Calling Out “Christian” Conservative Hypocrisy: The Best of 2013

hypocritical-christianConservatives and their “Christianity,” it’s quite the funny thing.  Well, at least to me it is.  See, I’m a Christian (as most who follow me know) who spends a decent amount of time trying to reclaim my faith from the hypocritical and hateful right-wing fanatics who for too long have hijacked Christianity — portraying it as something that I firmly believe it’s not.

And maybe I’m biased, but as a political blog I feel we at Forward Progressives are among the leaders as it relates to quality Christian content and exposing conservative ignorance about the faith.  That’s not just me talking — I get emails, messages and posts from readers everywhere telling me the same all the time.

Personally, my goal is to change the perception of what a Christian is because I believe far too many people lump conservative ignorance in with Christianity.  Which I feel is completely inaccurate.  Anyone can call themselves a Christian, but that doesn’t mean they follow Christianity.

Well, over this past year we’ve had several great articles that did a fantastic job at tackling right-wing ignorance about Christianity.  So, in the theme of “year in review” stuff that’s big this time of year, I figured I’d list our 5 best articles related to Christianity and Christian ignorance in 2013.

While obviously I agree with most of them, these are just my favorite five from this past year.

Here we go!

#5: Explaining how Republicans really don’t get Christianity: 

#4: I took on a conservative who shocked me with their absolute ignorance: 

#3: Tackling five key Christian values and how Republicans seem to ignore all of them: 

#2: A fantastic breakdown of the Biblical definition of marriage: 

#1: A simple fact about Republicans and Christianity:

Well, there’s my top 5.  Though I did want to list a couple of “honorable mentions” because I believe we’ve had several great articles this past year:

Alright, I’ll end it there.  I hope you all took a few minutes to check out the above articles, and I promise to keep up the fight to expose right-wing ignorance about Christianity in 2014.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    Those faux “Christian” Conservatives hide behind the veil of Christianity to validate their self righteousness ideologies in order to control and manipulate others with different views than theirs. This behavior falls in the category of delusions of grandeur with narcissistic features. The idea is that since they are self proclaimed “Christians”, their voices carry more weight. To the gullible and uninformed, this is an effective tactic. Until we learned to think for ourselves, nothing will change.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      please read my above post

  • charleo1

    “Perfect!” He exclaimed, as he pounded the last few inches of the mangled square peg into the decidedly round hole.

  • Jonas

    It’s great that there are those on the left who want to rebrand Christianity into something palatable but let’s face it, Christianity has centuries of precedent for bigotry, hate, misogyny and violence. It’s tough to say whether it’s the right wing wearing the trappings of Christianity or Christianity wearing the trappings of the right wing. Chicken or the egg?

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      please read my above post

    • Perry Fogleman

      you seem to have mistaken christianity for humanity. and everyone always points to the old testament (not that you did; just pointing something out) and scriptures from leviticus and other books when trying to paint a picture of the things you just stated. one problem: the old testament isn’t christian. jews believe it as do muslims. christianity does not come into the picture until the birth of jesus(obviously).

  • moe/larry & curly keys

    the incredible bovaristic attitude by CLAIMING– with NO proof– that THEY will live after death and all of the jews/ seculars/ moslems/Buddhists/atheists/ Taoists/ agnostics ET HOC GENUS OMNE will “burn in hell” because we didn’t ascribe to their dead carpenter GOD,,,,,I remind all of you who are SOOOOO sick of the “ours the ONLY way” diatribe of the scumbag pseudo-elitist “Christians” ( IE Baptists) ask them to get a SIMPLE “miracle”————– and until it is performed they and their invisible GOD ( dead sheepherder) are always impotent: LETS SEE anyones “GOD” cure an AMPUTEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ……………… CURE AN AMPUTEE,,,,,, no cancer; no diabetes; no blindness———–lets see the CHRIST (dead) cure an amputee- until that happens CHRISTIANS remain to be mocked as just another superstition capitalizing on stupid lemming humans the way all RELIGIONS ( control/money) DO,,,,,,,,

    • Perry Fogleman

      does love exist? does consciousness exist? do you exist? i am kinda crazy and my grandma was a schizophrenic so i could just be arguing with myself and the comment that I’m replying to is merely me. people thought the idea of germs and microorganisms, living inside your body, was absolutely crazy. so, tell me this: everything in the universe came from something else…except everything? what about people with type O negative blood? they test negative for the Rh factor i.e. the antigen which correlates with the rhesus monkey: the common ancestor which evolutionists point to as evidence from where we came. i believe in evolution and the big bang. i just don’t believe we evolved directly from apes. and I’m trying to find someone who can explain to me how the big bang, without a creator to initiate the ‘big bang’ does not violate the mass conservation law. it takes a vast, VAST more amount of faith, yes faith, to believe in everything from nothing than a creator. why do you think sex inherently has naughty side to it? most atheists and agnostics hold their beliefs based solely on prejudice and ad hominem argument. it’s not really ad hominem in the literal sense of the word but it is against the belief in a creator based mainly on the actions of others who are admitted believes. this is the very mission of catholicism. catholicism is the illuminati’s greatest weapon.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        allow me to help:
        GOD————- “yes”
        religion??? “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

      • jake

        I agree,John,There is a huge difference between being religious and being spiritual,and the two are not even remotely connected.
        I know a lot of very spiritual people who have never set foot inside a house of worship,and conversely there are many devout people who don’t have a spiritual or compassionate bone in their body.
        The difference is this. Spirituality is a gift from the CREATOR. Religion is a creation of man,designed to be used as a tool to control others through guilt,shame,and accusation. Todays Christians,are not spiritual. They twist and distort scripture to fit a socio-political agenda. Recreating God in THEIR image.
        Ever notice how many of these “fillowers of Jesus’ spend 99% of their time quoting old testament,and ignoring the messages of hope,charity,and love,because it just does not fit their world view.
        Listen,just once to Robertson,Hagee the late Falwell and you will see what i mean. Their god HATES!
        Personally I could never worship a God that hates or plays favorites among His children.
        Hypocrisy is too mild a word.
        These people are living proof that ‘Christian Conservative” is an oxymoron. Jesus was a reformer,a liberal live and let live preacher,who hung out with beggars and sinners. And, FORGAVE ALL!

  • j

    you know, I despise BS veiled as Christianity…. but don’t sit here and tell me “I feel we at Forward
    Progressives are among the leaders as it relates to quality Christian
    content and exposing conservative ignorance about the faith.”

    you’re as biased as Fox… you’d rather twist your faith to promote your politics rather than the other way around.

    God bless.

  • BlueBlazer_3.0

    More ways to make a republicans head explode??? Tell them that JESUS wasn’t white or born on December 25th/..