Cliven Bundy’s Last Act as a Republican Showcases the True Craziness of Conservatism

Cliven-BundyI know, I know – we’re all sick and tired of hearing about welfare rancher Cliven Bundy.  I honestly hadn’t thought much about him in a few weeks until I heard about how he had denounced his affiliation with the Republican party for new political ally, the Independent American Party.

Though let’s be honest for a second.  The good folks over at Fox News would still be lifting this criminal up as an American hero had a video not surfaced where he proved himself to be a blatant racist.  Up until that video went viral, Fox News absolutely loved this guy, with Sean Hannity basically claiming he was his best bud.

But now that the dust has settled, and most people have moved on from this story, Bundy made an interesting switch over to the Independent American Party.  It seems once Fox News and the Republican party abandoned him, he felt he needed a new group of crazies to align himself with.

That doesn’t change the fact that, for a few weeks at least, Fox News made Cliven Bundy out to be the epitome of conservative values.  Which, following his new party affiliation, is quite interesting.

You see, the Independent American Party has 15 principles on which they base their party.  Naturally you’d assume that this is the typical right-wing “anti-government, Constitutional values” type of party.  And I’m sure that’s what these people think that they represent.

Except their very first principle listed on their website directly contradicts our First Amendment:

Principle 1

Preservation of liberty is dependent on faith in God and adherence to the Ten Commandments.

Then their third principle does the exact same thing:

Principle 3

The principles set forth in America’s Founding Charters (Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, and Bill of Rights) are based on Scripture and suited exclusively for a moral and religious people.

And ironically following those two principles:

Principle 4

The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land.

So, two of their first three principles essentially say that this country is based on a theocracy, then they follow that by saying that the Constitution is the “supreme law of the land” – right after advocating for principles that directly violate it.

They also advocate against all forms of socialism like Social Security and Medicare.

And while he’s no longer a “member of the Republican party,” it wasn’t too long ago that Fox News was building this guy up as everything that conservatives should be.

Except he just joined a fringe political party that essentially wants to abolish all social programs, completely erase our First Amendment and believes that only “moral and religious people” should be protected by our Constitution.

By the way, that last part essentially says that anyone who isn’t a Christian, or adheres to whatever set of religious rules and laws this group would put forth, would be stripped of the rights given to them as United States citizens.

Again, the “Republican hero” Cliven Bundy just joined this political group.

Nothing quite like building up someone who you claim displays the kind of anti-government fervor you believe more conservatives should have – only to find out later that their passion is derived from racism, insanity and beliefs that are 100% unconstitutional.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Cyndi Kuhn

    Hey dickwad, I’m registered independent because at times I don’t like dems or reps…I don’t believe in any of the claptrap shit they apparently have on their official site. Bundy can go to hell and rot for all I care. He’s a piece of filth that needs to be irradicated quickly. So don’t lump us all together because you can’t be bothered to do research.

    • TripleMoon

      Uh, I think you may be confused about the differences between being an “Independent” registered voter vs American Independent Party. Very different.

      • kurt

        Like I said, she is lazy. She saw he left his party, saw the word “independent” in the parties name, stopped there and assumed the rest. Big surprise she got the context of the article wrong.

    • Aanna1123

      Please, for the sake of all others, get yourself educated. TripleMoon said it great!

      • mrichardson84

        And for the love of God, she needs to learn to spell. It’s “eradicated.”

      • Robb Thompson

        Maybe she was shooting for “irradiated” and got an extra letter in there. Just clear everyone else out of the area first.

      • Lori

        You’re asking a lot.

      • Paul Julian Gould

        I’m a citizen who registers “Non-partisan,” as it tends to forestall the sort of semi-literate comment at the top of this thread.

      • Paul Julian Gould

        AIP is as “independent” as the LPUSA is libertarian… which is to say, not at all.

        The AIP are just TeaParty Republicans that figure the Rep. Party isn’t fascist enough.

    • udicks

      Big surprise , every republican is now an indapendant since the shutdown.and good luck even trying to find a republican that will admit to voting for GW once ,never mind twice..

      • kurt

        Isn’t it funny how that is happening now? My uncle was a die hard republican. Die hard. After bushes two term fiasco, he became a registered independent. It’s because the republican party has become such a joke anymore. It started with reagan, his trickle down scam, getting away with his role in the iran contra scandal and got horribly worse with bush. Now look at them. It’s like watching the three stooges. Only they have more than 3 stooges. Politifact found that republicans were caught lying 3 times more often than democrats. I don’t think ted cruz, or Louie gehmart have ever gotten above a false rating. Hell I’m not sure they got above a pants on fire rating. The republican party is a joke. Time for the punchline.

    • kurt

      How is he bashing independent voters or grouping then all together? He didn’t bash bundy for becoming an independent, he made specific critiques against the party in which cliven joined. HUGE difference. He mentions the party by name for crying out loud. You obviously didn’t read the article or you could have never come to that conclusion. You saw bundy left the republican party, saw the word independent, and stopped there and assumed the rest. Allen obviously was critiquing the party that bundy joined. Might want to read a whole article before drawing a conclusion, and then comment on the article based on those assumptions. You just sounded like michelle bachmann. Reads the cliff notes to a story, completely gets the context wrong , and then makes public comments based on that misinformation and makes herself sound like a blathering idiot. Sorry if I sound harsh, but I hear the word “lazy” thrown around far too easily these days and then see crap like this where people are too lazy to even read an article in its entirety, gets the context wrong (big surprise), and make foolish comments.

    • DavidHP1

      I am registered as an independent because I sent my voter registration into Clark County, Nevada as a socialist and the state of Nevada doesn’t recognize the socialist party as a political party so they registered me as an independent. The American Independent Party has been around for a while as a right wing extremist party and is not the same as being registered as an independent meaning you either did not provide a political party affiliation or provided one that is not recognized as a valid party when you registered to vote.

  • Henry J. Flandysz

    Cliven Bundy is not that far out of the mainstream of the Republican Party. He’s just not smart enough to sugar-coat his fascism when the cameras are on. They talk that racially hateful trash amongst themselves on a daily basis. How do I know that? Because I grew up around them, worked amongst them and lived amongst them to this very day. And you’ve heard them too, if you’re honest enough to admit it.

  • Tamarindwalk

    Bundy blows with the crowd that gives him the most PR. He’s a deadbeat.

  • Stephen Barlow

    A double winged nut!! What an angel!

    WHY is it NOT IN JAIL!!! For Fraud.

    AND biled for the agents expense of detaining him?

    Eminent Domain should be vagrantly abused this ONCE! Just to enflame the wingbingpingers in both his fugnut alligiances.

    • Sue Roediger

      The land in question is not HIS land – it is Federal land, He has been grazing his cattle there and hasn’t paid the fees in 20 years.

  • DavidHP1

    Until him and his armed crimal thugs are arrested and behind bars I have not forgotten or moved on. They are in my state breaking the law without being arrested and I am still pissed at the feds from not doing their job – collecting the taxes owed to the American people and arresting these criminals.

  • Eg Kbbs

    I’ve seen so many statements from the extreme right that seem made in total isolation. With only a moment’s thought it becomes clear that they would make perfectly terrible public policy.

  • fairness_rules

    Too many people who declare themselves to be an “independent” are “fence riders” and afraid to claim a real political party.

  • fairness_rules

    These idiots envision a “Christian Taliban” type of government. Also their motto should be, “I’ve got mine and to hell with every one else”.