Of All the Asinine Things Trump Said During His Press Conference, One Line Stood Out the Most (Video)

If you haven’t had a chance to watch Donald Trump’s Thursday press conference, please try to find the time for it if you can. I know it’s difficult to stomach listening to him, but this was a dumpster fire worth watching. One quote in particular stood out to me: “The leaks are absolutely real; the news […]

6 Reasons Why Thursday Was One of the Most Embarrassing Days of Trump’s Career (Videos)

I’m a proud American, but I’m embarrassed for my country right now. People from all over the world are watching the news like it’s a reality TV show trying to keep up with the madness of Donald Trump. And, boy, did they ever get a show on Thursday. Here’s a quick rundown of what was, easily, […]

Trump’s Latest Twitter Meltdown Was One of the Most Ridiculous Things I’ve Ever Seen

We all know Donald Trump has thrown plenty of childish hissy fits on Twitter, but the one he went on early Wednesday morning was absurd. Between 6:40 am to 8:13 am EST — nearly two hours — Trump sent out six tweets that contained some of his “greatest hits.” What Twitter rant would be complete without Trump […]

Attention Media: Stop Playing Coy About Why it Took So Long for Trump to Get Rid of Flynn

For the last few days most of what we saw in the news centered around whether or not Donald Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, should be fired or even possibly face criminal charges. This became an even bigger issue on Monday when reports revealed that Flynn “apologized” to Mike Pence for lying to him. A clear […]

4 Recent Tweets That Prove Trump’s an Incompetent Blowhard Peddling Blatant Lies

I’ve never hid the fact that I think Donald Trump is a moron. He’s such a blatant imbecile that I still struggle coming to grips with the reality that tens of millions of people fail to see what an idiot and a con man he is. It really is an every day grind keeping up with […]

Sean Hannity Has Comical Meltdown Because Republicans are Frauds and Liars

Without a doubt, Sean Hannity is one of the biggest jokes in media. A partisan hack who’s so ridiculous that his own network called him out for lacking “editorial standards” in his love-fest with Donald Trump. While he’s always been a right-wing cheerleader, over the last few years he’s basically become nothing more than a […]

New Poll Shows How Embarrassingly Ignorant Trump Supporters are About Facts

In all my time following politics, I’ve never dealt with anything like supporters of Donald Trump. These are folks who seem to live in a version of reality that only exists in their own minds. It’s why I’ve said Trump is more of a cult leader than any sort of political figure. For proof of […]

Ted Cruz’s Idiotic Comments Actually Prove the Republican Party Thrives On and Embraces Racism

I’ve written about this subject multiple times over the past several years, but I’m addressing it once again because Republicans continue to defend their racism with blatant historical ignorance. The latest to do so was Sen. Ted Cruz who defended Jeff Sessions for Attorney General by saying that Democrats are the party of the KKK. “The Democrats are […]

CNN Host Humiliates Trump on Twitter, Debunks Another One of His Absurd Lies

By now it’s no secret that Donald Trump just makes things up. We’re not even dealing with a situation where it’s a big lie every once in a while, which is normal in politics. This is an every day activity – often multiple blatant fabrications per day – where Trump and his lackeys are pushing pure fiction. For […]

Using Fox News to Debunk Donald Trump’s Whining About ‘Fake News’

Let’s be honest here, Donald Trump’s an idiot. The man who once defended the level of his intelligence by saying he knows “the best words,” yet frequently sends out tweets with words that are horribly misspelled (and apparently doesn’t know how to use spellcheck), is a bumbling moron. I’ll give him credit for being a […]