Ohio Republicans Want Women To Record Their Miscarriages

If you’re a woman and you have been pregnant, there’s a decent chance you’ve had a miscarriage, or even an abortion. Out of every pregnancy, as many as 25 percent end in a miscarriage. This a common and sad fact of human reproduction, but now Ohio lawmakers want women to sign a form to keep a […]

Mike Huckabee Compares Planned Parenthood to Benghazi – Seriously

House Republicans have decided to launch yet another Congressional witch hunt, this time over the debunked Planned Parenthood videos which were created by the anti-abortion group calling itself “Center for Medical Progress.” While the credibility of the videos is highly suspect and the footage is clearly doctored, Republican lawmakers are pressing ahead with their investigation […]

The White House Gives Planned Parenthood $1M To Promote Obamacare

Republicans in Congress have been having a field day with the highly-edited and deceptive videos targeting Planned Parenthood. Even though Mitch McConnell has said that they don’t have the votes to override a certain veto of any legislation to defund the organization, that hasn’t stopped the GOP from making as much noise about shutting down […]

Mike Huckabee on Fox News: Planned Parenthood is No Better Than Terrorists (Video)

Republicans opposing the Constitutional right for women in this country to have an abortion is nothing new. Despite the fact that this issue was settled over 40 years ago by the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade, the GOP continues to try to do everything it possibly can to prevent women from being able to have […]

Ted Cruz Is Launching A National Attack on Planned Parenthood

While everyone is concentrating on the circus that is the Donald Trump campaign, Ted Cruz and other religious conservatives are quietly working to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood. In the wake of edited videos that were designed by anti-Planned Parenthood activists, right-wing politicians across the country have seized the opportunity to launch an all-out […]

Arizona School District Decides to Put Anti-Abortion Stickers in Textbooks

It’s no secret that most Republicans are extremely anti-abortion. Even though the Supreme Court settled this issue over 40 years ago, we’re still having to deal with people who seem to think they can infringe upon the Constitutional rights of Americans. Well, a school district in Arizona has apparently taken things to another level, ordering […]

Fox News Hosts Freak Out After Truth About Planned Parenthood Videos Revealed Live On Air (Video)

It’s no secret that Republicans have spent the last 40+ years fighting against the Constitutionally protected right for women to have an abortion. While they can’t place an outright ban on abortion (because that would be unconstitutional), what they’ve been doing instead is passing laws that either seek to shame women prior to having the […]

Mike Huckabee Not Opposed to Using Military, FBI to Stop Women From Having Abortions

Apparently Mike Huckabee has just lost his damn mind. It still shocks me to think that around 2007/2008 I once spoke of the former Arkansas governor as someone from the Republican party who wasn’t all that bad. To be fair, I didn’t know a great deal about him back then, but he just always seemed […]

Ben Carson: Planned Parenthood Was Designed To Exterminate Black People

The anti-Planned Parenthood army is having a field day with the discredited video that alleges the group sells fetal tissues left over from abortion procedures. Conservative lawmakers have quickly pounced on this James O’Keefe-style hit piece as an opportunity to score points with the far right by calling for investigations, and restating their promises to anti-Planned […]

Rick Santorum: Destroying Planned Parenthood Will Help To End Racism In America

Anti-abortion activists are absolutely aflutter with the release of the James O’Keefe-style edited video that claims to show that Planned Parenthood is selling fetal tissues. To hear them tell it, Planned Parenthood employees are getting rich off our tax dollars and making big money on the side by selling the medical waste that is left […]