Bundy Ranch’s Armed Lunatics Asking for Welfare So They Can Continue to Sit Around and Not Work

welfare-rancher-with-welfare-supportersWelfare rancher Cliven Bundy and his band of armed supporters who don’t understand how our laws or Constitution work are the story that just keeps on giving.

It’s been over a month since this story first broke, yet there are still reports of armed Bundy supporters roaming around the Nevada and Utah deserts “standing up against the federal government.”  The fact that there continues to be groups of people sitting around the desert doing nothing for well over a month now has led many individuals like myself to ask the question, “Don’t they have jobs?”

Well, that question has somewhat been answered as it seems that several of these “patriots who don’t need help from anyone” are now asking for welfare from supporters to help them pay bills and buy food.

Christopher E. Ferrell is one of these people who’s decided that he felt like playing war in Nevada rather than going to work to take care of himself and his family.  He opened an account on GoFundMe with the following message:

To all American Patriots:

I am the Team Leader that took Charlie Delta, the black marine, out to Nevada along with two other volunteers that all did an outstanding job at the Bundy Ranch. I understand most of you have come to know Charlie Delta through his expressed views on Cliven Bundy and the good we are all doing as patriots at the ranch. I am coming to you tonight humbly asking for your help. We may be the front line soldiers facing down an overbearing govt bureaucracy, but we are first off family men and women that have our own homes and jobs and families left behind to take on this endeavor. Therefore we have spent our fortunes for freedom and love of our fellow man and need your help to continue our efforts to keep all Americans free from tyranny. Please if you can spare even a few dollars for food, fuel and supplies to continue the stand against tyranny and an overbearing governtment [sic] please help. Even the smallext amount will help keep up the pressure to return this land to the people. I thank you all sincerely for your contribution.

Christopher E Ferrell

United we stand! Divided we fall!

He hates the government so much, he can’t even spell the word correctly.

Aren’t conservatives the ones who say that it’s not the gun, but mental illness that’s behind gun violence?  Well I would ask them one question: Isn’t anyone who’d spend weeks out in the desert – not working so that they can take care of themselves or their family – all to defend a rancher who’s had four different courts find him guilty of breaking the law, mentally ill?  I think so.

Though it doesn’t seem that Ferrell’s begging for welfare from hard-working Americans has gone very well. His GoFundMe page no longer exists and, according to Gawker, he had only raised $170 – well short of his apparent goal of $100,000.  

Yes, he apparently had a goal to raise $100,000.  But you want to tell me that he’s not mentally unstable?

While I know some people are sick and tired of hearing about anything related to Cliven Bundy, I believe these people are providing us with a prime example of the kind of anti-government lunacy that’s prevalent within the Republican party.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • RealityRealist

    There is nothing forward thinking about this site. You are all bleeding heart liberals

    • wheldon rumproast

      Hey, why aren’t you off donating your last million to this douchebag??

    • Pipercat

      Our hearts may be bleeding, but our sides are busting!

      • regressive teaparty trash

        especially watching( listening) the near-quotidian verbiage from republicans which doom them even faster

    • Wezer600

      So —- why are YOU here? Wanting to learn how to be a True American – in other words, a liberal??

      • regressive teaparty trash

        they cannot learn…………………. that would be against their church

    • Hanhnibal

      Can’t face the truth, huh?

    • Guest

      Said the man blogging in his bathrobe while sitting in his mothers basement.

    • regressive teaparty trash

      im not a bleeding heart liberal…I just hate white trash regressives who “think” a dead jewish carpenter is GOD

      • And your racist too! I am white, come from a traditional Jewish family, and yes we believe Christ is the Messiah! I will be the better man and say God bless you and as the soldier I will stand up for your rights to choose for yourself but know this Skin color and religious views aside every soldier wears green and bleeds red! And people like you are full of bleeding hearts! You sir give liberals a bad name!

      • regressive teaparty trash

        it is spelled ” you’re”
        please be the “better man” and make proper changes in order to be considered literate
        Christ messiah?
        ummmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, nope

      • Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John14:6). God Bless you! This is what makes America Great I can quote the Bible and you can keep quoting the Koran!

