CNN Host Delivers Perfect Response to Pro-Trump Guest Pushing Debate Conspiracies (Video)

Despite the fact that we’re a week removed from the first presidential debate, that hasn’t stopped Donald Trump, his campaign and his supporters from continuing to whine about how “unfair” moderator Lester Holt (a Republican, by the way) was, or how his microphone being “faulty” (it was only faulty in the hall, not on television) somehow had something to do with his terrible performance.

While I would say all of this shocks me, it doesn’t. In fact, I predicted this is exactly what Trump was going to do if Hillary Clinton crushed him during the first debate.

Though I can’t help but laugh at the way Trump is contradicting himself on all of this. On one hand, he’s going out there claiming he “won,” citing garbage online polls as “proof” he did better than Clinton — while also claiming that the whole event was rigged, Holt was “unfair” to him and his microphone led to his poor performance.

So, which is it? Did he “win” because a lot of worthless online polls said he did or did he lose because of all the issues he’s been whining about all week? Because it can’t be both.

Well, I guess it can if you’re Trump or someone who supports his campaign. After all, the typical rules of reality don’t seem to exist for these folks. They seem to live in some realm where “reality” is whatever they feel like believing, even if indisputable facts contradict most things they believe.

Well, on Sunday morning, CNN’s Brian Stelter was discussing the debate with Tim Graham, executive editor for conservative site Newsbusters. As expected, Graham insisted that Holt was unfairly going after Trump.

“If Lester Holt was refereeing a football game, he would have gotten thrown out of the stadium,” Graham said. “I think the Saturday Night Live skit I would have done if I was running the show would be Lester Holt, it would sort of be like the end of Top Gun where he lands on the flight deck after beating the Russians and everybody applauds him.”

“Obviously, the whole news media before the debate was telling Lester, ‘Truth squad Trump,’” he added. “He heard the lesson and he obviously did this in a way that was completely one-sided.”

But that’s when Stelter offered the perfect response for this nonsense, a line I wish more people in the media would use when confronted by Trump supporters spouting off “the media is out to get Trump” propaganda.

“It’s not Lester Holt’s fault when Donald Trump lies more than Clinton on the stage,” Stelter quipped.

Graham then went on to whine about the fact that the media apparently pretends that Clinton never lies, and the polls showing people feel she’s not trustworthy are an indication of how people don’t believe she’s honest.

First, no one in the media claims Clinton never lies. The difference is, Clinton’s level of dishonesty is about on par with most politicians.

However, Trump’s dishonesty is unprecedented. And it’s not just that he lies, it’s that he literally just makes stuff up without even the slightest regard about whether or not what he’s saying is true. This is someone who lies about saying things that there are tweets, audio or video recordings of him actually saying.

But what Stelter said was spot-on. It’s an argument people like myself have been making against Trump supporters throughout his entire campaign. It’s not “media bias” to call Trump out more than Clinton because he lies more than she does. The media shouldn’t have to allow him to lie as much as he wants without being called out on his dishonesty just to create a semblance of “fairness” when one candidate is clearly much more honest than the other.

Watch the segment below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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