. What was Building 7 you fuck nut? Google Building 7. How does a building not hit with a plane fucking get demolition explosives set into it in like an hour so it falls in it’s own footprint? No fire ever has taken downa steel structure but let me guess…all those Saudis who crashed those jets…oh they weren’t Iraqi you say? What about Afghani? Bullshit. They were Saudis…look it up goof and then wonder why any soldier is over there. “Oh no, sand people with wood boats won’t give us their oil for free…let’s turn on them and attack ourselves to get these young men hyped to murder those mother fuckers! They’ll do it without even asking a question. HOO RAH!” Fuckin’ retard. You’re the type of traitorous faggot that went door to door during Katrina. You are a jack booted British Crown-worshiper-resembling blue blood if anything. No real American would ever say what you said. You aren’t better than anyone you brainwashed bastard…you think you are entitled and some sort of slave master race…fuck you dude. May you enjoy whatever terrible shit happens to you one day. Please kill yourself.

      • lindylou

        NOBODY is seriously talking about BANNING guns you paranoid jackass. Why are so many of you afraid of simple background checks?

      • Tom Jeknins

        This is the mantra of every gun banner there is no one is talking about banning…. EVERY gun control measure is a good ‘first step’ and if you would take a look at any history book you would see that registration is now and always has been the first step to confiscate firearms all throughout the 20th century. Registration ALWAYS leads to confiscation even here in the USA in California with the SKS and in NY with the SAFE act. So tell me again how background checks on the 5% of guns that dont get them will save us all? However it will put the infrastructure in place to be abused later on by an anti gun government. You trust the government too much Lenon would like you.

      • lorq

        It’s “Lenin.”

      • Rich Nickelson

        Gun ownership predates football (don’t watch as it is a “gladiator sport”) and NASCAR (which is a waste of time, fuel and other resources $$$).

      • lindylou

        NASCAR evolved (or devolved) from running moonshine away from the revenooers.

      • extraears

        Wow, free food, heathcare, housing and no weapons? Sounds good to me! (also sounds a lot like more than one European country where crime rates are much lower and people – even though, yeah, they pay higher taxes – are happier about their life!)

      • This Fuckin’ Bitch…seriously

        Who the fuck pays for this you dumb bitch? I work my ass off everyday…12 hours days…7 days a week…no vacation…and you want free? FUCK YOU! Do us all a favor! KILL YOURSELF!

      • Cat L

        What kind of low life scum sucker encourages a person to complete suicide for any reason? You work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week? That sounds like what the republicans want for everybody and at $1 an hour or even free, so what are you bitching about? It’s your party.

      • lindylou

        Tell me where you work, I will never go there. Unless your “work” is stuffing envelopes in your mother’s basement.

      • adcbeast


      • Kim Serrahn

        I hear wars are free.

      • lindylou

        You colossally conceited buffoon: If someone shoots me or someone I love dead they can be punished to the fullest extent of the law (unless their brother is the judge) and I really don’t care. I or someone I love is still dead.

      • Tom Jeknins

        Nice name calling but what i said is the truth, I’m sorry people died but its not my fault. Should we take away your right to drink alchohol because drunk drivers kill? You anti-gunners are all emotion and no logic.

      • anonymousbro

        the same old fallacious argument repeated over and over by the ignorant… it’s called false equivalence and false analogy, genius. you must have thought you got me good with that common, joke of a rebuttal that you’ve heard from fellow gun nuts, huh?

        both sides of the gun debate know guns by themselves don’t kill people. it’s a given guns are inanimate objects until they’re operated by people.

        guns are not equivalent to melee weapons in any way at all. baseball bats, knives, golf clubs, screwdrivers, saws, and so on have their primary functions, which aren’t about killing. firearms are designed to hit whatever you’re aiming at with deadly efficiency, that’s their primary function. when you can neutralize 10 fully mobile individuals in an open space with a knife as quick as you could using an AR-15 with multiple 30 round magazines, come talk to me about how they’re equal. i’ll be convinced then. why do you think we’ve moved on from fighting mostly in close quarters with melee weapons to firearms within the past few centuries? it’s because firearms are much more efficient at killing.

        not a single FIRST WORLD country has violent crime rates that are as high as the united states (even in terms of per capita), that’s a fact many gun nuts choose to ignore. the US is the country with the highest gun ownership in the entire world. and this is coming from a gun owner. it is evident that you are choosing to be willfully ignorant about the superior potential for killing of firearms, for whatever illogical reason.

    • Charles Vincent

      Nice a false dilemma and a false comparison all rolled into one straw man.

  • B R

    I used to like some of your articles. Now you’ve exhumed the gun horse you already beat to death just to beat it again. And your #4 is hilarious. How many instances in history, even recent history, has a people overthrown their government. Arab Spring anyone? Revolutionary War? Texas war for independence? Maybe you can tell that one to the Romanovs. And it also comes down to American soldiers willing to shoot American citizens and vice versa. If it came to that, I think we’d turn more on the policy makers than the common American. But that’s just my opinion and I don’t have a column.

    • Bud

      While I obviously don’t believe the government can or will be overthrown by a bunch of right wing nuts, you’re correct that the overthrow of the government is a possibility. All it takes is getting the military on the side of the people.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Not likely to happen. Just because YOU don’t like the government doesn’t mean YOU are in the majority.

      • We hate our freedom…take it

        Right because as long as someone who works is getting stolen from at gun point…there will always be ways to pay people to “like” government, ruling, kingdom, domination, mass murder, war, etc. So it would be hard pressed to get everyone on the same page against the criminals because the criminals have stolen so much…they would use their weapons and propaganda machines to demonize the thoughts of free men & ideas of liberty…and promote the thoughts of ruling men constantly and forever. Most owned by the apparatus, who know the inner workings and are a cog themselves…they hear the hate for the free man…they know the power of their fellow owned men to kill at will and with approval from their washed over conscientiousness of righteous rule of the lower lives and “saving everyone from evil”…and most would not ever rise up to face a master that has beaten and killed on videotape and memorialized it in bronze or books. For when they bite that masters hand, they may have to work to get food in another way than toting arms, killing, exercising, and telling others what to do and how to live…they may have to make something or build something or cook something or clean something…and for a ruler and his minions, that is sickening to them. Rulers would rather end the entire world than be as low as a serf. Their freedom is in that they rule us and no one rules them. Minions would rather continue being ruled themselves as long as they got to rule others and pass on the hatred they have for being ruled into a boner-rising love for exacting that revenge and ruling others they see as inferior in return. Whether they are a different color, different religion, different thought process, different race, different income level, different language, different skills, they will find a way to demonize and justify their murder & rule. And sadly, man men will follow without question or investigation. A pay check & the pledge and they are ready to murder when told to. Wild.

      • Charles Vincent

        No one advocates it that’s just asinine.

    • Jimmy Two-Barrels

      If you think the most powerful military in the world can be overthrown by a large group of angry citizens with semi-automatic rifles, you’re insane. Even if automatic weapons were legal, what the hell is the American citizen capable of owning that could stop tanks, fighter jets/bombers, modern artillery, predator drones, aircraft carriers, attack helicopters, and an assortment of the best damn soldiers in the world?

