I Can’t Believe Some Liberals Have Forced Me To “Defend” Sarah Palin

Listen, I detest Sarah Palin possibly more than anyone else in politics. Nearly everything she says is just pure idiocy. The fact that she was nearly one heartbeat away from the presidency terrifies me.

So for me to actually have to defend her on something kills me. Though I guess this isn’t actually me defending her as it is me calling out some liberals for acting too much like conservatives.

If you haven’t heard by now, Palin was giving a speech the other day where she referred to the White House as being at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave. Which, of course, isn’t correct. The White House’s address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Now I’ll be the first person to tell you that I don’t believe Palin is very bright. She’s just not. But there’s a difference between a lack of intelligence and simply misspeaking about something. Which is clearly what Palin did here.

But that didn’t stop many liberals, and quite a few liberal websites, from going nuts over this gaffe.


Aren’t we the same people who’ve called Republicans out for hammering then-candidate Barack Obama when he misspoke during his 2008 campaign by saying he had visited 57 states with one more to go?

Conservatives jumped all over that. Some claiming that he was “an idiot” for not knowing how many states we actually had. While other conservatives twisted his comments into some Islamic conspiracy theory considering there are 57 Islamic states and that clearly proved he was a Muslim.

Needless to say, he simply misspoke – end of story.

And to this day, I still get conservatives using that line as “proof” that President Obama isn’t intelligent.

So I was bit annoyed to see many liberals going on and on about Palin’s “1400 Pennsylvania Ave” line.

Look, I get that Palin is an easy target. Hell, I’ve written many articles mocking her stupidity. But like I said, there’s a difference between Palin saying something ignorant (which happens a lot) and making a big deal out of an obvious gaffe.

After all, this isn’t Palin thinking that the Army is literally preparing for a zombie apocalypse.

No, seriously, that happened.

But as liberals, if we want to be better than our opposition, we need to start acting better than they do. Which means that we need to understand the difference between a harmless gaffe and actual stupidity.

Because I’m not denying the fact that I think Sarah Palin lacks intelligence, but in this particular instance, liberals are acting too much like conservatives.

And we’re better than that.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Stephen Barlow

    Finally some rationally sound ranting on St. Sarah. She’s vacant and ethic less, dishonest beyond defense and worthless as both a soccer ball and a lipstuck pig… but I can excuse her this gaffe. After all, she WAS accidently correct about the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. The British WERE coming to take caches of guns.

    She was just 238 years late and Obama is NOT a Brit.

    • jimv1983

      Obama is coming to take your guns? Wow, you are stupid. I wish he was coming for your guns.

    • Obama’s 57 states. Obama cannot pronounce corpsman or Pakistan. Pakkystan lol

      • Stephen Barlow

        You can’t count to 13 with your shoes on.

      • Even the JV team of ISIS is kicking Obama’s ass.

  • TheEquilizer2U

    She a freaking genius compared to Biden.

    Remember Biden, the sweatheart of the left.
    And no matter how many dumb things come out of his mouth, you liberals love and defend him.

    Bias much?

    • asdasdasd

      “Wahh politics aren’t going the way I want so I’m going to purposefully find forums about the opposite political angle and start flame wars”

      That’s how I read your comment.

      • TheEquilizer2U

        That is the exact tactic leftists use in a debate.
        Like the one between Biden and Ryan.

        All Biden did was laugh and act like a child.
        So pathetic…

      • Well, yeah, because the stuff Ryan was saying deserved to be mocked and ridiculed, as his ideas couldn’t (and can’t) work. Paul Krugman and Charlie Pierce have written many times about Ryan basically being a con man. Unca Joe was just pointing it out.

        I loved that debate. I’ve got it bookmarked on YouTube, and every so often I go back and watch it. I wish President Obama could have gone after Mitt Romney like that.

      • TheEquilizer2U

        Its the only way Biden can debate, by mocking and laughing like a child.

        This is typical among you liberals.
        And its really immature

      • (Sigh) You know, no matter how many times you stamp your feet and say that, people still aren’t going to believe you.
        Methinks you doth protest too much.

      • TheEquilizer2U

        Facts are facts, anyone can see the video for themselves.

        He was such a joke people went out and made websites to mock him….lol

      • Well, people can still “mock” and not say a single truthful word.

        Kind of like you’re doing with everyone here.

        Again, don’t you have a job?

      • TheEquilizer2U

        All welfare people are liberals and democrats, and non of them work.
        So whats your point?

      • I wasn’t talking about “welfare people,” I was talking about you.

        So why don’t you answer my question?

        Do you or do you not have a job?

        (To forestall the inevitable “I know you are but what am I” comeback, yes, I do have a job. That’s why there are 8-10 hours between my comments. Unlike some other people.)