      • poppaDavid

        When someone acts in a rational and reasonable fashion, it is improper, immature and counter productive to insult them. And getting pissed over spelling or punctuation is only appropriate if you are reviewing a doctoral thesis or job application. Liberals don’t make up a majority of the population. If we are going to make headway against issues that we oppose, we will need allies from the moderates. We have a lot in common, even if it isn’t theology.

      • Mike Williams

        A thought on that.
        If someone wanted to control a mass if people and make them do whatever he wanted.
        What better way than to make that statement.

        Think of the ways of man and everything Jesus is supposed to represent. Does that controlling statement fit with the teachings. Or could it be possible that someone took some liberty with what was said.

        No need to argue or reply, just think about that.
        I’m not trying to dissuade or bad mouth religion.
        Just think about that.

      • terribletwos

        Nah. What makes America great is the different types of people, of different types of religion that have learned to live with one another in HARMONY. What makes America not so great is those who use their religion as a weapon such as yourself.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        sorry,,,,,,,I never read Koran. I have read the bhagavad gita and the tao; conversations with god; varieties of religious experience; jonathan Livingston seagull; zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance,and parts of the bible
        all that reading has easily told me that GOD is great– and religion is man made and for suckers
        what makes america great is keeping small dicked religious trash out of government legislation

      • regressive teaparty trash

        when ur loser reeeeee-ligion can cure an amputee I will become a “believer”

    • Red Willis

      thanks for the compliment. you can bet your stinkin ass I appreciate it

    • Mark Esche

      Liberals =Progressive. Progressive=Forward thinking. Conservatives=backward thinking I’d much rather be “Pro” than “Con”.

  • wheldon rumproast

    Doesn’t he know that he’s appealing to the party of “I got mine, up yours!!”???

    • Pipercat

      I’d like to know who was stupid enough to give a 170 bucks…

      • wheldon rumproast

        LOL!! Gotta agree with you there!!

      • regressive teaparty trash

        FOX “news” and sean “puffbelly” hannity

      • Charles Vincent

        Total nontroversy G.

      • Pipercat

        Sure is funny as hell.. hey, wait a minute you been flush lately…..

      • Charles Vincent

        No but I am enjoying the coined phrase a bit 🙂

      • Pipercat

        Before FB tanked the other night, gonna say flush is contagious!

      • Charles Vincent

        Yeah I was slightly irritated by that.

  • Vikki Schmitt

    Figures, these people are not “patriots” they are a bunch of moochers with guns. None of them are contributing members of our society, they are just deadbeats. Betcha the govt is keeping and feeding the wife and kiddies as well.

  • Guest

    Someone at home has got to be picking up and cashing their disability checks. Those are the photos that should be going to the their local disability office for fraud.

    • terribletwos

      Or the unemployment office.

  • Donald Cowan

    As to your statement “While I know some people are sick and tired of hearing about anything related to Cliven Bundy, I believe these people are providing us with a prime example of the kind of anti-government lunacy that’s prevalent within the Republican party” it should be noted that political affiliation has nothing to do with this issue.
    I am a republican and a Veteran, however I support the concept of rule of law and I whole heartily support responsible gun ownership and those rights associated with them. I do not agree with Bundy and his supporters and there are a lot of republicans who know the difference between legitimate show of force as compared to unlawful use of force.
    Bundy and his band of outlaws are not patriots and have done a major disservice to those law abiding citizens who are gun owners. I agree that these idiots have crossed the line but lets tone down the political party rhetoric and focus on the solving the problem!
    The Second Amendment right is two fold in that it protects the right of the State to organize, arm and train its own State Military Force, hence the organized aspect of the militia. The problem is that we have a band of people who have organized themselves, unlawfully, as a military force, thus if they open fire they will be doing so without authority of law!
    Furthermore if they do open fire due to a counter response by the government they will not be able to claim “Self-defense” as legal justification for their use of deadly force because the law of self defense as rooted in our nations history specifically prohibits an a “initial aggressor” to claim the right of Self defense.
    The second prong of the Second Amendment rights specifically deals with the private right of action to keep and bear arms for the purpose of lawful self defense of “hearth and home.” In this situation a person doesn’t need to have government permission to use a firearm whereas he does need to be involved in a sanctioned organized Militia, operating collectively under official color of state law to claim legal justification for offensive combat operations!
    These ass clowns who call themselves “militia”, “patriots”,”freedom fighters”, “oath keepers”, “Sovereign Citizens” …etc need to learn the concept of self defense for defensive purposes and leave the collective category of self defense for offensive military operations to those of us who are properly trained, well equipped, and extremely organized!
    It is up to the States respectively through it own sovereignty to declare war on the feds if it should come to that. Taking the law into your own hands will strip you of the protections of the constitution because at the core the constitution is law. You cant place yourself above the law then expect to claim its protection it just doesn’t work that way!

