Climate Change Deniers Never Fail to Amuse Me

globalwarmingIt’s almost a given that any time there are ¬†flukes in the normal weather pattern such as what we’ve been experiencing lately, everyone on Fox News who doesn’t have a degree in meteorology becomes an expert on climate change.

If you go down to the local feed store, you’ll inevitably hear the farmers complain about how it’s too cold, and of course a 40 degree night in Louisiana in May is “proof” climate change is a hoax. “So much for global warming, huh? This is the same record low as it was in 1954 so that proves that the earth hasn’t warmed since then!”

Ok, I made the second part of that quote up, but that’s pretty much how they think. I’ve almost given up trying to point out scientific facts such as how the global temperature overall has risen based off statistical data, or that the sea level is rising due to melting glaciers. Science and facts just do not matter to these people.

They’ll rush to point out a fluke cold spell or a late season blizzard is proof that the earth is not warming, but then argue against that same logic when you bring it up as you’re wearing shorts on Christmas Day in places that used to have a ski season.

They know something is wrong, though. It’s just that they don’t want to accept it because they’ve been conditioned to believe that anything coming from a non-Fox News source is a dirty lie, or even worse–“socialism.” Sometimes, I feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football (in this case, a metaphor for having a reasonable discussion), only to have Lucy (climate change deniers) pull it away at the last moment screaming “Benghaaaaaaaaaaazi!”

It’s an exercise in futility when you’re dealing with people who drive gaz-guzzling F-250 pickup trucks 100+ miles every day and believe that Obama is trying to destroy the oil industry, even though US domestic oil production has increased every year since he took office. These are the same people who complain about “takers” while living in a state that takes far more from the government than it gives, and work in the oil fields–an industry that is subsidized by the federal government.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I’m going to go watch a baseball game in this lovely weather. I’ll try not to argue with the people around me who claim it’s proof of climate change being nothing more than a hoax perpetuated by George Soros to shut down the oil fields, and push us into socialist re-education camps.

Wish me luck.


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