The CIA Torture Report Cements George W. Bush’s Legacy as One of the Worst Presidents in U.S. History

g-w-bush-idiotWhile it’s something most liberals, progressives and Democrats (and even many conservatives) have said for a while, the recent release of the “CIA torture report” has cemented George W. Bush’s legacy as one of the worst presidents in United States history.

Honestly, how can anyone think differently? What good came from his presidency? He failed in just about every single way imaginable. Whether it was the “war on terror,” our economy or even preserving our status as a nation others respected, his administration screwed it all up.

Nearly six years after he left office we’re still having to deal with and overcome the mess he left us. Even his lone “accomplishment” (removing Saddam Hussein from power) has turned out to be a disaster, as Iraq continues to fall into the hands of Islamic radicals.

By the end of his presidency our national debt had nearly doubled; our deficits were out of control; our economy was crashing; hundreds of thousands of people were losing their jobs every month; Osama bin Ladin was still alive; we were engulfed in two wars; the American auto industry was about to collapse and Americans were terrified.

And after all of that, now we find out officially that the CIA, on his watch, was committing some of the same crimes we charged Nazis with during the Nuremberg trials.

Now, to his “credit” (if you want to call it that), these reports seem to indicate that the Bush administration had no idea this was going on until 2006. So either the reports are wrong and the Bush administration knew this was going on, or his administration was criminally incompetent.

Honestly, either option is possible.

Though I find it a little hard to believe that they had no idea this was going on, or didn’t somehow encourage it, considering not only the fact that we’ve seen a complete lack of remorse shown by people like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld about our acts of torture – but that they’ve actually come out and defended it. 

But no matter how you try to spin it, this report officially seals the deal as far as the Bush presidency being an embarrassing calamity of incompetence.

History will look back upon G.W. Bush as the president who presided over:

  • The worst terrorist attack in our nation’s history.
  • Nearly doubling our national debt.
  • Record deficits.
  • The worst economic crash since the Great Depression.
  • Two wars that accomplished nothing.
  • The near collapse of the American auto industry.
  • Record high gas prices.
  • The worst government response to a natural disaster possibly ever.

But on top of all of that, we were committing some of the very same atrocious acts we’ve condemned our enemies for committing. Some of the very same things we put Nazis on trial for.

Republicans can try to spin it however they want, but the fact is history will look back upon George W. Bush as one of the worst presidents this nation has ever had.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • jonjstrine42

    But… but… but… um, Benghazi! Right? Who’s with me? Anyone? Will anyone give me a “Benghazi!”?
    No? Oh well. Worth a shot.

  • Jim Valley

    The saddest thing about the bush debacle is that it was so predictable. bush “failed upward” throughout his life, leaving messes behind at each stage for others to clean up. Why we thought it would be different if he “failed upward” into the highest office in the land is a mystery to me.

    We knew him, and we put him in anyway. What’s wrong with us?

  • Which national disaster? The only one i can think of is Katrina and President Obama was in charge of that.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      You’re an idiot! President Obama was not in office during Katrina.

      • Linda Pacheco

        I’m going with sarcasm in Mitchell’s comment

      • Guest

        I sure hope so!

      • Google or Bing “Obama Katrina response” and then apologize. 27% of Louisiana GOP think that President Obama did a bad job handling Katrina.

    • crabjack

      You are being sardonic, right. You don’t really think Obama was president in 2005. Or are you really stupid enough to believe anything you hear on fox news?

      • mimi2832

        it’s sarcasm, and pretty funny too.

      • Poll in Louisiana had 27% of the people saying President Obama did a bad job on Katrina.

    • Bob Reilley

      Uuuuummmmm, what?

    • WeNeedCommonSense

      AND, please remember the disaster of 9/11.

    • WeNeedCommonSense

      9/11 was a national disaster, not a natural disaster. A natural disaster is listed in the article.

  • WeNeedCommonSense

    I have no respect for the former president. I am aware of his weak nature and lesser intelligence, but the photos that are displayed with the articles are unfair. We all have bad photos taken, no one is immune to that. But it should not define a person.

    On the other hand. Let him be recognized and remembered for his actions and inactions. They speak volumes.

