Debunking the Absurd Pro-Trump Lies Told in Newt Gingrich’s Fox News Article

Recently, Newt Gingrich wrote an article for Fox News where he went after the “elite media” for telling the truth about the awfulness of Donald Trump, how much of a failure his “presidency” has been thus far, and how embarrassing his historically low approval ratings have been (as of today his average approval rating is […]

No, a Court Didn’t Rule That the DNC Rigged the Primary Against Bernie Sanders

A story published recently by Observer claimed that a court ruled the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz rigged the Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders. The original headline for that Observer article literally said that: Court Holds DNC and Wasserman Schulz Rigged Primaries Against Sanders The only problem with that headline is — it’s not remotely […]

Fact Checkers Bust Trump Blatantly Lying in Sad Attempt to Sound Tough

One of the things I laugh about the most relating to Donald Trump is the belief by most of his supporters that he’s this “tough, strong, confident guy who tells it like it is.” It’s hilarious that most of them actually believe that because that couldn’t be further from the truth. Donald Trump is an insecure, […]

Here Are The Numbers that Prove Trump’s a Pathological Liar Who Can’t be Trusted

Donald Trump calling someone a liar is sort of like Rush Limbaugh lecturing someone for getting a divorce, or Paul Ryan accusing someone else of hating poor people. Look, nobody is 100 percent honest or dishonest. Everybody has, at some time, been dishonest about something for whatever reason. But there’s definitely a huge difference between someone who […]

10 Completely Idiotic (and Debunked) Conspiracies Many Republicans Actually Believe

During my debates with Republicans, one of the biggest obstacles I deal with isn’t the ideological differences between progressives and conservatives, it’s that the majority of conservatives I deal with don’t believe in facts. Though it’s not just that many of them don’t believe in facts, it’s that they often buy into completely insane conspiracies […]

Proof Donald Trump is the Most Dishonest Presidential Candidate Ever

With less than week until Election Day, I thought I’d take a moment to size up the two candidates based upon how honest or dishonest they truly are. Especially considering there’s been this completely ridiculous notion pushed among many Americans that both candidates are “equally as dishonest” — a statement that couldn’t be further from […]

A Stunning Look Into the Mind of a Pathological Liar Running for President

No matter what any of us might think about any politician we support, they all lie — every single one of them. I don’t put all of the blame on them considering, as someone who’s spent countless hours writing about and covering politics, as much as we all claim to want “honest politicians,” that’s not […]

Here’s a List of Absurd Lies From the GOP Convention That Aren’t Remotely True

I’ve tried to watch as much of the GOP convention as I can, but I’ll admit that I haven’t watched a whole lot of it. The stupidity emanating from the event is more than I can take. Every minute I watch this hate-fueled circus I lose more faith in humanity as I reflect upon the reality that there […]

TX Gov. Greg Abbott Humiliated After Outrageous Lie About ISIS, President Obama Gets Debunked

Republicans often claim that they’re the only people who “tell the truth,” and that anyone who debunks anything they say is part of the “liberal media conspiracy against the truth.” The reality is, this is a classic propagandist/conspiracy theorist tactic predicated on discrediting factual information as “part of a cover up.” It’s simplistic, but it’s also a rather brilliant tactic. […]

Here’s the Mind-Blowing List of All of Donald Trump’s Outrageous ‘Pants on Fire’ Lies

Donald Trump’s supporters love insisting that “he tells it like it is,” but the truth is, he’s one of the most dishonest (if not the most) presidential candidates in U.S. history. Practically nothing he says is true or even remotely close to being true. It’s not even just that he lies, but how he lies. While all politicians lie, typically their lies […]