John Kelly Has Disgraced Himself, this Country and Our Military

I really want to believe that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly agreed to the job because he realizes Donald Trump is this nation’s top national security threat and the only way to keep him from starting WWIII is if there are sane people around him to try to keep him under control. That’s […]

Dear Donald Trump: It’s Absolutely None of Your Damn Business What the NFL Does

No matter what anyone thinks about NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem, the bottom line is this: As “President” of the United States, it’s none of Donald Trump’s damn business what the NFL’s policy is about this issue or what these players do or don’t do when that song is playing. None. Trump’s continued […]

Here’s an Appalling List of All the Times Trump’s Disrespected Our Military and Veterans

I remember when, a few years back, Republicans and the conservative media had a mini meltdown because Barack Obama saluted the Marines standing outside Marine One while holding a coffee cup. In their minds, that was the ultimate sign of disrespect. For those who may have forgotten, or think that I’m joking, I’m being absolutely […]

Trump’s Inability to Feel Empathy Makes Him the Most Dangerous President in History

Long before he was ever “elected,” I made it clear that the main reason why I opposed the idea of Donald Trump as “president” wasn’t because he was a Republican, but because he was completely unfit and unqualified to hold that office. Sure, I opposed nearly every campaign promise he made and most of the […]

The First 5 Letters in Obamacare are Why Trump’s Desperately Trying to Sabotage the Law

While I’ve frequently joked that if you want to predict what Donald Trump’s going to do, just guess the opposite of what Barack Obama would do — that’s not really a joke. It’s obvious that Trump’s completely obsessed with his predecessor. An egomaniac who can’t stand when someone shows him up, with the 44th president […]

Please Excuse Me, I Need to Rant About the Hypocrisy of Trump, His Supporters, Fox News, and the GOP

We need to come up with better words than “hypocrite” or “hypocrisy” to describe what we’re currently witnessing from Donald Trump, his supporters, Fox News, and the Republican Party. Typical hypocrisy is someone drinking a double Jack and Coke while lecturing you about drinking or telling you that you need to workout more when they […]

Here’s How Trump’s Supporters are Cementing His Place as the Worst President in History

Despite what Donald Trump and his supporters might think, his time in office has been a disaster. In just a few short months, he’s turned the United States into a global laughingstock and proven time and time again that he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing or what he’s talking about. The problem for […]

Here’s a List of Disgusting Facts About Harvey Weinstein for Trump Supporters

Alright, Republicans, as a progressive I’ve heard your complaints. You all feel the sexual assault/harassment allegations made against the Hollywood scumbag Harvey Weinstein are proof that the left is nothing more than a bunch of depraved, unethical heathens who lack any sense of morals or values, right? You know, maybe you all are right. Without […]

Scumbag Harvey Weinstein’s Put the Unprecedented Hypocrisy of Trump Supporters on Full Display

Let’s just get this out of the way: Harvey Weinstein’s a disgusting creep who probably deserves a tiny room inside of some sort of government-run facility. That said, this scandal has put on display the unprecedented hypocrisy of Donald Trump and his supporters. Of all the people who’ve expressed disgust or outrage over these allegations […]

The Sad Truth is Trump Supporters Mistake His Incompetence for Intelligent Strategy

While most of the world looks at Donald Trump’s erratic behavior and incompetence as proof that he can’t be trusted, isn’t mentally stable enough to be “president,” and is clearly not qualified for the job, to the vast majority of his supporters, they see this as part of his “intelligent strategy.” Like a masterful con […]