    • Danielle

      Wonderfully put.

    • chief_warrant

      What What …a sane repub ! Too bad there aren’t more

    • Darkthunder

      Wish you’d be one to run for Congress. Get some of those GOP-loons out of there (meaning, the Tea Party “American Taliban”).

      • I would never get elected because I support an 8 year term limit for congress and senate!

      • Darkthunder

        Even more sanity. Hell, that could easily be your campaign slogan: “Bringing sanity back to congress.”

        The “establishment” GOP, and the likes of the Koch Brothers would probably go nuts.

      • DogDad

        How about, “Bring sanity back to the GOP!”

      • Red Willis

        thank you for you service to our country sir. also for your respectful response. orrin hatch ran on a 2 term promise a long time ago. hes still there

      • Daniel Plotkin

        I hate to tell you this since you seem like a nice guy and have served our country, but you are what the Tea Party likes to call a RINO. Bring your moderation over to the Democrats, it is actually welcome there. I agree with your term limits, I’d go a little longer – 10 years (5 terms) in the house, 18 years in the senate (3 terms – has to be a multiple of 6). If you make the limits too short then you get overrun by inexperienced legislators and they write bad laws (see state of Missouri). I’d also have congressional pay include up to 10% match in an appropriate retirement vehicle, as someone who served for 28 years deserves to have a retirement next egg equal to that service, and someone who served 2 years deserves exactly 2 years worth of matching contributions, not a lifetime pension.

      • Daniel you make a good point on the experience issue!

      • Madison Blane

        I have YET to see a modern-day GOP representative say anything close to, “You have a good point, perhaps a compromise is in order.” Donald, may I respectfully submit that you belong to a party whose ideals and platform no longer represents you.

      • Madison I am considering that fact and weighing my choices! I am open to the possibility of changing party affiliation to Democrat! But I wont make that decision overnight!

      • don

        The term limit should be the ballot box. Setting term limits undercuts the will of the people and cripples the ability of competent officials to accomplish much of anything. Would you be willing to accept a term limit on your job?

      • Don,
        Here is a better question! Our constitution allows us to amended it as needed! Our president can only run twice he has a term limit! Furthermore you statement has an epic fail because if any term limit is imposed it will be by a constitutional amendment that has to be ratified by 2/3 vote of the states! And that ratification is in the hands of the voters at the ballot box! So please tell me again how “setting term limits undercuts the will of the people”? Lucky for me I choose to follow my own path and make my own decisions, that can be defended! Thanks for you candid statement!

      • don

        The presidential term limit was imposed by Republicans who could not find any other means to defeat Roosevelt’s populism. Ironically, there was remorse for this purely political move when Reagan can along and could not run for his third term.

        Interestingly, Reagan’s Alzheimer’s should have precluded any attempt at a third term, but it was concealed from voters by his handlers. If he had run for a third term, possibly his disability would have emerged during the campaign and then the ballot box would have turned him away. The current term limits play into the hands of the obstructionists who simply have to wait out the second term rather than present a positive agenda to oppose the incumbent, who has become a lame duck immediately after re-election.

        Considering the complexity of modern government, a President hardly gets his/her administration in place before it’s time to transition. Obama only recently has gotten the solar panels back on the White House. This leads to ineffective government that in this day and age is extremely reckless and dangerous. Term limits on the Presidency was a bad idea born of spiteful politics.