      • I love rulers

        You’re right, there’s nothing stopping them from taking your home, your land, your family…hell, this is Hitler, Polpot, Mao’s dream land! Wow, don’t you feel safer knowing that if you don’t agree with something…you will die if you oppose it or maybe disappear forever and other guys like you will say “Well, he must’ve deserved it…and I take the news as the word of God and it’s all true…no reason to investigate myself to see if that guy didn’t really do anything wrong….if I did…boy, they might come for me too.” Hell, maybe you’ll be lucky and just get hung by the Twitter Mob who judges all of us. Thankfully no corrupt people who lie, ever get power. There’s fortunately no way to brainwash a massive group of people based on fear or lies…could never get like a group of people who are easily swayed by emotion ploys to vote a certain way or mass a group of people together and shoot them in the back of the head. That could never happen and in no way are there history stories to show that that has happened. Luckily there’s no sort of “propaganda” that could influence people to vote away their own freedoms or influence them to hate another race in order to justify enslaving or killing them. That’s just silly. Boy, glad were free and don’t need to have self defense that can keep us free from tyranny because if the Jews in Germany didn’t need the same weapons in the military…then neither do we! Because I mean…what the worst that could happen? Nothing happened to the Jewish people in Germany right? RIGHT? Because if they had equal arms…they just would’ve been terrorists, domestic ones…right? Just waiting for insurrection? Man, I thought the Jews were unarmed and disarmed…then killed in mass…but man, what do I know? All Americans should just bow down and give up all arms…kiss the boots of soldiers and worship them…give them money and gifts…and never talk back! That would surely make me proud like a free eagle locked in a cage with claws ripped off & wings clipped! New Slogan: ‘MERICA!: Cuz I Told You To Do It MotherFucker, Now Worship Me! Let’s all go to Starbucks and wear thick black framed glasses and act like violence and robbery and holocaust are just things on TV. Fuck yeah! My iPad will block bullets of a mad Cop going nuts with his guns! My hypocrit Bible let’s me block no-knock raid’s and their bombs thrown into my home! (Plus it helps me justify killing people in other countries!) Yes! Don’t you love freedom! Let’s all march like North Koreans through the streets in praise of our rulers! They have granted us our freedom…kill God and taken our “God given rights”…but really, it’s government that granted the freedom we have to pay them money! Let us not forget it! Thank them for watching us through our emails and phones! America! YES!

  • I would like to see you debate Ted Nugget on Live. You saw what happened to Pierce Morgan on CNN, he became a laughing stock and the only reason his ratings went up is because he had Alex Jones on.

    People do this because it’s legal and it should be as normal as apple pie, you might say it’s using the same tactic as political correctness in public. Many people have been killed in public gun free zones. One woman testified before Congress who had a concealed carry permit whose parents were shot and killed in a restaurant, she left her gun in the car, if she had brought in the establishment, it would have been illegal. Chances are her parents would still be alive if she had it with her. Personally I would prefer concealed carry to avoid the drama, but I agree with why they are doing it.

    • Matthew Burrows

      Violence just causes more violence…as Pearl Jam says,’ Do the Evolution’ dude.

      • Any one who doesn’t want to defend his life or his family is a poor excuse. We live in a culture that came about thru conflict and hold on to it with conflict. It is not pretty but that’s how it is. Most people do not like violence, yet know that evil exist in the world and know one day, they may be confronted to defend against it.

      • Matthew Burrows

        It’s a fair point, but I would hate Britain to end up the same way. You can’t build a society on fear…man.I have real worries that your country will tear itself apart…in the next decade. I alot of my fav comedians, musicans, film makers come from there.

      • It seems to me London has 1 camera for every 13 people. No thanks living under those conditions is slavery.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        How is that slavery? Who is holding you against your will and making you work for no money? And most cities I know have a lot of cameras, either government or private business surveillance cameras.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        No, some of you hold onto conflict. Guns are penis extenders.

      • “That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could.” Fragile~Sting

    • robingee

      “Chances are her parents would still be alive if she had it with her.”

      Because every citizen with a gun is a sharp-shooter with perfect reflexes who can take out a bad guy in a second.

      • There are many stories of lives being saved by concealed carry holders and anyone who gets one knows how to use the weapon.

      • Wayne

        There are also many stories of innocents being killed by “a good guy with a gun”.

      • Tom Jeknins

        Please cite them because CCW holders killing the wrong person is often touted as happening all the time, but show me some articles….

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        How about the moron in Nevada who shot two people sleeping on his property? Or the 6 year old who killed his grandfather with the AK he brought to a picnic? Or the kid who shot is 3 year old brother with the gun the two of them found. We’re not talking specifically about CCW, but while you’re at it, how about some stories where CCW actually made a difference.

      • As many as 200,000 women use a gun every year to defend themselves against sexual abuse.

      • Mandate0

        People keep saying there are many stories but for the life of me I don’t remember any.

      • Hell I took a gun away from a guy and kicked him out of a club for assaulting a woman and I was unarmed.. Anyone close enough who can shoot and is trained can defend themselves. Better to be save than sorry.

      • Armed Citizen in TX Stops Shooting Spree and Saves Cop by Making 50+ Yard Shot With a Pistol

        This is a pretty amazing story. An armed private citizen assisted a police officer who was pinned down by the gunfire of a madman who had just killed 3 people and could have killed many more. Amazingly the concerned citizen, Vic Stacy, did so by taking a shot of 50+ yards using only a pistol.

        The caliber and gun are unknown, but Stacy mentions a “magnum bullet” which could mean a .357 or .44. Stacy landed multiple shots on the shooter and this allowed the police officer to also land shots with his AR-15 while the suspect was distracted.

        Stacy raised his gun, fired, and landed one hell of a shot – by his estimate “a good 165 yards” – with a pistol (we do not know the make or caliber at this time). Stacy wasn’t even sure if he could make the shot at that distance: “I hope this magnum bullet’ll hold up, you know, this distance. And sure enough it did and I hit him in the thigh.”

        At that point, Conner returned fire against Stacy with his AR-15. He missed his shot, luckily, but that gave dead-eye Stacy another opportunity to pull the trigger. Stacy “hit him again and put three more in him … The patrolman got two shots in him with that AR-15. And it seems like he’s all over with, then.”

        Conner died on the scene, but if it wasn’t for the aid of Vic Stacy, the body count might have been a lot higher.

      • That story, if the range estimates are true, is freakishly awesome. I have years of training in the Marines reminding me that a pistol shot at 50 yards is pretty tough. “A good 165 yards” would likely rate several ranging shots because the iron sights would be useless. And, apparently the bad guy took several rounds before he was put down. Yeah that is awesome.

      • Chadlius

        Fish, Police “know how to use the weapon. Yet even with extensive and continuous training they often miss and more than occasionally hit bystanders. Mandate there are many stories, and some of them true, about lucky or unusually skillful C.C. holders who defended them selves and others. My question is what ratio justifies the statement “makes us safer”. 2 to 1 sounds good to me, but I would accept 1.1 to 1 also. However even if you assume that there are many more untold cases of gun heros saving the day, say even 10 for each one that goes viral, it still doesn’t seem to approach 1 save for each 100 corpses dead through suicide, accident or murder.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        There was a great article in TIME magazine a couple of years ago, in which a trained professional who was in a gunfight recalled how quickly everything happened and how his recollection was far from crystal clear.

      • Vermont: one of the safest five states in the country. In Vermont, citizens can carry a firearm without getting permission… without paying a fee… or without going through any kind of government-imposed waiting period. And yet for ten years in a row, Vermont has remained one of the top-five, safest states in the union — having three times received the “Safest State Award.”[

      • The city council in Nelson, Georgia, unanimously approves ordinance that requires gun ownership in each household. WXIA’s Jon Shirek reports. By Erin McClam, Staff Writer, NBC News

        A Georgia town has passed a law requiring its citizens to own a gun and ammunition — a measure one councilman says is similar to putting a security sign in your front yard to deter criminals.

