You Can’t Be Both a Republican and a Patriot

patriotI think I’ve finally come to the conclusion that someone simply cannot be both a Republican and a patriot. It’s impossible. Sure, Republicans think they’re the real “patriots,” but they’re really not.

Not even close.

Now, are there people who vote Republican who are genuinely good Americans? Of course. But I’m not sure I’d call those people “real Republicans.” What do conservatives call them? Oh, that’s right, R.I.N.O’s (Republican In Name Only).

Seriously, how can Republicans (especially tea party Republicans) consider themselves patriots?

They have a general disdain for every liberal in the country. Meaning that they genuinely loathe over half of their fellow Americans. They don’t trust our government – at all. You know, the very same government that was setup and established by our Constitution. The same Constitution they claim to worship and love.

In fact, they hate our government so much that they believe our Second Amendment gives them the right to bear arms just incase they need to overthrow our government.

But it’s not just their general hatred of our government. Many conservatives want to secede from the United States. I live in Texas; just about every day I’m out running errands I run across a vehicle with a big “SECEDE” decal proudly displayed on it. But it’s not just Texas. These “secede movements” are very popular among many right-wing conservative groups.

I’ve still never understood how someone can be an America-loving patriot – while wanting to secede from the United States.

What is it exactly that makes Republicans patriots?

Many Republicans hate our government, loathe over half of all Americans, quite a few want to secede from the United States and they have a general disdain toward minorities, the poor, women, non-Christians, homosexuals and just about anyone and everyone who isn’t a straight, white Christian male.

So, can someone tell me where I can find this Republican “patriotism”? Or what is it that actually quantifies their claim to be “patriotic”? Because I don’t see it.

Sure, I see a party that loves guns and hates our government – but neither of those really has anything to do with being patriotic. Many psychopaths love guns and Islamic terrorists hate our government. Does that make them patriots too? Something has to be quantified upon which to build a basis for patriotism. And I’m simply not seeing much of anything from the Republican party.

They claim they love our “freedom,” yet are constantly trying to restrict the rights of women, homosexuals and people who don’t follow their particular brand of Christianity. Besides, you can’t claim this nation was built on religious principles while championing “freedom.” Because religion isn’t “freedom,” it’s control.

Sure, they claim to “support our troops.” But last time I checked, our last Republican president sent nearly 4,500 of our brave men and women in uniform off to die in a war based on a lie. So, I’m not exactly sure how using our military as political pawns is patriotic.

In my opinion, Republican “patriotism” is built on an illusion of what they wished this nation was, but has never been. It’s all hype and propaganda driven by their warped belief of the values on which they think this nation was built, and the lies told to them by the right-wing media.

Because at the end of the day, I’m not sure how you can call yourself a “patriot” if you clearly seem to hate almost everything this nation stands for and supports.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Grand1

    “In my opinion, Republican “patriotism” is built on an illusion of what they wished this nation was, but has never been.” Alen Clifton
    Indeed and in fact, the Republican Party fails the patriot test miserably. They wrap themselves in the flag and hate. I do not recall hate being in my history books. I recall idealism, a commitment to a higher purpose, the desire to move the world forward from the Middle Ages into something new. I do not recall hatred. Even the Declarations of Indepence, written by colonists to their King, was diplomatic, rather than hateful. All I hear from the right wing extremists is hatred. If you want to go back in time to the 18th century, you need to brush up on your diplomacy. Otherwise, you will continue to irritate real Americans, and they know what to do with such irritants at the voting booth.

    • Brian Novotny

      Fascism will come to America wearing the flag and carrying the cross

      • I was just about to post this, great sadly true it seems.

    • brandon

      this country was built of republican principles, actually.and whats leading to the demise of it is the liberal progression of things.

      • Robert Scalzi

        You are deluded. If not for the enlightenment and liberal progressive thought and ideals, there wouldn’t be a USA. You fucking idiot cons would have fought on the side of King George, get bent.

      • Rob Bailey

        Yep, all those terrible liberal policies… Freeing the Slaves (yep, Lincoln was a liberal with an (R) by his name). Guess you’re not for a 40-hour work week, Social Security, Medicare either, so please abstain from enrolling in any. Oh, and those socialist Highways and bridges? Nope. Public education? Clearly a BIG no for you folks – keep ’em dumb so they vote R.
        And Republican Principles? Oxymoron.

