Chris Christie Praises George W. Bush, Mocks Those Who Believe Income Inequality is an Issue

christie-1Oh Chris Christie, how far you’ve fallen.

I can remember just a few months ago when he was the darling of the Republican party.  He was their golden ticket for the 2016 presidential elections.  Well, at least for most Republicans.  The far-right and tea party base still absolutely loathed him.

Hell, let’s face it – the only reason why Republicans got behind him in the first place is because he’s the only person who polled well against Hillary Clinton.  The GOP really doesn’t want Chris Christie to be their candidate in 2016.

But following the bridge scandal, Christie is pretty much done as the GOP front-runner.

And I guess he’s decided to stop putting on the “I’m a nice, moderate guy” face that he’s been portraying himself to be for the last year or so and finally show us his true colors.  Something he did quite well recently when he mocked those who recognize the real problem of income inequality while praising former president George W. Bush.

About income inequality, Christie said:

“You want income equality?  Everybody can have an equal, mediocre salary.  The debate that needs to be had between the two parties needs to be: Do we want equality of income, or greatness of opportunity?  The opportunity for greatness excites the American people much more.”

It’s clear that he has absolutely no damn idea what income inequality means.  The whole argument of income inequality is based off of the lack of opportunity as the wealthiest among us have hoarded most of the money (reaching unprecedented levels of wealth) while the vast majority of Americans continue to fall further and further behind.

If trickle-down economics actually worked like Republicans claim that it will (been about 34 years and counting now), considering the wealthy are richer than they’ve ever been before, Americans should be swimming in wealth and opportunity.

But we’re not.  Which is why income inequality is a very real problem.

Then Christie took the cake by praising George W. Bush:

“The guy won two national elections.  How easy has that looked the last 8 years. He was, first, an outstanding political candidate. And I think he was grossly under appreciated by his own country and his own party as a politician.  No one ever had a question where he stood, either foreign or domestically.”

First, he didn’t really “win” his first election.  Even if you want to say his electoral victory was legitimate (many people claim that it wasn’t) he lost the popular vote.  Something that’s really hard to do as a president.  In fact, before Bush “won” in 2000, not since Benjamin Harrison in 1888 had a candidate became President of the United States without winning the popular vote.

Like I said, it’s really hard to do.

Then I love how Christie claims Bush was “under appreciated by his own country and his own party.”  This man took us into two wars (one based on a lie), a massive national debt, record high oil and gas prices, the American auto industry almost died and let’s not forget about the worst economic crash since the Great Depression.

Just to name a few of Bush’s “greatest” accomplishments.

And for the record, the argument that you can respect Bush because “at least you knew where he stood on the issues” is one of the dumbest things anyone can say.

Who cares if you know where someone stands on the issues if they’re almost always completely wrong and refuse to change course on anything – even when facing absolute catastrophe.

That’s not noble, that’s idiotic.

Bashing President Obama is nothing new for Republicans, but even most of them have stayed well clear of praising Bush on much of anything.

It’s actually kind of a joke I propose to Republicans, “If President Obama is to blame for everything, and President Bush was so great, why do Republicans avoid being linked to George W. Bush at all costs?”

During the 2012 Democratic National Convention, Bill Clinton was a keynote speaker.  Democrats proudly displayed our former president.  During the 2012 Republican National Convention, George W. Bush wasn’t even invited.  In fact, I’m not even sure if his name was mentioned even once.


But these comments from Christie show me that the bridge scandal has clearly gotten to him.

Now I’m not saying that he’s giving up on his hopes for a possible 2016 presidential run, I’m just saying comments like these sure as hell aren’t helping his chances.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    “The opportunity for greatness excites the American people much more.” What an insane statement! The opportunity to ‘be given’ will always be much more popular than the opportunity to ‘go get’. Its the rails upon which the Democratic Party has run ever since that long ago famous president uttered the words, “Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you.”

    • Keith

      JB: You’re just ticked off another potential Republican 2016 candidate is not what he seemed to be. Funny how a lot of the GOP guys seem to fare that way eventually. DEMS RULE, REPUBS DROOL!

    • Mrs_oatmeal

      Once again, you are saying that most people do not want an opportunity, they want to be given stuff. I am sorry, but I don’t think that is true at all. I don’t know who you hang with, but I think you need to expand your circle of people that you seem to judge everybody else with. By the way, you misquoted…

    • Angela Walker

      You just never give up on the nonsensical “makers vs takers” fantasy that the far right, corporate media feeds you, do ya, Jim. Never concerned about corporate welfare, couldn’t care less about the GOP being completely in the pockets of the corporate world that couldn’t care less about you. Try turning of Fox and read a book on the Gilded Age, the New Deal, and the current state of the GOP. It might open your eyes just a bit.

