California Senate Passes Bill Ending “Personal Beliefs” Vaccines Loophole

fox-news vaccinesVaccines do not cause autism. Repeat after me, vaccines DO NOT cause autism. We’ve been over this time and time again, but there are still people out there who take the advice of D-list celebrities and a discredited British doctor over the overwhelming consensus of the medical and scientific communities.

Yet, there are still states here in America that allow unvaccinated children to attend public schools and put others at risk. These actions are not only based in paranoia and ignorance, but they’re also incredibly selfish and dangerous.

After a series of measles outbreaks, people are finally beginning to push back against the anti-vaccine movement which has grown in popularity over the last couple decades. In the past, the anti-vaxxers (based on my personal experience) tended to be a fringe group of anti-government conspiracy nuts and a few New Age types who were firm believers in forgoing anything that wasn’t “natural medicine.” While I was lucky enough to get all of my vaccines as a child, some of my younger siblings did not, based on stories being passed around the “pro-life” movement concerning the MMR vaccine.

In recent years, the anti-vaccine hysteria has slowly crept out of the shadows and has gained traction, thanks in part to celebrity activists like Rob Schneider and Robert F. Kennedy Jr stating that vaccines cause autism – even though there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to back up their statements. Now the California Senate has passed a law which removes the personal beliefs exemption loophole which has contributed to low vaccination rates across the state.

The bill, which eliminates the so-called personal beliefs exemption allowing parents to forego vaccinations if opposed to them for any reason, was introduced after a measles outbreak at Disneyland last year that sickened more than 100 people.

“The personal beliefs exemption is endangering the public,” said Democratic state Senator Richard Pan, a pediatrician and co-author of the bill. The measure still allows children to attend school without vaccinations for medical reasons.

In recent years, vaccination rates at many California schools have plummeted as parents, some of whom fear a link between vaccines and autism, have declined to inoculate their children against such diseases as polio and measles.

Although the vast majority of children are vaccinated, at some schools, many in affluent, liberal enclaves, vaccination rates are well below the 92 percent needed to maintain the group immunity required to protect those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons or who have weak immune systems. (Source)

Personal beliefs and the freedom to practice them are part of what this country was founded on. However, when personal beliefs endanger public health and put other people at risk, individual rights are not unlimited and do not supersede the rights of everyone else. While many people who have fallen for the “alternative medicine” quackery are simply naive, individuals like Mike Adams from Natural News or Dr. Joseph Mercola are making a small fortune promoting pseudoscience and comparing their critics to genocidal Nazi war criminals. Robert F. Kennedy Jr recently had to apologize for comparing autism and vaccines to the Holocaust while promoting his anti-vaccine film “Trace Amounts,” and it doesn’t stop there.

Another lesser-known anti-vaccine activist is the German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer who has stated that vaccines and modern medicine are a Jewish plot to kill non-Jews. He even created his own “New German Medicine,” which is based in part on anti-Semitism as well as a rejection of conventional medicine based on conspiracies. Here’s a portion of a German article on him, translated by Google:

In the GNM-Hamer idea came after the death of his son, who died of a gunshot wound. Loss conflict and testicular cancer fell for him together. This coincidence was for Hamer “the spark”. That his habilitation thesis and teaching have not been adopted, was the influence of “Jewish lodges” owed. This would affect professors, judges and journalists in order to enforce an “unprecedented insight suppression campaign”. He goes on to say that the “silly old orthodox medicine is a Jewish medicine actually” and that it would be “the mad struggle of Talmudic Zionists to want to kill all non-Jews.”

The death of the Son he says, have brought to mankind the “knowledge of this religious world domination madness”. The Jews would even apply the GNM and “survival to 98 percent,” he explains, “while my German non-Jewish compatriots and all non-Jews should be forced to continue to endure the idiotic Jewish Benign-Malignant-religious medicine, on the one at 98 percent chemo and morphine dies “.

The studied theologian also announced that after the “Jewish religion” the destruction of the Gentiles until the “messianic kingdom of the Jews” enable. Critical voices are heard from the medical gurus Hamer followers barely. They prefer to speak of the “chemo-Holocaust”. (Source)

There are legitimate reasons to distrust the medical and pharmaceutical industries (both conventional and alternative), but there’s a difference between healthy skepticism and irrational paranoia fueled by dangerous and hateful individuals like Ryke Geerd Hamer or Mike Adams. Vaccines are proven to be safe and extremely effective in eliminating diseases that have killed or crippled millions – this is something that we shouldn’t have to be debating in the year 2015. Kudos to the California State Senate for their work in trying to close this loophole which puts the public at risk and serves no other purpose than to lend credibility to discredited charlatans like Andrew Wakefield.


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