CNN’s Chris Cuomo Embarrasses Republican Congressman Trying to Slander Robert Mueller (Video)

Since most Republicans couldn’t care less if Donald Trump colluded with an enemy to undermine our democracy during last year’s election, they view the special investigation being run by Robert Mueller looking into whether or not that actually happened as nothing more than a threat they’re trying to eliminate. It’s obvious since the information we know thus far isn’t going the way they’d like it to — with my personal belief being many on the right know Trump’s in a lot of trouble — their go-to move is now to undermine the credibility of Mueller, the Department of Justice, and the FBI just to protect this “president.”

It’s why I feel confident in my belief that most Republicans know Trump did something that could lead to his removal from office. Otherwise they wouldn’t be frantically trying to discredit Mueller, or push absurd conspiracies about the FBI while trying to protect him.

As I’ve said many times before, this is not how innocent people with nothing to hide behave.

Well, CNN’s Chris Cuomo wasn’t putting up with any of Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL) nonsense Friday morning when he embarrassed the congressman after he continued to insist that Mueller needs to be fired because he’s “clearly out to get Trump” over not being chosen to run the FBI again after the “president” fired James Comey.

“Bob Mueller interviews with the president considering a position in the administration,” Cuomo stated. “He has been a Republican longer than you have even considered being a Republican. He’s a decorated war veteran who ran the FBI and who everybody in your party said is an excellent choice for the investigation. What has changed?”

“You made the point that Mueller was interviewed for his old job back, the FBI director position, and I think that’s key fact,” Gaetz replied. “On the 16th of May the president interviews Mueller and tells him he will not be the next director of the FBI.”

“You have got a situation where Rosenstein walks Mueller out and within 24 hours Rosenstein appoints him to be the head of the probe,” he added.

That’s when Cuomo pointed out the stupidity of what Gaetz just said, which is essentially that a guy Trump chose to be Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, was apparently some sort of “double agent,” appointing someone to lead the special investigation he knew would “go after” his boss.

“Hold on a second, don’t overpower me with your, you know, your wisdom of loquacious attacks,” Cuomo quipped. “If Trump didn’t like Mueller, okay. You are saying you had this meeting, you are not getting the job and you don’t make the grade, and then right after it the guy that he appoints to head up what is happening in the DOJ picks him? The same guy he leaned on for this memo about why Comey had to go? That same guy just stabs him in the back?”

This argument that Mueller is some “unethical crook who’s out to get Trump” is so incredibly stupid.

Robert Mueller is:

  • A Republican.
  • A former head of the FBI who was appointed to run the bureau by Republican George W. Bush.
  • A decorated war veteran.
  • Someone who’s been highly praised by many Republicans.
  • A person who was appointed to lead the special investigation into Trump’s campaign by the “president’s” own deputy attorney general.
  • Someone who’s spent much of his life as a highly-respected member of law enforcement.

While I know it’s popular for the right to paint Mueller’s investigation as some sort of “witch hunt being led by Democrats to take down Trump,” there aren’t any actual facts that support that nonsense. Robert Mueller is a Republican who was appointed to lead the special investigation by a Republican who was nominated for deputy attorney general by Donald Trump.

The only reason why Republicans, some of whom actually praised the selection of Mueller initially, are trying to attack his reputation now is because he’s finding information out about Trump that they don’t want the public to know about and they’re panicking. They realize that, at this point, the only option they have left is to try to slander his reputation, and that of the FBI in general, in their last-ditch effort to save Trump from possibly being removed from office. For most of the GOP this isn’t about finding out the truth as to whether or not Trump’s a criminal who has no business being “president,” it’s about nothing more than politics.

Though it’s a sad day in this country when Republicans would much rather do irreparable damage to one of our nation’s top law enforcement agencies, as well as dragging the name of a highly-respected former head of the FBI through the mud, just to avoid finding out the truth concerning whether or not their “president” is possibly a traitor who colluded with an enemy to undermine our democracy.

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Watch the exchange below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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