Busted: TX Anti-Choice Groups Are Stalking Women’s Clinic Workers And Patients (VIDEO)

abort“These abortionists are feeling the pressure… They feel like they are on the run, and that’s how we want to keep it.” ~ Abby Johnson, Live Action

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and Progress Texas has released video revealing tactics used by anti-choice groups in that state. The tape was recorded on August 4, 2014 at a training meeting for several anti-abortion groups called the Texas Alliance for Life, entitled “Keeping Abortion Facilities Closed.”

Intimidation tactics, such as stalking, tracking clients and staff, and how to get their personal information, are casually discussed. How to find out who people are, how to track them, and where to go to harass them.

“You track license plates… the license plates coming into any abortion facility… They’re not telling you who they are, they’re not engaged in the conversation. You have license plates, car make, model, description of the person.” ~ Karen Garnett, Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas (CPLC)

All these disturbing tactics, so matter of fact in delivery, show how anti-choice activists plan to intimidate clients. And this is in addition to a large and frightening presence at each and every clinic.

“The number of cancelled appointments, just because they don’t want to drive in because they see our presence there. That’s one impact.” ~ Garnett

It certainly is an impact. With the aid of a recent Supreme Court ruling  the buffer zone between protesters and clinics is now completely gone. Now, anti-choice groups can get up in people’s faces if they want to. And they were already intimidating enough to most women.

“The picketers out there, they just scared me half to death.” ~ Davida Johnson went to the convicted abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell when she was too intimidated to enter a safe Planned Parenthood Clinic under protest.

And it isn’t just clients, it is staff who work there. A main goal of the groups is to harass staff into quitting.

“We were able to talk to the abortion center workers, 66 of them quit!” ~ Eileen Romano, 40 Days For Life

And, of course, to shut the clinics down entirely. If that involves stalking and tracking the doctors, so be it.

“In the Fort Worth area, we’ve gone from four abortion mills, to only one… Whole Women’s is the one that is operating. They have two abortionists. We’ve been able to identify one in there… and we’re still searching for the other” ~ Michael Demma, Respect Life, Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth

Abby Jordan talks about tracking where clinics might re-open after they have been closed by using Appraisal District Records. Karen Garnett talks about tracking staff and clients with license plates. Eileen Romano talks about forcing people out of their jobs as “keeping score.”

All of this speaks to the chilling resolve of these groups to their cause. No tactics, no matter how invasive, seem to be off the table. These people will have no problem going to a doctor’s house or violating the sanctity of a church.

God is supposed to have given his people Free Will. America is supposed to guarantee the rights of its citizens to not face harassment on grounds of religious beliefs. Freedom of Religion means that you may worship or not worship freely, NOT to impose your religious beliefs on others.

Mass intimidation tactics cannot be condoned. But they are in Texas, and other parts of America, in the name of God. If you are using your religion to justify harassment and intimidation; to frighten others, and violate their civil and personal rights; you are cheapening yourself, your religion, and your God.

Here is a very good example of how a religiously fanatic fringe group is controlling national conversations. They are using the volume of their opinions to make up for the lack of volume in their numbers. This video shows the unconscionable lengths they will go to keep control.

Watch the video here via NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and Progress Texas:

Chad R. MacDonald

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  • Eg Kbbs

    Recording license plates. Wonder if they got the idea from the police that track license plates ? And like the police say they do, only access that data for lawful purposes.

  • crabjack

    Isn’t there open carry in Texas? Can’t they get some mean looking people carrying nasty looking guns to stand between the clients and the anti-freedom picketers?

    • Hannah R Pugh

      No. Open carry is illegal in TX other than long guns.

      • crabjack

        Yea, that’s what they need; long, scary guns!

  • crabjack

    I mean if the police won’t do their job and arrest the jerks….

  • bungaylad

    Why are we afraid of Muslim terrorists? We have the Christian Taliban trying to impose their version of Sharia Law on the rest of us right now! This is a prime example of it.

  • Cemetery Girl

    These people are creepy. Taking down people’s license plate number and description, and how long until they start showing up at the houses of the people whom they’ve collected the information? It kinda ticks me off that people can be so incredibly creepy and what can be done about it?

  • bigovernmentsocialconservative

    Two questions:

    1.Why are these people not being described as forced-birth cultists?

    2.Why are these people being described SOMETIMES as “Anti abortion”? They are against abortion-RIGHTS.

  • kduke

    It’s domestic terrorism and they won’t stop until the shooting starts.

  • LL11

    Can we get the addresses of Abby Johnson, Karen Garnett, Eileen Romano, Michael Demma so we can track them?

  • Pipercat

    Prohibitions don’t work.