      • Jeffrey Umpenhour

        Actually, the country is not based on the ideals of the modern Democratic party, nor is it based on the modern Republican party’s ideals. This is all a result of a false fabricated white-washed history and a dichotomy to prevent an uprising. Duh.

      • Rob Bailey

        I agree to a point, Jeff. Most ‘R’ positions are simply a ruse to drive an ignorant base to vote. All politics, all the time. Both parties.

  • Nemisis

    The GOP shows how they support our troops by cutting their benefits.
    The benefits that they earned, were promised, or just deserve.
    My state senator did exactly that.
    When asked why. I was told the bill that he voted against was actually cutting the benefits. I read the bill. I asked him exactly what article of the bill was he referencing. It was at this point my senator had urgent business to attend to.
    He passed me off to a lacky who will one day replace Paul Ryan as the US Ambassador to Bullshit Mountain. This lad informed me that the bill was bad for vets because it cut their benefits. I asked again which article. He told me that the bill was complicated. I informed him I enjoy complicated things and could solve most Sudoku puzzles, logic puzzles and even cryptograms, and I’m decent enough at match two so if he would just tell which article of the bill it was that removed benefits. I then told him I would display my proper outrage at the them dems for being so stingy. He told me “It’s my job to read the bills and make recommendations to the senator.” I said. “Wonderful! You saved us then. Then you can tell me what article in the bill removed benefits from vets.”
    He told me that it was a complex document not many people could understand. I had this one hooked at this point.
    I replied. “I’m not most people, you can tell me. Just to make it easier, tell me is it the first article or anyone of the other articles. Just give me the number.” Lad had some kind of lizard reaction and was turning a bit red at this point. It was a slow change, kinda crept up from the back of his neck and to his ears. He replied, “I can’t be expected to remember every little detail about the bill.” So I dropped the pretense at this point and slammed him in the head with ” The very little detail that you can’t remember is the very little detail you told my senator to vote no for. I do expect you to be able to account for your actions, and when I say your actions I mean my senators. I remember every little detail of that vote I can cast and who’s name It will not be. I also will remember your name lad, and will never cast a vote your way. Because, I’m a complicated understanding person and have determined that the only thing that a no vote on this bill was preventing was the loss of not being assholes to vets. I’m not just a constituent, I’m a vet. I read complicated documents all day. Documents that make this bill look like “See Spot Run” of the two things here I don’t think you read the bill. I don’t think you could comprehend the latter. I think that important business that our beloved senator needed to attend to should be just about done. He is going to need you to tell him which side of the paper to use. Maybe you should just do that for him too. Oh, laddie. The reason you can not answer the simple question I ask is because you can not. The bill not only did not remove, or restrict benefits it expanded on the ones already in place.”

    • Andy Baker

      And then they say it’s Obama that cut benefits and there retarded inbreed base believes it!

      • Nemisis

        Not all of their base is retarded.
        Some are simply tarded for the first time.

      • Nathan

        Nemesis, please state the bill in which you are referring, I will be happy to post it and we can jointly disect the areas of which you speak.

    • Kim Serrahn

      I could not believe that Congress and especially the Senate would not have passed the Vet’s bill. I was furious, and I know my dad and granddad were turning over in their graves.

  • Your statement “In my opinion, Republican ‘patriotism’ is built on an illusion of what they wished this nation was, but has never been” is by far the most idiotic thought I have read on this site! You know what they say about “opinions” they are like a$$ holes they all stink and everyone has them! Get real buddy!

    • Nemisis

      Yes DC, we know your opinion of anything that shines a dark light on the GOP. We know how the truth hurts, and we use it to cut away the cancerous deceptions that the GOP and it’s minions foist upon Americas. The GOP has degraded into some pale shade of what it once was. It is no longer a relevant entity in American politics.
      Soon it will finish completely destroying any credibility it has left.

    • JustTheFactsMa’am

      And when did you live in “Leave it to Beaver” land?? Grew up next to Ozzie and Harriet, did we… YOU need to get real “buddy”.

      • DavidD

        and we are not your buddy donny..