      • TheEquilizer2U

        Your desperately trying to cover up the fact that most liberals have NO job.
        And all welfare people are liberals and democrats

        How pathetic are you?

      • So why don’t you answer the question? All it takes is a simple Yes or No.
        Do you have a job or don’t you?

      • TheEquilizer2U

        Did you know all welfare people are democrats and liberals?

        Kinda pathetic really

      • So why don’t you answer the question? Do you have a job or don’t you?

        Your continued ducking and dodging of this simple question makes me think you’re on welfare yourself, sitting in your basement in your pajamas, cackling gleefully while you shoot your wad on the keyboard.

      • TheEquilizer2U

        First cite all your sources for you wild claim
        Then notarized them

        Then tell us where you work, how much you make and where you live.
        Then we’ll talk

      • Oh, so we’re being a goalpost-moving asshole today, are we?

        All right. I work at the VA. I make around $39,000 a year (Grade 6, Step 4). I live in Prescott, Arizona.

        Any more stupid trollish questions?

        So why don’t you answer my question? Do you or don’t you have a job?

      • TheEquilizer2U

        The goal post is the same
        You made a wild claim but refuse to cite your source

        Still waiting……

      • A wild claim of what?

        You’re the one who keeps saying “most liberals have NO job. And all welfare people are liberals and democrats.”
        I never said any such thing. I just keep asking you a question and you refuse to answer it.
        So why don’t you answer the question? Do you or don’t you have a job?

      • TheEquilizer2U

        So now you cant even remember why you commented here in the first place?
        Site your source for that wild claim or stfu


      • Dude, I do talk to other people besides you, you know.
        Even if I knew what “wild claim” you were talking about, it has NOTHING TO DO with the fact that I answered your questions and you’re still refusing to answer mine.
        Obviously it’s because you know your answer would make you a hypocrite.

      • TheEquilizer2U

        Still waiting on that proof……

      • With all due respect, fuck you, asshole.

        Obviously you never intended to answer the question in the first place, even though you made me jump through ridiculous hoops. Therefore, since you refuse to provide any evidence to the contrary, the only logical conclusion is that you don’t have a job, and you’re on unemployment or welfare yourself.

        Which of course makes you a monumental hypocrite. But then again, we already knew that.

        Also, in scrolling back through the comments on your profile, you’ve never provided any proof of anything you’ve ever said, even though you’ve demanded other people do the same. Not a single link.

        Then you demand that I supply proof, and I STILL don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. The only thing I can think of is proof that you’re a liar…but you’re doing quite well proving that all on your own.

        So I’m not going to waste any more of my precious EMPLOYED time on you.

        Have a nice life, jackass. And clean up your keyboard before it gets so crusty you can’t see the letters.

      • TheEquilizer2U

        You call that respect?
        More proof that liberalism is a mental disease.

      • Larry

        I guess you were watching the fox version.

      • TheEquilizer2U

        And you were watching the huffpo version…lol

    • jimv1983

      That is ridiculous. Biden hasn’t said that many stupid things. It is actually so infrequent that you actually can attribute it to misspeaking. Palin says something stupid every time she opens her mouth. Biden might not be the smartest person in the world but he is a genius compared to Palin. I’m surprised that she can even dress herself.

      • FuzzyBunnyFeet

        Please don’t feed the trolls.

      • TheEquilizer2U

        There are whole websites dedicated to all his idiotic comments.
        The guy is a complete moron

      • Larry

        This coming from someone who calls themself the equilizer 2u..

      • TheEquilizer2U

        Remember the name

      • Bill Lommey

        And still
        I’ll bet you are one of those conservatives calling for Obama’s impeachment, conviction and removal.

      • TheEquilizer2U

        Obama has done more to ruin America than any other president in history.
        Complete failure

      • Larry

        Actually Joe Biden is very smart. His passion get’s him in trouble sometimes, but you won’t find another politican as down to earth as Joe Biden, He is from a middle class backround and never lost that in all of his time in DC. Biden has been through a lot in his life good and bad but he never forgot where he came from.

    • Larry

      It shows how very little you actually know about Joe Biden. Try doing some research before making such a stupid ass comment.

      • TheEquilizer2U

        Seen every debate, that Biden is a complete moron!

  • SLP

    Yeah, agree. She’s a dim bulb but she made a mistake. It’s hard to keep simple facts straight when one is loaded up on prescription meds. Give her a break on this one.

    • jimv1983

      If it was a rare occurrence then I could see your point but she says stupid shit pretty much every time she opens her mouth. Why is this time any different?

      • FuzzyBunnyFeet

        Because it is a minor slip as opposed to her usual bat$#!* crazy.

