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Bill Nye Humiliates Trump Environmental Adviser on Climate Change Denial (Video)

When it comes to climate change, progressives believe in climate — which is, of course, the overall summary of the weather of a region, period, or place. Simply put, climate is the bigger-picture view of our day-t0-day weather. Meanwhile, many conservatives tend to believe that weather and climate are the same thing, often ignorantly claiming that […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson Delivers Dire Warning About Having Science-Deniers in Power (Video)

If you don’t have time to watch the full 4 minute 42 second video clip, at least read the following quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson concerning the dangers we face, not just as a nation, but as a species, when people in powerful positions deny science: When you have people who don’t know much about […]

Ana Navarro’s Response When Asked About Trump’s First 100 Days Was Perfect (Video)

Whenever a new administration is sworn into office, there’s always a lot of talk surrounding what bold/significant moves they’ll be able to make during their “first 100 days.” While I’ve never bought into putting that much significance into this fairly arbitrary timeframe (though there is evidence showing these days do have some significance), the political […]

After Selling Soul to Support Trump, New Poll Shows Ted Cruz Could Lose His Job

Say what you want about Donald Trump, but he’s fairly transparent about who he is. What I mean by that is it’s very obvious that he’s a pathologically-lying, mentally unhinged, narcissistic con man. A person has to be incredibly naive to think Donald Trump is an honest person who should be trusted and admired. Donald […]

Sen. Tom Cotton’s Reason Why We Should Trust Trump About His Taxes is Comically Absurd (Video)

Being under audit has absolutely nothing to do with the ability for Donald Trump to release his tax returns. Again, being under audit by the IRS does not-at-all impact Trump’s ability to release his tax returns. In other words, Trump’s insistence that he can’t release his tax returns because he’s currently under a “routine audit” is […]

New Report Reveals How Desperate Trump is to Undermine Russia Investigations

Soon after March 4th when Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of “wiretapping Trump Tower” in a scandal he claimed was bigger than Watergate, I wrote an article stating my belief that was the moment where his own unhinged incompetence likely just put into motion everything that would eventually lead to his own downfall. After weeks/months […]

Jake Tapper Slams Trump’s Hypocritical ‘Buy American’ Executive Order (Video)

One of the traits all con artists share is that they’re almost always going to tell those they’re scamming what they want to hear. They do this to manipulate people into lowering their defenses so that they’ll trust them, hoping that doing so will blind them to the fact that they’re being screwed over and […]

Trump Makes a Fool Out of Himself, Brags About Poll that Shows How Awful He Is

It’s not really a secret that Donald Trump isn’t a very bright person. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that he just bragged about a poll from very conservative-leaning Rasmussen showing him with an approval rating at 50 percent. He did so by retweeting an article from Drudge (a joke in its own right) that […]

Donald Trump’s Latest Twitter Meltdown Was One Hell of an Epic Disaster

In case you were a little preoccupied with the holiday weekend, and the usually hectic Mondays that follow them, you might have missed several tweets sent out by Donald Trump that were as ridiculous as they were flat-out stupid. One would think that the orange buffoon might have taken Easter Sunday off, but he didn’t. […]

New Report is One of the Best Summaries of Trump’s Ignorance I’ve Seen Yet

While I definitely opposed Donald Trump’s campaign’s platform, my biggest fear was always what his incompetence might cause on accident. When you give someone who’s clearly mentally unfit and totally unqualified a massively important job such as President of the United States — that’s extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, my fears have been confirmed as Trump’s repeatedly […]