Proof Donald Trump is the Most Dishonest Presidential Candidate Ever

With less than week until Election Day, I thought I’d take a moment to size up the two candidates based upon how honest or dishonest they truly are. Especially considering there’s been this completely ridiculous notion pushed among many Americans that both candidates are “equally as dishonest” — a statement that couldn’t be further from […]

Here’s a List of Absurd Lies From the GOP Convention That Aren’t Remotely True

I’ve tried to watch as much of the GOP convention as I can, but I’ll admit that I haven’t watched a whole lot of it. The stupidity emanating from the event is more than I can take. Every minute I watch this hate-fueled circus I lose more faith in humanity as I reflect upon the reality that there […]

Here’s the Mind-Blowing List of All of Donald Trump’s Outrageous ‘Pants on Fire’ Lies

Donald Trump’s supporters love insisting that “he tells it like it is,” but the truth is, he’s one of the most dishonest (if not the most) presidential candidates in U.S. history. Practically nothing he says is true or even remotely close to being true. It’s not even just that he lies, but how he lies. While all politicians lie, typically their lies […]

Breaking Down the Honesty Ratings of Clinton, Sanders and Trump Compared to President Obama

For months I’ve been saying that if Donald Trump becomes our next president, he will have done so by being one of the most dishonest candidates in United States history. When I say that almost nothing he says is actually true, I’m not using hyperbole — nearly everything he says really is a lie. So […]

Donald Trump’s Politifact Scorecard is Horrifically (and Hilariously) Terrible

While there’s no sure-fire way to rate the overall honesty of a politician, Politifact is regarded by most rational and level-headed individuals as one of the more reliable (and in-depth) fact-checking organizations out there. After all, they have won a Pulitzer Prize. I have found moments where their “ratings” (or conclusion of the truthfulness of […]

Fact Checking Site Rips Apart Donald Trump’s Sad Attempt to Compare Himself to Ronald Reagan

There’s the usual lying that every single politician who’s ever lived does to try to get elected, then there’s the type of lying that Donald Trump does. By that I mean, Trump doesn’t just lie – he basically makes up entire alternate realities that lack any regard or concern for being remotely factual. Watching his […]

Donald Trump Gets Busted for ‘Pants on Fire’ Lie Concerning His Comments on Libya (Video)

Most people who aren’t members of the Donald Trump cult fan club are well aware of the fact that nearly everything he says is either woefully inaccurate, a lie or something he literally just seemed to make up out of thin air during a speech. While most politicians and presidential candidates lie, Trump takes being dishonest […]

No, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Was Not Caught Trying to Impersonate Nurses Union Members

I loathe conspiracy theorists. Typically these are the people who take snapshots and tidbits of information, then spin that into some ridiculous (and often outlandish) story of unbelievable “truths” aimed at working up a particular group of people. And with the rise of the Internet and social media, it’s a really good time to push […]

Fact Checking Absurd Memes Attacking Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

One of the driving forces behind this wealth of misinformation we see in today’s society are Internet memes. While memes can be great ways to share information to the masses, the downside is that they can often make inaccurate information seem credible. And being that most people who share memes never investigate the truthfulness of […]

Fact Checking the Biggest Lies From Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz During Tonight’s GOP Town Hall

Heading into Wednesday night’s GOP town hall hosted by CNN, I knew that lies were not going to be in short supply. Considering that the candidates were broken up into two groups, as opposed to doing the usual summary of the event, I decided to fact check a few of the comments from Marco Rubio and […]