      • Todd Jolley

        You really don’t know the Constitution works do you? The Republicans can no more ‘impose’ an amendment than I can. Quick refresher: it takes votes of 2/3’s of the House of Representatives ANS the Senate to even get an Amendment in front of the States. Then it takes 3/4 of the States ratifying the Amendment before it comes into force. You need a super-majority of the entire nation to amend the constitution. No one imposed anything on anyone with that set-up

      • Don,

        You still haven’t answered my question? You stated that ratification undermines the peoples will by usurping the ballot box! Ratification is a legitimate constitutional power exercised by we the people, thus that ratification is in the hands of the voters at the ballot box! So please tell me again how “setting term limits undercuts the will of the people”?
        We all get that you oppose term limits and that is your right but don’t spew propaganda in an attempt to win us over! If you can not defend your position with a cogent argument based on facts and the law don’t force it down others throats!

    • Tony Coletta

      Well said, thank You

    • lindylou

      Bravo! Thank you, wish there were more of you!

    • Altreg01

      There are many awesome sane republicans like Mr Donald Cowan above, but they are often drowned out by the likes of Coulter, Rush, Hannity, Palin and their ilk. I have nothing but respect and admiration for moderate republicans too bad they are being drowned out by their batshit crazy cousins from the deep south.

      • Daniel Plotkin

        I agree, but can only respect them so far – if there are so many of them, why do they let the RWNJ’s run over them so much instead of speaking out or even forming a moderate party?

      • talktothe hand

        I agree.

    • Mike Williams

      I agree with most of what you said.
      However I put forth the idea that the 2nd amendment is referring to individuals, private citizens, and uses “State” to represent not the nation as a whole or the individual sovereign state, rather the State of Freedom. The concept of freedom and it’s implications. IE: A State of mind.

      Thank you for your service.

    • Jonathan Michael Bierley

      Sorry to burst your bubble but, this has everything to do with political affiliation!

      These extremists are a warped tea-party faction of the GOP spewing tea-party talking points!

      Right wing media were the only ones that, at first, supported them AND These nut jobs only vote republican!

    • chris

      The author didn’t say this was all republicans. He said that it was prevalent in the Republican party. These types of people overwhelming support the tea party and vote Republican, which makes you think about the message that is being sent by the powers that be (tea party candidates/fox news).

    • BD

      “Self-defense” as legal justification for their use of deadly force because the law of self defense as rooted in our nations history specifically prohibits an a “initial aggressor” to claim the right of Self defense.”

      If that were actually true George Zimmerman would be rotting in jail now.

      • Seth Williams

        The problem is the jury decided he was not the aggressor. Trust me, I’d like see his ass in jail but unfortantely it’s florida…

    • EdDrky

      Gee, I actually liked this and unliked it so I could like it again.

    • Marty

      Donald, what an incredibly well thought out and knowledgeable response! You honor yourself, the law, and true Patriots with your words. My hat is doffed to you, and those like you.

    • Seth Williams

      Republicans with your kind of thinking are the ones I’d vote for and have voted for in the past. Unfortunately the party as a whole has gone by the way side.

    • DogDad

      Thank you, Donald, for your sane response! Yes, REAL republicans are for rule of law, personal responsibility, and, if you’re old enough to remember this (I am) it was the party of live and let live. We may not have been the most exciting people, but keeping things safe,legal and consistent just isn’t all that sexy. These patriots, teablabbers, militia, and on and on, have hijacked the Republican Party. To paraphrase these lunatics, “I want my party back!”

    • Guest

      Aren’t they violating some military regulation by wearing their Army fatigues while not on duty? At least they look like fatigues to me.

    • Sandy Greer

      You own this thread. Just thought I’d acknowledge that. I can’t remember any post garnering so many ‘likes’ (and accolades) – especially a first one. And by a Republican, no less. 😉

      I see you’re new here. I hope you won’t forget us, and that I see more of you here.

      A person like you raises the bar for us all. You be sure to have a good day, tomorrow!

