This is the One Thing Donald Trump’s Supporters Have Repeatedly Proven About Themselves

Admittedly, I still get lured into the trap of trying to “understand Donald Trump supporters.” While I do my best to avoid breaking my rule of not trying to reason with people who are unreasonable, my never-ending desire to live in a world dominated by facts and reality still gets the best of me from […]

It’s Time For Republicans to Admit That There’s Only One Way We Can Fix Our Health Care System

The solution to the “health care debate” in this country couldn’t be any more obvious, yet it’s the answer to a hotly debated topic that almost no Republican will admit is true: We need a single-payer/Medicare-for-all health care system. If we can, for a few minutes, let’s ignore the partisan propaganda, talking points, and fear-mongering. […]

A Trumpster Friend Confronted Me for Criticizing Him, Really Didn’t Like My Response

It’s actually rare that someone I personally know who supports Donald Trump confronts me about something political, especially considering most of my Trump-backing friends know exactly how I feel about him and the Republican party. Yet for some inexplicable reason on Thursday I received a message from one of these Trumpster friends of mine who felt […]

Here’s Why I Believe Trump’s Time in Office is Almost Over, and How It Will Most Likely End

I knew Donald Trump’s time in office was going to be an absolute circus, but even I’m surprised by how quickly things have spiraled into unprecedented chaos. Currently, Trump and his entire administration are operating “in the red,” and have been for quite some time. Despite whatever his supporters think, or how the conservative media is […]

3 Things That Infuriate Me Concerning How the Media Covers Trump’s Mental Instability

I’m sure everyone reading this has been faced with a question where the answer turned out to be so obvious that you felt foolish for not seeing it right away. These are often conundrums where you actually knew the answer all along, however, because it seemed so simple, the ease of it all caused you to […]

Human Beings: The Smartest and Dumbest Species to Have Ever Roamed the Earth

Without a doubt, human beings are the most dominant and intelligent species to have ever existed on this little blue planet we call Earth. However, even though we are, by far, the most advanced species Earth has ever produced — we’re also the dumbest. We have unlimited healthy, free methods of supplying ourselves with the energy […]

10 Questions Trump Supporters Lack the Cojones to Answer

It’s easy for Donald Trump supporters to parrot talking points that have been fed to them, but when you ask these folks to actually defend this nonsense, as I’ve written before, the results can sometimes be rather interesting. So in the spirit of the raging dumpster fire that is the Trump administration, I thought I’d […]

The Two Words Republicans Will Never Admit are the Cause of Our Health Care Issues

The only people who seem to like the Republican Trumpcare bill are the people who helped write it, Donald Trump, and the people who are naive enough to trust them. When far-right Republicans criticized it as “Obamacare Lite,” they weren’t kidding. What Republicans did was take a flawed law in the Affordable Care Act, kept […]

Trump Supporters Have Proven Republicans Have No Respect for the Presidency & this Country

Being the President of the United States is about much more than simply being the person who won an election. To hold that office means you’re the “face” and representative for this country and every human being living within its borders. It also means you’re the leader of the most powerful nation that’s ever existed. […]

Here are 4 Stories Involving Roger Stone Which Could Help Sink Donald Trump’s Presidency

Conservative troll strategist Roger Stone briefly worked for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign before getting “terminated” after a few weeks, despite being a long-time friend and associate of Trump. However, despite his “termination,” Stone continued to be informally linked to the campaign through election day. By all accounts, and this is just my opinion, it seems […]