Hannity’s Latest Attempt to Defend Roy Moore is One of His Most Pathetic Yet

On Monday, Fox News’ Sean Hannity took his desperate attempts to defend an accused child sexual predator to another pathetic level when, instead of actually trying to defend Moore, he did what he usually does — he attacked the “other side.” This time he tried to slander liberal website Media Matters. The headline on his […]

Debunking the Lies Trump, Conservatives are Pushing About the Russian Uranium Deal

As most people reading this know, when Donald Trump does something that even Fox News and most of the conservative media can’t defend, that’s when they evoke the names of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. It’s a running joke among many on the left that when you back a Trump supporter into a corner during […]

Sean Hannity Embarrasses Himself in Latest Attempt to Defend Trump’s Insanity (Video)

Without a doubt, one of the biggest frauds in this country is Fox News’ Sean Hannity. A con man and a hypocrite, this is someone no rational person could ever take seriously. His pro-Trump pom-pom waving has been so ridiculous that not only did network executives call him out for lacking “editorial standards” after using […]

Debunking the Latest Conspiracy Trump and Republicans are Pushing About Clinton Emails

By now most people have probably heard about the latest conspiracy Donald Trump and Republicans are pushing about the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, concerning a draft of a statement which former FBI director James Comey began working on around six weeks before interviewing the former Secretary and several of her aides. For those […]

Debunking the Absurd Pro-Trump Lies Told in Newt Gingrich’s Fox News Article

Recently, Newt Gingrich wrote an article for Fox News where he went after the “elite media” for telling the truth about the awfulness of Donald Trump, how much of a failure his “presidency” has been thus far, and how embarrassing his historically low approval ratings have been (as of today his average approval rating is […]

No, a Court Didn’t Rule That the DNC Rigged the Primary Against Bernie Sanders

A story published recently by Observer claimed that a court ruled the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz rigged the Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders. The original headline for that Observer article literally said that: Court Holds DNC and Wasserman Schulz Rigged Primaries Against Sanders The only problem with that headline is — it’s not remotely […]

Fact Checkers Bust Trump Blatantly Lying in Sad Attempt to Sound Tough

One of the things I laugh about the most relating to Donald Trump is the belief by most of his supporters that he’s this “tough, strong, confident guy who tells it like it is.” It’s hilarious that most of them actually believe that because that couldn’t be further from the truth. Donald Trump is an insecure, […]

Here Are The Numbers that Prove Trump’s a Pathological Liar Who Can’t be Trusted

Donald Trump calling someone a liar is sort of like Rush Limbaugh lecturing someone for getting a divorce, or Paul Ryan accusing someone else of hating poor people. Look, nobody is 100 percent honest or dishonest. Everybody has, at some time, been dishonest about something for whatever reason. But there’s definitely a huge difference between someone who […]

10 Completely Idiotic (and Debunked) Conspiracies Many Republicans Actually Believe

During my debates with Republicans, one of the biggest obstacles I deal with isn’t the ideological differences between progressives and conservatives, it’s that the majority of conservatives I deal with don’t believe in facts. Though it’s not just that many of them don’t believe in facts, it’s that they often buy into completely insane conspiracies […]

Donald Trump Just Fabricated a Total Lie to Take Credit for Something That Never Happened

When this country elected Donald Trump on November 8th, it elected the most dishonest person I’ve ever had the displeasure of covering in politics. This is someone who lies so often that it’s nearly impossible to fact-check him effectively. By the time you debunk one lie, he’s already told several others. Then again, when you’re supported […]