  • Kristofer

    Two things Allen Clifton:
    1. You have never been “engulfed” in any war thanks to people who are braver and stronger than you who actually fight on your behalf. You are a spectator to war, and an ill-informed one at that. Be grateful, and write with more precision.
    2. Your anger is misplaced. President Bush is out of office. If he and his administration officials are indeed war criminals similar to Nazis, your anger should be directed towards the Department of Justice which allows him and his coconspirators to walk free.

    You can file the torture report right alongside Kony 2012 in the “self-soothing
    waste of time and money” file.

    • Kaname Fujiwara

      He is a war criminal. DOJ not doing anything about it doesn’t make him more than a vermin – a worm.

  • Shani Hunt Lezotte

    That pretty much sums up his 8 long yrs..

  • finsII

    Gas prices $1.85 when Bush left. $2.65 today. Ratio of deficit to GPD Bush ave. 2.7 Obama ave. 8.9. Spending as a % of GPD Bush 20.3 Obama 24.1. National debt Bush added 4.9 trillion in 8 years. It only took Obama 31/2 years to add 5.3 trillion. Obama now up to 18Trillion national debt. Estimated it will be over 20 trillion by the time he leaves office. Economic crash was product of both parties with the housing crisis brought on by Clinton and Barny Franks. If this liberal rag thinks Bush was worst they must not think Obama has ever been president. And I’m no fan of Bush. I prefer Reagan or Clinton. Hell even Nixon was better than Obama.

    • mimi2832

      wrong on most counts. The housing crisis was brought on by the mortgage lenders who found loopholes in the law. Gas prices at $1.85 were because of the hundreds of thousands jobs lost and people didn’t need to drive to work. (BTW gas is now $1.89 here today, and no market crash happened) The economy faltered because of loose to no oversight of Wall Street. You can blame Obama all you want but the bottom line is you cannot cut taxes, start two wars and have an economy built on a house of cards and call that good. You also forgot the 12 trillion dollars debt that Bush left behind but due and payable in March 2009…his war debt.

  • sherry06053

    I don’t think he was really “in charge”. I think it was Cheney, and on that note, HE was VERY successful. His old company made lots and lots of money on those wars. If we can’t prosecute him, I hope his heart fails painfully, slowly and soon.

  • CobrayRPB

    Obama doubled the national debt….its up to 18 trillion now. 46 million on food stamps for 36 months. The income gap is higher than it has ever been. The average wage is 4000 dollars lower than under Reagan. His dithering in the Middle East led to the rise of a terror state. I like how he calls it ISIL and not ISIS because the last S stands for Syria and we all know how well that turned out. He has deepend racial divides while pushing his agenda with his henchmen Eric “my people” Holder. Lets see….we have Russia trying to realize their Cold War status and China flexing muscles in the Pacific. Our backing of the Muslim Brotherhood is also treasonous. I could go on and on. The authors devotion to this dud is nothing short of cult like that would impress a Scientologist. This nation is worse off domestically and internationally because of this incompetent bufoon.

    • mimi2832

      and we will never be able to come back from the GWB recession because of the trillions of debt he left behind. To fund the GWB wars. that idiot left our country in shambles it will be decades before we can come out of his mess. You do know we are still trying to pay off Vietnam, right?

      • CobrayRPB

        Well Mimi…you geniuses had 6 years to fix the great mess and all you managed to do was make everything worse AND shove an unpopular abortion of a law down the people’s throats. The Messiah has failed in every imaginable way and all you bleating bleeding hearts can come up with is Bush Bush Bush. By the way sweetheart, the liberal heroes Kennedy and Johnson escalated the Vietnam War. Granted, Kennedy was a conservative Democrat and favored some sensible methods, the jug eared sage from the South not only escalated the Vietnam War but cost the nation 22 trillion with the so called War on Poverty. The percentage of poor has gone up. So goes every idiot progressive scheme. It is Bush’s fault though

  • Austin Kennedy

    George Bush was an awesome president. I don’t know why people pick on him so much. Everybody misunderestimated him especially the democrats.

  • Robert Taylor

    How can the words “one of” even be considered, given the magnitude of the stupidity and evil shown during the nightmare Bush II years? It is the worst presidency imaginable, comparable to the Third Reich.

  • Kaname Fujiwara

    The Iraq war had cause the rise of ISIS and led to the current mess in the world. GWB was and is a failure because of the Iraq war.