  • Anthonij

    A great deal of the energy of the conservative movement at the popular level stems from the efforts of corporate America and Wall Street… big money has groomed (or brainwashed) its own sector of the voting population to do their bidding by linking up their economic vision (unfettered capitalism) to a set of social and religious issues… Unfortunately, the strategy has worked remarkably well so far. In this way, for example, destroying the EPA has become near and dear to people who are extremely anti-abortion… no logic there other than corporate logic…

    • Nathan

      Please look up the largest contributors too the democratic party… Happens to be public sector unions… Go figure…I can appreciate a dissenting point of view but please be honest where both sides get their money.

      • Sean Jones

        you mean the unions that supply a more than fair wage and benefits? Yeah I can see how that compares to Wall Street taking billions because they cant run their own business of the billions they make. Or corporations that are campaigning to take away workers rights. Makes perfect sense…….

      • Pedro De Oliveira Verissimo

        Not to mention that said Corporations are so “Patriotic” that they -on paper- are no longer American but of whatever country lets them pay the least in taxes, even if the physical office, all the employees and all the profit-generating activity is still back in the USA…
        I have yet to see a Public Sector Union that is incorporated in the Cayman Islands or another tax-haven!

      • LittleD

        Yup – sold out to the lowest bidder for higher profits at the American workers expense.

      • ShelleysLeg

        Yes those enormous 11% of unions still existing are SURE contributing dark money non stop…..what kind of idiots do you take us for?

        We obviously have computers, we read, we process, we weigh and we know you are blowing smoke up our skirts and expecting us to buy into your BS.

        Paul Ryan’s BIGGEST contributor is Blue Cross/Blue Shield……and his next 4 in order are ALL medical insurers………AND? Your deflection is noted and ignored.

  • Ally

    Republican idealism is likened to a Puritan lifestyle or marriage…it doesn’t exist! This bubble has been a facade for decades, while the structure continues to fall apart. Reality bites, but then it should be dealt with, with results that are good for ALL, not just to quench a Puritanical mirage.

  • Sean Jones

    When Bush the 2nd was in charge, any talk against the President got you labeled as a traitor or “not a real American”. But trashing the President now gets you labeled as a patriot…. wonder what changed

    • Richard Mcgee

      Radical was right wing nut job have taken over

    • Pedro De Oliveira Verissimo

      Surely has nothing to do with the color of his skin, right? Right?

      • Kim Serrahn

        “raises hand to agree”

  • Sandy Greer

    I had to laugh when I followed the blue (very popular) link. Because Secession movements are not just for right-wingers and conservatives. Not these days – and not in California.

    That’s right. We’ve got ’em. Right out here in the heart of Blue. Go figure.

    But nothing screams Patriotism more than the Patriot Act – and its extension. Or getting a hate on for whistleblowers. Drone kills of American citizens without due process. Guantanamo, anyone? NSA surveillance.

    Seems to me there’s enough ‘patriotism’ to go around – We can all share in it.

    • Steve Barnhaus

      Unlike Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and others aren’t expected to show 100% solidarity with the party line. Many voters oppose the administration’s policies on surveillance and drones, yet still find it possible to vote for Democrats because 1) this is a two-party system where one really only has two options and 2) the alternative to Democrats set up by that system is unthinkable. As for the Patriot Act and Guantanamo, I don’t see how you can blame Dems for those when it was the GOP that muscled passage of the Patriot Act and acted as an obstruction to sensible plans to end the detainment at GITMO.

      • Sandy Greer

        Patriot Act was ‘muscled’ through on bipartisan support. There were some Dems (along w/a few Rs & an I) opposed – but not many. Let’s not rewrite bipartisan History. To say nothing of the extensions ‘muscled’ through after Bush left office.

        GOP obstruction exists – many areas. But Dems are not weak. They stand – when/where they will. Truth is – Neither party wishes to close Guantanamo. We don’t know what to do about the prisoners. We haven’t enough evidence to bring them to trial – but we don’t want to let them go. So we hold them – without charge, indefinitely. A non-partisan, bipartisan fact.

        >this is a two-party system where one really only has two

        And yet, you mention Libertarians. So it seems there really are more than ‘only two options’.

  • Steve Barnhaus


  • Stephen Barlow

    The most disgusting part is not that they faithfully believe the lies, it’s that their hatred is so industrially ARBITRARY. NEVER is it based on any specific thing.

