Opinion: I Have Absolutely No Doubt That Donald Trump’s a Criminal

I’m not involved with the on-going FBI investigation into Donald Trump and his campaign, nor am I a law enforcement professional, or even a lawyer. But I have absolutely no doubt that Donald Trump’s a criminal. Nothing about his behavior tells me we’re dealing with someone who’s innocent. You don’t need to be a psychologist […]

A Person Has to be an Idiot or Completely Devoid of Reality to Think Sean Hannity’s Credible

Since Donald Trump’s rise to the top of the GOP, Fox News’ Sean Hannity has proven time and time again that there’s really no level to which he will not stoop to defend this “president.” While I’ve never held Hannity in any sort of high regards, I’ve still been rather surprised at just how much […]

Trump’s Leading a Cult of Millions of Brainwashed Supporters Who Can’t be Reasoned With

A while back I wrote an article calling Trump supporters followers of a deranged cult led by a madman, a statement I sill stand by today. Even though I’ve had more than just a few harsh words to say about those who continue to defend and support this “president,” deep down I really do wish […]

The More Trump Freaks Out About Something, the More Likely It Is That It’s True

To say that Donald Trump is having a complete meltdown over James Comey’s book would be an understatement. And Friday’s Twitter rant is only the beginning. With Comey’s book guaranteed to make headlines over the next few days, get ready for a week of some of the most unhinged, ridiculous rants we’ve ever seen from […]

Trump’s Response to Syria’s Chemical Weapons Attack Further Proves He’s a Weak, Incompetent Fool

It’s not exactly a secret that Donald Trump has no idea what he’s doing. An incompetent fool who our allies don’t trust and our enemies don’t fear, the United States has never been mocked more, or respected less, than right now. In just over a year in office, Trump’s incompetence has helped strengthen Russia’s influence […]

The Main Reason the U.S. Will Lose a Trade War with China: Trump’s an Idiot and They Know It

Despite what his supporters want to think of him, the reality is that Donald Trump is an incompetent fool who has absolutely no idea what he’s doing. Simply because his supporters refuse to acknowledge that fact doesn’t make it any less true. Donald Trump’s an idiot — and the rest of the world knows it. That’s […]

Here’s the Truth About Trump’s Border Wall that His Supporters Don’t Want to Hear

Build the wall! Build the Wall! Build the Wall!  That’s the chant that’s been echoed by tens of thousands of Trump supporters all over the country ever since he launched his campaign on June 16, 2015. Without a doubt, Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall that he said Mexico was going to pay for […]

Ordering the National Guard to the Border is the Epitome of Trump’s Lies, Propaganda and Incompetence

By now most people reading this have probably heard that Donald Trump is ordering National Guard troops to the U.S./Mexico border. This is apparently his response to his repeated failure to make Mexico or the U.S. taxpayers fund his pointless border wall. Spoiler Alert: This is completely pointless. For starters, Trump’s not personally ordering the National […]

Trump Doesn’t ‘Misspeak’ or ‘Twist the Truth,’ He Flat-Out Lies and Makes Stuff Up

Can we please stop with this nonsense that Donald Trump’s always-growing list of blatant lies, misinformation, and conspiracies is just “typical politician speak” where facts are often twisted and data is cherry-picked in order to meet an agenda? That’s not what Trump does. He lies — all the time. Even worse, Trump just makes stuff up about huge, wide-ranging […]

Here’s How the Stormy Daniels Scandal Has Further Proven Trump’s a Spineless Coward

According to Donald Trump and most of his supporters, he’s a “tough-talking, straight-shooting alpha male who tells it like it is and doesn’t back down to anyone.” That’s a rather comical assessment considering this “president” is, without a doubt, one of the most weak and insecure human beings I’ve ever seen. Like most bullies, and […]