Donald Trump, the Republican Party and Their Supporters: Where Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

Some degree of hypocrisy is a part of politics on both the left and the right, but I’ve never seen anything like I have when it comes to Donald Trump, the GOP, and his supporters. The list of things Trump has said or done that Republicans and his supporters would be going ballistic over had […]

I’m a Pro-Life, Christian, Constitutional Patriot – Which is Exactly Why I’m a Progressive

Conservatives love to proclaim themselves “pro-life” because they oppose abortion, “Christians” because some of them go to church, or “Constitutional patriots” because of their fanatical view on the Second Amendment, but most of them aren’t actually any of those things. You see, I’m a proud pro-life, Constitutional patriot and Christian — which is exactly why I’m a […]

While Trump Distracts Everyone, Paul Ryan Might be the True ‘Evil Mastermind’ to Fear

In movies there are all types of villains. You have the cartoonish, over-the-type “Bond” type of villains, then you have the calculated, diabolical ones like Keyser Soze from The Usual Suspects. Obviously, someone like Donald Trump is the outrageous villain that’s so ridiculous it’s difficult to take him seriously (except he’s legitimately terrifying because this isn’t a […]

Republicans Don’t Care that Donald Trump is an Absolute Moron and Completely Incompetent

Has anyone ever heard Donald Trump say anything intelligent, insightful, or thought provoking? This is someone who has a degree from an Ivy League school, yet has the vocabulary and spelling abilities of a 3rd grader. This is someone who, when trying to defend his so-called “intelligence,” said he knows “the best words.” Meanwhile, his […]

You Can’t Call Yourself a Patriot, Proud American, or a Christian and Support Trump

When Hillary Clinton called “half” of Donald Trump supporters “deplorable,” she was actually being rather generous. While the comment didn’t play well politically, that didn’t make it any less true. Aside from the fact that he is supported by racists, bigots, homophobes, Islamophobes, sexists, and basically every bottom-feeder in this country, his behavior alone should […]

Dear Trump Supporters: Yeah, We Told You So

Look, there are still plenty of nightmares to be had over the next 3+ years of Donald Trump being in charge of this nation, but we’ve already seen more than enough to be a little cocky for a moment when telling Trump folks: We told you so.  We’re not even a month into his administration and this has […]

Here’s a Very Simple Question I’d Like Donald Trump Supporters to Answer

People who follow me on Twitter or Facebook are probably aware that when it comes to debating supporters of Donald Trump, I take a different tactic than most. I’m not going to pretend like I’ve changed many of their minds, but I have found this strategy to be somewhat effective when it comes to at least making […]

Here’s a List Outlining How Delusional or Ignorant Someone Has to Be to Support Trump

At this point, there’s really no other way to say this, so I’ll be blunt: To be someone who supports Donald Trump you have to be woefully naive to the point of brainwashed delusion, legitimately mentally unstable, certifiably insane, flat-out stupid, or you’re just a terrible person who agrees with his ignorance and isn’t bothered by […]

The Truth About Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban is Scarier Than Most People Want to Admit

Ever since Donald Trump signed his ban on seven Muslim countries, one of the main talking points that’s been used against him (which I’ve also brought up) is that there’s never been a citizen from any of the nations on his list who’ve carried out a deadly terrorist attack on U.S. soil. What many don’t […]

Trump Doesn’t Deserve a Free Pass On Un-American Tweets Like This

While I’m glad to see so many people speaking out against our nation’s first wannabe dictator, I still feel some people are missing the bigger picture. Too many are being distracted by things that make for good headlines, such as his Muslim ban and the disgusting images of people being detained at airports, while not realizing the reality that all […]