CNN Panel Crushes Trump’s Inexcusable Defense of O’Reilly’s Serial Sexual Harassment (Video)

It’s painfully obvious that Donald Trump doesn’t understand the responsibilities that come along with calling the White House home. He’s still the same emotionally-unstable, mentally-unhinged nitwit who watches hours of cable news; wants to hang out at his resort in Florida; doesn’t get that nearly everything he says matters; pushes conspiracies without a shred of proof to back them up; and still acts like a petulant tween who can’t control themselves on social media.

So it wasn’t surprising to see Trump defend embattled Fox News host Bill O’Reilly following a recent report by the New York Times bringing to light the reality that a total of five women have been paid around $13 million to not pursue legal action or publicly talk about their allegations that he sexually harassed them. Obviously the “P—y-Grabber-in-Chief” is going to defend another womanizing bottom-feeder.

As they say, birds of a feather…

Nevertheless, as I said earlier, as “Commander-in-Chief” Trump clearly doesn’t understand that when he defends someone who’s apparently a serial sexual harasser, that’s a big deal. No president says or does anything as a “civilian” while occupying that office. Every president is still a human being capable of having their own personal thoughts and feelings, but while they call the White House home — they are always the President of the United States. That means every comment they make is done so as this nation’s leader, including when Trump praises and defends a womanizer who apparently can’t stop sexually harassing women.

Well, a female panel speaking with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer didn’t take too kindly to Trump not only defending O’Reilly, but essentially saying that it was wrong for him to have settled with these women because he doesn’t “think Bill did anything wrong.”

“Don’t talk about Bill O’Reilly and sexual harassment suits when you know nothing about the context and the content of what those suits are,” Dana Bash stated. “It’s nice that he’s a loyal friend, it’s nice that they’ve known each other for years and years and he’s coming to his defense, but he’s the President of the United States.”

“And to say that [defend him], no matter how nice he’s been, is completely inappropriate,” she added.

The three women also went on to slam Trump for being loyal to disgraced former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes who was fired last summer after multiple female employees accused him of sexually harassing them during his 20 years running the network, saying his attitude about all of this seems to be “boys will be boys.” They also made sure to point out Trump’s own history with accusations of sexual harassment, including the infamous Access Hollywood video that surfaced during the election.

Everything they said was spot-on.

Even if Trump’s a good friend with O’Reilly, he has no right to make comments about sexual harassment settlements about which he knows nothing. His stance with these comments was basically there was no reason for his good buddy O’Reilly to settle because — without any factual knowledge about what happened or what these women accused the Fox News host of — he didn’t think he did anything wrong.

Based on the standards Trump has for what he thinks is “wrong,” O’Reilly could have grabbed all these women “by the p—y” and he would have been okay with it. After all, that’s what Trump bragged about doing to women in that video.

Donald Trump not only defended a man who apparently can’t stop sexually harassing women, he essentially took the stance that he believes these women were all liars who Bill O’Reilly should have taken to court instead of silencing them with million-dollar settlements.

This is the world in which we now live. One where the “President” of the United States will defend a man who’s settled several lawsuits with women who’ve accused him of sexual harassment while effectively insinuating, without evidence or factual knowledge about what is contained in those settlements, that these women are liars and that nothing ever happened.

Every day Donald Trump proves that he’s one of the biggest national embarrassments this country has ever “elected.”

Watch the segment below via CNN by way of Raw Story:

Allen Clifton

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