    • LittleD

      But it IS based on one thing – anyone who is not a white, Christian, straight male.

  • brez

    Honestly, all I ever hear is a change in rhetoric. I started Republican. Got pretty annoyed with Bush. Switched to Democrat. Became even more annoyed because all the “change” were basically extrapolations of Bush’s policies. Switched Libertarian – have not and probably will not ever be able to feel that party failed at implementing policies… because it likely never will get the opportunity.

    Policies never seem to change, because I would bet that the R & D in DC actually agree on a lot of things. All these articles dehumanizing half a population (whether conservative or liberal) doesn’t exactly do anything but incite more hatred, make the writer/most commenters look intolerant, and put us further back from actually solving anything useful. As long as they keep pitting us against one another with their rhetoric and media such as this, they can keep business as usual. I think we can all probably agree that business as usual is not necessarily good for most of us as most politicians are inherently corrupt.

    I mean, is anybody else annoyed that a “Ha, I showed them!” post seems to always be a tweet, meme, or political cartoon, with maybe some highly opinionated generalizations? There’s practically no content nor context because very few people are actually informed enough about the issues to speak with any clarity. Most people don’t have the attention span to actually become informed with credible sources (there’s plenty of crazy on the internet so practically any correlation can be drawn if you pick your sources). If you like it, then you by default agree that it’s fact. It’s absurd. I see it here all the time. I see it on youngcons all the time. It’s all over the place, and it needs to stop. It starts with realizing that everyone is human, every other person is as inherently valuable as you are, and every side makes valid points. So for Pete’s sake, can we at least make an effort to stop the hating!

    • Charles Vincent

      Hear hear been trying to say this but no one listens. Probably because I try to be informed even when the information isn’t quite what I would like.

    • Robert Scalzi

      Take your Ayn Randian bullshit and go away.

  • Matthew Reece

    There is no such thing as “our government.” Plantations do not belong to slaves. Slaughterhouses do not belong to livestock. Governments do not belong to citizens.

  • roccolore

    It’s liberals who are unpatriotic for defending jihadists, bashing our troops, blaming America for everything, and defending Somalia and Mexico instead of America.

    • LittleD

      None of that is true. Tell me how liberals ‘bash our troops”? I consider it bashing when the GOP refuses to pass the bill to help veterans. Put down the crack pipe.

      • roccolore

        Liberals call military veterans extremists, won’t allow the ROTC on college campuses, protest at military funerals, and won’t call the Fort Hood shooting an act of terrorism, but merely “workplace violence.”

  • Nathan

    It’s impossible for me to respect a website named “forward progressives” when much of the content in just this article is half truths and fragrant lies! The vile comments coming out of many of the posters says volumes about those whom frequent sites such as this. Because someone feels differently than you does not constitute a racist, a homophobe, nor a republican for that matter. I have consertive views, however, this does not make me a republican. This makes me an individual with the right too choose which parties platform I choose to endorse. How about the author of this article be honest and forthright with his readers and state the facts and let the readers use their own judgements to decide whom they support. When someone tells you how to think you become a puppet for their using!

    • Sean Jones

      Fragrant lies? Yes, you are shoveling bull shit

      • Nathan

        Sean are you saying that too me?

      • ShelleysLeg

        LOL………..was that supposed to be flagrant or blatant? I’m not sure, especially when he uses ‘too’ instead of ‘to’.

    • LittleD

      “Feeling differently” is fine. Restricting the civil liberties of other citizens based on those ‘feelings’ is not.

    • Jo Clark

      Better than a poop-smelling lie!

  • YouK Now It

    Time to pay your unreported income taxes guys.

  • FD Brian

    It would be funny if the President came out and said “We are selling Texas to Mexico.”

  • FD Brian

    My belief about republicans is this…they are concerned with only a few things, creating wealth for themselves and keeping the wealth they have created from others. Those are the main items, then they needed some help to win elections and they went after and welcomed the religious right into their tent. Now the religious right, God bless them, bit, hook, line and sinker into what they were told by the wealthy and they are still doing it today. The wealthy control them and they don’t even realize it.

  • OG Mudbone

    Try googling “liberal patriot” and “conservative patriot”. Have fun.