    • charleo1

      What part of, “The opportunity for greatness excites the American
      people,” do you find so insane? The opportunities, the greatness,
      or the part about Americans being excited by them? When Kennedy
      made the, “ask not,” statement, he was expressing the nobility of public service. In those bye gone days, both Parties respected, and acknowledged the value of public service, and the public servant.
      And, just when did the opportunity to achieve, or, “Go Get,” become
      synonymous as a handout, when created by the Government? Or, what great economic opportunities have ever been created in the history of the world, by first handing 95% of the wealth of a Country, to a small group of unelected monied elites, to dole out the rewards for an entire Country’s labor? The answer is, never. Never, have opportunities for the laboring class been created by such a system.
      Or, the foundation of a Country built upon such a system, that did
      not, in the end, crumble. Not in feudalistic Europe, nor would have an 18th century, America, survived as a prosperous Country, without monumental changes taking place. There was no economic
      successes in the old Soviet Union, where the wealth was concentrated in the hands of the Communist Party, or in the religious, and military dictatorships, in Egypt, or Iran. What this system creates is the economic mess, and catastrophes we see playing out in our economy, and hundreds of lesser economies around the globe. I would hope Americans would demand the truth, and some answers from the Plutocracy, and their Conservative Right Wing, advocates, and enablers. That those Americans who make up the base, from which they derive their political power, would at last demand to know: If the economic powers you support in our name, decide upon a free market wage that doesn’t pay for both food, and shelter for me, and my family. Is it your position then, I not petition my government, on moral grounds, but wait without food and shelter, as we toil? If so then, for how long? As these powers are as Gods, and do not address us personally, and they are unaccountable to us, their decisions final. Have you ask those you lionize without equivocation, on our behalf, how long they presume it to be, in that case, that me, and my family wait?

    • white trash religious teaparty

      ask the republican scum what they have done for our country…… war? yeah baybee! de-tax the wealthy??>? OHYES!! spending out of control?? repub mantra……………… screw poor people and elderly??? train still a rollin down that track
      ,,,,,,,,,,, keep crying and drinking jimbo

      • Jim Bean

        They also shot down all the bills introduced by the Dems to cut spending. Can’t forgive them for that either.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        are U saying the repubs shot down dem bills which cut spending? or they tried to cut spending by stopping dem bills ? please clarify: your writing has me perplexed

    • I hope you were joking

      If you honestly think that’s what Kennedy said, I truly fear for our future. The way some people – no matter their political leanings – love changing history to suit them absolutely disgusts me.

      “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address, 1961.

      • Jim Bean

        It was sarcasm – to reflect how the attitudes of Dems today has changed.

      • I hope you were joking

        Unfortunately, many people think that because specific loud voices tell them that it’s true. I don’t honestly think that it is. And while yes, there are people in this country that game the system so they don’t have to work – most people get hand outs not because they like them but because they need them to survive.

        Most people in this country don’t want to be poor – they want to be able to provide for themselves and their families. The problem is that they don’t have the opportunities to do so – and if you honestly think there are, explain to me why there are people out there that with bachelors and masters diplomas competing for minimum wage jobs right now?

        I am neither liberal nor conservative. I see the values in both principles and the danger in both. Going too far to the right makes us more fascist. Going too far to the left makes us more socialist.

        The level of vitriol in this country concerning politics in general needs to stop if we are ever actually going to improve our country and get people back to work. History is repeating itself and most people don’t even notice.

  • charleo1

    Christie’s adamant claims that staffers who had been with him for years,
    did this behind his back. Will, undoubtedly be believed by the same folks
    that believed Scooter Libby was also acting on his own, in outing a CIA
    agent. I’m sure Vice President Cheney was every bit as saddened in firing
    his Chief of Staff, as Governor Christie was his. At this point, It seems an
    office memo is warranted to address this recurring problem.. Note, I don’t care how much of a good idea it sounds like at the time. Do not take it
    upon yourselves to go behind my back, and break the law. Even on my behalf. It is one of politics great ironies, and poetic justice, that George W. Bush has pulled the ladder of opportunity for his Party to regain the White
    House up behind him. In much the same way, the policies of the GOP are
    seeking to do the same, for millions of poor, and lower middle class,

  • Sam

    Christie has finally revealed his true colors. I thought he was a “moderate”. I guess not. GO Hillary!

    • Scottilla

      Really, what would have given you the idea that Christie was ever a “moderate?” His first official act in office was to cancel a railroad tunnel into Manhattan that would help New Jersey residents get to work. He broke the teacher’s union and lowered tax rates for the rich. What did he ever do that was moderate?

      • Sam

        He was being pedaled as a “moderate” to appease potential voters. I wasn’t familiar with his actions as a Governor at all, but read that he was supposedly a “moderate”, compared to the Tea Party. Like I said in my post above ” I guess not”. Believe me, I don’t like him either, and I am glad he is sinking fast, (no pun intended regarding his size)

      • white trash religious teaparty

        he hugged a democrat

  • RosemaryPeppercorn

    I love you, Allen Clifton.

  • shutdafrtdoor

    Somebody please take the paper bag off his mouth and give the guy some pure oxygen!!!??? He’s huffing his own GOP air a lil too much!

  • Linda Rae

    I think maybe he is hungry…

  • FD Brian

    Thank you for using the word “hoarding” when describing the accumulation of more wealth than you can ever spend.

  • FD Brian

    somebody tell Christie everybody making the same amount of money is not what “income inequality” is about. It’s about fairness.

  • MLR

    I never thought Christie was a moderate, I never really liked him but I did believe at the time he was doing right by the citizens of NJ when it came to Sandy. Now, not so much. There’s still an investigation going on but more and more it’s looking pretty grim for him. Either way it looks bad for him. If he didn’t know about the bridge it makes him look incompetent. If he did know then he’s definitely a bully and it makes him look small and petty.