        The ordinance in the town of Nelson, population 1,300, contains no penalties, has exemptions for felons and the mentally ill and allows anyone to opt out. Town leaders said they wanted to make a point about gun rights.

        The law requires the head of every household to own a gun and ammo to “provide for the emergency management of the city” and “provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants.”

        The law is also meant to pre-empt any future attempt by the federal government to confiscate guns, according to the council’s agenda.

      • ahughes798

        There isn’t going to be “a future attempt by the federal government to confiscate guns.” FFS!

      • PandaCat

        Why do people always jump straight to that?? I don’t get it. That annoys me so much! (I’m a gun owner and hunter- and I know that is ridiculous. -Not that you asked, but I DO NOT support the NRA.)

      • Armed citizens kill more crooks than do the police. Citizens shoot and kill at least twice as many criminals as police do every year (1,527 to 606).] And readers of Newsweek learned that “only 2 percent of civilian shootings involved an innocent person mistakenly identified as a criminal. The ‘error rate’ for the police, however, was 11 percent, more than five times as high.”[

      • suburbancuurmudgeon


      • No gun , very little chance and you want to argue it, what a losers you guys are. No back bone.

      • States which passed concealed carry laws reduced their murder rate by 8.5%, rapes by 5%, aggravated assaults by 7% and robbery by 3%; and If those states not having concealed carry laws had adopted such laws in 1992, then approximately 1,570 murders, 4,177 rapes, 60,000 aggravated assaults and over 11,000 robberies would have been avoided yearly.

      • ahughes798

        The murder rate went up 25% after Missouri passed CC laws.

      • Statsman

        Prove it. Liar.

    • I’m sorry, her gun would have sucked the bullets away from her parents? I’m not seeing that as a possibility, but continue. Do you also do ‘stand-up’ comedy?

      • John Carney


      • Your blowing smoke man. Obviously you prefer letting people shoot at you or your family because you believe people can’t defend themselves with guns. Are you nuts?

      • *You’re.
        No one shoots at me or/and my family.
        Go back to school, learn to spell, learn to use grammar and learn to use your brain.


      • Yeats is yet another famous author who, while quite adept at writing, was pretty terrible when it came to spelling. To see examples of his spelling errors, one need only find a copy of his collected letters which contain misspellings like “feal” for “feel” and “sleap” for “sleep”. Despite his inadequacy when it came to spelling, Yeats was a prolific and very successful writer, winning a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923.

      • Your copy paste skills are no better than anyone else’s.

        I must say though, I have no fucks left to give. Sorry.

      • George Boss Jr.

        You are an ass- hole! Did I spell it right for you? A typical liberal shit head who always goes for name calling and degradation when you’ve got nothing left!

      • Thanks cowboy. I’ll take that as a compliment. 😉

      • It is a known fact that the more indoctrination you have been conditioned with has a direct correlation to education. It shouldn’t be that way, but they have to get their tentacles into your mind. Home schooling is the key and then move into an area of advanced education avoiding the pitfalls of the current indoctrination. Any good communist or socialist or other countries know the value of shaping the mind at an early age.

      • Ben Franklin wasn’t a particularly good speller in his time, and actually felt that the alphabet as it stood (and still does today) was what was holding so many back from being able to spell. In a letter he once wrote, “You need not be concerned in writing to me about your bad spelling, for in my opinion as our alphabet now stands the bad spelling, or what is called so, is generally best, as conforming to the sound of the letters and of the words.” Whether you struggle with spelling or not, you have to admit he has a point, as many words are spelled quite differently than they sound.

      • JFK is a figure that has fascinated the American public for decades, but what many may not know is just how bad of a speller the famous president was. He was outed for his poor spelling by his wife, Jackie, though she was a French literature major in college and would later become a book editor, so she may have been a pretty harsh critic.

      • Agatha Christie penned some of the bestselling books ever created, but the author admitted once, “I, myself, was always recognized as the “slow one” in the family. It was quite true, and I knew it and accepted it. Writing and spelling were always terribly difficult for me. My letters were without originality. I was an extraordinarily bad speller and have remained so until this day.” Despite her struggles with spelling, Christie was an enormously successful writer, and has gone down in the Guinness Book of World Records as the best-selling novelist of all time.

      • Sarcasm aside, do you understand the idea that bad guys actually target the weak? If you are a bad guy with a gun are you going to do your mayhem in a public shooting gallery or a restaurant with a “no guns allowed” sign?

        There is a reason most mass shootings occur in places where the victims are legally disarmed either by law or property owners decree.

        Before you ask: NO, there is no way to prove that deterrent measures work when it comes to shootings. But, we have no provable figures on how well any other societal deterrents work either.

      • Of course I understand. I figured it was obvious from my responses. Maybe I seem younger than 60 years old. I’m not sure.

        I must add that, “bad guys,” just as bullies do, do indeed, target the weak. That’s why they are bad guys. I was bullied plenty as a kid. Now, as I have found some of the bullies that were in my life, on the web, I have found that many of them live on the states dime, prison. I refrained from contacting them. That would make no sense. Bad guys never do well in the end, but as you said and I already know, they pick on weaker, peaceful members of society, or so it always seems.

        Although, I am on the fence about whether “bad guys,” (usually mentally spun,) actually pick “no gun zones” as places to exact their mayhem, since, it seems, 90% of those bad guys had an issue with someone in those “no gun zones” before they ever showed up with guns. I could be wrong. But, it is always that the only real answer always seems to end up in the grave, never falling on ears of sane, comprehensive citizens or authorities.

        Yeah, it sucks.

      • Victoria

        It also seems to me that people pick targets based on some grudge or conflict they had with the business or the people who work there/customers. I can’t recall any instance of someone choosing a place to shoot up because they figure there won’t be gun carrying folks there. But i don’t know -like you, I am not in contact with anybody in prison.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Last line of defense from what? Crazy people like you? Why are you all so paranoid? You’re more likely to be killed by someone you know with a gun than a total stranger.

      • MILWAUKEE —Milwaukee County’s sheriff is urging citizens to learn to handle firearms — so they can defend themselves until authorities arrive.

        Sheriff David Clarke Jr. released the radio ad this week telling residents that when it comes to personal safety: “I need you in the game.”
        This one of many stories, don’t be so lazy and use the net to search yourself. Paranoid?, your the one ignoring it.

      • *you’re.


      • Nationwide. In 1979, the Carter Justice Department found that of more than 32,000 attempted rapes, 32% were actually committed. But when a woman was armed with a gun or knife, only 3% of the attempted rapes were actually successful. Justice Department study: 3/5 of felons polled agreed that “a criminal is not going to mess around with a victim he knows is armed with a gun.”

        74% of felons polled agreed that “one reason burglars avoid houses when people are at home is that they fear being shot during the crime.” 57% of felons polled agreed that “criminals are more worried about meeting an armed victim than they are about running into the police.”

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        That was 1979. My data are far more recent (2010).

      • He has no clue. Copy/paste is his best effort.

      • Billy DaMota

        He’ll never learn. Teabaggin’ parrots with room temp IQ. With a gun. THAT’S what scares the shit outta me.

      • Mom’s basement. Warm, cozy and dank.

