CNN Analyst Mocks Trump’s Constant Attacks on DOJ: ‘You Hired Them!’ (Video)

It’s not exactly a secret that Donald Trump doesn’t take the blame, or any sort of personal responsibility, for anything.

Case in point, Trump’s asinine — and constant — whining about the Department of Justice that’s currently being run by the people he chose to run it! 

A point CNN counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd hammered home when he mocked this “president” for constantly attacking the DOJ — when he’s the person who put the people running it in charge.

“Give me a break,” Mudd said to Jake Tapper while discussing Trump’s unhinged Fox News interview where he criticized the DOJ. “You’re the general manager of a football team and say the team on the field is horrible. Who’s responsible for that?”

“The president is saying he won’t stay away from the Justice Department,” he added. “Who appointed the attorney general and the deputy attorney general? The attorney general has recused himself from the Russia investigation. The deputy attorney general has not only authorized the investigation but offered documentation to continue the investigation. Who nominated those people? The president is suggesting he doesn’t have a responsibility for the team on the field. Excuse me — he appointed them!”

Mudd then went on to say that it’s clear Trump believes he’s above the law and doesn’t think the DOJ should have the right to investigate him, but when it comes to everyone else, especially those he views as enemies, then he absolutely believes the DOJ should go after them.

In other words, as many have pointed out over the past year, Trump clearly operates under the belief that the DOJ, and all of our government for that matter, is there to do his bidding instead of that of the American people and our Constitution.

Trump’s continued attacks on the DOJ are just another example of the lack of personal responsibility Republicans take for anything. Even when the GOP controls the White House, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Department of Justice — they’re still claiming that “people are out to get them and the system is rigged.”

It’s like I asked of a Trump supporting friend the other day: Just how much power in our government must Republicans have before they stop blaming everyone else for everything negative?

The bottom line is, Donald Trump’s attacks on the Department of Justice have nothing to do with the ethics of the department or anyone working there and everything to do with his lack of personal responsibility for his own actions. Trump’s terrified of an investigation working its way toward discovering evidence he knows would almost certainly result in his removal from office and even possibly some serious charges against him.

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Watch his comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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