Larry David Steals the Show as Bernie Sanders on SNL (Video)

No matter what the political future may hold for Bernie Sanders, it’s undeniable that he’s had a massive impact on this country already. He could drop out of the race right now and I still think his campaign could be considered a success considering the ideas he’s pushed to the forefront of progressive politics. And now it […]

There Is One Man Who Would Perfectly Represent Today’s GOP As Speaker, but It’s Not Paul Ryan

Republicans in the House are in the middle of an ideological war, and it looks like nobody who is qualified for the position really wants to be the next Speaker of the House. Newt Gingrich, who previously served before resigning in disgrace, has offered his services just in case Republicans can’t find someone who can […]

#SouthernLivesMatter Hashtag Gets Hilariously Trolled by People Mocking Confederate Flag Supporters

I’ll admit, I have somewhat of a “love/hate” relationship when it comes to social media. While its purpose and value is undeniable (especially as it relates to getting information out to large amounts of people), the downside is that it’s given any idiot with a computer and Internet access a voice to say practically whatever sort […]

The Bachmann Diaries: America Will Face Real Sharknados Because Of Obama

Dear Diary, I’m a movie star! The producers of the blockbuster series “Sharknado” asked me to make a cameo appearance (that’s movie talk for star) in “Sharknado 3,” and I think God made that happen to remind me, and everyone else, what is happening because of Barack Hussein Obama’s horrible policies and outright hatred of […]

Who Said it: A Republican Presidential Candidate or a Psychopath?

Before getting started, let me throw out a couple of disclaimers. First, the title is partially hyperbole. Some of the people I’m going to refer to as “psychopaths” are clearly bad people, though I’m not sure if clinically they’ve been diagnosed as being, in fact, a psychopath. Also, for the sake of argument, I’m going to […]

10 Actual Recent Quotes On Fox News That Sound Like Bad April Fools’ Day Jokes

It’s April Fools’ Day, which is another way to say that you might want to doubt almost anything someone says to you today. That being said, I thought I’d have a little fun by throwing together 10 quotes said on Fox News that sound like they should be absurd April Fools’ Day jokes – yet […]

The Bachmann Diaries: The Mall Of America Will Not Fall To Terrorists!

Dear Diary, It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to write my thoughts down. Who knew retirement would be busier than being in Congress? I’m hounded wherever I go by people begging me to run for president, my opinions are in higher demand than ever, and I’m trying to get used to Marcus’s “deep voice.” […]

An Open Letter To Idaho State Rep. Vito Barbieri

Dear Representative Vito Barbieri, Hale and good morrow, sir. Today is Tuesday, February 24, 2015. The date, especially the year, is paramount to this missive, given your recent comments on lady parts. You, a state representative for the great state of Idaho, asked an actual doctor if…well, rather than try to paraphrase, let’s just actualphrase, […]

Bent Back Mountain: Sarah Palin’s Iowa Speech Translated

Attendees of the Iowa Freedom Summit were treated to a well-scripted eloquent exciting speech from Half-Governor Sarah Palin over the weekend. She was introduced to the crowd by Iowa’s own Steve “Cantaloupe Calves” King, who pointed out that Grifter Sarah Palin had moved the party to the right. Way to the right. Over a cliff, if you […]

The White House Hilariously Trolls Fox News At Press Luncheon (Video)

I’ve often said that if I were President Obama, and given the fact that I would spend the last two years of my presidency dealing with a Republican-held Congress, I’d spend those last two years trolling the ever-loving shit out of both the GOP and conservative media. Perhaps President Obama or at least some of […]