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Republican Rep. Gets Owned Trying to Blame Media for Trump’s Attacks on Sessions (Video)

Because reality doesn’t often coincide with what Republicans want people to believe, the mainstream media has become one of their primary targets. In a classic tactic used by most conspiracy theorists, when facts don’t support what you want people to think is real, simply attack those reporting the facts as “part of the conspiracy against […]

Stephen Colbert Perfectly Slams ‘Crazy’ Trump: ‘Thank You?,’ No, ‘F*ck You’ (Video)

I haven’t written about him in a while, but last night Stephen Colbert absolutely unloaded on Donald Trump following his decision to ban transgender Americans from the military. “I really think he’s off his meds,” Colbert said. “Because he went from crazy to cruel.” The Late Show host then read the three cowardly tweets Trump […]

Trump Continues Mental Breakdown in Embarrassing Tuesday Twitter Rant

Once again, Tuesday morning Donald Trump unleashed another unhinged, incoherent Twitter rant spanning several hours. As I just said on Twitter, I think we really need to start making a bigger deal out of the fact that the current “president” clearly spends several hours nearly every morning watching television and whining about what he sees on […]

Not a Joke: Fox News’ Jason Chaffetz Praises ‘Transparency’ of Trump Family (Video)

For anyone who might have been wondering if former Republican congressman Jason Chaffetz was going to be less of a scumbag after quitting Congress, you all can rest easy, because it’s clear he’s going to be every bit as terrible in his new job as a Fox News analyst as he was during his tenure in […]

One Tweet on Monday Perfectly Exemplified Trump’s Corrupt, Failing Presidency

Along with showing all the signs of a textbook narcissist, Donald Trump’s mind seems to operate like that of a preschooler who doesn’t possess the cognitive abilities to understand the reality around him. It’s like I told a buddy of mine over the weekend, if you look at how Trump behaves, along with a lot of the things […]

Liar-in-Chief’s Latest Social Media Meltdown is Easily Debunked by Basic Facts

Over the past few years, and especially since he was sworn into office, Donald Trump has gone on some incredibly incoherent, unhinged, and outlandish Twitter tirades. These events have become so common that I’m actually surprised when I wake up and he hasn’t spent several hours that morning rage-tweeting at the “fake news media,” Hillary […]

New Report Seems to Indicate Trump Blatantly Threatened Special Counselor Mueller

Despite Donald Trump frequently calling The New York Times (as well as pretty much any media entity that dares to tell the truth about him) “fake news,” it was rather interesting to see that he agreed to do an interview with the publication — one which wielded an extensive list of incoherent, confusing, or flat-out bizarre […]

CNN Crunched Trump’s Numbers After 6 Months in Office, They’re Not Good

If you ask Donald Trump or his supporters about his first six months in office, they’ll tell you he’s accomplished more than possibly any “president” in United States history. Of course, the only real “evidence” you’ll find to support that preposterous claim is Trump, himself. For those of us who are rational and care about […]

Republican Congressman: It’s Okay for Donald Trump to be Incompetent (Video)

Most people who follow me are probably aware of the fact that I don’t think Donald Trump is a very intelligent person. In fact, I think he’s a simple-minded buffoon who has no idea how our government works and probably couldn’t pass a middle school-level Social Studies exam. That’s rather terrifying when you think about […]

New Poll Showcases the Jaw-Dropping Ignorance & Fake Patriotism of Many Trump Supporters

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time it’s highly likely that you know I’m a bit of a “polling nerd.” I’ve always found it fascinating what the data contained in many of these polls and surveys can tell us about various issues, politics, or society as a whole. Such as a recent poll […]