Mike Huckabee Once Again Proves He’s a Scumbag with Disgusting Homophobic Comment

In today’s Republican Party, it’s difficult to really know where “the bottom” is or who nauseates me the most. Not too long ago, without a doubt, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) topped my list as the Republican I disliked the most. While he’s still right near the top of my list, nowadays, I’m not sure if […]

North Carolina Governor Reaches Shameful New Low Against the LGBT Community

To say that things haven’t gone well for the state of North Carolina following Governor Pat McCrory’s passage of House Bill 2, a highly discriminatory anti-LGBT law, would be an understatement. Not only has it cost the state jobs, but many big-name events have been cancelled ranging from concerts to the NBA moving their annual […]

There’s a Better Way: We Sing the Body Rainbow!

Remarks to the 27th Annual Famously Hot South Carolina Pride Our nation’s great poet once proclaimed: “I sing the body electric!” I am confident that my fellow-bearded Walt Whitman would join me today in exclaiming, “We sing the body rainbow!” The baton of hate and bigotry can easily be passed from one generation to the […]

Lesbians Suing NJ Over Law Requiring Heterosexual Sex Before Insurance Covers Medical Procedure (Video)

A great way to see how utterly ignorant parts of our nation have been (and continue to be) is to look at some older state and local laws – many of which are still, technically, in practice today. Such as a law in New Jersey concerning insurance companies and the legal requirements for covering fertility treatments for […]

Republican Louie Gohmert Embarrasses Nation with Comically Insane Anti-LGBT Rant (Video)

While the fight for true equality for the LGBT community is still far from over, it’s fairly obvious to most rational people that the “writing is on the wall,” as they say. Sure, Republicans are going to do everything they can to prolong the process for as long as possible, but all they’re really doing […]

Shameful: House Republicans Secretly Change Votes on Equality Measure to Defeat It At the Last Second

It’s no secret that the vast majority of the Republican party opposes equality for the LGBT community. While there’s been some evolution on this issue, many within the GOP are still so beholden to the far-right base to win primary elections that they frequently continue to embrace this discriminatory bigotry to appease some of the most ignorant […]

Huge Win for Equality as Colorado High Court Rules Against Anti-LGBT Discrimination

Decades ago, during the civil rights era, this country determined that discrimination is illegal and unconstitutional. Even when some tried to argue that segregation and interracial marriage violated religious beliefs, the Supreme Court was having none of that. A person or business simply citing “it’s against my religion” to try to discriminate against another American […]

Henry Rollins Absolutely Crushes North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law in Masterfully Worded Column

Much has been made lately (and rightfully so) concerning the passage of an anti-LGBT law in North Carolina that’s considered one of the most strict and discriminatory in the country. Not only does it legalize blatant discrimination, but it actually prevents individual cities or towns from trying to pass their own laws to protect LGBT rights. Though […]

Dear Bigoted Republicans: Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Law is a Disgrace and Flat-Out Unconstitutional

In what’s becoming a common occurrence within many “red states,” Mississippi passed one of the most anti-LGBT laws in the country. Oops, I mean Mississippi passed one of the “strongest protections of religious freedom” in the country – if you believe that line of bullshit. Our First Amendment, which grants every American the right to freedom […]

President Obama Contemplating Severe Punishments for North Carolina Following Anti-LGBT Law

While the 2016 presidential election has dominated the news for months, there’s still a lot of non-election news going on in the country that, unfortunately, seems to be getting overlooked. Take for instance the extreme anti-LGBT law which was recently rushed through the North Carolina state legislature that essentially made it illegal for any city or […]