Here’s Why Trump Should Fear Firing Sessions, But He’s Too Stupid to Realize It

Since Donald Trump’s an insecure egomaniac who’s not very intelligent, that means he’s prone to underestimating a situation, making a mistake — then doing it all over again later because he was too stupid, unhinged, and arrogant to learn a lesson the first time. Well, that’s what we’re currently seeing with Trump’s increasing hostility and public […]

Trump’s Nothing More Than a Wannabe Dictator Who Acts Like a Crime Boss

Well before he “won” last year’s election, I said that Donald Trump never wanted to be a “president,” he wanted to be a dictator. He’s never had any desire to lead a Constitutional government based on laws, a system of checks and balances, democracy, and the freedom of the press. Oh, no. What Trump wants […]

Make No Mistake About It, Donald Trump Desperately Wants to Fire Robert Mueller – And Probably Will

For those of you who might still be wondering if Donald Trump will fire special counselor Robert Muller, spoiler alert: Odds are he’s going to. In fact, if you ask me, I absolutely believe that he made that decision long ago. The only reason he hasn’t is because he knows once he does, all hell’s going to […]

I’d Like to Address One of My Biggest Pet Peeves with Trump Supporters

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to Donald Trump supporters are those who finally reach a point where he’s said or done something they can no longer defend, who then try to act shocked that he would behave in such a manner. Excuse my language, but that’s complete bullshit. Throughout his entire life, […]

You’re Out of Your Damn Mind if You Don’t Believe Trump Knew About His Son’s Russia Meeting

Despite Donald Trump and his supporters doing their best to downplay the significance of his eldest son’s meeting with a Kremlin-backed attorney who promised him dirt on Hillary Clinton directly from the Russian government, that hasn’t stopped the “president” from doing his best to distance himself from having any knowledge about that meeting. If Trump doesn’t […]

If You’re Still Calling the Russia Investigations “FAKE NEWS!,” Here’s What You’re Really Saying

For the sake of this article, I’m ignoring politics, partisan beliefs, or anything of that nature. As I recently wrote, my opposition of Donald Trump ceased being about politics long ago. The bottom line is this: if you still support Trump and consider the Russia investigations nothing but “FAKE NEWS!,” then you’re basically admitting you’re […]

I’ve Had Enough of the Outrageous Republican Hypocrisy Concerning Donald Trump

When it comes to Republican hypocrisies, I could write an entire book centered around how what they say and what they do are often in complete contradiction of one another. After all, this is the party that claims it represents “fiscal responsibility” yet we haven’t seen a Republican president balance the budget since the 1950’s. It’s also […]

10 Questions Trump Supporters are Likely Too Afraid to Answer

As most people reading this probably know, it can seem pointless to try to use facts when debating Donald Trump supporters. Not only do most of these folks obviously not care about pesky things like “facts,” but they seem to change the “rules” whenever they see fit. I’ve been amazed at the things Trump has said […]

My Pro-Trump Friend Tried to Pick a Fight About Guns. It Didn’t Go Well For Him.

Yesterday I engaged in a rather heated debate about guns with a very Republican friend of mine. As a supporter of Donald Trump (shocker, I know), and lifelong conservative, I usually do my best to avoid political debates with my friends and family that fall into these categories because I know, typically, it’s not going […]

Dear Trump Supporters: Here’s the Harsh Truth About What He Actually Thinks of You

When it comes to supporters of Donald Trump, the list of things they hate is quite long. From the media, to immigrants, Muslims, progressives, the “establishment,” or pretty much anyone who dares to say a single negative thing about their orange hero — you instantly become “the enemy.” In Trump’s cult, the first rule is […]