Cliven Bundy Epitomizes Nearly Everything That’s Wrong with Conservatives

10247315_812002555495002_900954080383577581_n-2Cliven Bundy is nothing more than a mentally unstable individual who doesn’t want to pay the fees he’s accumulated for the laws he’s repeatedly violated.  He’s also becoming quite the conservative icon.  Why is he becoming an icon?  Because he’s an anti-government whack job who’s gathered other anti-government whack jobs on his land in the truest form of the ridiculous right-wing mantra of “Come and take it!”  A group of armed fools honestly believing that a handful of guns can really stop the federal government if the government decides to use hostile force.

Most conservatives have no idea why the federal government has a problem with him, all they know is that he’s anti-government and he’s “standing up to the government corruption.”

But what this really breaks down to is Cliven Bundy doesn’t want to follow the laws, because he wouldn’t benefit off free land to graze on if he did.  He’s trying to claim that he doesn’t recognize the federal government’s claim over these lands, even though several court rulings have sided with the federal government.  It’s absolutely ridiculous. 

He wants to be able to have his cattle graze on these lands that he doesn’t own, all while profiting off the cattle that illegally graze on these lands.

As he’s continued to do this over the years he’s been continually fined by the government for his illegal grazing.  Now his battle with the government has essentially come to an end with two separate court orders telling him to remove his cattle and to not “physically interfere with any seizure or impoundment operation.”

And now he’s throwing a last-ditch hissy fit before he either ultimately pays his fines or face the consequences of not paying them.

I would like to point out the irony of someone claiming that land they don’t own “isn’t the government’s land” while living in a country that was founded by a government which essentially took most of its land from Native Americans.

But isn’t this typical for Republicans?  They love bashing the government and talking about “taking personal responsibility,” yet here we have this clown violating federal laws because he doesn’t want to take personal responsibility for himself and wants to make a profit off cattle that are illegally grazing on land that isn’t his.

How “patriotic,” right?

They talk about what this nation was founded on, while forgetting that this nation was founded on slavery and genocide.  That at this nation’s birth, women couldn’t vote, people owned other human beings and we were actively stealing land from people who were already living on it.

Somehow they think being “patriotic” means hating the very government that our Constitution created simply because some of our federal laws don’t support their warped delusional view of what this country should be.

You see this when it comes to abortion rights, gay rights or true religious freedom – as in the freedom to practice religion privately, and the freedom from someone else’s religion being forced on others.  Then suddenly many of these “anti-government” activists love big government.

But Cliven Bundy is an absolute jackass.

Think about this for a moment.  Upon learning that the government might be coming to forcibly seize his cattle, and knowing that he had armed supporters coming to his aid, he then brought all of his children and grandchildren to his ranch.  So what if violence had broken out?  What if his armed support staff decided to open fire?  What if the conflict had escalated into an all out firefight?

Well thanks to Bundy being a scumbag, all of his children and grandchildren would have been there and put in harm’s way.  And this doesn’t even cover the reports about some of these people planning to use women as human shields so that they could be seen on television being mowed down.

Isn’t he just a great guy?  Nothing like possibly putting all of your grandchildren in harm’s way because you’re refusing to take personal responsibility for your continued violation of federal laws.

Because again, that’s what this all boils down to.  Bundy has greatly benefitted from his cattle illegally grazing and he doesn’t want to pay the fees that he rightfully owes.

This isn’t a “patriotic stand against injustice.”  This is just some right-wing asshole who doesn’t want to pay the fees he’s accumulated for repeatedly violating federal laws.

It’s typical Republican behavior.  They love to act like they’re some “Constitutional patriots” while bashing the very government the Constitution founded.  All while doing everything they can to violate the laws which that Constitution gives the government power to create and enforce.

That is until they want the government to pass some kind of laws restricting rights for specific groups of people they don’t feel should have those rights, then they become big fans of the government.

The bottom line is, Bundy has repeatedly violated the law.  The courts have sided with the federal government and he currently owes (according to the Bureau of Land Management) around $1 million in fees.  And when all is said and done, Bundy’s going to lose.

He’s not a hero, a patriot or any other adjective conservatives want to label him as. He’s just a right-wing nut job who’s repeatedly violated the law, has profited off of those repeated violations and doesn’t want to pay the fees that he’s rightfully accumulated.

Image via Conservative Logic 101

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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