CNN Pathetically Fabricates Story Trying to Create Tension Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

While things over on the Republican side of the presidential race have been an absolute circus, it’s been relatively calm for Democrats. Hillary Clinton has lost some support to Bernie Sanders over the past few weeks in some polls, but the two have been extremely respectful of one another. Both Clinton and Sanders have taken the high road when it comes to repeated attempts by the media to create some kind of negative back and forth between the two, especially trying to get Sanders to go negative on Clinton. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago he tore into a New York Times Magazine reporter for bizarrely asking him about Clinton’s hair. No, seriously – that happened.

Either way, at least so far, both campaigns have mostly focused on the issues rather than petty back and forth attacks.

Then I came across an article by CNN’s Dan Merica titled:

Clinton Dusts off 2008 Dig at Obama to Hit Sanders

Naturally, it piqued my curiosity. I couldn’t help but wonder, did she finally take her first shot at Sanders?

The answer: No, she didn’t. Merica (or the CNN editorial team) basically just fabricated that bogus headline by cherry picking parts of Clinton’s interview with NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell.

Here’s what Clinton was asked:

Mitchell: Looking at the campaign now, you see huge crowds for Bernie Sanders – and for Donald Trump – and people talking about Joe Biden having an opening if he decides to make a difficult choice on an emotional level. They talk about how authentic these candidates are. Does it hurt you when people say you’re too lawyerly. You parse your words. You’re not authentic. You’re not connecting.

It’s a fairly general question about Clinton, Sanders, Biden and a very animated and completely ridiculous “colorful” Republican presidential frontrunner in Trump.

So, what was her answer? What did she say to “hit” at Sanders? Well, here it is:

Clinton: I feel very good about where we are. We’ve built a terrific organization in the early states and we’re expanding into those states that will be after Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

I want to be the president that deals with all those big problems that are in the headlines, but also those problems that keep families up at night. And that’s why I started out listening. Because I think you can come with your own ideas and you can wave your arms and give a speech, but are you connecting with and really hearing what people are either saying to you or wishing that you would say to them?

That was this supposed “dig” at Sanders – a comment where she talked about the strategy she decided to implement to start her campaign.

Now, could someone who really wanted to start drama, or get cheap page clicks to their article, twist her comments around to make it seem like she was taking a jab at Sanders? Of course. And that’s exactly what Merica did.

Here’s what he had to say about her comment:

When Hillary Clinton faced a surging Barack Obama in 2008, her argument against him was that his speeches were inspiring, but his leadership wouldn’t be.

On Friday, Clinton used a similar argument against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has surged in early state polls and is drawing large numbers to his rallies and speeches across the country.

Except, that’s not what she said – at all. Not even close. In fact, if you ask me, when I think of a candidate giving ridiculous speeches, waving their arms around and speaking at voters rather than listening to themI think of Trump, not Sanders. And certainly not Biden.

But “Clinton takes shot at Trump” just doesn’t quite sell an article nearly as well as “Clinton takes dig at Sanders.” And judging by the comments I saw on the article, especially from Bernie Sanders supporters, most didn’t bother to look into whether or not she actually took a shot at the senator from Vermont. Instead, many just reacted to the headline and the highly selective parts Merica used from her interview to create this fictional “dig” at Sanders.

It’s no wonder Jon Stewart spent a good chunk of his later years on The Daily Show mocking just how awful CNN has gotten.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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