CNN’s Donna Brazile Slams ‘Damn Liar’ Palin for Blaming Obama for Son’s Domestic Violence (Video)

As most people have probably heard by now, Donald Trump received his first big endorsement on Tuesday when Sarah Palin stood with him in Iowa and threw her support behind him for the Republican presidential nomination. In a speech that was as “Palin” as a speech can get, she reminded the whole country why she’s one of the biggest jokes in politics.

Sadly, even the absurdity of her Iowa speech didn’t come close to comments she made in Oklahoma on Wednesday when she basically blamed President Obama for her son’s domestic violence and weapons charges. Proving once again that Republicans really will blame this president for practically anything.

Well, CNN’s Donna Brazile didn’t take too kindly to Palin’s comments, slamming the former Alaskan governor for trying to pawn off her son’s personal issues and alleged criminal behavior on the president.

“You have known me for a long time, so I’m just gonna say it: she’s a liar,” Brazile said. “That’s a damn lie.”

“I care for all veterans, I am the daughter of a veteran,” she continued. “And to go out there and to insinuate that the president of the United States is trying to hurt veterans when in fact he is trying to put more resources so that we can give our young and old veterans the care we need, that’s just a damn lie. You can say Donna Brazile said it. I approve this message.”

She also went on to point out that the Republican-controlled House cut $1.6 billion from the budget that was meant to go toward helping veterans.

And she’s absolutely right.

Besides, aren’t Republicans the ones who are always talking about “personal responsibility”? Yet, when Palin’s son is accused of domestic violence and being in possession of a weapon while intoxicated, she has the nerve to use his behavior to take a shot at President Obama, insinuating that it’s somehow the president’s fault.

Even going beyond all of that, it’s ludicrous to imply that President Obama doesn’t care about veterans or respect our troops. He’s spent the better part of the last few years fighting with a Republican party that’s itching to send more Americans to die in the Middle East. He’s repeatedly proven that he respects our troops to such an extent that he will only put them in harm’s way if he feels all diplomatic options have been exhausted – much to the dismay of many war-hungry Republicans.

And it’s completely disingenuous to blame the issues with the VA system on this president. As someone who’s had family members who’ve dealt with VA hospitals and medical care for decades, I can tell you this much: Shoddy quality of care within the system has been a problem for decades. There aren’t enough facilities and what facilities they do have are usually massively understaffed. The bottom line is, the whole program is underfunded. Especially considering the uptick in care needed since tens of thousands of veterans are suffering from lifelong conditions due to their service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Then again, this really had nothing to do with Palin caring about veterans and everything to do with her trying to use her son’s issues to levy a pathetic petty attack against President Obama. I’ve seen and heard a lot of incredibly absurd things in my time covering politics, and Palin’s comments on Wednesday easily rank as some of the most ridiculous I’ve ever encountered.

Watch the segment below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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