Christian Post Writer Worries About Obama’s Abortion Ghosts

In one rambling blog, Christian Post writer Michael Bresciani alleges that Obama is using the NFL to begin Mao-ish reeducation camps, posits that minorities are the real oppressors, compares Obama to Vlad-cum-Dracula, and claims the future Obama Library will be haunted by abortion ghosts. I wish I could say it’s the Onion. But it’s the Christian Post.

First, the reeducation camps. You all know that since the NFL – a big business that hates controversy like vampires hate daylight (I mean real ones) – attacked hetero-happy men with the sight of a happy same-sex couple celebrating Michael Sam’s late-round draft pick, if you’re not one hundred and fifty percent on-board the NFL will send you to Kim Jong-Il camp. At least that’s what Bresciani got out of the story of Dolphins safety Don Jones being assigned to what the rest of humanity refers to as sensitivity training. Jones sent off a disgusted tweet upon seeing the kiss, because apparently he has the maturity of a sheltered, brainwashed nine-year-old. The NFL, remember, fines and punishes people for celebrating touchdowns and tackles. The NFL, we remind Michael Bresciani, fines players for speaking out of turn. They do not like bad reps. This is not a part of any “Gay Agenda.” It’s part of their “Making Money Rain Agenda.”

Speaking of the Gay and Other Agendas, Bresciani wrote:

The Apostle James scolded the first century Christians for giving preferential treatment to the rich that may have ventured into their churches. Since the church then was made up of largely very poor people, the rich were definitely a minority, and they were generally disdained by poor Jewry…

Showing preference to the minority we now call the “gays” is no different than accepting the rich was in James day. It is succumbing to the dreaded state of becoming judges of “evil thoughts.”

It’s pretty obvious that Bresciani doesn’t know what minority means, nor how prejudice works. The first rule to remember about US politics is that America is not Biblelandia and Christianity doesn’t necessarily apply here. But let’s humor him, because our politics is always influenced by our understanding of the world and – heck, much of my political discourse is centered around the second chapter of James.

Clarification: the James passage here is about how, despite being dragged to court, mocked, ridiculed and otherwise oppressed by the very rich – during a time when most Christians identified as poor – some early Christians still want to court favor from the rich. The Apostle James’ words to the church must have fallen on ears like Bresciani, because they won over the oppressive rich and now many of these same Christians are dragging the poor through court.

So, while the rich were (and are) numerically minorities, they held the rule – as they do now. They don’t compare to persecuted, hunted-down LGBTQ people, as Manny Schweitz pointed out earlier this week. But you know what, even if he’s right (and he’s not – but let’s humor him again) that the majority “in this nation still view homosexuality as a perverse and un-natural lifestyle,” that still means that LGBTQ people should be protected from their vile and dangerous ignorance, actions, and words.

He seems to kind of know this, though:

No minority can be discriminated against according to the Constitution but no minority can circumvent or dismiss the will of “we the people.”

In other words – minorities cannot be discriminated against. Except when the will of the people is to discriminate against them? Uh, history much? This is Religious Right Logic.

Speaking of logic and history according to the RR:

[Obama] has abandoned civilization’s longest standing sanctified, God given ordinance – the marriage of one man and one woman.

As the kids say these days, lolWHUT? Technically, temple prostitution… nevermind I won’t go there.

What will we put in his presidential library? If someday his real birth certificate is found and a release of his school transcripts is made.

Racist birther? Check. Not surprised at all, though. But check.

[W]ho will come to the library other than a few democrats and liberals and those of the LGBT persuasion?

Who will edit this man’s prose and darken his blogs? But what does “those of the LGBT persuasion” mean? Is he trying to be politically correct? If so, I think he missed badly. Could somebody educate us on this?

Being the most active and highest ranking politician in history to wholeheartedly support abortions it is not impossible to imagine a presidential library haunted by the ghosts of millions of aborted children.

Abortion ghosts! To be honest, I’m rather uncomfortable talking about abortion being a man and all, but I’ll never be able to figure why anti-abortioners put the wrong kind of focus on abortion. If they want to reduce the number of abortions, don’t make pregnant people more desperate. Don’t make women worry about whether or not they can afford the slightest mishaps. Don’t discourage people from using contraceptives and do make sure that those contraceptives are affordable. Make sure everybody in the country has affordable access to healthcare. If you want to be pro-life, you take care of prenatal, neonatal, and post-natal health; you take care of the pregnant, the child, the suffering before they become pregnant. To reduce abortion is to not offer decrees and commandments ordering women around. That doesn’t work. And it’s evil. We should probably stop doing that, Michael Bresciani.


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