Breaking: Republicans Win the Senate, Sen. Mitch McConnell to Become Senate Majority Leader

mcconnell-thumbs-upWell, as most people who’ve been following politics during this election year had predicted, Republicans will take control of the Senate and Sen. Mitch McConnell will become the Senate Majority Leader in January. Joni Ernst’s Senate victory in Iowa sealed it for Republicans.

While I had hoped that Democrats might eek out at least 50 seats so that Vice President Job Biden could have been the tie breaker, I ultimately knew due to liberal apathy at the voting booth and the spinelessness shown by many Democratic candidates this election year that Republicans were most likely going to take back the Senate.

So, what does this mean? Well, get ready for even less to get done, if that’s even possible. Since Republicans took control of the House in 2010, our government has never seen such gridlock. And that’s the party the American people gave more power to tonight.

The next two years will consist of Republicans mostly passing bills that they know the president won’t sign into law, then complaining about how President Obama simply won’t work with them. Even though with many of these bills they’ll pass, they’ll know damn well beforehand he won’t sign them.

And it all comes down to liberals not voting. No matter how many excuses some people want to use, none of them really mattered in the overall picture. Liberals are well known for not showing up to vote during midterm elections. Why do you think Republicans want these new strict voter ID laws put in place? Because they do help lower voter turnout. These laws aren’t about voter fraud. They’re about suppressing voters and lowering overall turnout. Because Republicans know that when fewer voters show up to vote, the better it is for their party.

The moment Democrats cowardly ran away from President Obama, they sealed their fate. You’re not going to do well in an election when you’re throwing the leader of your own party under the bus because you’re too weak to stand for everything that he’s accomplished. By doing so they drove independents to Republican candidates and destroyed any chance for liberal enthusiasm heading into this year’s election.

Fixing this starts right now. Liberals can’t keep skipping midterm elections and the Democratic party must stop letting Republicans control the message.

But we’re the only ones who can change this. The truth is liberal voters are the ones who let Republicans win tonight. Because for every liberal who “sat this one out,” that was essentially a vote for a Republican. And the GOP just received millions of “votes” from those liberals who apparently had better things to do than vote this year.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • regressive teaparty trash

    ahhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, now we can see how the republicans “govern”———— complete with useless bills which Obama will never sign; thus republicans TRYING to stall the economy and make democrats look bad for 2016— “”BENGHAZI”!!!!!

    • actor211

      Democrats made Democrats look bad. They’ll continue that same strategy into 2016.

      When’s the last time a Democrat won the presidency following a Democratic president after serving a full term?

      Hillary Clinton will be two years older and won’t have the energy to battle what’s coming her way.

      Was Obamacare worth it?

      Will be fun watching her trying to deftly distance herself from him and his policies. She’s not that good at it.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        im a Bernie sanders / eliz warren fan myself

    • Gary Menten

      You’ve just about hit the nail on the head. Now the shoe is on the other foot and we’ll see just how much the Republicans even try to negotiate and work WITH the administration, which will be exactly ZERO. There first priority, will be to pass a bill to repeal the ACA. If it doesn’t get filibustered in the Senate, it will die of a presidential veto.

      Next priority Teapublicans will try to impeach the President, the Senate (even Republicans will just laugh) The don’t have anywhere near the 2/3rds votes they need on the Senate Floor to do that.

      In short….2 more years of doing absolutely nothing…

  • John Zizolfo

    No, it’s not the party the American People gave power to, it’s the party the Koch mother fuckers gave power to. Gotta wonder how bad things are going to get now that the Repugnicants will be able to rape, pillage and plunder the rest of us with impunity. It’s not a question of if, just a question of when and how much.

    • Bah

      You conveniently ignore the liberal billionaires outspending their conservative parts. Grow up John.

  • dt1018

    I’m scared! What is going to happen to this country. The Republican party is already splintered and now they have control of both houses. Nothing, absolutely nothing will get accomplished over the next two years. I have said this before; and I will say this again: if President Obama was white and a Republican, he would be touted as the best President in history. But, he is black and a Democrat. Are we doomed to go back to the Bush era? Heaven help us!

    • Turbo2Tone

      Can you not see…? You…never…even…left…the Bush era… muwahahaha….