  • Terry S. Bradley

    As a person deemed mental, I take offense to being put in the same arena as these fools. And find it an injustice to withhold rights of any kind from the mental ill. Society helped make the mentally ill who they are. Understanding as to the reasons society falls apart is much more important than the labels hung on them. Does every American need a gun? NO! I have never owned one and have no desire to. Yet I understand guns are necessary in making life easier at times. These are fools on a ranch that I am sure have more hate anger and stupidity run threw there veins than a lot of the mentally ill they are being compared to. And who ever wrote this piece up owes me an apology for there bad since of humor.

  • hahanowurdead

    These ass clowns in the desert need to realize they just committed treason in picking up arms against the US government, something that is explicitly stated in the constitution. I say, like all the fox watching morons, don’t change the constitution and let’s follow it. So will it be firing squad or hanging, dealers choice.

    • Nerdsamwich

      Right? George Washington would have left all those dirty traitors bleeding on the sand.

  • Sherry

    There’s mentally ill … and then there is Bat Crap Crazy. Mentally ill people can’t be blamed for their illness. These idiots are not mentally ill … just Bat Crap Crazy.

    • Karen_Dedosenco

      Nah, just stupid and easily led…but still dangerous.

  • Edward Krebbs

    On the mental health angle, Bundy has made claims of being like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and Gandhi (at least the well fed Gandhi who raises cows for slaughter). Seems rather self-aggrandizing. Also, he and his gang are slapping themselves on the back at telling the govt what to do. This has expanded from “protection” of a single tract of land to stopping cars and apparently thinking themselves proper in taking over law enforcement functions(for a govt composed of only them). Definitely a mental evaluation is in order.

  • Truthmonger

    We should all hate the government. For every good deed it does, it does evil in triplicate. This is a party-agnostic fact. The whole thing needs to be torn down and rebuilt on the platform of common sense.

    • regressive teaparty trash

      starting where???

    • RSM

      Oh for Chrissake, what the hell are you smoking?

  • mark nathan

    Look at them all dressed up in Rambo gear. What a bunch of pussies. Cliven’s hat looks to tight.

    • terribletwos

      I think his underwear is to tight, cutting off the circulation to his small head thinking.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        he doesn’t wear underwear——-
        that’s too american

  • Darkthunder

    “return this land to the people”

    What people might he be referring to? Cause it sure as hell ain’t the “American people”, who stole it from the Mexicans, and the Native Americans. If anything, it should be returned to the original inhabitants of the land, which we all know will NEVER happen.

    It’s funny how these people blame the government for allowing “moochers” to live on welfare, yet see no problem in asking for welfare money of their own. Fighting wars cost money. Fighting for freedom costs more. The “Bundy War” is a made-up, goes nowhere war. These people are nothing more than potential traitors and anarchists.

    • Nerdsamwich

      In the most immediate sense, “return it to the people” would mean getting Bundy the hell off it, as he’s occupying it illegally. Once he’s paid his back grazing fees and donated all that meat on the hoof to the local Food Bank in restitution for stealing its feed from the people, then we can talk about standing in insurrection against the United States.

  • Ram Garcia

    This shows how stupid these idiots are… Your standing there with a millionaire!! Ask him for funds…Bundy has probably already told them, no way, Jose!! I didn’t ask you to come!!

    • Red Willis

      yes he did

  • regressive teaparty trash

    are they eating the turtles yet? I wanna see them chase the cartoon roadrunner ala wile E coyote

    • terribletwos

      I think they should be eating Bundy’s slow elk.

  • surfrog

    A relative by marriage of mine just got back from his “mission” at the Bundy ranch… This loser is almost 40 years old, still lives with his mom, not sure if he ever got his high school diploma, he was in and out of trouble as a teenager lighting fires but tried to join the New York fire dept. but couldn’t because of his record. He left his job as an ambulance driver in NY to go out to the ranch to play soldier, going on recon missions and doing night shooting patrols in the dessert…I looked forward to his silly posts for my daily dose of comedy relief! You almost have to laugh because these nuts actually think they are doing something great here by protecting the Bundy’s from the evil government overreach! lol

    • Bonta-kun

      Not to take the piss, but if he thinks he’s going to find shooting patrols in the dessert, he ain’t gonna.

      Last time I had banana custard, it only had Claymore mines in it.