      • Victoria

        He said it because, in his opinion, the cops won’t get there in time. Not HIS cops, because they are not the ones sent out when someone calls 911 – it’s suburban cops and those in Milwaukee. I don’t think it’s very sincere of you to call others “lazy” when you yourself neither provides a link to the story nor reports the entirety of it.

      • Guns save more lives than they take; prevent more injuries than they inflict. Guns used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense. Law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves against criminals as many as 2.5 million times every year — or about 6,850 times a day. This means that each year, firearms are used more than 80 times more often to protect the lives of honest citizens than to take lives.

        Of the 2.5 million times citizens use their guns to defend themselves every year, the overwhelming majority merely brandish their gun or fire a warning shot to scare off their attackers. Less than 8% of the time, a citizen will kill or wound his/her attacker.

    • TerriP

      I learned gun safety from the NRA back before they were taken over by the paranoids. One of rules of responsible gun ownership was not taking a firearm into a crowd. The reason is simple. Even the best marksman has brain farts and sometimes guns do malfunction. Exposing a crowd is crossing the line into irresponsible ownership. (Besides the fact that most of you who believe you should be able to open carry everywhere have a lot more confidence in your ability than you can actually deliver). When I see someone open carrying in public I see an irresponsible lunatic who is probably over-confident to boot.

    • Victoria

      Defense against whom? Other Americans? The American government?

  • They forgot, 10b. Commenting on any thread with this list in defense of any of the above 10.

    • Rupert

      “Let’s have a debate!” “You don’t get to debate. You’re dumb.” “But it’s a RIGHT.” “I disagree with it so it’s dumb. You’re dumb. No discussing it.” “Okay. Good points…”

      • That’s normally how it works. I don’t own, pack and don’t want to, but I know I have a much higher IQ than Ted AND all of his pals.

  • Steve Temke

    These open carry nuts make me laugh. They always talk about how it would be “different” if they were there when the guy opens up on innocents in the movie theater, or church, or fast food restaurant with a weapon. Don’t they realize that when the police arrive, they’re going to shoot any civilian with a weapon. They’re not going to see them as the “good guy with a gun.” All they’re going to know is that someone is killing people in a particular place, and they’re roaming around with an AK-47 or AR-15 strapped to their backs.

    I honestly believe these open carry people are scared little victims who feel they have no control in their lives, and a semi automatic weapon strapped to their person in plain view makes them feel better about themselves. Unfortunately, it makes the rest of us very afraid.

    • I hear that Wayne is developing a bright yellow vest that is only visible to police, as well as all good guys with guns. I think a hat with the same qualities would be just fine, but “gun-nuts” never approve of anything small.


    • Kimberly B Stone

      I’m told, but I can’t confirm, that there was an armed person in the Aurora movie theatre who didn’t shoot back at James Holmes. He probably didn’t want to, you know, die. Or kill an innocent person.

      • Raz Lemons

        He also didn’t want anybody seeing that wet stain in his britches.

      • lindylou

        Another troll. My My, the rumor of a story about gun- nutties and they all crawl out of their bunkers!

      • George Boss Jr.

        If you can’t confirm it, then it sounds to me that you are lying! Which wouldn’t surprise me. That’s what Lib’s do the most, lie distort, deny, cover up and blame the other guy!

      • Lmaris

        Yeah, more of the conservative projection. The “lib” specifically states what she says MAY not be true, and because conseratives constantly make up sh#t and proclaim it as truth, others MUST be doing it. Since the Kimberly did not claim it to be fact, it cannot be a lie. So George, where are those WMD your side swore wer in Iraq?

      • George Boss Jr.

        They were moved over to Syria While the United Nations Inspectors were pulling their collective Johnson’s in Bagdad being entertained by the Desert Rat! How do you think Syria got those chemicals to gas their people.

      • merl1

        Ask Don Rumsfeld. He knows.

      • pot calling the kettle black

      • lindylou

        Tough name you got there, George BOSS! I bet that’s all you get to boss.

      • George Boss Jr.

        After 5 months of me posting this comment, you finally come back with some sort of reply and the only thing you’ve got is to say is something about my name? How pathetically liberal of you! Not that you deserve any explanation from me but yes that is my real name. And I do have my own business so I do get to boss, once in a while, unless my wife is around then she picks up the title and runs with it. Please try to stay on topic in these threads, even if it’s months down the road.

      • George Boss Jr.

        Actually lindylou, Boss is my last name. Unlike most of the cowards that make comments on the internet, I don’t hide behind some stupid avatar or ridiculous name. I stand by what I say. That is my picture as well. And if you would have checked my page, you would have seen that I have my own business. No, instead you tried to just insult me like the typical liberal with nothing Intelligent to add to the conversation, so just attack..! You failed at the attack, but you successfully showed your ignorance.

      • merl1

        Says the dumbfuck who probably jerks off with his gun while looking at pics of GWB and Darth Cheney.

    • Judy Rae Jackson

      IF I am a criminal, walking into a restaurant/store/whatever to rob it, the FIRST person I am taking out is the Open Carry guy trying to get his penis extender off his back. He makes a PERFECT target. As Steve Tempke says, when the cops arrive, they are going to take the Open Carry guy because they have a have a report of “gunshots fired”.

    • How do you feel about those among us who have received extensive training who are licensed by conceal and carry permits?

      • Victoria

        That wouldn’t be the definition of “gun nut”.

  • mandate0

    Reasons to be denied a gun permit: Age, Mental Issues, Criminal Record and if your name is Ted WackMaster Nugent.

    • Raz Lemons

      You’re aware the terd nugent is a trice convicted felon ?

    • PandaCat

      LOL I just told my bf he’s better change his music because i would not listen to that lunatic- then i read your post. Perfect timing. Hilarious!

      • Jimmy Two-Barrels


      • Bill Jeffers

        ^Aw…somebody misses their mommy!

      • lindylou

        Internet troll = you

    • Rich Nickelson

      Don’t need a permit or your permission.

      • Eddie Higgins

        oh but you do !

    • And just why would age be a reason for denial? here where I live a 94 year-old-man just applied for and received his conceal carry permit. Come one give me a reason backed up by critical thinking and something beside anecdotal evidence why a person should be denied a permit.

  • Tom Jeknins

    Some of these are valid but are I question point 9: If they own shirts with NRA logos they are too mentally ill to own guns? The NRA has become a tremendous whipping post when in actuality they are one of the only true gun safety groups. They are five million American citizens, boy scouts, law enforcement, moms, dads, and children. They teach actual gun safety, gun avoidance to children, and have over 10,000 active law enforcement instructors teaching our police. They are hardly the demonic, baby seal sacrificing, cult worshing a golden AR15 under the mountain that the mainstream media portrays. The intolerance toward the NRA when the NRA is a member run organization is something I haven’t quite figured out. It has 5 million dues paying members and gets most of its revenue from continuing education, dues, and licensing, and member donations — just look at the form 990 non profit. The brady campaign has less than 20,000 members at best. I would posit the NRA is simply a normal group of Americans that reflect the majority view on guns in this country.

  • Bob

    How does somebody carrying a gun take your rights away?

    Answer, it doesn’t. Grow a pair and realize that the man with that gun will protect you if a crazy person starts shooting wildly.

    You people are insane and by you people, I mean Progressive Neo-Libs.

    • Right, that guy will just look at his phone and say, “Shit, I need to find Kelly and shoot the bad guy.” Thank you for calling me a ‘lib.’ It shows me that you are a part of the above list.

