Chris Christie Just Ruined His Chances at Ever Becoming the Republican Presidential Nominee

christieWhile I’m not a fan of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (and I have absolutely no desire to ever see him in the White House), he doesn’t terrify me like other Republicans do.  You know, the Ted Cruz/Rand Paul types who seem to lack any form of rational thinking capabilities.

But I’ve maintained for a while now that as long as Christie remains a Republican, he’ll never have a chance at the White House anyway.

And it damn sure won’t happen now.  See, Christie signed into law a bill that will allow some illegal immigrants in New Jersey to get in-state tuition.

Republicans (the ones who vote in primary elections) strongly oppose immigration reform.  Just the thought that illegal immigrants could ever be granted some kind of “rights” — that alone is enough to set them off.  Then you have to factor in the fact that Christie himself insisted the bill must include financial aid access for these undocumented immigrants.

So not only did he give many illegal immigrants access to in-state tuition rates, he’s giving them access to state issued funds as well.

I can just imagine the steam shooting from the ears of millions of conservatives as their faces turn deep red with anger.

There’s just no way I see Christie recovering from this to win Republican support during the GOP primary.  Not when tea party Republicans are starting to seize real power within the Republican party, pushing for candidates such as Ted Cruz.

Come 2016, you’re going to see ridiculous amounts of money flow in from far-right tea party groups trying to buy the presidency.  Money that will certainly not be going to help Christie become the GOP nominee.   They already hated him before, they sure as hell won’t support him now.

And the great thing is, he still has plenty of time to do even more to tick them off.

I mean think about it — first he dared to compliment President Obama following Hurricane Sandy, then he didn’t do everything possible to block gay marriage from becoming legal in New Jersey, and now he’s signed sensible immigration reform in the state.

That’s like the Holy Trinity of “you don’t do that” if you’re a Republican hoping to become the presidential nominee.

See, while the issues he’s supported lately have appealed to more mainstream Americans than the cooky beliefs most tea party Republicans support, these things he’s done are extremely unpopular with Republicans who vote in primaries.

It’s why I’ve said for a while now that the tea party has doomed the GOP.  They’ve created a situation where candidates have to pander to the most ridiculous elements of the conservative voting base in order to win their primary — but by doing so they severely hurt (if not ruin) their chances during the general election.

I mean, I guess these candidates could always pull a “Mitt Romney” and simply change their position on nearly every issue based on who they’re talking to, but how well did that work out for him during the 2012 elections?

The strategy Christie is using is perfectly clear.  He wants to appeal to more moderate voters to set himself up for a strong showing in the general election, while betting that he can skate by during the primaries (after all, Romney was chosen because he was “electable” not because Republicans really wanted him).  I just don’t think it’s going to work.

But then again, who cares?

Hillary’s going to kick their butt anyway.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Joel A. Edge

    “Hillary’s going to kick their butt anyway.”
    I hope you won’t be too disappointed when Hillary gets stabbed in the back again. The current Democratic party isn’t gonna let a Clinton get anywhere near the White House.

    • surfjac

      That assumes no one puts up a primary challenge. It also assumes the democratic party can’t find any one else. If that’s the case, if it’s Clinton, I wouldn’t bet on a third term for the dems in the White House, not without long odds.

      • Joel A. Edge

        I’m guessing Kerry gets another shot. If Jerry Brown doesn’t screw it up.

      • surfjac

        I like John Kerry a lot; he would be another loser. Sad too, cuz’ I think he’d be a good President.

      • Daisy

        Of course you do because you lack intelligence.

      • jchastn

        Hillary will handily win nomination and if she runs with Warren will handily win the WH. This nation hates republicans. HATES THEM. THEY SHOULD KILL THEMSELVES AND GO TO JESUS>

      • surfjac

        You’re assuming Warren would be better as a VP than a Senator…I’d rather her stay in the Senate fighting for us than presiding over it as VP.
        Hillary Clinton is still too polarizing and too much the centrist. We need real Dems, Liberal Dems and Progressives in office, not the Clintons. I don’t dislike her but I don’t like her in the White House.

      • surfjac

        If they are religious and kill themselves, won’t they go to hell? If you believe the “stories” told in the bible, wouldn’t this be the deal?

      • CherMoe

        Truthfully, I don’t think these are the kinds of people the REAL Jesus wants in His Kingdom. CINO’s …. Christians in name only)

      • cmac

        Two words…Al Gore.