  • RSM

    I am damned if our tax money should be used to prop up these idiots who do not even believe in the sovereignty of the Federal Government. Let them dare apply for food stamps where they should be promptly told since the government doesn’t exist, neither do food stamps.

    • william Dinwiddie

      I agree with this person totally.

    • Nerdsamwich

      They are traitors and terrorists. They should not be told anything, but promptly rounded up and hanged.

  • Janice Foster

    LOL! This is the funniest article I’ve read all day, and the FB comments are hilarious!

    I wonder how long these domestic terrorists are going to be able to withstand the desert heat wearing fatigues and bullet-proof vests with all that junk in their pockets. Hungry, hot, and only receiving .0017% of their goal? If their small brains aren’t fried yet, they’ll be giving up on Cheap-Ass Welfare Bundy, soon.

  • william Dinwiddie

    Well I am a republican and I am do not hate our government. I believe if you want to effect change you do it at the ballot box at election time not at the point of a gun. I also believe you need to write letters and call your elected officials at the local and national level to let them know your views and have your friends and family do the same these guys at the Bundy ranch did no stop or change anything they will only succeed in getting themselves caught and put

    in jail for obstruction creating more problems for the gov’t to take care of and yes they are idiots but to label all republicans and legal gun owners the same as these people is just as idiotic as saying all democrats are socialists and communists. Most republicans I know are hard workingclass people who are cencent rests or have just as progressive attitudes as some democrats do. We just believe people should keep what they earn and not have it given to them.

    • Red Willis

      you’ve for gotten the part where the gop gives the rich gazillions(corporate welfare) I e taxloopholes and god knows what else. and then theres the cash yall just plain screw the kids,vets, disabled, elderly etc. hell in my 60 years ive met lots of welfare gop. but mostly just the ones who worship the golden calf

    • poppaDavid

      I also believe that people should be able to keep what they earn. I have some problem believing that a CEO who is driving a corporation into the ground really “earns” their wages. I have a problem believing that the children born into a wealthy family have “earned” any of their privileges. I have a problem believing that a business that gets a government protection, monopoly, or benefit has “earned” that gift.

      There are real economic benefits that come from a stable money system, honest judicial system, peaceful marketplace, domestic tranquility, and personal freedoms. “We the people” built that system over several centuries, and it is arrogant for anyone who lives within our system to insist that they “did it on their own”.

      I am not liberal because I have a bleeding heart, I am a liberal because as a libertarian I hold that if you didn’t create the land, water or air you have no right to “dispose” of it and we, who live on the earth, have a vested interest in protecting its quality. And, I believe that those of us who invested in public works and public bodies own them and WE should share the economic benefits of our institutions.

  • USA

    If these losers think this is over and they won I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell them. You are known and you will be dealt with as you should be.

  • Luke

    If there really were “tyranny and an overbearing governtment [sic]”, then how do these people exist?

    Tyrants don’t tend to let their opposition live, much less wander around continuing to break the law (armed checkpoints), defy said tyrant, and run their collective mouths.

    I would tend to think a tyrannical regime would have shown up months ago with tanks and air support such that there would be no story here outside of some rumors about what that burned out shack and destroyed ranch “used to be”.

  • Jonathan Michael Bierley

    Clive Bundy is supposed to be a rancher. He should be feeding them!

    • Devin Kedward

      Haha yes, feeding his sheep.

  • strayaway

    I thought from the title that they were asking for government ‘welfare’. This really appears more like passing the collection plate or hat at churches, unions and other non-profit venues. The SWAT team and OMB guys meanwhile stayed in las Vegas hotels at taxpayer expense. That’s one of the reasons that rounding up some cows probably cost taxpayers more than what Bundy owes.

    • Sandy Greer

      Bundy should be rounding up some cows to feed his followers.

      A good host always provides for his guests, and doesn’t expect the neighbors to pay for the party.

      • strayaway

        I like your idea about using his own cattle for a Bar-B-Q to offset the costs of all involved and show his gratitude.

        Round two: Otero County, New Mexico commissioners voted Monday to authorize the Sheriff there to open a gate allowing nearly 200 head of cattle into a 23-acre area despite federal Forest Service restrictions.