      I’d call you a stupid name, but I don’t think it needs to be done. You’ve taken care of that on your own.

    • Steve Temke

      How are we supposed to know if that man with the gun ISN”T the crazy person who will start shooting wildly? This fanatical, almost maniacal fascination and need to carry around a weapon is much more indicative of insamity than any liberal I know.

    • John Carney

      I’m just going to not take the chance that the person with the gun is a “good guy”. I’m going to assume he is a nut, and try to disarm, or if necessary kill, before they can harm me or anyone else.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      How do I know he is going to protect me? How do I know HE isn’t the crazy person? What about my right to have lunch without some whack job standing around with an AK? And tell me how many times some “good guy” with a gun has actually stopped a crazy person. Just one verifiable instance.

    • Kimberly B Stone

      I’m sorry – are you asking us to trust you? I daresay you are the crazy guy with the gun that would be doing the shooting. Or that you would never protect someone else’s life.

    • Victoria

      How does banning assault rifles – that have no other use than to kill people (don’t even start with the “target practice” bs) – infringe on YOUR rights? You gonna shoot deer with that rifle? Any decent hunter will tell you that if you can’t hit a deer with a hunting rifle you are just a piss-poor hunter (no, I don’t hunt, I just live in PA and know people who do). What could you possibly want that assault rifle for? To defend yourself against…whom, exactly? Many of us don’t care if you own a rifle or even a hand gun, but when it comes to weapons that are basically military-use only, we don’t happen to think anyone outside of the military ought to own them. Why can’t you just be reasonable?

  • Chuck Schulthies

    In my entire 64 years of life I have NEVER had a person pull a gun on me or put my, or my families life in danger. I was born in Los Angeles, lived in the combat zones of Venice, served in SEA during the Viet Nam War and lived in the wild wild west of Montana. I loved to shoot in my youth and still find it enjoyable. I now live in Thailand, where we are currently enjoying a mostly Peaceful Military Coup where your gun laws are very much stricter than they are in the States. NOBODY but the Military or police carry guns here and you never hear of gun violence like you do in the states. Guess why. They don’t have Gun Nuts running around with their guns strapped to their sides. Thailand has been through 12 Coups in 81 years, mostly peaceful.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Sounds like a nice place, but a little too humid.

    • Charles Vincent

      I wouldn’t call a “bloody” coup peaceful. Nice straw man argument to prop up your fallacious argument. But that’s just me…

      • Chuck Schulthies

        Just take your guns and live in fear of the boogieman for the rest of your life.

      • Charles Vincent

        Nice another logical fallacy argument. Do you have any real facts or just opinion based on rhetoric?

      • Charles Vincent

        Dear sir this site doesn’t allow links your post has been deleted.

      • Why be free when you can be en

        Or take your guns and live in fear of the daytime break in my neighbor had…kicked in his door in broad day light. Glad you live ina gated community or a world where you have soldiers who never succumb to mental illness, depression, rage, anger, anxiety,…so kind of super people once they’ signed their life over…fuck…the greatest men of all time like fuckin’ mutants and shit. WOW! I would love to worship these men with paintings and parades…can we do that?

    • Jimmy Two-Barrels

      Would you saw the Thai government is less corrupt than the US government? i’m curious because it seemed like common sense to think they’re more of a brutal police state, so people don’t fuck around because they know what will happen if they piss off the government. Anyway, what’s your take?

      • Chuck Schulthies

        Build yourselves bunkers and live in Fishbowls as far as I’m concerned. Even the NRA agrees the views of the gun nuts are hurting them. BTW, I own several weapons, I just don’t go around parading with them like a nut when I’m in the States.

        All governments are corrupt. 94% of Thailand is Buddhist which makes it 94% more peaceful than the States as far as my take goes on the situation.

    • Freedom Means Having a Ruler

      So black gangsters are “gun nuts?” You disresepct the very peple who would protect you if that fuckin’ Thai military wants to “redistribute wealth, steal land, or become a communist nation.” if they aren’t already. So I never get this either…people like you can go sign up and get a pay check and now you are better than me and every other supposedly free man? That’s fuckin’ odd. You are enslaved in a military apperatus and suddenly you were fighting to keep us free now you are fighting to keep us like you…owned…contracted…ruled. Wow, freedom does mean different things I guess…like sometimes freedom means…freedom to be ruled by dumb motherfuckers. Right on. Fuck, what do I want to be free for…you’re going to freedom all over me…I won’t be able to move or shit without a fine or ticket…maybe a camera and my kitchen knife strap to the fuckin’ counter like a convict…maybe they can put little anklets on us or track us through our phones. That would really be freedom at it’s best. Wow, just lovin’ this redefiniton. Get owned guys with guns to point guns at free men with guns and disarm them so then the owned guys with guns are the only ones with guns and that’s better because no owners of the owned guys would ever sick them on the “free people”…Mao, Polpot, Hitler, Hurricane Katrina, Boston…no…they never would.

  • How is buying a gun easier than voting? Or did I misunderstand that item?

    Forget the rifles, how do you feel about a holstered pistol?

    What is your opinion of the state of law enforcement at the local, state, and federal levels? Does it have anything to do with the “war with the government” items you mention in your list?

    • ahughes798

      You can go to pretty much any flea market in FL. and buy any number of guns. No background check, no nothing. Lets say that it’s just as easy as voting.

      • Are mass shootings common in FL? I live in TX and so assume everyone I see is armed, and act accordingly. Is it that way in FL?

  • mike46

    Mr. Clinton, are really stupid enough to think this, or any other government cannot be overthrown? I’d suggest that you do a little study of the history of this country. I’ll venture a guess that the British Crown didn’t think they could be overthrown either.

  • s13driver

    1) They believe that guns should be openly displayed in public – everywhere.

    People also voice their opinions in public. Yeah first amendment.

    2) They hoard guns in anticipation of a possible overthrow of our federal government.

    Maybe if people stopped blaming a tool for societys problems and let me enjoy my hobby this might stop.

    3) Even the slightest mention of a new gun regulation sends them into a paranoid rant about gun confiscation, bringing about references to Nazi Germany.

    Yeah Hitler did this in real life, not sure why people ignore the past.

    4) They honestly believe that the federal government can be overthrown.

    I guess if something happens like it did in Germany, most people will just bend over…

    5) Their answer to any kind of dispute between the government and a citizen is to show up in armed groups because they don’t like how a court ruled on a particular issue.

    Yeah it’s the same Shit every other group does in America, what is the argument?

    6) They’ve frequently rush out to buy guns an ammo in anticipation of some form of government ban on weapons that never – ever happens.

    Again if people did not try making laws to feel better when a tragedy happens I would be able to normally buy ammo and not run into a shortage. Ohh and history repeats himself. Check out the gun ban from 1994…or did people already forget..

    7) They honestly believe that easy access to guns has nothing to do with gun violence.

    One also has easy access to knives, hammers, cars, but I see no rush in anyone banning those tool.

    8) They believe that anytime they feel threatened, shooting anything that they feel threatened by is the first answer.

    Well if someone is threatening my life or someone else’s I guess some people think it’s better to die than to defend themselves. Ohh wait criminals have logical arguments with their victims before hurting them…

    9) They own nearly a full wardrobe of shirts or hats depicting gun manufacturers or NRA logos.

    And you own a closet full of name brand clothing made by children in Chinese sweatshops. At least nra shirts are made by USA workers.

    10) They believe that it should be easier to buy a gun than cast a vote.

