The B.S. I Witnessed on Wednesday is Exactly Why Trump Might Become Our Next President

I’ve been predicting it for weeks, and now it’s plainly obvious: The media is doing its best to make the 2016 presidential election as close as possible because they need drama to drive ratings. And with Hillary Clinton approaching double-digit leads over Donald Trump just a few weeks ago, I knew the media was going to desperately try to bring these polling results closer together.

That’s why I wasn’t shocked or surprised when several polls came out on Wednesday showing Trump making huge gains on Clinton. Like I said, based on what I’ve been seeing in the media lately, I’ve been predicting that’s what was going to happen for a while now.

Wednesday was unique because of a few stories that made the rounds, how they were covered and which ones were or weren’t emphasized by the media. One of the bigger stories yesterday centered around medical reports released by both Clinton and Trump.

Well — sort of.

You see, one presidential candidate released a fairly detailed medical report that follows up another fairly detailed medical report from last year from their doctor declaring them perfectly healthy enough to serve as president.

Meanwhile, the other went on television with “Dr. Oz” to showcase what was apparently a one-page summary written by the same doctor who declared last year that his patient would be the “healthiest person ever elected to the presidency.”

Now I couldn’t help but notice the hypocrisy in all of this. If Clinton had chosen to go on “Dr. Oz” to hang with a TV con man and showcase her one-page medical report, she would have been absolutely crushed in the media. Yet, Trump does it and the media couldn’t have seemed to care less.

People in attendance even said Dr. Oz seemed surprised by Trump’s health, with the doctor remarking that Trump’s cholesterol was at such a good level that you typically only see that with much younger people.

So, let me get this straight. A 70-year-old man who’s somewhat overweight, who admits that he doesn’t exercise regularly, and has a well-known affinity for fast food, has cholesterol that’s comparable to someone who’s much younger?

Yeah, I’m not buying that.

I’m not going to claim there’s a conspiracy going on here, but I don’t remotely trust Trump or his doctor. Especially after they legitimately tried to pass off that other “medical evaluation” last year, which seemed as if it was almost certainly written (or at least heavily influenced by) Trump himself.

It’s just amazing to me how Clinton’s health is constantly discussed even though besides falling ill to pneumonia there’s been absolutely no reason to assume she’s unhealthy. Meanwhile, the most “transparent” Trump has been about his own health is a one-page letter he gave to “Dr. Oz” written by the same doctor who wrote his last joke of a “medical evaluation.”

Then there was all the talk about Colin Powell’s hacked emails. You know, because those matter.

Spoiler alert: He doesn’t like Trump, not a huge fan of Clinton, said Bill is still having affairs and thought Benghazi was a “witch hunt.”

Oh, then there was Trump getting silenced by a pastor of a black church in Flint, Michigan after he began bashing Clinton. I get why people wanted to hear about this, but it didn’t matter one bit. Basically he tried to give a speech, veered off the topic he was supposed to stay on, a pastor was very polite in reminding him he wasn’t there to give a political speech and he was actually very respectful toward Rev. Faith Green Timmons.

It might have optically made for a great, viral story — but it was not a huge deal by any means.

Meanwhile, the topics that continued to dominate the day over these other stories was Clinton’s health and Powell’s emails — which also weren’t always kind to Hillary.

Then there were those polls that came out which everyone was so enamored with. Mind you, most of the polls that I saw being discussed were taken toward the middle to end of last week, then cut off on Monday. Clinton’s coughing attack from last week, and subsequent near-fainting on Sunday, were clearly weighing heavily on a lot of people’s minds. That’s going to impact her numbers — fairly significantly.

As I’ve been saying for a while now, until we have our first debate, I’m not paying much attention to poll numbers. Let’s see these two face off where the issues have to be discussed (something that’s rarely done in the media), then we’ll see how each performs in the polls.

Aside from all of the polls, the emails, and the discussion of Clinton’s health, do you know what I rarely heard mentioned yesterday?

The very in-depth investigation done by Newsweek which essentially linked Trump’s businesses with shady business dealings that they found could put our nation’s security at risk. In fact, many of the business connections they found come from international financiers who’ve been tied to controversial and illegal activities — which were not disclosed in his campaign’s financial filings with the Federal Election Commission.

Here was this damning report linking Trump’s businesses to some extremely alarming business dealings — all while he continues to refuse to release his tax returns (which were hardly mentioned by anyone on Wednesday) — yet I hardly saw this report mentioned at all.

Oh — but had one of Clinton’s emails from the State Department been linked to a foundation donor who requested a handshake from a congressman, you can bet your ass that story would have been all over almost every major news network.

It is absolutely ridiculous how Clinton is scrutinized, criticized and painted as this nefarious evil genius who’s constantly surrounded by scandal, even though all these “scandals” ultimately turn out to be nothing.

Meanwhile, Trump’s last campaign manager abruptly quit after he was linked to pro-Russian groups directly trying to undermine U.S. policy in eastern Europe; our security organizations have essentially proven that the Russian government is behind the hacking of the DNC in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to help elect Trump; reports continue to swirl about shady business dealings that could very well threaten our national security if he’s elected; Trump continues to refuse to release his tax returns and continues to use an excuse that even the IRS has said is a lie about why he won’t release them; and the best we know about his medical records is a one-page letter from a doctor who seems less than credible which he revealed on “Dr. Oz” — and the media seems to never want to point out just how ridiculous all of that is.