  • SophieCT

    Interesting article. It was also unacceptable in 2008 to hear the sexist comments levied against her by people who called themselves Liberals. I thought our folks would do better, but MSNBC has the same frat boy locker room as Fox. There were legitimate policy issues that could have been critiqued, but they went for the cheap shots. It’s possible to criticize her intelligence without going full bore middle school.

    • Larry

      Unlike the extremely ugly,nasty cheap shots that we have to listen to about Michele Obama.

      • SophieCT

        Larry, I know. And there’s the absolutely over-the-top vile crap they spew about Hillary. I’m not saying we don’t go after Palin or any other politician when they deserve it. I want us to do it without resorting to frat boy locker room material.

    • katherine norton malek

      Oh please. She is the Queen of cheap shots. “Criticizing her intelligence without going full bore middle school” .. good God, have you listened to her speeches???!!! She sounds like a disgruntled teenage girl right out of the movie “Mean Girls” .. dissing her ex-boyfriend when she refers to our POTUS.

    • socialmedic

      What a load of crock. Palin herself is sexist toward females as is her religion and everything she stands for. Palin is trying to send women back into the dark ages.

  • Birdman

    There’s a difference between mis speaking once and doing it all the time! This woman is a moron and I don’t believe she mis spoke, I believe she is just that dumb!

    • jimv1983

      My point exactly.

    • Jim Bean

      Nearly all of what Obama says proves to be incorrect as well. How’s HIS standing with you?

      • cobra614

        Name something that he has not been correct on because the facts show that all of the conspiracy theorists have been flat out wrong…he didn’t take anyone’s gun away…the black helicopters didn’t land on your front lawn…the list goes on and on…I repeat..NONE of them have come to fruition…

      • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

        jimbo will simply go silent when asked questions needing facts to back them up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,trust me: Ive hammered him enough b4 to know this
        my fave is how PLANTED regressives ( see: guest) give jimbo and all other regressive posters on these blogs “upvotes”–
        NOTE: liberal GUESTS do the same thing

      • Big Goober

        1. If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it.
        2. It’s highly unlikely the Ebola will come here.
        3. ISIS is the JV team.
        4. Russia is not our enemy
        5. The border is secure.
        6. Iraq is secure and stable.
        7. A fully automatic weapon was used at Newtown.
        8. Not even a smidgen of corruption.
        9. We have doubled the distance our cars will go on a gallon of gas

        10. I said Benghazi was a terrorist attack from the beginning.
        11. The sequester was not something I proposed.
        12 ACA will save the average daily $2500 a year
        13. No boots on the ground
        14. ACA won’t add one dime to deficit.
        15. I didn’t set a red line.

      • NiceAvatar

        And Palin could not name a single founding father, sees Russia from her porch, can’t name a single publication she’s read, thinks the dinosaurs and man lived together, and on and on and on…
        Conservatives are desperate to make liberals something they are not – as ignorant and ethically challenged as conservatives. Watergate, Lies to start wars for profit, crashing the economy and putting Americans out of jobs and homes and blaming all of it on liberals. Nothing in your post comes close to the destruction and attacks on Americans as conservatives do day after day, year after year.

      • Masmani

        Thanks for proving my point. “I can see Russia from my house” is from A Saturday Night Live skit starring Tina Fey. Snopes disproves every claim you made about her. This is the problem with leftists. Your opinions and beliefs are based on pure emotion wishing for an unachievable perfect world fairy tale land that would exist except for those mean old conservatives. It’s because of conservatives keeping a strong military that you still have a land free enough that you can sit back and dream your fairy tale dreams without you and your family being pulled from your house and murdered like animals by Nazi’s like ISIS. You’re welcome.

      • NiceAvatar

        Nearly all? Only on BS Mountain where cons can’t breath unless they exhale lies.

  • ML

    She needs to go to 1400 Pennsylvania Ave. It’s a TEA shop!

  • Mike O’Connell

    The point is, you moron, is that this gaffe fits like a glove the pattern of thoughtlessness and lack of intellectual integrity that is the hallmark of Palin’s political diarrhea and apparently that of the author of this article.

    • katherine norton malek


  • jksteiner1974

    There are idiot liberals and idiot conservatives. It’s those extremist idiots that have us so divided. Idiots aside, we really aren’t that much different. Still, the idiots spread stupid everywhere and cause major conflict and each makes their own side look terrible. We aren’t going to get along until intelligent people start calling idiots idiots, not stupid liberals or stupid conservatives. Extremists are the problem. There are idiots on BOTH sides.

    • jimv1983

      Sure, there are idiots on both sides but let’s be honest here. The idiots aren’t equally balanced between the right and left. The right has the much higher population of idiots.