    Last time I checked, people buying guns still need to go through paperwork. Maybe voters need to get IQ exams to know what they are actually voting for.

    Maybe the writer should go buy some logic.

  • Mister g

    Just like you have gun nuts, you also have anti-gun nuts……… Who think they know what right for everyone…… Your chances of being shot with a gun , are a lot less than being killed in a car accident , or a knife attack etc. as I have stated in past comments……I have a cure for dwi. , take everyone’s car away. Will it work…you bet. But is it the right thing to do ? We live in a strange country they want to take away your gun…….then when you become 18 years of age they want to give you a gun, Not only give you a firearm…but tell you to go kill someone , who they say is your enemy ! Most of these random shootings happen In gun free zone. So that should tell you some thing.. What next ban assault pressure cookers……….. 285 people injured and some killed in boston, More than a firearm attack could have done. As they told president Clinton …….it’s the criminal stupid !! What is needed is tuff federal gun laws. And keep these criminal in prison.

  • Brad Scott

    Seriously? I’m as liberal as it gets, and I’m here to tell you absolutely every government that has ever existed, and ever will exist, has, at some point, failed and been replaced. Jeezus effin christ have the events in europe in the 80s escaped you?

  • scott cutler

    They could just solve the whole problem by handing guns out to everyone at birth. That way everybody would have a gun and everyone would know that everyone else has a gun.

    • Angelhellfire

      How do I like this?! “LIKE” now that is funny!

  • SactoDan

    The most important sentence in this article. Quote: “This is just my own personal opinion on the matter, so keep that in mind.”

    • Victoria

      I don’t think most people read that, judging from the reactions. Honestly, one person’s opinion is just that – his or her opinion. Why everyone takes everything so personally, or spins off on a tangent of verbal abuse and political extremism, is astounding to me. Perhaps some would be better served to get a free blogging account and express their opinions that way, without unnecessary aggravation. That’s what a lot of us do, and it’s very cathartic. Then again, maybe they just like arguing in comments sections!

  • Angelhellfire

    Always when engaging in debates with other people we must be “respectful and considerate” of the opposing view points, otherwise all reason has fled, and it is no longer a debate, rather it has become a disgraceful word slaughter, of 2 year old mentality waging a poorly armed vocabulary war. Even when it comes to “Gun nuts” as you so unreasonably put it. I mean let’s be realistic here there are lots of ‘nuts’ in the world however i am pretty sure (last time I checks) that nuts were definitely not in the people crowd, and were perfectly edible. I am pretty sure also that guns are not edible, and when it comes to people, well that is just sick. While we are on the subject of batshit crazy, please do define this better, because I have never know the pleasant little rodent’ nor their shit to be anything but pleasant, particularly because they are responsible for a massive amount of mosquito population control, more so, if we would take better care of them and not allow so many to die off the way we do, on a side note~ see much more important things to worry about in the world. And the only truly utterly ridiculous thing I have seen or read all day, is you a full grown adult male calling names. Ones that are not actually name calling and make little to no sense, and if you are going to be slinging around names then allow me to offer you advice, A: take some lessons from a child, because they know whats up in this department, and well you sir suck at it! And B: Take some appropriate aim here, because you are all across the board…And quite frankly as a “Mentally ill” person, as you so ambitiously put it, I am offended that you would take a legitimate issue that is being faced right now, and make it the butt end of whatever sick joke you just pulled out of your ass. Which is lacking several things; like finesse, talent, knowledge and skill! I mean if you are going to write please at least be a decent writer even, and if you are going to debate…well as reason follows!

    Not ‘EVERYTHING’ with these people is guns. However I noticed that it looks this way from an outside perspective, which makes sense. It should look this way, because they are practicing one of their first amendment rights, we call it freedom of speech and right to assemble peaceably *(which is designed for protesting the things our government is doing that we may not agree with) To put it in layman’s, for you, we also call it demonstrating or protesting. Since you do not seem to understand what these terms mean I’ll be gracious enough to explain. It means we gather in large crowds and use our voices and the sight of ourselves to make known the issues we would like to be addressed by the people we put in charge, because we know they are responsible to us; and they do in fact have to answer to us! However, not if we do not protest, nor demonstrate. SO what we are actually seeing with these ‘Open carry lunatics, is a demonstration of them exercising their second amendment rights! Furthermore, if you think this does not exist then you are the lunatic as it were. We should be carrying a side arm with us 24 hours a day. That is the point! Protection is only protection if it is available to utilize when necessary, it is good boy scouts! Always be prepared. Of course you must be psychic and know when bad people are doing bad things that could cost you or those around you their lives, like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable. I must say, that seems Delusional, are you sure you feel well? Maybe you should get your head checked. As far as “in full display of the public.” Thank GOD! for that Law! that requires that all persons carrying a weapon BARE it! Becuase anyone following this probably has no bad intent, as they are abiding by the rules and ordinances set forth by the government, so people like you could be paranoid. That makes much more sense than what you were saying! You continue to display your amazing reasoning abilities by arguing your local fast burger joint is “safe”! HA! You would believe that wouldn’t you! Because no one ever get’s raped in the cook area, or the bathrooms, nor do these places ever get robbed, I mean their non existent security and cameras are just super deterrents for the criminal mind hunting it’s prey. Maybe an AR-15 is all this person owns, and can afford, Which if you think about it makes sense, and in some places is not only common but in fact necessary.List of other uses for an AR-15

    1. Hunting. 2.Predator deterrent for farmers (shoots far enough, unlike a handheld) 3. Put down livestock in a human fashion. 4. Prevent your local bad guys from walking away to do it to someone else later. 5.Pride *(because guns are like vehicles, an investment, and when you can only afford one you want the all purpose cream of the crop envy of your friends) 6.I don’t know about you, but i would rather my rapist or abuser be on the other end of an AR-15 or a full length loaded double barrel, for two great reasons…he can’t reach me to disarm me like he could with a hand held, and he know I only got two shots, I am desperate enough I won’t miss!) 7.Poisonous snakes…If you want to be close and think you can still get it in the mouth you just go for broke city slicker! 8.Military privileges. 9.civilian privileges 10.The exercising of constitutional rights, so they don’t disappear…Should I keep going?!

    “It’s just absurd.” I have to agree with you here, it is just absurd that you would shut off your thinker and open your pie hole, with no pie!

    “But these open carry clowns honestly aren’t about self defense and “the Second Amendment”” Wait they aren’t? ” – it’s about inadequacy and “looking tough.”” You would say that right? Small people rarely have big thoughts. Simple people rarely have complex thoughts. I would have to say from my ‘non expert point of view’ that you are intimidated by the big gun, because you have none! I would find it easier to just blame white American privilege though…because of your following statements which we will get to where you have this disillusion sense of security from the world around you. Again it is called demonstrating.”That’s why they stage events to show off their guns.” This has become a repetitive point for you. I think the proper term for this synthesis is Jealousy. “It’s not about being out somewhere that you feel you might need protection.” Because again you know where ALL the criminals are and what they are doing?! After all it is never the really sweet, quiet, nice boy next door to you! “It’s all about telling the public, “F*ck you, I’m carrying this big gun wherever I want!”” I think you got your lines crossed,because I am back to I would rather have one of these men or women around, because I know nobody is going to attempt anything stupid in public when there are law abiding citizens wandering around with guns, 5 to one are bad odds,and the criminal mind wouldn’t take them on! Please be boring enough to present the cop half of this argument, because we all know they aren’t human and would never do anything bad…This is called sarcasm by the way!