        If anyone thinks he’s done they’re crazy. He has been away long enough to be hungry again, and he already won a Presidential Election whish was then stolen away. You don’t think he wants another shot?

      • CherMoe

        The last thing I’d call a man of stature and decency like Al Gore, is “hungry.” At least, not hungry for the things YOU suggest. If he wants another shot, it would be to set things right in a nation that has been allowed to run amok “in the name of religion” or under the GUISE of “freedom of speech.” Or a twisting and contortion of the 2nd Amendment causing this country to become an “out-of-control” military/mercenary/police state with crazy people shouting threats all over the country at their fellow citizens (and call themselves “Patriots”).

      • cmac

        You obviously aren’t understanding what I am referring to with the word hungry. He had lost his appetite to fight for all of the things you mention after 2000. He took up the Global Warming cause because he believed in it and it allowed him to focus on a single issue. In a few speeches I have heard lately, he sounds more like the Al Gore of old, before he got burnt out. I think he would make an excellent candidate, and I do believe hs is hungry to fight again. The only question is if he is hungry enough to fight Hillary’s machine and then Christie’s machine to get there. When did I EVER call his decency in to question?

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      how Elizabeth warren make rightwing repub white trash feel?

    • Stephen Barlow

      Keep warchin’ Fox buddy.

      • Joel A. Edge

        “warchin’ “?
        Yeah, we get it, FOX scares you. CNN must terrify you.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Nope, I check in on them about once a week. I time how long it takes to find a deception.

        Isn’t that how you ignorant, sons of cousin humpers spell “watching”?

      • Joel A. Edge

        So in other words, you look to find a fault (which all news organizations have) and you’re a bigot to boot. Good combination.

  • Anthonij

    Usually I agree with Allen Clifton’s analysis of political events and figures but in this case I don’t. I think Christie is VERY dangerous. He has been a terrible Republican-style governor and yet somehow has most of the people in Jersey bamboozled into thinking he’s alright… And remember, Jersey ain’t no Texas…

    Christie is working hard at dressing up as the sheep while remaining below a totally committed wolf in the service of the corporate elite… a Koch boy all the way… And given the success he’s had in a state with lots of Democrats and lots of liberals, he definitely is dangerous…

    I do think that Clifton is right about how Christie will be attacked by the imbecile-wing of the conservative movement… the Palins and Cruzes and such… they surely will reject this ‘fat Yankee’ who dared to shake the president’s hand, etc etc… But again, that will only make Christie MORE viable for a run at national office… He just has to get the nomination and if Romney managed to do it, Christie can too…

    • Stephen Barlow

      A chicken neckin’ Koch head for sure!

  • MarkTemporis

    Christie’s penny-ante revenge scheme with the Washington Bridge should doom any national aspirations more than anything. Who needs a President who’ll fuck over an entire state because its Senator didn’t kiss his ass enough?

    • surfjac

      The part of America that clings to guns and bibles needs christie. That he “fucked” over a state for whatever reason is only more ammo in the arsenal.

    • MLR

      I’m not defending Christie but it hasn’t been proven he had anything to do with the bridge and it wasn’t a senator that “didn’t kiss his ass enough”, it was the mayor of Fort Lee that didn’t endorse him.

      • Stephen Barlow

        It’s one thing to declare actual blindness on your 1040 Retuen. it’s another thing to stick your fingers in your eyes and go “BLABLABLABLABLA…”


        Who hired a high School Sweetheart, with no resume and no application on file, and then pay him 10 TIMES minimum wage to do this despicable thing to single mothers and school kids?

        It would have been easier to use your thumbs, the fit your eye sockets better.

      • CherMoe

        I think there’s enough about that bridge to bring him down.

  • Camoleft

    What do you mean, “I mean.” It’s bad enough people actually start a verbal sentence with that phrase, but to see it in writing, by a writer I respect, has left me cringing.

    • John Ring

      Given the writer’s use of the neutral register in his postings, I’d say he has every right to use the colloquial “I mean” instead of the formal “That is.” Were he to adopt a high-formal register, it would be out of place, but in this context, he appears to me to have chosen the proper phrase. “That is” would stick out like a sore thumb.

      • Pipercat

        Perhaps, but he follows with, “I guess.” I have to lean towards the written verbal tick theory on this one.