    • RayandFannie Esparza

      Don’t forget the GOP SCOTUS

    • Jillz

      Don’t be scared – that’s probably all it’s going to be – two more years of nothing getting accomplished. The only difference is now when they try to push their ridiculous bills through Congress, more of them will pass the Senate. So their screams of “Obama is not doing anything” will likely get louder as they try to trick their base into believing that trying to pass b/s legislation is THEM actually doing something.

      Other than that, I think you can just expect:
      1. Renewed attacks on the ACA
      2. Renewed enthusiasm and a possible attempt to actually follow through on their threats to try and impeach the President
      3. A few more laws discriminating against or restricting the freedoms of minorities and women (which hopefully continue to be struck down as unconstitutional).
      4. More gun related freedom (and carnage)

      I feel so sad for the USA today. Democrats need a swift kick in the a** for letting this happen last night.

  • Andy Baker

    The elections are rigged. They already knew who was going to win before the first vote. It’s all a big show there putting on for us.

    • Paul Paquette

      After watching the election results on TV I’m inclined to agree. In the state next to mine as soon as the pole’s closed and with less then 50000 of well over 2 million votes counted they declared the winner and wondered how the loser felt and how soon he would make his conciliatory speech. Yea, things that make you go HHHHMMMMM!!

    • Crybaby Patrol

      You meant to say that the elections were actually fair and representative this time around.
      The last round of elections were fully rigged by Dems. It won’t happen again so get used to the map being red.
      Don’t like it? Then go cry yourself to sleep you baby!

  • Beth

    Just saying but the only time travel I ever wanted to do was in the TARDIS and the 1940’s is so not one of my favorite decades.
    I have a theory though: The Republicans have the House and the Senate so they have essentially unbridled power which will eventually destroy the country and ultimately the world. (I’m not being melodramatic. Okay, slightly melodramatic but that’s the thing about having a global economy.) When they drive the country into the ground, hopefully we’ll hold on long enough for people to wake up and pay attention.

  • Emora

    I voted yesterday, surrounded by angry, elderly white conservatives. They went to the polls in droves, while liberals…well, just didn’t. There is a meme floating around with a liberal and a conservative standing side by side. The conservative is vehemently speaking about what he will do to get to the polls, while the liberal is asking if she can vote on Facebook.

    I dragged my husband out of his political apathy over a decade ago, and now, he votes in every election. I’ve voted in every election since I turned 18. As a woman, I am always aware that other women died for my right to vote.

    This is what happened in 2010, when the Tea Party took power, and now we have 2014. Now we have two years of pointless bills, no help for the middle class, more shaming and disenfranchising of the working poor. We are closer to a full reversal of Roe V Wade, having DADT reinstated, and who knows-maybe the Kochs can invite their pals in SCOTUS over for a nice cocktail, and “convince” them to bring back DOMA.

    We simply cannot compete with the money. Citizens United, and the SCOTUS ruling on corporate donations, have really wreaked havoc with our political system. And yet, you have middle class and working poor people who, time and time again, vote for the right wing. Vote against their own best interests. Vote for people like Jodi Ernst, who believes the government should have no safety nets; we just need churches and charities to step up and help. Yeah, someone tell Joel Osteen to sell his plane to feed the poor.

    So, yesterday, we saw one of the starkest differences between the left and right. The right not only convinced the majority of their constituents to vote, they convinced them to vote for candidates and politicians who will harm them. And in spite of article after article, in spite of emails and ads and social media posts, in spite of being told what would happen if liberals didn’t vote, the left couldn’t convince the majority of our party to walk away from their Twitter page and vote.

    If this happens in 2016, your next White House Christmas card will be from President and Mrs. Cruz.

    • FD Brian

      most of the clergy I know are not republicans and have said to me, that if the government’s safety net ceased to exist, there is no way that charitable organizations and churches could deal with the fallout.

      Our prisons would be full, children would starve and theft would be rampant. We would live in a police state. That’s what would happen without the safety net.

      • ShibumiMC

        The prisons are full now.

      • FD Brian

        then I guess the prison industrial complex would start building more. If you think welfare is expensive, wait until you put them in prison.

  • Dave

    I love watching all these liberal heads exploding. Must be nice living in that make believe land you all live in.

  • Jbh Jbh

    You can’t suppress a vote that no one shows up to cast

  • Sandy Greer

    Only non-Believers don’t vote elections.

    Dems miscalculated where the American public is. We can tell ourselves all we want that people who don’t vote our way vote against their own best interest. But here’s the thing:

    They’re not buying what we’re selling. We’ve got two years to figure out why.