  • ziggywiggy

    it was funny,(a vp candidate not knowing where the WH is) can’t we laugh when someone says something silly?

  • jimv1983

    I totally disagree with this. Obama was obviously misspeaking about the 57 states. I think this is clear based on his typical behavior. Things like this area very uncommon. Palin says stupid shit like this all the time.

  • mryaboo

    What, no mentions of *which* liberal websites when after her? Seems like you left out part of the story.

    • mryaboo

      Oops. “went” Mea culpa

  • Allen, if you’re going to write an article on this (and you’re right), I think you ought to start looking a little closer to home. Namely, your own website and your own commenters.

    Sandy Greer has posted, and I agree with her, of the degrading and sexist comments she has received here. I think the lack of moderation on your threads is sad, and more than that, it’s a turn-off. The fact that you allow trolls like Oy Humid to run rampant on your threads, tossing out nasty jokes about gay people, trans people and fat people, does not put you in a good light. (I even went on your Twitter feed about this. Has anything happened? No.) No matter how Charles Vincent whines about proper moderation being “censorship,” it simply isn’t. I think it’s time, and past time, that you and the other contributors got together and came up with a comment policy, and that moderation starts being enforced.

    • ThePoliticalGarbageChute

      You sound like LOADS of fun to talk to at a party.

      • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

        id rather sit and chat with him than you— he thinks b4 he writes,,,,,,
        U just write

      • I’m not a “he,” though. 😉

      • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

        even better!!!

      • ThePoliticalGarbageChute

        Eye think U should spend sum tyme ackshully lurning how 2 konstruckt sintences b4 you kritusize ne1’s use of the Englush lingweege.

      • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

        you couldn’t use theenk for think?
        Hughs for use? ewwz for you? sphehd for spend? hauw for how??
        hugh phaiyled

      • ThePoliticalGarbageChute

        Or “you” for “douche” maybe?

      • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

        must give U joy getting you ass handed to u here–

      • ThePoliticalGarbageChute

        Is that your opinion, or the opinion of all douchebags everywhere? Oh wait, or you just a douchebag analogue? I’m confused.

        Well, not about you being a douche of course. That’s apparent.

      • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

        superb comeback!! ….pray tell; did U stay up all night engendering that response; or did it just flow naturally?

      • ThePoliticalGarbageChute

        Did U go back 2 skool 2 lurn 2 ews the Englush lingweeeg?

    • Sandy Greer

      Thank you, BB-Mystic; I am proud of you. To be clear – most people treat me with respect. The comments are directed at others. But it’s hard not to take offense – as many cross all boundaries of decency.

      I, too, would like to see a comment policy, with moderation of the most egregious. Until such time, article (like this) which appeal to our ‘better’ nature are received with much skepticism.

    • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

      but never 4get: these blogs are ONLY here for entertainment. To hold them in any other way invites personal ridicule aimed either at US or those we engage. I personally enjoy an occasional ‘battle’ with others- funny how 99% of them — when confronted with FACTS– either go silent or just keep parroting how the are correct

  • Gabriel Gentile

    Sarah who?

  • katherine norton malek

    Conceptually I agree with the idea that we should not stoop to the lowest level of nitpicking, Mr. Clifton, but for the fact that Spalin most likely does NOT iknow the real address of The White House. “Her Hickiness” is well known for her lack of factual knowledge in so many areas – how can you assume it was an innocent gaff ? How can you assume she wasn’t high on whatever it is that’s been causing her to slur her speech and sound even more batshit nuts than usual? If indeed, she IS being disparaged because of an innocent miss-speak as you say, she deserves every bit of what she so routinely doles out. Every bit and more! I usually agree with you 100% on all topics but on this one I simply cannot find an ounce of understanding or benefit of the doubt. She invites vitriol, nitpicking & ruthlessness, Lord knows she’s dished it out mercilessly. No. I do believe she thinks The White House is @ 1600 Penn Ave.

  • Nemisis

    What?! The army has no Zombie Plan?
    You got proof they don’t?
    You can’t just let that information out.
    You’ll invite the Zeds to invade.

    Palin simply wants to bring truth to The Willard.
    My guess is someone lied about the mini-bar.

  • Socialmedic

    If I kept running into hospitals, picking up a scalpel and insisting I be allowed to perform surgery, I would be thrown out repeatedly, because I am not qualified to be a surgeon. Sooner or later they would lock me up in a cell or a mental institution. And yet this sociopath, Palin, is allowed to repeatedly assault our national intelligence in public while being unqualified for ANYTHING. There is no defense for Sarah Palin. The people who allow her to go on with her rants as a public figure obviously are not qualified to judge who in the American media should get air time. If you want to call it free market, then free market is obviously a big fat FAIL.