I Called Out Radical Sanders Supporters and Here Are Some of Their ‘Colorful’ Responses

On Sunday, I wrote an article calling out some of Bernie Sanders’ supporters for treating Hillary Clinton how many Republicans treat President Obama. By that I meant that this particular group of supporters are people who simply want to hate her, so it doesn’t matter what facts you provide to debunk something that they believe since they’re not going to change their minds.

In fact, in the article itself, I was very careful to provide links to information that supported nearly everything I was saying just to ensure that anyone reading it couldn’t say I didn’t cite my sources or use factual information to support my claims. Heck, I even put a disclaimer at the bottom of the article explaining that the blue words that were underlined were links to my sources that backed up whatever fact I was presenting or anti-Clinton myth I was debunking.

Again, because many of these folks simply want to hate her, I knew it wasn’t going to make a difference to most of them. Like I said, trying to reason with this particular group of people has been just like trying to deal with Republicans when it comes to the myths, lies and misinformation they believe about President Obama — facts really don’t matter.

Well, as expected, the backlash from some of these folks was intense and often irrational. Many who commented on the article clearly either didn’t read it, lack basic reading comprehension, or they actually read it but came to some absurd conclusion anyway because, well, they want to hate her and bash anyone who remotely says anything positive about her.

So, let’s look at a few of the comments I received:

  • Stop. I wouldn’t vote for Clinton if she were running unopposed. Many of us feel the same way. She’s not entitled to anything, most particularly my vote. (I can’t tell if this person read the article [it’s unlikely] but I do notice the lack of anything factual to counter anything I said. This is a spot-on case of what I mean. This person wants to hate Clinton and nothing is going to change their mind.)
  • It is probably because her camp has been committing serious crimes against us that everyone has been just ignoring. Ok sure, she is better than trump maybe I guess, but election fraud is still treason(Clearly this person didn’t read the article, either. Instead, they simply chose to claim voter fraud — which was actually addressed in the article and has been debunked by several sources. But, hey, let’s not let facts get in the way of people who want to hate her.)
  • We are a large of Sanders and what we’re saying about hers is true, whereas some if what Republicans were saying about Obama was not. She is pro-war, pro-oligarchy, pro-pharma, pro fracking until very recently, pro-big banks, pro-TPP, etc. Everything that is destroying this country(Another person who didn’t read the article because I addressed the hypocrisy of those who bash Clinton while defending Obama even though many of the attacks they use against her could just as easily be used on him. In fact, basically everything they claim she’s “pro” in their little rant could be said about Obama — proving my point.)
  • How is it that you can’t understand the reason so many Bernie supporters dislike Clinton is because she is the antithesis of everything Bernie believes and represents. Why would we want to switch our allegiance to someone who is the exact opposite of what we believe in and want, simply because both are listed as Democrats(Again, in the article, I literally point out how they voted on the same side of the issues 93 percent of the time and she was ranked the 11th most liberal senator when she served. Not only that, but to claim she’s the “exact opposite” considering Sanders and Clinton agree on practically everything proves the point of the article. There are people who simply want to hate her. This was hyperbolic nonsense. Are they identical? No. But to claim she’s the “exact opposite” is ludicrous.)
  • It’s absurd to call Clinton progressive. Being better than Trump doesn’t make one progressive. Being progressive makes one progressive and that’s why Sanders should win(Notice a theme of these folks leaving comments that seem to indicate they didn’t bother reading the article? What’s “absurd” is to claim she’s not a progressive when, in the comments section of the article where you’re making this claim, I listed numerous factual sources proving she’s been much more liberal than most of these folks will ever admit. Once again, this person simply wants to hate her.)
  • Another hit piece on Sanders. What a surprise. Maybe cover the policy positions or history that make Hillary an unappealing candidate instead of attacking Bernie supporters(What’s funny about this comment is I really didn’t even talk about Bernie Sanders — at all. Sure, I focused on this group of his supporters but I didn’t actually bash or attack or criticize him one time. Yet, to this person, it’s a “Sanders hit piece.” So, either they didn’t read it or lack any sort of reading comprehension.)
  • I don’t like her because she is a corporate puppet and I truly believe that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is better for America.. But when Hillary’s Bernie bashers come out it makes me dislike her even more(The theme of people who commented but don’t seem to have read the article continues. To repeat, no where in the article did I “bash” Bernie Sanders. I criticized some of his supporters, yes, but I didn’t “bash” him. In fact, I really only used his name in this article as a reference to “Sanders supporters” and barely even mentioned him personally.)
  • BS. Some Sanders supporters are doing this, but they are by far in the minority. Just another biased article to make Sanders’ and his followers look bad, ignorant(In the article I literally wrote this line: The vast majority of Sanders people are great, awesome people who understand the Republican party is the enemy – not fellow Democrats. But, you know, whatever. Who needs to actually read what I said in the article, right? It’s easier to just ignorantly leave a comment because, again, it’s what they want to believe.) 
  • The difference is, Hillary earned it. Obama didn’t(Seemingly another person who didn’t read the article which includes two paragraphs about how many of the key attacks Sanders and his supporters have used against Clinton could also be used against President Obama. In other words, another person who proved they simply want to hate her.)
  • The key difference is while republican criticism of president Obama is mostly based on lies, Bernie supporters’ criticism of Hillary is mostly based on truth(Said in the comment section of an article with more than 10 linked sources to factual information that debunks many of the most common anti-Clinton attacks and myths — including how many of them could be used against President Obama.)
  • SFW? “Forward” Progressives? You certainly haven’t sufficiently vetted this warmongering corporate shill! The similarities are hardly “staggering.” (Obviously didn’t read the article and, in fact, proves the point I was making.)
  • Criticizing her past positions, decisions, and corrupt behavior is not ANYTHING like the racist, insulting Republican behavior, towards Obama. You guys will stoop to any level, won’t you, to get Hillary elected? (Oh, look at that, another person who commented but seems to have not read the article.)
  • Oh FFS – that’s a reach. We the People can’t afford her Wall Street loving, GMO, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Not a livable wage, entitled War Hawk corporatist Frack Queen. Hillary is treating us like she did Obama with disdain, projection and out right lies and distortion. You are backing the wrong horse. (Look! They seem to have read the articl… err, wait — no, they didn’t.)
  • BULL.SH*T [my edit]. Obama is a progressive. Clinton is a socially liberal republican parading as a progressive, I mean moderate, I mean Goldwater girl I mean stay turned next month. (Ding! Ding! Ding! Can anyone guess what this person is? If you guessed “Someone who didn’t read the article,” then you’d be right!)

I could keep going because there were tons of these comments, but I’ll stop there. By the way, those were just some of the “top comments” (aka the most “liked”) from only two Facebook pages: Forward Progressives and Right Off a Cliff. And they don’t even including the seemingly endless amount of “way to be a shill for Hillary” and accusations that I was paid to write the article. That made me laugh considering both of those frequently occurring comments I sarcastically addressed in the article — though, like most of these others folks, they probably never read it.

However, what’s funny about every single one of these comments is (and keep in mind these were top comments), none of them addressed a single fact I used in the article to debunk a myth or a lie.

Not. A. Single. One.

Ironically, all these comments really did was ultimately prove the point of the original article by giving me multiple example showing that there are many within this more aggressive group of Sanders supporters who simply want to hate Hillary Clinton the way Republicans want to hate President Obama.

Just like those Republicans, when these particular people were confronted with indisputable and sourced facts that debunked many of the things they want to believe, they simply ignored them because those facts didn’t confirm their bias.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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