    “The way I look at it, although I’m not licensed as a medical practitioner, I just don’t see these people as mentally stable.” You are not a licensed medical practitioner and therefore know nothing of it. And let’s be clear, those of us who actually face real legitimate issues with our brain chemistry are not only offended *( an do please remember kindly that ours are the rights being infringed upon here) we are horrified that you are stupid enough to think that ALL persons with mental instability are dangerous with a gun. “If they really believe that life is so terrifying that they need a semi-automatic weapon with them wherever they go” Maybe you should read up on your history of the past treatments of the mentally Ill! it was in fact as inhumane as Nazi Germany was to the Jews, if not more so outright perverted, and because this isn’t bad enough, it still goes on, and it is a world view that it is acceptable practice! SO YES! I feel I need a gun to protect me from all the stupid in the world! “– that’s mental illness as far as I’m concerned.” Educate yourself, actually look up mental illness, and the history of it’s privileged masses. 1 in 4 is mentally ill. “If you believe that strapping a rifle to your back to shop at your local Walmart is a “necessity,” you’re nuts.” And again with this unreasonableness…Let’s be clear Walmart trains it’s employees in the proper procedures on how to handle and behave a robbery…If it is such a safe place, why is this necessary?

    “So I thought I’d make a list of 10 signs that I believe prove that someone is too mentally ill to own guns. Again, this isn’t meant to be viewed as any sort of “official” guide to mental illness and I am not a doctor. This is just my own personal opinion on the matter, so keep that in mind.” Excellent job discrediting yourself, thank you for saving me the time! here is the actual list that should determine if you should be allowed to own a gun.

    1) If you are the author of the article this is in response to.

    2) If you are a sheeople with no brain and a enjoy your false sense of security.

    3) If you are under the false pretense that the last 100+ years of WORLD history did not in fact happen, and that the adage that history repeats itself is false…*(which comes form the fact that history has done nothing but repeat itself, over and over again).

    4) You experience white american privileges. And live in an over the top more than you need indulgent neighborhood.

    5) You are happy not having constitutional rights.

    6) You think America should be a gun free zone and are delusional enough to think it will stop or lower crime rates.

    7) you honestly believe that there are no bad people in the world out there doing bad things, or that it’ll never happen to you. Because our prisons are crowded because this is true!

    8) You live in the city. And never go out into the wilderness, or if you do you have no issues with being torn apart by bears, wolves, or whatever other predator you ignorantly fail to treat respectfully.

    9) you don’t believe in hunting…

    10) you believe that the rape, murder, and home invasion statistics are wrong, and you are not at risk of ever being a victim of any of these crimes, or you have no sense of responsibility to your fellow man and therefore think these people should get away with it and be allowed to do it to someone else.

    “I could honestly keep going,”and why stop there? When we were just getting comfortable with your special breed of stupid. This won’t fit on twitter I am afraid…And the best part is there are far more professional expert advice proving you wrong, and again with the edible guns…And you think we are crazy…kill someone, quick eat the evidence! And by the way I am a woman who believes firmly that I should not need a man to protect me from another man…I’ll shoot him myself thank you very much! I am not silly enough to think That my petite little person can defend myself adequately against a male who is three times my size. Are guns the answer, I do not necessarily believe they are THE answer, but I do believe despite my hate of them, that they are AN answer. A reliable, sound, permanently necessary one at that! History is pretty clear about this…

    • Angelhellfire

      I got to the end of your article and left out a few key points I had. The name calling, because this was real mature! However if I am being truly honest, half of the problems in the world would go away if we didn’t resort to shit talking, and bullying, and this is exactly what name calling is, stupid bullies getting their way with intimidation factors…The very thing you are doing that you were just condemning others for…I did not once see you adequately and legitimately present an argument and defend it. no resources, or why’s or anything. you just made a whole lot of offensive statements called names, and were an overall bully about your stance. which Is very much debatable. You truly believe that war will never come to America in any form? You honestly don’t think we have pissed off most of the known world with our bullying?

      You honestly failed to legitimately acknowledge that there are people (specifically the mentally challenged ones) whose human rights are at stake here. you failed entirely to bring up the freedom issues here…And there are tons of those. And make no mistake this is very much about human rights and freedoms. maybe not in such unrealistic and petty sense’s that is made out here on this forum but in a sense that security is like comfort food…you want people off welfare, and yet you want to ban guns so they can’t go hunt and feed themselves…maybe not Hitler, but America is very reminiscent of a certain country famous for persecuting it’s people, and we are structured and following the pattern…England Europe…in the days of the monarchs. Or are we so far gone from our ancestry and our current world interactions and world wars, our memories so short, that we are honestly willing to stand up and say the constitution is invalid out of date, and no longer relevant? Are we really so forgetful and safe that we truly believe civil war and war itself is not at our doorstep. Look at us! we can’t even have adult conversations which address legitimate concerns for legitimate issues! Let’s set all the “nut job” issues aside for a moment though. Let’s look at what is immediately at stake here. if not our freedom then what? If not our rights, then what? I am out in public, I am carrying my gun! Everyone sees me carrying this gun…how am I dressed? Am I cop? am I civilian? a detective? a soldier? and off duty personnel? you don’t know? So you are scared? And if I am anything other than a civilian then you feel what? still scared, or safe? 1 in 4 is mentally ill…the majority of this is PTSD from our own protectors not getting adequate care. Did we forget self defense laws are a legitimate reason to shoot another person? those laws exist for a reason, but we have forgotten the reasons. How many of you grew up in suburbs and large metropolis’? and did you have to take a hunter safety education course, mandatory for highschool? you also probably went to school where everyone drove a car in the senior class? I went to a rural school, and those good ol’ country boys just mounted their guns right in the back of the truck windows. this isn’t liberals,and left wing activists, and tea party mumbo jumbo…legitimate republican party members, in the mountains of Idaho prepped and ready for their weekend hunting trips. Or all week of school was made and the guns were left there…one maybe two incidents in a century of practice…alcohol was involved…so what you are doing is taking a few incidents, blowing them out of proportion, instigating fears, name calling, and not even presenting a legitimate argument all for what? the perpetration of fear tactics…Who is seriously afraid of someone openly carrying a gun?! people who feel they are in danger, or have no way to protect themselves from it, that’s who. But guns even int he hands of our soldiers and law enforcement doesn’t make us safe…our country was designed to have checks and balances…every vote is supposed to be a voice, not some electoral college, state militias are supposed to be maintained in case there is ever an executive order against the people, and there have been, martial law was declared in New Orleans after a natural disaster…Our government is not supposed to be our regulator, we are suppose to be it’s regulator…because of things like persecution. Which we perpetrate. Who here is going to say slavery was a good thing, and all black people should be slaves again? and yet you’ll argue that guns are bad and people are essentially good? or that we should fear law abiding citizens? because that is so reasonable? Open your eyes, it hasn’t even been two whole decades since the last nasty police brutality intervention. who is there to regulate the cops?who is there to enforce that they abide the same laws as the rest of us? and you really think they don’t power trip? when did our human rights become so distorted that we decided taking direct actions to protect our lives was less important than a false sense of security? It is not that guy over there carrying a weapon that you can see, and displaying it so everyone is aware, it is the guy in the corner plotting how to commit a crime with a concealed weapon you should be concerned with…it is not the idea that we could see war in our lifetimes that should bother you, it is the idea that we are somehow a part of the world without being in it!

