CNN’s Ana Navarro Perfectly Rips Into the Vile and Disgusting Nature of CPAC (Video)

The other day I was talking with a buddy of mine who watches a lot of CNN. We both wondered what’s going to become of Republicans like Ana Navarro and other conservatives like her who’ve refused to sell out to Donald Trump once he’s out of office and a Democrat is back in the White House.

While they’re still conservatives — at least according to what conservatives were just a few years ago — it’s clear that the GOP is no longer the party of actual conservatives. At least not if you’re sane, rational, care about basic morals, or have the ability to think for yourself.

Then again, the GOP hasn’t been a party for people like that for a very long time — I just think now people like Navarro are starting to realize they’ve been in denial about what the Republican party was turning into.

No matter what the future might hold, it doesn’t change the fact that Navarro has been one of the most outspoken anti-Trump Republicans in this country. More so than even many progressives, Navarro has obviously taken the hijacking of her party by Trump and the deplorable people who continue to defend and support him personally.

Such as the rant she went on Saturday where she ripped CPAC and some of the terrible things she’s witnessed there.

“It’s amazing to me that this is going on at CPAC, which I think this year stands for Crazy PAC,” Navarro said. “We have already seen that at that convention, John McCain, a national hero dealing with brain cancer, was booed. The guy who said that America is a nation of immigrants was booed. A conservative woman who went on and said Roy Moore and Donald Trump were sexual harassers was booed and had to be escorted out by security.”

She then went after Trump’s supporters for being brainwashed sheep who’ll believe anything he says because it’s what they want to believe.

“I think it tells you what the Trump base has become,” Navarro explained. “They’re going to believe anything that Donald Trump or Devin Nunes says. The folks who want to believe Nunes do. The folks who want to believe the Democrats do.”

She went on to call the investigation into Trump’s campaign too “politicized,” comparing it to a divorce that the American people are having to moderate.

The only issue I had with what she said was the fact that CPAC has been a convention based on hate and ignorance long before Trump was elected “president.” It’s not as if Republicans saying and doing horrible things at this annual conference is anything new.

Though it’s not just CPAC where horrible behavior from conservatives has been seen. Does Ms. Navarro not remember the 2012 GOP primary debate where conservatives in the audience booed a gay soldier who, at the time, was deployed in Iraq fighting for this country — and not a single Republican presidential candidate said a word? So, six years later, is it really surprising that they’d boo McCain or a woman who rightfully pointed out that Moore and Trump are sexual predators?

If you ask me, that’s par for the course for today’s average Republican voter.

That said, Navarro hit the nail on the head when she called CPAC the “Crazy PAC.” That’s exactly what it is and has been for quite some time.

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Watch her comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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