      • Pipercat

        I managed to catch your reply before they deleted it. Deleted because link :)! My fab-fav these days is: Epic Fail!!

  • Gary Menten

    I strongly disagree. I’m no fan of Christie, but Republican primaries are not won by the most conservative candidate. They are won by the guy who has the most money and the guy who Karl Rove thinks is the most electable in the national election. Usually, these are one and the same. Last time around, this was Romney and before that, McCain. Both were far from being the favorites of the far right of the GOP, but they were the establishment choices. Each picked a loopy, extreme-right running mate and the party crackpots pinched their noses and voted for them anyway.

    Now pandering to the right-wing crackpot fringe of the party in the primaries and the general election may ruin Christie’s chances of winning as it did for Romney and probably McCain, but that’s another matter.

  • Allen, ALL Republicans ought to scare the shit out of you.

  • 1fullsailkid .

    This is a blessing for the DNC. He is the GOP’s only chance in hell of winning a National election

  • questioningallthesedays

    I’m left trying to figure out why immigration is always an issue. As American’s shouldn’t we want people to come here and become citizens, they are already allowed to vote in our elections without becoming citizens, now we are going to pay for more of their schooling too? I want immigrates to come here, become citizens, go to school, vote in our elections, help take our country to good places. But it sure doesn’t give them much incentive to fully commit to our country, if we are going to give them all the befits with no commitment. Come to America, commit to our country, go to school, climb the ladder, and achieve the American Dream.

    • Vj Sleight

      Non-citizens being allowed to vote? Where did you get that crazy idea? Or are you a Faux News watcher?

    • jchastn

      Where in this nation are non citizens allowed to vote. Lets see some facts before we start throwing around factoids…. waiting.

  • miserableoldfart

    He is every bit as dangerous as the rest of the GOP scum.

  • surfjac

    I disagree, if anything, it’ll make him appear a little more interested in opening up the party a bit to a group previously vilified by the right wing and thus, more electable.
    christie scares me and I’m sorry you don’t see why Allen. America loves a bully and hates the Clintons.

  • moe/larry & curly keys

    “news” is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best!!!! ( Im hoping they are monitoring this so I can get OVERPAID with my won show lying about the ACA and our martian/communist/Kenyan/radical Christian / muslim / Hawaiian president) “BENGHAZI”……”FAST AND FURIOUS”…….”SOLYNDRA”…….”9/11” (ooops: I screwed up on that one)

  • Daisy

    maybe bad tactics for becoming POTUS, but good ones for holding onto his governorship.

  • rethuglicans need killed

    all republicans are dangerous. period. if ever their was a true enemy of our country, it is the republican party by far and large the most evil corrupt people on the planet.

  • John Ring

    BTW, I think it’s spelled “kooky.” With a “k”.

  • Ray Gross

    The GOP has moved so far to the Right that any candidate who can be nominated must be so extreme that they become unelectable. Remember how far Right Mitt Romoney moved and could not flip flop back to the middle. If Dems make Contraception, Abortion, Immigration Reform, Minimum wage Central issues the GOP will disintegrate.

  • If Hillary gets the nod from the Corpocrats, what’s the difference? She is a global corporatist shill of the first order and rank!

  • Stephen Barlow

    I think the biggest “Christie Killer” story is his Palinesque abuses of power for petty revenge. The GW BRIDGE comes to mind. Having an “enemies list” 45 years after nixon disturbs me. Jamming traffic for a week, screwing 300,000 citizens (many of whom voted for this buffoon) because their Mayor didn’t endorse him is an absolute obscenity.

    Hiring a School Chum with no resume, skills or abilities, paying him $150K to buy up domain names for specific ‘enemies’ and building fake web pages in their name takes the cake.

    Spending $24 million his state can NOT afford on his own private election (so he doesn’t have to share the stage with Cory Booker?) ices that cake.

    America can NOT afford to feed that kind of ego.

  • A.C. Coleman


  • Marc D

    I actually don’t think the Tea Party groups will be doing so well come 2016. The “big money” is going to be more cautious…say what you will about the rich, they didn’t get to BE rich by wasting their money on losers. They were burned in 2012, and Christie, who is I think a real contender, could be their guy in a few years. I also don’t think Hillary would have a cake-walk against him.

  • proudliberal1950

    No, you’re wrong. There is nothing that Christie can or could have done to hurt his chance at national office because he never had a chance. Just wanted to clear that up.