      • Angelhellfire

        And we think that the these sort of things aren’t a possibility for us too!

  • ExRadioGuy15

    The list is pretty complete…if someone believes all 10 of those, they are a Gun Nut, no doubt about it.

  • Jimmy Two-Barrels

    You’re right. You’re not a medical professional. You have no idea what constitutes mental illness, and throwing it out as a term for an effect in your article reflects poorly on your character. This is why mental health issues are stigmatized in this country and there’s so much trouble in going about fixing them. Shame on you, you ignorant fucking bastard.

    • lindylou

      Hmmm,good point to ponder, but one should consider the paranoia among the gun fanciers about having their guns confiscated. Paranoia is is a signifier of some pretty heavy mental health issues.

      • Victoria


    • Victoria

      It’s just one layperson’s opinion.
      As for mental health professionals’ opinions, some of what the author cites are actual symptoms of mental illness – paranoia, deliberately strutting about with a rifle in public to make the point that he/she “can” (attention-seeking behavior, the hallmark of a personality disorder), and hoarding weapons to prepare for some kind of confiscation move by the government (hoarding, and also paranoia). So he’s not too far off-base. My problem with “gun nuts” (no, NOT average gun owners, don’t get all wigged out now) is that so many of them do not realize they have mental health issues, and so they don’t come to us for treatment. And I would rather they come to us for treatment than go out and start shooting innocent people. Um and NO, treatment would not include “giving up their guns”, but would consist of reducing the paranoia so that the person can live without the crippling fear that accompanies it.

  • johnieB

    Ironically, the U S government is more than willing, not only to allow them to carry an Assault Rifle 24.7, but to furnish said weapon–and others– gratis; they only need ask.

  • Rob

    Wow. I’ve seen a lot of dumb in my life span. More than I care to. YOU, however, win the prize hands down. You nazis generally aren’t known for your intelligence as a general rule, so slack is cut simply by virtue of the (D) behind your names, but man, they scraped the bottom of the stupid barrel for you.

    Were you created in a lab? Presumably there are limits to the stupidity humans can reach naturally, but you exceed them handily. Amazing. I’d like to see you put with a group of chimpanzees to see if they raise your intelligence or you lower theirs.

  • PaulJmsn

    The pro-gun folks are awfully defensive here. Boy, I’ll bet nobody saw that coming.

  • queenbella

    I have a Carry Permit and a dozen firearms, but I must not be a real gun nut, because I’ve never done any of the 10 things listed above.
    Fortunately I live in peaceful rural New England and don’t feel the need to carry a firearm everywhere, I haven’t had a single incident where more than a stern look (or a twist of an arm) was required.
    One thing I know from observation, is that if you need to shoot someone, not only may you end their life, but it is likely also that the life you enjoy will also be ended. While you yourself may survive shooting someone else dead, your own life will never be the same again. The police, courts, media and other factors will guarantee this.
    For the record, I’m a transwoman, and we Tfolk are still getting murdered in this country at least twice a month, inevitably as hate crimes. In many states our human rights are not recognized by police and homophobes kill us for their sport. I have excellent reasons for being armed, I’ve had too many murdered brothers and sisters killed just because they were trans. I myself have suffered many assaults and many injuries, so I’ve studied martial arts for decades.
    I know that “gun control” will not prevent transphobes from killing my kind, because we are beaten or stabbed to death more often than we get shot at.
    (I’ve been shot at, …he missed me.)
    Fortunately the tide is turning, even pols like Biden are saying Trans rights are “the next big” human rights struggle. But I’ll keep my guard up till I see national legislation that recognizes that we transfolk have the same rights and responsibilities as every other citizen.
    And until that day comes (and afterwards as well) I will prefer to keep my firearms, thank you very much.

  • Cat L

    As far as I’m concerned, keep your guns. If you want to own one gun or a million guns, do it. All I request is that you keep them at home or at a gun range and please, PLEASE, keep them away from your children. I have PTSD and don’t want to walk into a store or a restaurant and be faced with a bunch of gullible (oooooh, Obama’s coming for your guns!) little men carrying these around in public to show everybody ….. what? What are they trying to prove? My dick is bigger than yours? What is it? What are these petulant little children trying to say?

  • Carl

    4) They honestly believe that the federal government can be overthrown.

    The armed forces is comprised of at the most 500,000 fighting troops with the rest made up of support and clerical.

    There are 300 million guns owned by 57 million people.

    years in a country where most don’t have a TV and use mules or oxen to
    plow their fields and we still haven’t gotten rid the Taliban there.

    You think the government would win?

    if you do your a special kind of stupid.

    • Brenster21

      My moneys on the government.

      • Carl

        How’s that working in Afghanistan with a bunch of goat headers.

        That’s a losing bet

      • Brenster21

        the reason that my money is on the government is because those people have been raised through hell, while we have lived luxurious lives in comparison. Also the Union won the last civil war.

  • CharlieSelf

    Ever since President Obama was first elected, there have been sporadic shortages of ammunition, all blamed on him. The truth: the shortages have come about because the gun nuts buy up so many rounds the factories cannot produce enough to keep shelves filled.

  • Diddy_Mao

    I fully support the open carry movement. Most potentially dangerous wingnuts don’t do you the common courtesy of being visibly identifiable.

  • Kim Serrahn

    Boy Allen you did it this time. The comment section is chock full of right to lifers.To bad it’s their right to life only.

  • abdulah bin al-qarni

    Thank you for all that you have given to me, hopefully all of these are useful for all of us.
    obat darah tinggi

  • Ssider

    There is a big difference between the right to have fire arms and the right to have something just short of heavy artillery strapped to your waist every time you leave the house. We’ve been down this road before in the 1930’s, 1960’s and 1990’s. At no time was liberty and the American way abolished.

    Gun owners have a right to own them, sure. And even, perhaps, a right to take them wherever they want……..except when you take them into an area where others don’t want them. Thus, you can wander the wilderness of Utah or Arizona packing whatever you want but individual counties or municipalities have every right to tell you to keep them out of the public. In other words, carry advocates are not the only ones who have rights.

    One thing I never understood…how do carry advocates function in a world where they are so agoraphobic that they cannot leave their house without a weapon? Do you think that there are drug crazed killers around every corner? And if there were, wouldn’t it just be easier to move to a better neighborhood?

    • Victoria

      Good points, all. It’s as if they won’t/don’t/can’t make the distinction between a hunting rifle and a semi automatic assault rifle.

  • RB Joe

    I’m with you brother. They are truly sociopaths…

  • guest

    My neighbor is a gun nut ( AR15+many, CC, Don’t tread on me flag), I was talking to them and his wife bent over with a low cut top on and I didn’t look away, that upset his not to paranoid self and now if I am outside watching my child and his wife walks out then I am watching his wife in his mind. I don’t own a gun but between the criminals with guns and the nuts I think I want to buy a gun or move to the country.

  • Will Carter

    It seems to me that no one get’s that there are good honest people who support the right to own guns. It seems they are always called gun nuts. It makes it easier to discredit someone and look down on them if you use the word nut or fanatic. And the term “hoarding” is so ….. random. How many is a hoard? How much ammo is too much?
    How about we consider that the number of deaths ion the US are so low when you look at the facts. Of all the deaths in the US, 0.98% of them are caused by violence. that’s ALL violence, guns, knives, baseball bats. All of it. We have literally lost more people to Measles than violence. And ask yourself. Gun violence so such a huge news story. Yet, of all the people that you personally know that have died, How many were killed by a gun?