      • Sandy Greer

        So now we have copycats. Maybe soon we’ll have Range Wars – like in the good ol’ days, back in the Wild, Wild, West.

        Interesting choice of words in the letter: “return this land to the people”.

        ^^^Bundy fancies himself a real Folk Hero, leading the charge. And his army? The front-runners in the Revolution: Down in the trenches, for the Cause, standing against The Man.

        When all the while – Bundy wouldn’t return his OWN land “to the people”. Just somebody else’s.

        That’s OUR land he wants; mine, and yours. No matter what flag he wraps himself in, or HOW many followers and copycats:

        He’s just another ‘taker’ with an Entitlement Complex – wants something for free.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      if republican patriot bundy would’ve paid his bills (etc) we wouldn’t have needed taxpayer money for the swat team et al food and lodging; would we?

  • Regular Guy

    They are not men. They are bratty child-men with deadly toys they are frothing at the mouth to use. Welfare traitors.

  • RevRoscoe Beauregard

    I am of the VIETNAM generation… I was raised with guns, and guns were only to be used to hunt.. Forage for ‘food’ not to be taken into public and made into a spectacular …. I am also a VET, not of Vietnam, but stateside, and have come to know many who served there including a brother in law with 2 purple hearts, and a silver star. In my search on this ‘character’ I found he divorced n 1983 in Nevada… Clark County (why did this loving Mormon family man wife seek a divorce…this needs to be answered)… also, he was born in 1946, and eligible for THE DRAFT.. THE DRAFT.. no record of his service, if he is a ‘patriot’ he should have put on a UNIFORM then.. TOO LATE.. He is a draft dodger. . DRAFT DODGER… .until proven elsewhere…

  • Jason Jermaine Smith

    What a bunch of worthless panty-wastes, lmmfao! Srsly. Utterly disgusting, no self-redeeming quality, low-lifes.

  • Bonta-kun

    Personally, I cannot wait for Jon Stewart to rip this shower a new arsehole each.

  • noel_one

    Just a bunch of WELFARE QUEENS. Have they been drug tested? Do they have a Case worker? What is their official residence? Have they filled out teh proper paperwork?
    Bunch of hypocritical A_holes. Since they are Cliven Bundy’s Militia, (Hired Thugs) make him pay for the bunch of damn parasites.
    These are a modern equivalent of the “Regulator’s” of the Old West Days, who were just hired guns for the rich and not peace keepers as they were touted to be, or the hired thugs of the drug cartels. There is nothing ‘noble’ or, ‘Heroic” about a bunch of heavily armed bandits threatening and detaining honest people who live in the area while they go about their lawful business.

    I think every single one of these Thugs, should be identified and charged under the Law. Their gun licenses should be revoked for illegally carrying weapons and threatening people with a firearm.

    Send the notification, registered mail to Cliven Bundy’s ranch with an order to turn in their weapons and themselves, at the nearest police station to await trial by jury of their Peers. Of course, most will ignore this so they will _also_ by unlawfully at large.
    When this whole thing finally simmers down, arrest each and every one and put them on tria. I am SO tired of these BULLIES.

  • Beth Anne Kirkham-Wille

    go home!

  • rossbro

    Wondering why these lunatics call themselves ‘ Patriots’ ? All I see and hear is anti American rhetoric. And if you hate the Federal Government, why ride around carryint the United States flag?? Idiots is a more apt description.

  • jeffrey doering

    He’s hungry? He can eat a dick. Pardon my French.

  • Scooter Livingston

    For this stunt they got balls, I’ll grant them that

  • Sam Gunner

    Why don’t they get Bundy to pay them?
    He’s a millionaire ain’t he?
    A “well armed militia” needs money to operate.
    They’re against the government but still need the government’s money.
    They think they’re brave?
    Secure the perimeter and send in the drones.
    They’ll change their tune in a second.

  • Rick R

    These people ALL belong in jail. They’re patriotic in the same way that the gestapo were patriotic to Nazi Germany.

  • not a fool

    Why would my comment need approval? What about free speech?

  • Sunnysmom

    If this “patriot” wants to defend the homeland, he should join the National Guard like real heroes. Prick.