Chris Wallace Calls Out Fellow Fox News Host’s Hypocrisy Concerning Donald Trump (Video)

Say what you want about Fox News (and there’s plenty to say), but there are a few people working for the network who actually have the courage to call out the hypocrisy, contradictions, and outright insanity that’s been emanating practically non-stop from the Trump administration and the GOP. In particular, Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace have been especially vocal about the raging dumpster fire we’ve all been witnessing since January 20, 2017.

I’m sure most folks reading this won’t be surprised to learn that since Trump’s highly controversial firing of James Comey as head of the FBI, most people on Fox News have been downplaying the significance of this move, often accusing the media of exaggerating how big of a deal this was. A comically ironic stance from a network that spent years helping Republicans hype of Benghazi conspiracy theories against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Conspiracies that, as multiple Republican-led investigations found, were complete and total nonsense.

To be fair, I’ll admit that some anti-Trump coverage can, at times, be overblown and petty. While I’m guilty of writing a few articles about his various Twitter tantrums when I think something absurd he’s posted was newsworthy, I’m not sure if making a huge deal because he accidentally posted a one-word tweet really qualifies as “newsworthy.”

However, I haven’t seen much of anything that’s bothered me concerning the amount of media coverage we’ve seen since our current “Commander-in-Chief,” who’s under investigation for possibly committing treason, fired the head of the FBI. Especially after citing the active, on-going investigations into his potential treasonous behavior as one of the factors that went into his decision.

During a recent interview, Chris Wallace took exception to his fellow Fox News hosts insisting the coverage of Comey’s firing was irrational “hysteria” and being “overblown” by the media.

“I do take exception to the idea that this is hysteria,” Wallace said. “There are some cases there that I shake my head and think that’s over the top. Yes. This is a big story. The fact that we’re continuing to talk about it a week later.”

“This is the first time in history that a president has fired an FBI director who was conducting an investigation that was directly investigating him and his associates,” he added. “It’s a big story and I think it’s a legitimate story to cover.”

And he’s absolutely right.

You can’t tell me Fox News wouldn’t have near wall-to-wall coverage if Hillary Clinton had been elected president, then fired the head of the FBI weeks after he publicly testified that her campaign was currently under investigation. Hypocrites like Sean Hannity, a man who spent years obsessing about Clinton’s emails and Benghazi, would be having an absolute meltdown right now as opposed to downplaying the significance of what we’re all witnessing.

It’s remarkable that anyone can take Fox News seriously. They don’t even try to hide their hypocrisy or dishonesty. A network that spent years pushing almost nothing but lies and propaganda about the Obama administration, while obsessing about outlandish conspiracies against Clinton, is now actively trying to downplay the very real investigations into the possibility that our current “Commander-in-Chief” they helped “elect” could have committed treason on his path to the White House.

Watch Wallace’s comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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