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Trump’s Biggest ‘Accomplishment’ is Taking Credit for Obama’s Economy

Despite what Donald Trump, Fox News, and the rest of the conservative media say — or what their supporters want to believe — the economy was doing well long before this “president” was sworn into office. In fact, the economy was strong during the vast majority of Barack Obama’s presidency. Unemployment fell below 5 percent, […]

The Debate Over Whether Trump Is a Racist is Over (Video)

At some point, the media has to start being brutally honest even when doing so might upset millions of people. That’s why I’m begging some members of the mainstream media to stop asking, “Is Donald Trump a racist?” He is — end of story. Someone saying or doing something that some might feel is racist […]

GOP Strategist Spells Out Why Robert Mueller Subpoenaing Bannon Should Terrify Trump

In the brewing “war of racist scumbags” between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, while this “president” might be the most powerful of the two, I’d caution anyone from dismissing Bannon — even after losing his radio show and position at Breitbart. While I’m not willing to go as far as to call him an intelligent […]

I’d Like to Address Rand Paul’s Absurd Comment on Donald Trump’s Racism (Video)

While I haven’t written much about him lately, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) remains one of the Republicans who I loathe the most. He’s just become mostly irrelevant outside of continuing to try to latch on to the remnants of his father’s remaining “Paul bot” fan club. That said, being the spineless coward that he is, […]

Here’s Why I Couldn’t Care Less About Trump’s ‘Adult Film Star Scandal’

When I first saw someone on Twitter post about another scandal involving Donald Trump, this time allegedly paying an adult film actress to not speak out about an affair they had back in 2006, I’ll admit I did a quick Google search to find out what was going on. Not because I particularly cared, but […]

Kellyanne Conway Absurdly Claims Trump is ‘Forced’ to Talk About Clinton, Doesn’t Care About Her (Video)

We’re truly living in strange times¬†where rules no longer seem to matter, indisputable reality is often called “fake news,” and we have a “presidential administration” that is, without a doubt, the most inept and incompetent in our nation’s history. It’s also a time where it’s apparently acceptable for a fool like Kellyanne Conway to claim […]

One of Trump’s Morning Tweets is a Perfect Example of How He Distorts the Truth Even When He’s Not Lying

At this point, if the day of the week ends in a “y,” there’s a good chance Donald Trump will be going on some sort of Twitter tirade around 7 am after watching Fox & Friends and getting riled up about whatever nonsense they’re covering. Such as this morning when, after sending out another garbage […]

Fox News’ Shep Smith Mocks Trump’s Backtracking on ‘Big, Beautiful Wall’ (Video)

While it’s true that the vast majority of the people over at Fox News have become nothing more than shills for Donald Trump, effectively turning the network into this “president’s” own state-run media, there are still a couple of people over at American’s most-watched conservative fan fiction channel who have the courage to speak the […]

Ronald Reagan Jr.’s Rant on Trump Being ‘Unfit For Office’ is Absolutely Perfect (Video)

In general, I love genuine reactions and comments from people — especially in politics. Even if I disagree with someone on something, if they’re being genuine, then at least I feel that they’re being honest with me. Unfortunately, in today’s world where many people seem out to tell people what they¬†want to hear as part […]

If Trump is as Innocent as He Claims, Then He Should Testify, Under Oath, Publicly

Last summer, Donald Trump accused James Comey of lying following testimony where he painted a rather convincing picture of a “president” who had spent his first few months in office trying to obstruct justice. At that time he said “100 percent” he would testify under oath that Comey was a liar and that he never […]