Chris Christie Wonders How Republicans Could Handle Putin If They Can’t Handle Debate Stage (Video)

chris-christie-fox-friendsI am by no means a fan of Chris Christie. Personally I think he’s an arrogant, bullying, corrupt blowhard who takes entirely too much pride in trying to demean and belittle people. That being said, I do enjoy those moments when his ego is turned against members of his own party.

Take for instance comments he made during an interview with Fox News’ morning show Fox & Friends where he destroyed the incessant whining that we’ve seen over the last few days from some of his fellow GOP presidential candidates following the third GOP presidential debate.

“The moderators didn’t control the debate. They did an awful job. Their bias was showing, and it was despicable,” Christie said. “Now, that being said, if you’re running for President of the United States and you can’t handle yourself against three CNBC moderators without, you know, crying foul and calling for intervention, then you’re not gonna do very well against Vladimir Putin either. So I’m not going to complain about it.”

“If you can’t handle yourself on that debate stage, you have no business running for president of the United States,” he added.


I have to disagree with his notion that the moderators’ “bias was showing.” As I pointed out yesterday, several of the supposed “gotcha” moments Republicans have been complaining about turned out to be nothing more than the CNBC moderators factually calling out lies that were being told on stage.

And I think it’s important to point out that during all three debates, all of the moderators have done a fairly bad job at “controlling the debate.” That’s not even really their fault; when you have that many candidates on one stage, it’s practically impossible to conduct a worthwhile, quality debate which is focused on substance. Matters weren’t helped much when Donald Trump and Ben Carson threatened to boycott the CNBC debate if it went longer than two hours. All that did was ensure that the debate was going to be a complete train wreck.

So, if these Republicans want to blame anyone, they should blame their party’s two frontrunners. It’s difficult enough to fit a debate filled with 10 candidates all fighting to stand out to “make their mark” into a three-hours, let alone two.

Either way, as much as I hate to admit it, Christie was at least partially right. A candidate like Ted Cruz has been fundraising off his in-debate temper tantrum whining about “liberal bias,” but all he’s really doing is showing that when the going gets tough, Republicans start crying like little babies.

Watch his comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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