Chaos Ensues as Bill O’Reilly Brings David Duke on Fox News (Video)

david-duke-oreillyBy now, most people who follow politics have heard about the scandal involving House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and a speech he gave at an event sponsored by white supremacists in 2002. Now, you would think that the third most powerful person in the House being busted speaking at an event promoting white supremacy would, at the very least, lead to his removal as House Majority Whip. And one would also think that such a revelation would most likely cost someone their job in Congress.

Though, sadly, neither seems to be happening. Then again, that shouldn’t really surprise anyone. After all, this is a southern Republican we’re talking about. He’s from the party, and an area of the country, where being a white supremacist really isn’t an issue for many conservative voters.

This story apparently prompted Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly to have one of Scalise’s supporters on his show to discuss the controversy. That supporter just happened to be former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, and let’s just say it didn’t turn out very well.

In fact, it was utter chaos nearly from the start. If you look closely about one-third of the way through the segment, you can see absolute regret on O’Reilly’s face as he realized what an epic disaster bringing Duke on was turning out to be.

Usually I would try to transcribe some of the dialogue from the clip, but it quickly escalated into a fairly heated back and forth with each trying to talk over the other.

Duke had clearly planned to use this segment as nothing more than an opportunity to push his white supremacist propaganda – correction, his “European American” propaganda. Yes, that’s how Duke’s masking his racism. He’s not anti-black, he’s pro-European American.

But to O’Reilly’s credit, he didn’t let Duke get away with trying to claim that he wasn’t a white supremacist. O’Reilly continually pushed back against the ridiculous notion Duke was trying to perpetuate that he supported equal rights for all Americans. When Duke tried to claim that he was simply “proud” of his “European heritage,” O’Reilly called him out for being nothing more than an advocate for white supremacy.

Though the issue here is that O’Reilly should have never had him on his show in the first place. That’s just idiotic. What did he really expect, cordial and rational discourse? When you give someone as vile as David Duke a national platform the size of O’Reilly’s show to promote his brand of hate, you have to know he’s going to try to use that time to do just that.

Don’t you love how these kinds of people try to mask racism? It’s not “white supremacy,” it’s “European pride.”

I guess you can take the hood off the klansman, but you can’t take the klan out of David Duke – or the Republican party.

Watch the video below via Fox News by way of Media Matters:

Allen Clifton

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