Capitalism, Socialism, Communism—In The End, It’s All The Same

moneyIn this world there’s a lot of rhetoric about which economic philosophy works best, which produces the most corruption and just how much power and money is too much.

Each advocate claims the ideologies they oppose lead to economic destruction while claiming theirs leads to the greatest economic prosperity.

I hate to break it to all of them, but in the end—they’re all the same.

They’re the same because when it all comes down to it, the rich and the powerful will always take control.

It doesn’t matter if the government has complete control or no control at all—the wealthiest 1-2% of each nation’s citizens will always be the ones who dictate the rules to benefit their interest.

When the government controls everything, who runs the government?  That answer is easy—the rich and powerful.

They’ll set the rules that govern the people of whatever nation is run by that form of government.  The “elected” officials will always build the system up to where they are the absolute beneficiaries.  Well, them and whichever rich friends might benefit from lining their pockets.

Bribes from big businesses that will view this fully controlled nation as an asset, not a nation of human beings.

These businesses will see this nation as one bribe away from getting new land for oil or a country full of people they can force to work in sweatshops so they can drive up profits with minimal expense.

And to hell with the environment.  If people get sick because of the should-be criminal disposal of waste or dangerous emissions—it’s not their problem.  Besides, they’ve paid off the government officials so that there’s no form of EPA, so they’re not breaking any laws.

There would be no minimum wage, environmental regulations, requirement on safe working conditions or laws to prevent monopolies controlling vital industries.

Want a government with little or no regulations?  Okay.  Guess who will run that small, “hands-off” government?  That would be the very same rich and powerful who would run a government with full control.

Citizens reliant on the “good will” of some of the very same corporations and big business that are much like those whose greed nearly caused our entire economy to collapse in 2008.

That nation would be run by a “survival of the fittest” mentality where only the richest and the strongest would survive.  What little government oversight that nation had would be controlled by those who “survived” to control everything.

There would be no minimum wage, environmental regulations, requirement on safe working conditions or laws to prevent monopolies controlling vital industries.

See any real difference?  No?  That’s because there really isn’t one.

If you have maximum government regulations, the rich and powerful will seize control just as they would with little or no government regulations.  The only true sane option to build a nation where the most benefit is that of a hybrid economic system built on sensible regulations.

Those on the far right can scream “Capitalism!” and those on the far left can scream “Socialism!”—but they’re both fools.

Life is usually most prosperous when there’s a balance to it.  You see this in almost every aspect of our lives—why would our economic system be any different?

Some things in life shouldn’t be for-profit.  In my opinion a few of those are things such as roads, schools, prisons, health care and law enforcement—to just name a few.

Those who oppose the government controlling anything need to remember this:

A government with elected officials faces a far stricter system of checks and balances than that of a private corporation.  While our government has many flaws, and is often extremely corrupted by money, none of the men and women in our government get to where they are without our votes.

And when you advocate that we need fewer regulations, and less government control (because it’s often corrupted by money), ask yourself this, “Who do you think controls the money corrupting that government which you don’t trust?”

The very same people you wish to further deregulate.

So you see, in the end, it isn’t about capitalism, socialism or communism—it’s about common sense.

And unfortunately that’s a trait far too many seem to lack.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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