China Mocks Trump, Says What Many are Thinking About Syrian Airstrike

While Donald Trump’s supporters think he’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to this country, the reality is most of the world views him for what he is — an absolute joke. I’ve spoken with many people from all over the world who tell me everyone is laughing at the United States right now, stunned that tens of millions of voters were dumb enough to be duped by this incompetent con man.

He is, without a doubt, a national embarrassment to the United States.

Want proof? Look no further than China’s state-run news agency Xinhua blatantly mocking the weakness of Trump’s response to the Syrian chemical weapons attack.

As reported by the New York Times:

Xinhua, the state news agency, on Saturday called the strike the act of a weakened politician who needed to flex his muscles. In an analysis, Xinhua also said Mr. Trump had ordered the strike to distance himself from Syria’s backers in Moscow, to overcome accusations that he was “pro-Russia.”

Don’t get me wrong, China has their own self-interests in mind when it comes to their opposition to any kind of outside intervention in Syria, so I’m certainly not defending the communist government or endorsing a state-run news agency.

The story here isn’t why they might oppose U.S. military strikes in Syria, but how these comments were made just after a meeting between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Trump played this meeting up as “positive” when it clearly wasn’t.

Furthermore, what China said matters just as much as the fact that this state-run media entity released such a negative assessment of Trump and his administration. They basically said exactly what a lot of Trump’s critics have been saying — that this strike was made out of weakness, ordered by a man who desperately needed anything to bolster his floundering administration. Many people, myself included, have even speculated that this could have been part of a calculated move by Trump to make himself seem less cozy with Russia a few weeks after it was revealed that he’s currently under investigation for possibly colluding with the Russian government during the 2016 election. Of course that’s relatively impossible for someone like myself to prove, but factoring in everything else we know, it’s certainly a possibility.

But these comments also matter because they show the lack of respect China has for Trump. Despite all of Trump’s big and bad talk about taking action against the “unfair” Chinese government, it’s clear they don’t take him seriously, have no respect for him, and know that he’s completely full of crap.

And, unfortunately, while China clearly doesn’t mind publicly mocking Trump, I get the feeling many of our allies feel the same way about him as they do. While our enemies are sitting back hoping he sends the United States into a downward spiral from which we may never be able to recover, our allies are hoping the next few years go by quickly and the American people elect someone who’s actually qualified to be President of the United States.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • fahvel

    we here in France and many around us see the thing in the white house with the same enthusiasm as do the Chinese. But hold on bit – no one here is laughing and if you detect laughter, it is the kind that nervous and frightened people use to cover their frailty – I feel so sorry for the majority of us citizens who voted against the orange bubble brain.

    • QB59

      Is it nervous laughter because you fear that your own country could end up with a rightwing loon? I hope your countrymen are not dumb enough to elect Marine Le Pen.

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  • strayaway

    “Mr. Trump had ordered the strike to distance himself from Syria’s backers in Moscow, to overcome accusations that he was “pro-Russia.”” This was the only sentence offered from all of China’s 1.36B people to support the title of this article. For fun, let’s accept it as true and mainstream opinion in China. A few hours before Trump’s unconstitutional attack on Syria, Hillary suggested bombing Syrian airbaseS (plural). No one was accusing Hillary of being pro-Russian of course and the buck stops with Trump. However, one implication of the NY Times sentence is that Trump is reacting to Democrats conjecture. If that’s true, then one way or another, either because Trump responded to the Democratic Party narrative and is distancing himself from détente or he is doing exactly what Hillary claims she would have done, Democrats should be pleased.

    • Suzanne Eades

      But the Democrats would have followed the law and gotten Congressional approval. Trumplebrainfart and his co-conspirators not only wanted his ratings to go up for projecting himself as a bully against mean ole Syria and to give the appearance of putting “space” between themselves and Russia, they also wanted to profit biggly from the companies in which they are so heavily invested. The mission was a complete failure and a total waste of taxpayer’s money. They should all be tarred, feathered, and put on a slow boat to Russia, where Putin can take care of them for us.

      • strayaway

        Obama/Hillary didn’t get congressional approval for helping overthrow Khaddafi, or Ukraine. Except for Congress providing $50M, Obama/Hillary didn’t get congressional approval for trying to covertly overthrow Assad since 2013 by supplying ‘rebels’ who often sold their US weapons to ISIS or joined ISIS. Just a few hours before Trump attacked a Syrian airfield, Hillary said she would have attacked Syrian airfields (plural). I agree that Trump’s mission was a complete failure and a waste of taxpayer money just as Obama’s efforts to overthrow Assad were. Obama and Bush have hundreds of thousands of deaths, destruction, millions of refugees, and the renewal of the cold war to show for their efforts. Trump just made matters worse.