Busted! Rick Perry Using “Nonprofit Corporation” Run By Governor’s Office to Create Slush Fund

rickperrybustedIt’s no secret that I believe for most Republicans being a hypocrite is almost a required trait to be a member of the GOP.

After all, these are the “small government fiscally conservative” individuals who seem to always want to expand government encroachment on the private lives of Americans, and haven’t had a president from their party balance the budget since the 1950’s.

So it was no surprise when I heard about Rick Perry using tax dollars to fund measures that seek to lure businesses to Texas.

Oh, but if you ask him he completely denies that any of the $5 million that’s been spent to lure businesses to Texas from “blue states” like Illinois, California and New York has come from tax dollars.

And we should believe him, right?  I mean, it’s not like he bragged about a balanced budget, while using 2009 stimulus funds to balance that budget—a 2009 stimulus that he publicly slammed and denounced.

Oh wait, that’s exactly what he did.

See, there’s an organization called TexasOne that collects “donations” from —well anyone—to fund Rick Perry’s trips so he can claim taxpayers aren’t footing the bill for these expenses.

Nothing quite like blatantly legalizing kickbacks from wealthy people, or big corporations, through the guise of “donations” to “build the Texas economy.”

Perry claims TexasOne is a nonprofit corporation—that just happens to be managed by the governor’s office.  The board is appointed by Perry and there’s absolutely no legislated system of checks and balances for oversight of the money that’s “donated.”

And then there’s the previously mentioned hypocrisy of Rick Perry.  While Perry claims no tax money has been used for his travels, the Houston Chronicle calculated that at least 45% of the $4.7 million collected over the last three years (or $2 million dollars) has been funded by local sales taxes.

Mr. “Small Government” Perry is using millions of taxpayer dollars to fund his extravagant trips, while bold-face lying about his use of these tax dollars.

And while he makes these hefty claims about “job creation,” what these trips essentially do is raid other states, attempting to bring jobs from their states to Texas.  Now, I know Perry isn’t the smartest guy around, but even he should understand you can’t “create” jobs that already existed.  Shifting 1,000 jobs from California to Texas doesn’t “create jobs,” it just moves them.

But none of this will matter.  Republicans prove time and time again when they vote this guy into office that it doesn’t matter what he does, they’ll eat big spoon fulls of his bullcrap and do so with a smile.

Even if the thing he’s done is create his very own slush fund to get around state laws which prohibit corporations from directly giving him donations—a slush fund he operates and oversees.

While still using millions of dollars from taxpayers to foot the bill for the expenses his big corporate buddies didn’t cover.  It’s a scheme so corrupt, I’m willing to bet organized crime leaders wished they had come up with it.

Then again, Rick Perry might just be the biggest organized crime leader in the United States.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • gailillly

    Perry is what all the rest of the elected assholes in Texas are a LYING, HYPOCRITCAL, IGNORANT REDNECK WHO STEALS MONEY TO BENEFIT HIMSELF.

    • Sam I-Am

      You did good but could’a also added more to that list such as, A.H. – Racist – Narcissists – Born with silver spoon in mouth – and much more. Plus He’s way more like Stupid than he is ignorant but he proved to be both in Republican Primary debates. But let’s at least hope the Democratic Rednecks can take back control of Texas.

  • NSSherlock

    Just like all the politicians on earth, the democrats do this too ot it’s not an isolated incident. they all want the country to be divided. that gives them control.Wake Up People. we need to do away with all of them.

    • Gregory Mead

      Examples, please, especially of a liberal of Perry’s national recognition.

      Look up “false equivalence”.

  • maxiemom


  • Bonby

    People please. Texas might have the best economy of all the states. The current president is 1000 times worse then perry could ever be. When the ACLU sues a liberal president that should speak for itself

    • Gregory Mead

      Sure, it means that he’s not all that liberal. You should be delighted.

    • phil a

      oh really? is that why Texas is in the Bible belt of other red states whose ppl collect the most public assistance than all the other states? Perry creates low paying jobs where so many have to go on public assistance to get by

    • writingferret

      “Texas might have the best economy of all the states”

      For employers, yes. For employees, no. Texas leads the country in percentage of minimum wage jobs.

    • John E. Conway

      It got there by using stimulus money. It stays there by cutting funds to education, medicaid, and other programs that the poor need, Meanwhile the rich barely notice any changes. That is why it is shifting from red to blue, if its people can get around the gerrymandering.

  • Bobby

    Liberals are idiots. Most are lazy sheep

    • Texan 4ever

      and you have what reason for you assumptions

    • sick and tired

      Yes well most republicans are. Kkk prejudice redneckss that hate hate hate everyone unless your a redneck. Serial killer republican!!!! Other then that republicans hate you . Republicans talk down on everyone. Everything that comes out a republicans mouth is hate!!!! The reason im responding back like you , is because im so sick and tired of you Republicans saying such hateful words!!!! Bottom line you Republicans are sick nazi that hate everyone but the white race. Well you can think what u want about democrats and other races but we’re not going know where us democrats will be here to fight back and come back stronger everytime. Gods will we can vote another minority as. president.

    • writingferret

      Bobby McCrappytroll, everybody

    • Django

      Bobby baby, make an effort to not embarrass yourself so badly.

    • jadugara

      Internet trolls like you are forced to get their kicks posting inflamatory garbage because:
      (1) They pathetically crave attention…
      (2) They’re too stupid to become hackers…
      (3) They’re too stupid to write computer viruses…

  • Texan 4ever

    I am a Texan living in Maryland for the last 6 years and Im a liberal,

  • MamaJ

    I may live in TX, but I am VERY ashamed of Ricky Perry. I Definitely do not identify w/ the “RED STATE.”

  • writingferret

    No offense, but you’re only preaching to the choir with articles like this. If you want me to share it, so that hopefully people who DON’T understand what’s going on will read it, you need to tone down the “Republicans are so obviously bad” stuff. Not that I don’t agree…but you sound like a left-wing Fox News, and we don’t need that to convince people that the GOP is extremely corrupt. They do it on their own. Just report facts.

    • Django

      Yes! Exactly right. A rhetorical rant is self-defeating. Keep it articulate and sane.

    • Sam I-Am

      Exactly – The best way to win elections vs. Romney for just one of many examples – Hand him a microphone and Hope & Pray he just says something. Anything! Such as, how votable he is because of who, what, why, how, etc. about himself and his agenda. They just destroy themselves with no promoting. Let them be themselves at their own loss.

      And as you point out – When they grab that mic to offer new lies & new false scandals or the usual embarrassing Republican stupefying gaffes – Just go to Media-Matters where these News Clips are all collected & ready for you to highlight it on our Social Media. Or the Ed Show etc. on MSNBC.

  • Rocco Cuteri

    I really miss Molly Ivins.

  • joeyh

    Yeah, The economy in TX is doing terrible, freaking conservatives! oh wait..

  • mmmmikkimac

    It will be a happy day when the voters of TX realize he is as corrupt as they come and vote him OUT of office. Better yet, someone sues him and takes him to court to prove he’s a crook.

  • David Starkey


  • IDSprout

    Enjoy your smear campaign…Texas is actually showing real economic progress with real (non-government) jobs. Meanwhile in Washington, Obama is ears deep in the alligator pit with scandals galore..but I guess this story is all about preaching to the minions who ignore the transgressions of any Democrat.

  • oh, its him, AGAIN.

    maybe the IRS needs to look into this Charity as well. There’s tax monies to be had.