Nope, they would much rather obsess about Clinton’s emails for the 4,948th time; the fact she reacted fairly commonly to having pneumonia and being out in the hot sun on antibiotics (which you’re not supposed to do); continue to try to vilify her foundation that has an A-rating and spends 90 percent of the money it raises on charitable causes; talk about Powell’s pointless emails; and constantly try to paint Clinton as some underhanded, untrustworthy candidate so they can then report about how “untrustworthy” the American people think she is — when the way the media covers her is exactly why they think that.

What I witnessed on Wednesday terrified me. It was the first time throughout this campaign that I got the feeling Donald Trump could very well win in November. And if he does, our media’s piss-poor job of treating him more like a reality TV star they’re using to boost their ratings — instead of like they would any other presidential candidate, Democrat or Republican — will be a big reason why this country makes one of the biggest mistakes in our entire history.

As voters, we all must come together to tell the media it’s about damn time they start doing their jobs, because this joke has gone on long enough. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know what you think.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Carolyn Webb

    A significant chunk of present day America’s population has the same mentality that militant white Nationalist working class and lower middle class GERMAN PEOPLE had in 1933-1945 GERMANY! If elected TRUMP WILL turn the USA into the same kind of nightmare GERMANY was in 1933-1945! Make no mistake about it – YES it CAN happen here especially since the right wing extremists in this country has already DESTROYED our system of checks and balances by ramming Citizens United down our throats, Gerrymandering our congressional districts to favor them, DESTROYING the voter protection law of 1964 and DESTROYING passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and Shipping our manufacturing jobs overseas causing working class and most people who used to be middle class into horrible poverty and Homelessness!

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    • Maryrbates2

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    • strayaway

      It was Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA. It is Barack Obama running around being the Pied Piper of the TPP. It isn’t Trump who tolerated high levels of illegal immigrants taking US worker’s jobs. Hillary is the candidate advocating collusions of big business and big government known as corporatism or economic fascism. Hillary voted for the Wall Street bailout and the Iraq War. As SOS, her policies led to death, destruction, refugees, the growth of ISIS, and the rekindling of the cold war with Russia. You can float all the platitudes you want but Hillary has been an advocate for the corporate elites and war. That is her neocon like record. She even advocates drafting women; something even Hitler hadn’t dreamed of.

      • Carolyn Webb

        It was REAGAN and BUSH 41 who deregulated everything giving the big corporations the rights to ship jobs overseas to manufacutre things with cheap Chinese and Indian and various third world country labor throwing millions of American skilled workers out of jobs and BUSH 43 as well as REAGAN who said that to try to help AIDS victims with proper medical care and find s cute for AIDS was GOING AGAINST GOD’S work and even though Hitler did not draft women into his army he built concentration camps where plenty of his victims were WOMEN and tge women prisoners were abused and murdered just as much as the male prisoners! Hilary never advocated going anything like that but Ibsm sure your buson Buddy “SAINT DONALD” would! He already incites rabid racism and GUN VIOLENCE which at least Hillary does not! Hillary may not be perfect but I would much rather have 100 Hillaries in the White House than ONE CRAZY DONALD and as a matter of fact I would even rather have 100 Richard Nixons in the White House than one CRAZY DONALD

      • strayaway

        How about ” it was Reagan, the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama who let corporations run wild. It was Clinton who passed NAFTA. It was Obama who said he we going to reign in NAFTA, didn’t, and went on to promote the TPP. We must not forget Hillary voting for Bush’s Wall Street bailout. Her top 7 career campaign contributors include Goldman Sachs, Citicorp, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, DL Piper. Mega-banks love Hillary.She has spent 3x as much money campaigning as Trump, the press is giving her a pass, Obama is running up the debt using federal money to help her campaign and she is barely ahead in the polls.The voters might be seeing through all the money and lies (“non-contagious bacterial pneumonia”) being thrown at them. Most of the violence at campaign rallies has come from leftists outside Trump rallies. They caused more violence at just the Chicago rally they shut down than all the Trump supporters to date. Trump has called some brown people names. He called Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz names too. Hillary foreign policies have bombed them and made them into refugees. Now she wants to bring the refugees she created to the US.

  • Eg Kbbs

    RE: Health letter. I was shocked that after the first flaky letter for Trump, the doc didn’t make sure of his statements on this new and improved letter.

    One example: stated that the labs showed that Trump had the stamina to run a campaign and serve a term in the WH. Well, labs may not indicate disease. But they don’t show stamina. Maybe a stress test might have had some indication. But nothing done bears out yet another outrageous statement from a doc who I’m starting to wonder if he shouldn’t be called Mr. Tambourine Man.

  • Adrian S

    You’re underestimating the situation again. The media is hardly the problem now. They have given him an undeserved platform to begin with. The Trump “strategy” is what you should be worried about, he started as low as possible. They knew he could only go up from there. It’s important to call out all the stupid stuff that comes from their side and not stir up stuff and allow him to show himself as a victim of the mainstream. Hopefully, people learned some lessons from the brexit. But otherwise, extensive coverage is important. We should hardly underestimate their side’s ability to appeal to the middle class. A low presence on the day of vote will only help him.

  • Debra Gann

    I totally agree with everything you’re saying. I’m an intelligent individual who’s basically stayed out of politics until this election. The What’s Aleppo is an example. A lot of people don’t keep up with news FACTS . They go on bits and pieces of likely misinformation. Media is at fault in lots of ways ,but if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have any information. Their job though is to represent only the facts I believe which isn’t always adhered to. Trump being allowed to say the things he is appalling. It drives others to do like in defense. It shouldn’t be allowed to escalate.