Cenk Uygur Shreds Open Carry ‘Lunatic’ Who Wants to Bring Gun Into Daughter’s School (Video)

cenk-uygurWhen it comes to gun fanatics, I’ve pretty much lost most of my patience in dealing with them. I’ve just reached my limit with the overall idiocy of many of these people. In this country we can’t even begin to have a common sense debate about gun violence because there are literally millions of idiots who don’t believe guns have anything to do with it. And when you’re dealing with that many people who don’t think guns have anything to do with gun violence – it’s really hard to even try to discuss the issue with these people, let alone try to get actual rational solutions passed through Congress.

But even beyond your run-of-the-mill gun nut you have the open carry gun fanatic. These are the folks who, in my opinion, are suffering from severe levels of paranoia and insecurity. That theory seems to be supported by how hostile and aggressive many open carry advocates tend to be.

Well, there’s a case in Michigan where a father fought for (and won) the right to openly carry his pistol with him at his daughter’s elementary school. While this sounds absurd (because it should), the reason he was allowed to carry his gun is due to a weird loophole in the state’s gun laws that allows concealed-carry permit holders to do so.

Well, Cenk Uygur absolutely went off about the fact this guy feels the need to openly carry a handgun with him at his daughter’s school.

“If you had told me many years ago, ‘At some point in America we’ll devolve to the point where they’re letting parents bring guns to elementary schools,’ I would say that sounds fanciful,” Uygur said. “But everything that we thought couldn’t happen has happened.”

That’s absolutely true. I highly doubt many students (especially those in elementary school) are going to feel safer seeing some random guy walking through their hallways, openly carrying a gun.

Not only that, but what if a parent visiting a student in middle school or high school wants to do the same thing? Is it exactly safe to have parents openly carrying guns around campuses where students are of the age where they could then try to grab one of these guns and use it on another student?

Uygur then went on into great detail about how the Second Amendment addresses well regulated militias and how random Americans carrying guns holstered to their hips at all times does not constitute what’s clearly outlined in our Second Amendment.

“I know that you’re a guy who can’t wait to use it, ’cause you’re a lunatic who likes to show his gun around everywhere,” Uygur said of open carry advocates. “This is the f*cked up country we live in.”

And he’s right. I’ve always said that one of the things I’ve noticed from many open carry advocates hasn’t really been a need to openly carry a gun (because there really is none), but their arrogant desire to shove the fact that they can carry a gun openly in the faces of those who are uncomfortable with them doing so.

Though I’ll still argue that anyone who’s so paranoid that they feel the need to carry a gun with them at all times, is probably someone who’s too mentally ill to own guns in the first place, and is certainly not a “free person.” If you can’t even leave your gun in your car for a few minutes while dropping your daughter off at her elementary school, in my opinion, that’s a sign of some sort of mental instability.

Watch the video below via The Young Turks:

Allen Clifton

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