Bush Ethics Lawyer: Trump Takes Oath of Office as Seriously as His Wedding Vows (Video)

Richard Painter, the former ethics lawyer for George W. Bush, hasn’t been shy when it comes to expressing his disdain for Donald Trump. As one of the few Republicans out there who didn’t sell out to one of the biggest political mistakes this country has ever made — which is saying something considering Painter worked for one of the other biggest mistakes in American political history — he’s made it perfectly clear that he views Trump as an unethical, dishonest crook who has no business being this country’s “president.”

For example, comments he made to MSNBC’s Ali Velshi where Painter slammed the morals of this “president,” saying that Trump takes his Oath of Office about as seriously as he does his marriage vows.

“There is the broader ethical issue that he’s been married three times and cheated on all three of his wives. And he takes his oath of office to uphold the Constitution about as seriously as he has taken his marriage vows,” Painter stated. “That is not a question that the special prosecutor or Congress will look into.”


While very blunt, what he said is absolutely true. This “president” has made it clear that the only person he cares about is himself. Every decision he makes isn’t calculated based on what’s in the best interests of this country or the American people, but what he feels will benefit him the most. He swore an oath to serve this country, yet he’s made it perfectly clear he only serves himself.

Then Painter went a little more serious with it, explaining why this Daniels scandal, while definitely something worth talking about, actually carries with it some serious legal implications, as well.

“What is legally relevant here is that this LLC that held this $130,000 should have been on his form 278 testimony disclosure form,” Painter explained. “If the lawyer had paid this money out of his own funds, without expectation of reimbursement, then that is a campaign contribution and that should have been disclosed to the Federal Election Commission.”

“So either way, this was covered up probably illegally and that itself can be a crime,” he added. “So we need to get to the bottom of this, but it shows the president should not be trusted by his wives or the American people.”

Whether or not you support Trump is irrelevant. If you want to be a hypocrite and act like this doesn’t matter, go right ahead. Though everyone knows if a Democrat was busted paying hush money to an ex-adult film star about an affair they had on the current First Lady, you hypocrites would certainly care.

The fact of the matter is, if Trump used campaign money to pay for Daniels’ silence, yet didn’t disclose the payment — that’s illegal.

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Watch his comments below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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